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From: CMS_Broadcast

Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 10:27 AM

To: CMS - All_CMS_Email_Users
Subject: CMS Leadership Announcements

As the White House has recently announced, Dr. Donald Berwick has been nominated by the President
to be the CMS Administrator. I am very excited about this nomination. CMS has critically important
work to perform on behalf of the nation and the millions of beneficiaries we serve, and I can’t think of a
better person to lead this Agency at such a pivotal time for the nation’s health care system. During the
nomination process, I will serve as the Acting Administrator, and I am looking forward to a swift
confirmation of Dr. Berwick. His biography is attached. Caya Lewis will also be joining CMS as the Chief
of Staff. Caya has been instrumental in her role in the HHS Office of Health Reform, and we are
fortunate to have her expertise.

I would also like to recognize Charlene Frizzera for her tenacity, dedication, and commitment to a
smooth transition during this critical year at CMS. Thank you, Charlene, for your efforts as the Acting
Administrator. I have asked Charlene to continue to be part of the Office of the Administrator and assist
me in the implementation of health care reform.

I am also pleased to announce that the CMS realignment that was presented to you on February 16 is
now effective. As you’ll recall, this realignment of CMS consolidates similar functions and positions the
Agency to strategically focus on three key areas: beneficiary services, program integrity, and strategic
planning. As part of the realignment, in addition to serving the Agency as the Principal Deputy, I will also
become the Chief Operating Officer. I have asked Michelle Snyder to continue to serve as the Deputy
Chief Operating Officer. For your reference, a copy of the new CMS organizational chart is attached. In
summary, this realignment:

· establishes the position of Principal Deputy Administrator;

· establishes the Office of External Affairs and Beneficiary Services; and
· establishes four Centers led by Deputy Administrators (Center for Medicare; Center for Medicaid,
CHIP and Survey & Certification; Center for Program Integrity; and Center for Strategic Planning)

CMS is firmly committed to its mission of ensuring effective, up-to-date health care coverage and
promoting high-value, quality care for our beneficiaries. As part of our commitment to providing quality
care and customer service to all of the people who rely on our programs, we continuously seek more
effective ways of operating in order to meet the health care needs of our beneficiaries. This
realignment positions CMS to more effectively serve the millions of Americans who depend on our
programs. It also strategically positions CMS for the future of its programs. With the recent passage of
health reform, CMS will play a critical role in shaping the health care landscape of the future. As always,
I know I can count on you to meet these challenges and to excel and thrive in performing this critically
important work for the nation. Thank you.

Marilyn Tavenner
Acting Administrator and Chief Operating Officer