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The Rams Bradford

Su h
’ Dilemma:
Who goes
#1? LZ’s Final
Bryant Mock
Question: Draft
Talent ll be a
or Scouting Who
Talented Reports on
Engima? prospective x a n ?
o n Te
draft picks u s t
A V i ew f r om t h e Si d e lin e 2010 N F L Dr aft Re p ort brought
t o y ou b y B u f f al o e Fl oor Co ve ring and V e no m Ene rg y Drink
2010 NFL Draft Report
Table of Contents
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Outside Linebackers Page 27
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Free/Strong Safeties Page 31
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C o r n e r b a c k s Page 33
Thinking Like a Scout Page 35
LZ’s Mock Draft Version 5.0 Page 38
30 Year All-Time 1st Round Page 39
Draft Order by Team Page 40
AFC South Team Needs Page 42
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grads, huh? 30 Yr. Best Draft - AFC South & North Page 53
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Yo u g u y s , r o c k ! 30 Yr. Best Draft - NFC South & North Page 71
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30 Yr. Best Draft - AFC West & East Page 80
“..What we said” - A Retrospective Page 81
Z Report Draft Show Podcast Page Page 82
A V i ew f r om t h e Si d e lin e 2010 N F L Dr aft Re p ort brought
t o y ou b y B u f f al o e Fl oor Co ve ring and V e no m Ene rg y Drink
2 0e r b1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t

S am Bradf o rd
The Skinny on Bradford
6’4 1/4” 236 lb.
Oklahoma City, OK
2008 Heisman Winner

Entering the 2008 off- : Top
season, Sam Bradford was
c t io n
thought to be on the fast Comp Att Yds TDs INT
train to Detroit, instead 2007 237 341 3121 36 8
o f G e o r g i a ’s Ma t t
2008 328 483 4720 50 8
Stafford. But, with a BCS
championship in his 2009 39 69 562 2 0

crosshairs, Bradford, an years - a guy named Manning. Accurate

Oklahoma legend, even after with a strong arm to make all the NFL
only three years on campus, throws, Bradford possesses a quick
decided to return to Norman release. But, after he was injured, he
for a fourth season, his showed more class and leadership than
third as a starter. many thought he had.

Just short of two quarters I’m not sure where the knocks started
into the first game of the season against BYU, on him from a leadership standpoint, but there
that dream season was flushed down the tube are those who think he doesn’t have a good
as Bradford took a wicked hit and injured the handle on his huddle. I disagree
AC joint in his shoulder. Although Bradford wholeheartedly, but the one thing I wanted to
returned for the Baylor win, he was knocked see him do this year was exist behind a subpar
out yet again the following week after a similar line. He didn’t last. In 2007 and 2008, he
type hit against rival Texas. A season gone, but threw when he wanted and where he wanted.
a “first-pick-in-the-draft” dream not - especially That wasn’t going to happen in 2009, which
after Bradford’s strong pro day on campus on was evident early in that first game. The
March 25th. adversity would’ve served him well.

There’s no arguing with the measurables. 6’4”, Regardless, Bradford is the best package of
236 and filling out, similar to the way a former smarts, skills and, after 2009, resiliency. The
Tennessee quarterback filled out in his four Rams need a QB, they pick 1st - seems like a fit.
2 0e r b1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t

r t
Q ua Projection: 1st Projection: 2nd
Jimmy Clausen Colt McCoy
6’2 5/8” 222 lb. 6’1 1/8” 216 lb.
3-year starter @ ND ’09 O’Brien Award Winner
Comp Att Yds TDs INT Comp Att Yds TDs INT
2006 217 318 2570 29 7
2007 138 245 1254 7 6
2007 276 424 3303 22 18
2008 268 440 3172 25 17
2008 332 443 3859 34 8
2009 289 425 3722 28 4 2009 332 470 3521 27 12

Clausen is perhaps the most polarizing figure in I love what McCoy can bring to an NFL team.
this draft. Some feel he’s a bona fide top-10 Although he missed the BCS game with an
pick and there are some who have given him a injury, he showed at his Pro Day that his arm
second round grade. There’s little question was unaffected and that he’s got a clean bill of
about the physical tools, but the critics can’t get health. He’s not the 6’5” statuesque, pocket
the “Emu” picture out of their heads - you passing quarterback, but then again the QB of
know the one...the one with the rings and the the Super Bowl winning Saints is looking me in
spiked do’? But, Clausen proved this year he’s the eye (I’m 6’). His accuracy, from a “throwing
as tough as any prospect in this draft. Physical into a certain window” status, was off in 2009,
abilities aren’t in question at all. He throws a but in 2008, he was as accurate as any QB I saw.
tight ball that has plenty of revolutions and he Teams with a need, and an interest, have other
has the confidence that he can “stick” it holes to fill in the 1st round, but will like what
wherever he wants. they see in the 2nd round.

Projection: 1st/2nd Projection: 3rd

Tim Tebow Tony Pike
6’2 3/4” 236 lb. 6’5 3/4” 223 lb.
’07 Heisman Winner LedUCto2straightBCSBowls

Comp Att Yds TDs INT Comp Att Yds TDs INT
2006 22 33 358 5 1
2007 11 20 91 1 3
2007 234 350 3286 32 6
2008 199 324 2407 19 11
2008 192 298 2746 30 4
2009 213 314 2895 21 5 2009 211 338 2520 29 6

Okay, if Clausen is polarizing then what the During the 2008 season, Pike finally stepped
blazes is Tebow? Great question. What he is, into the role that former head coach Brian
as of going to press, is the most talked about Kelly had marked for him all along. Pike just
prospect in the draft. Given the nature of his wasn’t ready for the spotlight before that, but
offense at Florida and his mechanical issues, after he took over, UC went to two straight
he’s probably not quite ready to take over an BCS bowl games. Now, the question as to the
NFL offense. But, he’ll try. Think back to his health of his wrist is legitimate, as he missed 4
first year at Florida. He found a way to add games in the 2009 season. But, when fully
healthy, he’s a prototype gun slinger with
something, anything, for his team - the Gators accurate tendencies. He made a throw against
won a National Championship. The slow Illinois - a seam route for a touchdown - with
release notwithstanding, Tebow has a strong the perfect amount of zip and touch. Not
arm, but he’s got to learn how to harness it on many QBs can make that throw. Groom him
deep digs, “hole” throws in cover 2 and seam and there’s a chance he could be a poor man’s
throws down the middle of the field. Matt Schaub.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0e r b1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t

r t
Q ua Projection: 2nd/3rd Projection: 4th
Dan LeFevour Jevan Snead
6’3 1/4” 230 lb. 6’3” 219 lb.
4-year starter @ CMU LedOleMissto2CottonBowls
Comp Att Yds TDs INT Comp Att Yds TDs INT
2006 247 388 3031 26 10
2006 26 49 371 2 2
2007 355 543 3652 27 13
2008 184 327 2762 26 13
2008 251 376 2784 21 6
2009 318 456 3438 28 7 2009 191 351 2632 20 20

During the draft season, I take a long hard look Snead had a much better opportunity of getting
at whether a prospect’s assets are “made” for more 1st and 2nd round attention, if he had
the next level. LeFevour was the prototype declared for the draft after the 2008 season.
dual threat QB at CMU, but when you take He was a hot prospect after a hot finish. He
away the consistent running threat, does he proved he could throw it deep. He threw with
possess enough to attract 2nd/3rd round touch. More importantly, he had time to throw
attention? Especially after going through the and make decisions. Those are things he didn’t
“change-the-throwing-motion” post graduate
course? His tweaked his release during the off- have this year - a deep threat, composure and
season, but he already threw a ball with some protection. Now, does one begat the other
nice touch on it. Like Tebow, it’s just getting two? Perhaps, but Snead, even to his own
the ball out of his hands quicker, a must in the admission, struggled. However, he threw
NFL. Intangibles wise, off the charts, but will exceptionally well at the combine, to a point
his arm translate? Great question. where he put himself in 4th round contention.

Projection: 4th
Jarrett Brown
6’2 7/8” 224 lb. O t h e r Q u a r t e r b a c k s t o Wa t c h
4.54 40-yd. dash

Comp Att Yds TDs INT John Skelton, Fordham - Projection: 4th
2006 28 47 384 2 1
2007 31 48 341 2 2 Mike Ka%a, Northwestern - Projection: 5th
2008 22 30 114 1 1
2009 187 296 2144 11 9
Thaddeus Lewis, Duke - Projection: 5th

Other than John Skelton from Fordham, Brown Tim Hiller, Western Michigan - Projection: 5th
has perhaps the strongest arm of any QB in the
2010 draft class. And, in his one year as a Levi Brown, Troy - Projection: 6th
starter, he showed that arm off, but not always
in a good way. He proved he had the wheels to Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State - Projection: 6th
get out the pocket and make a play, but I worry
that he’s been in an uncoventional offense that Riley Skinner, Wake Forest - Projection: 6th/7th
never put him under center. Furthermore,
Brown has only one year experience as The Sean Canfield, Oregon State - Projection: 7th
Man in the huddle. He’s going to need
seasoning, but at least there’s something there Daryll Clark, Penn State - Projection: 7th
for teams to work with this pre-season, and
perhaps next. Holding a clipboard for a year or Jonathan Crompton, Tennessee - Projection: 7th
two will do Brown a ton of good.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 i n0g 1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Ba c k s

R u
C.J Spiller
The old saying goes that there are fast
guys who play football and there are
more than
you’d think.
Projection: Top 15
football players who are fast. Plus, he’s The Skinny on Spiller
CJ Spiller falls into the latter tough.
categor y - he’s a football H e Clemson
player who’s as fast as they ran RB/KR
come. A 100/200 meter HS f o r 5’10 3/8” 196
state champion in the state of 2 3 3
Florida, he’s a true burner, yards Lake Butler, FL
ala Tennessee Titan Chris and 4 4.37 40-yd. Dash
Johnson TDs in the
Perhaps no player in college Championship game, all the while, taking a
football was as big a threat to take a shot in his injured toe to numb the pain
run to the house. He’s slippery in and stay in the game.
space and will run behind his pads
Quickness, burst and the ability to
Att Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs
hit the home run every time he
touches the ball are his best
2006 129 938 10 19 210 2
assets. But, the overriding
2007 145 768 3 34 271 2 concern will be whether
2008 116 629 7 34 436 3 Spiller can handle a full

2009 216 1212 12 36 503 4 load as Johnson has proven.

Ryan M at h e ws
Although there are some who want to believe hitting ability of Spiller, he’s got five
that Ryan Mathews is some dreamt up “media yard burst that runners dream about.
selection”, he’s, perhaps, the complete back in
the draft. Think of what you want from a back Although he didn’t
- power, durability, vision and balance. catch the ball much
Mathews has those traits and was consistently in his career, he’s a
impressive against the best defenses he faced. good athlete who
can catch the ball
A smooth, power runner if there ever was one. - out of the
he doesn’t dance, staying north & south, backfield and is a
making himself the perfect candidate for the threat anywhere
ZBS. He’s a on the field. He’s got good vision
s u d d e n
Projection: 1st runner w/
b u r s t .
and finds slivers of space on the
backside of runs. If he falls into
Where as he the Pats lap at #22, they could
The Skinny on Mathews doesn’t have fire. If they pass, he won’t get
the home past the Chargers at #28.
Fresno State r u n
RB Att Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs

5’11 5/8” 218 2007 145 866 14 0 0 0

Bakersfield, CA 2008 113 606 6 8 146 2

’09 NCAA Leading Rusher 2009 276 1808 19 11 122 0

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 i n0g 1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Ba c k s

u nn
R Projection: 2nd Projection: 2nd
Jahvid Best Jonathan Dwyer
5’10 1/8” 199 lb. 5’11 1/4” 229 lb.
4.35 40-yd. dash 4.59 40-yd. dash
Att Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs Att Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs

2007 29 221 2 13 74 1 2007 82 436 9 2 17 0

2008 194 1580 15 27 246 1 2008 200 1395 12 8 209 1

2009 141 867 12 22 213 4 2009 235 1395 14 5 37 0

Speed kills. Not literally, but you’ve seen the Quarterbacks from spread offenses aren’t the
banner that hung at Oakland Alameda only ones that are “hurt” by their college
Coliseum for eons for Cliff Branch - Speed kills. offense. Stand Dwyer up in a zone scheme or
That’s Best. He ran the fastest 40 time at the put him in the I formation and there’s little
combine, which he needed to do to get debate about how he “fits” at the next level.
attention, but what he won’t be able to do is But, coming into the NFL as the B Back/
show he’s completely over the concussions/ fullback from the spread option attack at GT,
lingering headaches that ended his 2009 season. he has no film that shows him running anything
similar to what all 32 teams run. But, in that
More concerns are present given Best’s lack of scheme, he made a type of zone read every play
being able to run inside the tackles, but teams - not the same, but similar. Fortunately for
know that Best can truly change the game with him, he did it within 3 yards of the line of
one carry or one reception. Some playoff team scrimmage, but he’ll have 7 yards of space to
with a solid #1 back already in place will draft work with in the NFL. The speed of a hole
him as a luxury and it’ll paid off. closing is negated by his quick decision making.

Projection: 2nd/3rd Projection: 3rd/4th

Montario Hardesty Ben Tate
5’11 3/4” 225 lb. 5’11” 220 lb.
4.40 40-yd. dash 4.43 40-yd. dash

Att Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs Att Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs
2006 107 384 4 6 54 0 2006 54 392 3 2 -3 0
2007 89 373 3 3 25 0 2007 202 903 8 16 144 0
2008 76 271 6 4 24 0 2009 159 664 3 15 90 0
2009 282 1345 13 25 302 1 2009 263 1362 10 20 105 0

Hardesty runs with power behind his pads and To u g h n e s s , b l e n d o f p o we r a n d s p e e d ,

he’s tough. He doesn’t have a ton of tread on q u i c k n e s s , o n e c u t a b i l i t y, b u r s t a n d
the tire. For much of last season Hardesty was explosiveness. Oh yeah, toughness. Did I say
the ONLY thing Tennessee had offensively. that already? Tate is a solid combination of all
He’s not flashy at all, but over time, his of the above, but others ranked above him do it
consistent, tough running pays off. Last just a tad better. He’s a little shorter, but can
summer, I had a conversation with Tennessee deliver some punishment when he turns the
safety Eric Berry. I asked him who was the corner. I don’t think he’s got the explosiveness
toughest guy he faced. Expecting a different
answer, he didn’t hesitate. “My teammate of Mathews, Spiller and Hardesty, but he’s a
Montario Hardesty”. He went on further strong third and wonderful fourth round
stating that Hardesty was the hardest working option. I’d love to see him sitting there in the
guy on the team. I love hearing that about a fourth round, but my gut says he’s gone by the
guy who pounds like Hardesty does. third.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 i n0g 1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Ba c k s

u nn
R Projection: 2nd/3rd Projection: 3rd/4th
Toby Gerhart Anthony Dixon
6’ 231 lb. 6’0 3/4” 233
4.53 40-yd. dash 4.65 40-yd. dash
Att Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs Att Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs
2006 106 375 0 15 124 0 2006 169 668 9 4 42 0
2007 12 140 1 0 0 0 2007 287 1066 14 14 167 2
2008 210 1136 15 13 114 0 2008 197 869 7 20 117 2
2009 343 1871 27 11 157 0 2009 257 1391 12 18 123 0

Gerhart will be debated in a similar manner as Dixon is as pure a downhill runner as any RB in
Jonathan Dwyer. Now, Gerhart wasn’t a this draft class. Dude aims to hurt someone in
fullback, but a power running back in college a different color jersey every time he touches
nearly immediately gets tagged with “fullback the ball. Don’t believe me? Just check out the
at the next level”. Especially one that has dealt run Dixon has against the Houston Cougars
with knee injuries in the past. But, he’s a great when he basically carries the entire Cougar
athlete, one who excelled on the baseball defense for a 50 yard run. He doesn’t dance.
diamond throughout his Stanford career. Yes, I He doesn’t have one move other than “I’m
said athlete. He’s got soft hands to catch the going to punish you”. But, what he does have is
fourth/fifth round baggage. And, that’s the rub
ball out of the backfield. He’s got tremendous for personnel people during draft month. Some
balance and he runs through tacklers on a team is going to want a poor man’s Brandon
consistent basis. He’s not pretty when he has Jacobs; it’s just a matter of when the risk
the ball in his hands but he puts a physical matches the reward expected. Probably 3rd or
hurting on defenses. 4th round.

Projection: 3rd
Joe McKnight
5’11 3/8” 198 lb. O t h e r R u n n i n g B a c k s t o Wa t c h
4.47 40-yd. dash

Att Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs Lonyae Miller, Fresno State - Projection: 4th/5th
2007 94 540 3 23 203 1
James Starks, Buffalo - Projection: 4th/5th
2008 89 659 2 21 193 1

2009 164 1014 8 22 146 0 LeGarrette Blount, Oregon - Projection: 4th/5th

There’s something about McKnight that I love. Chris Brown, Oklahoma - Projection: 5th
The versatility. The game-breaking abilities.
The pedigree (John Curtis HS and USC). But, I
don’t really like him as a true running back in Andre Dixon, Connecticut - Projection: 5th/6th
the NFL, and that’s why he’s tagged for the
third round. He ran more inside in 2009, Javarris James, Miami - Projection: 5th/6th
which was to be expected with nearly twice as
many attempts than in 2008. But, when he gets Keith Toston, Oklahoma State - Projection: 7th
dinged up a bit, he doesn’t want any part of
running between the tackles. Now, don’t think
there isn’t a place for a smooth, talented guy Stafon Johnson, USC - Projection: 6th
like McKnight, but it won’t be early. A team
with a need at “offensive game breaker” Keiland Williams, LSU - Projection: 7th
category will take a long hard look in the 2nd
round, but likely pull the trigger in the 3rd.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0Re 1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
c e i ve
De z Br yan t
Every year in the draft it seems, there’s a player The Skinny on Bryant
who can’t get out of his own way. It typically is
a prima donna receiver and in 2010, there’s no Oklahoma State
question that player is former OSU star Dez WR/PR
6’2” 225 lb.
Most of the nation knows about the Lufkin, TX
baggage - the 2009 season
suspension, the relationship with Suspended 2009 season
Deion Sanders, tardiness for the line of scrimmage and
practice, meetings and even games he’s got enough wiggle to
and just outright flakiness that get separation. He catches
would make Britney Spears, circa the ball at its highest point.
2007, blush. This has all been He can take a hit and get
WELL documented. But...
1st right back up.
...good gracious almighty, this
t i on: My point is that he’s got as
je c
kid is a specimen. He’s sculpted many assets, or more, to
like a Greek god and is strong as
an ox. You can’t press him at Pr o make up for his 6th round
baggage. Does that make
him a sound investment?
Rec Yds TDs Depends. How close are you?
Are you one game breaker away? Then,
2007 43 622 6
Bryant is your guy. He can also be a
2008 87 1480 19 dynamic punt returner at the next level,
but if “matures” into a number one
2009 17 323 4 receiver, you won’t need him to do that.
Projection: 1st/2nd Projection: 1st/2nd
Golden Tate Demaryius Thomas
5’10 1/2” 199 lb. 6’3 1/4” 224 lb.
4.42 40-yd. dash 4.35 40-yd. (INJ @ combine)
Rec Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs

2007 6 131 1 2007 35 558 3

2008 58 1080 10 2008 39 627 3

2009 93 1496 15 2009 46 1154 8

Throughout last off-season, I was convinced When you look above at Thomas’s numbers,
that Tate wasn’t even the best receiver on the they don’t jump off the page. Well, consider the
Notre Dame campus. Then, Michael Floyd fact that he played in a spread option attack
went down and Jimmy Clausen turned to Tate and maybe you’ll come around on a big receiver
nearly every time the Irish needed a play. My who has basketball skills and athleticism. Then,
thoughts on Tate changed instantly, as he did check the yards per catch, especially last
nothing but make plays the rest of the year. He season. Over 25 yards per catch, which is
lined up in the Wildcat as a RB and used his phenomenal. He’s got great size and is as
quickness and wiggle to pick up key first downs. physical as any other receiver in this draft. He
He lined up on the perimeter and caught can go up and “get it” over a DB’s head. He’ll
everything thrown his way. He caught short be one heck of a red zone option and once he
and ran long. He caught deep balls over DBs refines his ability to be an intermediate route
heads. He ran over 230 pound safeties on slant runner (outs and digs), he’ll be an absolute
routes. He did it all and has the package that monster. His injury will raise questions, but
scouts love. But, that 5’10” thing? Tough to once healthy, he’s got an NFL body, if not NFL
overcome and why he may not be a 1st rounder. “route running” experience.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0Re 1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
c e i ve
Wi Projection: 2nd Projection: 2nd/3rd
Arrelious Benn Damian Williams
6’1” 219 lb. 6’0 5/8” 197 lb.
4.48 40-yd. dash 4.53 40-yd. dash
Rec Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs

2007 54 676 2 2006 19 235 2

2008 67 1055 3 2008 58 869 9

2009 38 490 2 2009 70 1010 6

Benn is a physical beast. Just check the After transferring from his home state,
dimensions - 6’1”, 219 and can run a 4.48? As Williams blossomed as the go-to receiver for
Hatchetman says “Are you kidding me???” Now, Mark Sanchez/Matt Barkley. He’s a smooth
you can make some excuses for Benn and his route runner who has a knack for making plays
lack of a true QB at Illinois, but his production on the sideline. However, I don’t see him
didn’t match his physical potential. That’s a transitioning into a guy who’ll be fearless
huge red flag for me. He’s not a strong route running across the field - more of a poor man’s
Marvin Harrison, if you ask me. He’s got great
runner and I don’t know how natural a receiver hands, the ability to adjust to the ball in the air
he is at this point in his career. But, he’s a beast and he’s adjusted to different quarterbacks in
who can get off the jam at the line of his career. He’s got adequate size, but now he’ll
scrimmage. The question is whether he’s a face corners who’ll get up and jam him in press
receiver who can transition to being an all- coverage and he’s got to prove that he can
around threat or whether he’s just an athlete handle it without throwing him off his route
running around to get open. path. I want to be sold, but not in the 2nd.

Projection: 2nd/3rd Projection: 3rd

Eric Decker Taylor Price
6’3” 217 lb. 6’ 204 lb.
Did not run @ Combine 4.41 40-yd. dash
Rec Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs
2006 26 378 3 2006 9 77 0
2007 67 909 9 2007 33 464 4
2008 84 1074 7 2008 51 694 5
2009 50 758 5 2009 56 784 5

Decker’s 2009 season ended prematurely after It may ultimately be difficult to look back at
he tore ligaments in his foot. The shame was Price’s college days to truly understand what
that he was having the best year of his career kind of receiver he’s going to be at the next
and was, again, carrying the Minnesota offense. level. His quarterbacks were average at best,
And, that’s a key point when assessing Decker - but ask Price and he’ll tell you. “Johnny Knox”.
the Minnesota offense died a slow death The speedy Chicago Bears receiver set the NFL
without #7 on the field. Seriously. In 2008, on fire in his rookie season and did so with
they couldn’t move the ball at all without him, speed. Lots of it. Price has that speed, but how
but when he returned, the Gophers offense had complete is his NFL bag of tricks? In other
a little punch and some life left. If he’s fully words, has his route running improved? Is he
recovered, he’s a solid early round selection. ready to handle the physical corners? Good
He’s a brilliant route runner and he’s a lot questions all and probably why one of the
bigger than he looks on TV. He’s going to be a fastest receivers in the draft is thought to be a
major surprise and a solid #2 in the future. third round selection.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0Re 1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
c e i ve
Wi Projection: 3rd Projection: 3rd
Carlton Mitchell Dexter McCluster
6’3” 215 lb. 5’8 3/4” 172 lb.
4.49 40-yd. dash 4.58 40-yd. dash
Rec Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs
2006 15 232 1
2007 37 537 4
2007 27 326 2
2008 28 405 1
2008 44 625 1
2009 40 706 4 2009 44 520 3

I’d like to think a 6’3”, 215 lb. ath-o-lete would Whippet quick. Game Breaker. Small. Very
draw a ton of attention. But, Mitchell is flying small. Those three items are indisputable when
under the radar in a big way, which could be a discussing McCluster. The question, though, is
good thing or it could be signaling the fact that whether he belongs on this list or with the
Mitchell isn’t quite ready for “potential” to running backs. Now, that can be an asset. Or,
meet “productivity”. He wasn’t much more for it can be a the wrong hands, err,
USF other than a vertical threat. But, coaching staff. But, in the right hands, he can
averaging nearly 18 yards per catch, he proved be a gem, either at slot WR or in spot time at
he can, at a minimum, be that guy. But, the running back. He’ll run between the tackles,
question still exists as to whether he can mature
which separates him from other so-called RB/
into a solid #2 option in the future. He’s strong
WR hybrids. However, his quickness in the
and can run, but consistency in route running
and gaining separation are absolute musts for slot is perhaps his best asset and the one that
this big receiver. NFL coaches want to utilize most.

The Gold Standard John Granato on the Texans

3 Best options at #20

na to
n Gra 1. Kyle Wilson, Boise State
Jo & 2. Ryan Mathews, Fresno State
rle in
e Zie
La nc 3. Maurkice Pouncey, Florida

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A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0Re 1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
c e i ve
Wi Projection: 3rd Projection: 3rd/4th
Brandon LaFell Mardy Gilyard
6’2 1/2” 211 lb. 5’11 7/8” 187 lb.
4.59 40-yd. dash 4.56 40-yd. dash
Rec Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs
2006 5 140 2
2007 36 536 3
2007 50 656 4
2008 81 1276 11
2008 63 929 8
2009 57 792 11 2009 87 1191 11

LaFell is still trying to live up to the potential Gilyard is a wonderful player - the type of
that many felt he had after leaving high school. player who you wish was 6’2” and 215 pounds.
Big, strong and athletic, LaFell has had scouts There would be no discussion as to who the
scratching their heads for a while now. He’s got number one receiver in the draft would be.
However, the Bearcat product is no bigger than
every attribute a great receiver has, except he’s a high school outside linebacker. And, that
not a tremendous receiver. And, I mean could honestly keep him on the outside looking
literally, he doesn’t catch the ball well. He lets in. Eventually, a team is going to find a solid #3
the ball get into his body and his hands are option with him. He’s tough and can be
highly questionable. Then once a season, he’ll physical, but can he get off press coverage at
make a one handed catch and tap the toes on the line of scrimmage? He was used in motion
in college to get mismatches or allow him space
the sideline. The point is that he’s got the
to get loose. He’s quick and has good wiggle.
“right mix of skills” to be a star, but the Plus, he can make a ton of plays on special
consistency to be in the CFL in four years. teams.

Projection: 4th
Jordan Shipley
5’11 1/4” 193 lb. O t h e r W i d e R e c e i v e r s t o Wa t c h
4.57 40-yd. dash
Rec Yds TDs Dezmon Briscoe, Kansas - Projection: 4th
2006 16 229 4
Jacoby Ford, Clemson - Projection: 4th
2007 27 417 5
2008 89 1060 11 Kerry Meier, Kansas - Projection: 4th
2009 116 1485 13 Blair White, Mich. State - Projection: 4th/5th
There’s a part of me that really wants a 45-year Marcus Easley, U Conn - Projection: 4th/5th
old receiver to make it, especially one who has Chris Bell, Norfolk State - Projection: 5th/6th
been through what Jordan Shipley has been
through. If Brett Favre can be a grandfather Emmanuel Sanders, SMU - Projection: 5th
and play in the NFL, so can Shipley. In all David Gettis, Baylor - Projection: 5th/6th
seriousness, though, Shipley is a wonderful 4th
round option for some team. He’s the rare Danario Alexander, Missouri - Projection: 6th
receiver who plays at his 40 yd. dash time at all Jeremy Williams, Tulane - Projection: 6th
times. He can get separation and is a brilliant
route runner, and he gets separation because Ryan Wolfe, UNLV - Projection: 6th/7th
he’s a brilliant route runner. But, against the
best DBs he faced this year - Oklahoma, he
struggled. He’s a demon in the return game and
will pay dividends immediately with his punt
return skills.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0t En1ds 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Jermaine Gresham
Missing an entire season of college the The Skinny on Gresham
football wasn’t just something reserved
for Oklahoma quarterbacks. All- OU
A m e r i c a n T E Je r m a i n e TE
Gresham sat out the season 6’5 1/4” 261 lb.
after he injured his knee in
pre-season camp, effectively Ardmore, OK
ending any shot OU had of Missed ’09 season w/knee inj.
being a double digit win
team in 2009.
line of scrimmage, but,
But, when he was last on honestly, he’s one of two true
the field, Gresham was a TE in this draft class, to
t / truly put his hat on a
terror and perhaps the
: 1s defender.
most impressive tight
end in college football.
e c t io
j B u t , i t ’s h i s s i z e a n d
He won’t maul anyone at
athleticism that make him a
disaster to cover downfield. In
2008, he caught the ball in
Rec Yds TDs
nearly every area of the field.
2006 8 161 1 He’s a smooth athlete who is too
2007 37 518 11
big for safeties and too fast for
linebackers...IF he’s healthy. Is he?
2008 66 950 14 We’ll see.
Projection: 1st/2nd Projection: 3rd
Rob Gronkowski Dennis Pitta
6’6 1/4” 264 lb. 6’5” 245
Injured , missed 2009 season 4.68 40-yd. dash
Rec Yds TDs
Rec Yds TDs
2004 17 176 2
2007 28 525 6 2007 59 813 5
2008 83 1083 6
2008 47 672 10 2009 62 829 8

The closest thing to a complete tight end in I’m not totally sure when the traditional tight
this draft. He’s a bit better in-line blocker than end morphed into a WR with size, but it did.
Gresham, but then again, he’s not dominating An athletic 6’4”/6’5” 240-250 pounder, with the
the edge like a Keith Jackson. The biggest speed of a #2 wide receiver, is being used more
problem for Gronkowski is the back that in motion and in the slot, instead of with his
knocked him out for the 2009 season. How hand on the ground. That type of position is
bad that back is will determine whether the tailor-made for BYU’s Pitta. Perhaps the most
great people on ESPN and NFL Network natural receiver of any tight end (and tight end
pronounce Gron-kow-ski on Thursday or Friday
night. He’s got a fairly complete package of is used loosely) Pitta is a wonderful route
assets - he’s a natural pass catcher, can make a runner. He has slick, subtle moves that he uses
play after the catch and is a play-making tight to get open against nearly anyone. Safety or
end. And, what’s key is he’s a TRUE tight end - linebacker, it doesn’t matter. He’s not Dallas
one who’ll put his hand on the ground. But, he Clark, but has a similar type game and in a
has the versatility/skill set to transition to a similar system can have an impact right away
mobile H back spot at times in a game. for a team’s passing game.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0t En1ds 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Tig Projection: 3rd Projection: 3rd
Ed Dickson Jimmy Graham
6’4 1/4” 249 lb. 6’6” 262 lb.
4.67 40-yd. dash 4.56 40-yd. dash
Rec Yds TDs
2006 4 45 0 Rec Yds TDs

2007 43 453 3
2008 35 508 3 2009 17 213 5
2009 42 551 6

Each of the past three years, I believed Dickson Each and every year, there’s a player that get
was on the verge of being the best tight end in people’s attention that you didn’t see coming.
the nation. But, after he’d have a strong game, Enter Jimmy Graham. Former power forward
he’d be a forgotten piece in the Oregon offense. for the Hurricane hoops squad Jimmy Graham.
Against Cal and Wash. State, he had 18 catches He hadn’t played football for the Hurricanes
for 251 yards and four TDs. Then, the following until his basketball eligibility ran out and he
week against UCLA, he had only 3 catches for made the most of his opportunity. His best
24 yards. That is due in large part to Oregon’s
desire to run the ball more so than any negative asset is that his best football is well in front of
about him. Regardless, he’s a tough match-up him as he’s only played one year. It could also
for safeties and he could be a strong asset down be his biggest liability. But, he’s a very good red
the seams. He’s a decent blocker, but it’s not zone threat, considering over 25% of his
one of his core assets. He’s got plenty of WR catches were for touchdowns. Athletically
tendencies and could be used more at #3 WR gifted, he still needs to learn the ins and outs of
position than anywhere else. being a tight end, not to mention an NFL TE.

Projection: 4th Projection: 4th/5th

Anthony McCoy Aaron Hernandez
6’5” 259 lb. 6’2” 245 lb.
4.79 40-yd. dash 4.58 40-yd. dash
Rec Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs

2007 2 18 1 2007 9 151 2

2008 22 256 1 2008 34 381 5
2009 22 457 1 2009 68 850 5

If you put on the Notre Dame game, you’d Scouts haven’t fallen in love with Hernandez
think you were watching the next coming of
Antonio Gates. McCoy had five catches for 153 liked I truly thought they would. But, allow
yards and the Irish had no clue how to stop him the opportunity, in the “right” situation,
him. It was really the only time all season that and he could be a 70-75 catch per year demon.
he had a significant impact. As with most of A number of “receptions” during his Florida
the players in this class of tight ends, he is a career were shovel passes and option pitches.
natural receiver. He can snatch the ball out of Ho we v e r, w h e n h e d i d g e t i n to r o u te s
the air. He can fight for it in the air. He can downfield, he was exceptionally difficult to
stretch the defense down the seam and will be cover and even harder to get hands on. He runs
an absolute beast down the seam against Tampa well after the catch, which is vital at the next
two defenses. But, where’s his head? He was level for him. Why? He won’t block anyone, so
ineligible for the bowl game against BC and he even though he’ll give it the old college try. As
tested positive for marijuana at the Combine. such, his ability to “catch and run” is his best
Uh oh, that 4th round grade is falling. asset.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0t En1ds 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Projection: 5th
Dorin Dickerson
6’4” 226 lb. O t h e r T i g h t E n d s t o Wa t c h
4.40 40-yd. dash
Rec Yds TDs
Michael Hoowanamanui, Illinois - Projection: 5th
2007 1 5 0

2008 13 174 2 Nate Byham, Pitt - Projection: 5th

2009 49 529 10
Dedrick Epps, Miami - Projection: 5th
When you see Dickerson, you NEVER think
“tight end”. Ever. So, maybe his placement Brody Eldridge, Oklahoma - Projection: 6th
amongst this group is a bit out of place, but he’s
not a true WR, either. But, no matter what Clay Harbor, Missouri State - Projection: 5th
position he’s projected to play at the next level,
he’s FAST enough to play it. He ran a 4.40 40
at the Combine to get the attention he lacked
when he was at Pitt. But, his “type” (meaning a
hybrid TE/WR) is welcomed in this league. He
can line up with his hand on the ground but you
KNOW he isn’t blocking anyone. However, if
he lines up off the ball, in the slot of as an H
Back, he could be a solid asset.

Sean & John Sean “The Cablinasian” on the

Texans Best options at #20
g a s t
nd e r 1. C.J Spiller, Clemson
Best case given the Texans a gamebreaker to

ean P pair with Steve Slaton - worst case he’s

insurance in case Slaton doesn’t make it back.

S & is k 2. Maurkice Pouncey, Florida

H a rr suc
Isn’t the interior of the OL, at least, the 2nd
biggest need on this team? Quick and athletic,

n o he played some of his best ball in biggest games

Joo ghuys troyoi much”
g not 3. Kyle Wilson, Boise State
n With D. Robinson gone to Atlanta, CB is the
Texans biggest need. Talented prospect with
“Tw t speed and confidence to match up with NFL WRs.

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1560 The Game
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0kle1
s 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Tre n t Wi l l i am s
One of the best athletes at his The Skinny on Williams
position, Williams has been
inconsistent, at times, in his Oklahoma
career. He’s got tremendous
feet and can move as well as the 6’4 5/8” 315 lb.
other two tackles featured here
on this page. But, there have nearly every position on the
been plenty of times that line, even at center where he
10 Williams has been beaten, due had to make all the line calls for

: Top in large part to being lazy or OU in the Sun Bowl. He wasn’t

perfect in 2009, but don’t lump
i o n getting lazy in his technique.

je c t One of the things that I love

about him though is his
him in with the horrid OU line
from last year. He’s the best
Pr o versatility. He’s a left tackle, no athlete of this bunch and a
solid top 12 pick.
doubt, but he’s seen time at

Russell Okung
The Skinny on Okung rarely, if ever, got any help on
pass r ushers, no matter
Oklahoma State whether it was a linebacker or
6’5 1/4” 307 lb. speedy defensive end. His
technique needs a ton of work
People LOVE Okung. Or for Okung to be an annual Pro
better put, people love the Bowl tackle. But, he’s got
THOUGHT of what Okung dancer’s feet, if nothing else.
can become at the next level. Projected to go as high as
Quick and athletic, Okung has number two, he’s a nice blend
on :
lived on an island for the past of pa ss protector and r un
t i
two years as the starter at left blocker. His ability to get to
r o je c
tackle in a spread attack. He the second level quickly in the
run game is attractive as well. P

Br yan Bulaga
In my War Room, I’d have The Skinny on Bulaga
Bulaga at the top of my list. I
know I’m a little more risk Iowa
aversive than most, but I love 6’5 3/8” 314 lb.
upside as much as anyone as
well. I think Bulaga is the last game of his career, he faced
safest of the three picks, but
10 still has room to improve. I see Georgia Tech’s Derrick Morgan

To p a lot of similarities to Joe and held him in check. Bulaga

can let defenders get up under
: Thomas of the Browns, instead
io n of former Iowa great Robert his pads at times, but he’s so
je c t Gallery. Bulaga is perhaps the strong lower body wise that he

Pro best blend of pass protector doesn’t get moved. He slides

and one-on-one mauler. He’ll well and punches with
get into the street fight with authority. He is a tad more
you for sure. But, his mechanical than the other two,
protection skills are solid. The but still athletic enough to stay
on the left side for 12 years.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0kle1
s 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Tac Projection: 1st Projection: 2nd
Anthony Davis Charles Brown
6’5” 323 lb. 6’5 3/8” 303 lb.
34” arm length 35 1/4” arm length
There was a run on Anthony Davis love right I’ve gotten to really like Brown watching more
after the season. Some had him going as high as after the season. He moves relatively well, but
8 to the Raiders, considering the type of athlete he’s not as fluid as the “Big 3” - Okung,
that he is. And, there’s no questioning his Williams, Bulaga. He’s solid in run blocking,
athletic ability whatsoever. He’s fluid in run but not a road grader. He’s smooth and moves
blocking and could grow into a solid pass well with good technique, but he’s not as good
protector, but to me, he’s still a huge question with his technique as say Bulaga. But, add up
mark given his work ethic issues and sloppy
technique. Some love his potential more than his attributes and you’ll see why the Pac-10
Charles Brown or Bruce Campbell, but he was coaches voted him the best OL in the league.
demoted to 2nd team before the season because He struggles with quick inside moves, but it’s
he was not giving the proper effort for Rutgers something that he can work on with some
coach Greg Schiano. fundamental work at the next level.
Projection: 2nd Projection: 3rd
Bruce Campbell Jared Veldheer
6’6 3/8” 314 lb. 6’8 1/8” 312 lb.
4.85 40-yd. dash 33” arm length

Let me be a s honest a s possible about What a physical specimen. A 6’8”, 312 pound
Campbell. His athleticism and performance tackle who can move. He’s more power
don’t match up. At all. He’s a wonderfully forward than left tackle, but Veldheer is a guy
blessed athlete who nearly ran a better time in who has unlimited potential and a solid mid-
the 40 than some running backs and receivers. round option. But, the “strength of
Add that quickness to a 6’6” 314 pound body
and he should be THE #1 pick in the draft. competition” argument will exist for as long as
But, it’s not even close. His technique is highly Veldheer remains undrafted. He’s a former
suspect and I wonder if he can become an tight end who still has to tap into a tackle’s
effective left tackle with his lack of ability to nastiness to truly become a starting tackle for a
handle speed rushers off the edge. Oh, but the dozen years in the NFL. He’s got a chance to
speed. Yeah, that speed does nothing for be special in a couple of years with some
Campbell if he can’t move and punch effectively. seasoning and some technique work.

Projection: 1st/2nd
Rodger Saffold
6’4” 316 lb. O t h e r Ta c k l e s t o W a t c h
33 5/8” arm length
I don’t know that there’s a tackle who climbed Ed Wang, Virginia Tech - Projection: 3rd
up the ladder, and continues to climb up the
ladder, err, mock draft boards, more than Jason Fox, Miami - Projection: 4th
Saffold. Although he had a solid career at IU,
he wasn’t quite a household name for most of Selvish Capers, West Virginia - Projection: 4th/5th
the analysts out there. But, Saffold is a solid Sam Young, Notre Dame - Projection: 5th
pass protector (did a good job on Ole Miss DE
Greg Hardy at East-West Shrine Game) and has Tony Washington, Abilene Christian - Projection: 5th
the feet to protect the edge. There’s a thought
that he can move to guard and he’s got that Mike Tepper, Cal - Projection: 5th/6th
versatility that attracts him to teams. Ironically,
the Colts could be in play for Saffold to replace
Charlie Johnson or even play along side him.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0s/Gu1ards 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Mike Iupati
Alright, how many of you actually knew who
Mike Iupati was BEFORE the 2009 season?
The Skinny on Iupati
Be honest. I’ll be honest - I’d heard of him, Idaho
but didn’t know that he would attract as G
much 1st round attention, especially as a
guard. Steve Hutchinson and 6’6” 331 lb.
Alan Faneca were the Anaheim, CA
rare duo that got
first round ’09 Outland Award Finalist
a t te n t i o n , b u t Iupati ing” off blocks to get to
has gotten plenty during the 2009 season. the second level. In
He’s strong as an ox. Watch any game from fact, I don’t know that
last year and it’s a guarantee that he’ll take I’ve seen anyone do it
someone and slam them on the ground as well.
with his sheer upper body strength. But,
those were WAC defensive tackles/ : 1s t Regardless, I have questions
linebackers, who aren’t as big as
ti on about whether he’s ready to
m a ke t h e t r a n s i t i o n
NFL defensive backs. His feet are
r o j immediately. Give him a
good, not great. But, he’s not just
good, he’s exceptional at “combo- P few years and he’ll be solid.

Maurkice Pouncey
I first saw Pouncey when he was at Lakeland doubt, hit someone in the
HS, blocking with his twin brother for hotshot face. He doesn’t back down
Gator recruit Chris Rainey. The future Gator from anyone.
RB went nuts that night, but I couldn’t take my
eyes off of Maurkice. I can’t remember
anyone beating
He started nearly every game he played at him upfield in
Florida and was the leader in the middle of one-on-one pass
the line for the Gators, making all of the blocking. He’s
line calls for the Gator OL. more mauler
than refined
But, what stands out even more so is his
1st technician, but
desire to “mix it up”. He’s tough and he’s got room to
physical t i g r o w. He pulls f rom
The Skinny on Pouncey a n d
r o je c the center position very
Florida will, P well. He’ll transition
n o to guard, where he
C/G would’ve played
6’4 1/2” 304 lb. last year had
Lakeland, FL Florida been able to find
’09 Outland Award Finalist anyone to play center.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0s/Gu1ards 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
enter Projection: 2nd Projection: 2nd
C Jon Asamoah Vladimir Ducasse
6’4” 305 lb. 6’5” 332 lb.
33” arm length 35 3/4” arm length
Asamoah is a good athlete, smooth and fluid Now this young man is a different breed
and an adequate fit for the zone blocking altogether. I’ve got him listed at guard because
scheme, no matter whether that’s for Houston I feel like Ducasse doesn’t possess the feet to be
or some other ZBS organization. Although he’s a tackle, left or right. He’s got the wingspan,
not as good as Iupati combo blocking, he’s still but he can’t handle the quickness on the
effective getting a power shot on a defensive perimeter. However, if he bumps inside, he can
lineman, before moving up to linebacker level. be a strong guard. He’ll project to be either a
He’s a intelligent young man and will be a great zone blocking interior linemen or a power
citizen for his NFL team, if not a 1st yr. starter. linemen. He’s got an adequate future. Inside.

Projection: 3rd Projection: 3rd/4th

John Jerry Mike Johnson
6’5 1/4” 328 lb. 6’5” 312 lb.
34” arm length 32 1/2” arm length

He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Johnson isn’t flashy. He’s not the most athletic
wonderlich-wise, but he may have something player in the world. He doesn’t blow you away
that not many on this list will have: versatility. with his physical attributes. His technique isn’t
He played out at tackle for some of his career perfect. But, Johnson is steady and consistent.
and then moved inside for portions of his He won’t become a dominant star, but he
career. At his size and dimensions, he could be strikes me as a guy who’ll end up in Indianapolis
a 10-12 year star in a power scheme. He doesn’t for the next 8 years, playing right guard,
move well enough to be in a zone scheme. He’s protecting Peyton Manning. He won’t be a Pro
tough, but not ready to start right away. Bowler, but he’ll start for a number of years.
Projection: 4th/5th Projection: 4th
Zane Beadles Matt Tennant
6’4 1/4” 310 lb. 6’5” 300 lb.
33 3/4” arm length 32 1/4” arm length
A left tackle in college, he’s not athletic enough This is a rough year for centers in this draft.
to stay out on the edge (just watch the TCU Although Pouncey can play both, he might have
tape, you’ll know). But, he’s a solid offensive a better future at guard. That pretty much
lineman who has the tools to succeed inside. leaves Tennant and JD Walton from Baylor.
They’re almost twins in some sense. Similar
He’s not exceptionally quick, but for a guard, body build. Decent feet. Adequate in space.
he’ll be quick enough. He’s smart and tough Brawler. Good zone blocking fit. Tennant isn’t
and that’s makes him a good fit for the zone a masher and could get knocked back against
blocking scheme and great value in later rounds. stout 3-4 nose tackles. But, he’ll be good value
in the 4th.

O t h e r C e n t e r s /G u a r d s t o Wa t c h

JD Walton, Baylor - Projection: 3rd/4th

Shaun Lauvao, Arizona State - Projection: 4th/5th
Marshall Newhouse, TCU - Projection: 5th/6th
Ciron Black, LSU - Projection: 6th/7th
le s
2 i v0 1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
e Ta
c k
e ns
De f
Ndamukong Suh
D o m i n a t i n g . S c a r y. P h y s i c a l l y His strength The Skinny on Suh
overwhelming. What other adjectives i s
can you think of for one of the most Nebraska
impressive defensive players we’ve DT
seen in college football? Not really 6’3” 308 lb.
sure any of them can truly describe
how good Nebraska’s Ndamukong Portland, OR
Suh actually is. ‘09Lombardi&OutlandAward
He’s downright other worldly and
thought to be the best defensive tackle legendary, but it could be a minor
we’ve seen in quite some time. Those liability, if there is one...and I’m
are strong words, but then again, when digging. He’s so strong that he
it comes to what Suh has done, al lowed offensive linemen to
perhaps not as much. engage him, so he could stack and
shed. College linemen? None of
Getting a chance to meet and talk them had a shot. NFL linemen?
w i t h h i m d u r i n g o u r Ro t a r y They’ll force him to use his
Lombardi Award broadcasts, I was strength , and quickness to get
struck at how sleek he looked for
a 300 pound young man. He has Projection: Top 2
the body of a track athlete and the Put him at the 3 technique for the
desire to destroy anything that next 12 years and watch the Pro
gets in his way. Bowls pile up. There’s no such thing
as a lock in this sort of thing, but he’s
as close as you’re going to get.

G e ra ld McC oy
There are classy young men and What else? His quickness. No
then t h e r e ’s Gerald McCoy. other tackle is a s quick on his
I’ve met some good ones in my first t h r e e steps as McCoy.
day, but he’s one of the H i s a b i l i t y to b e a t
best I’ve met. guards and
centers with his
It’s not how you first three steps
thought this w i l l ke e p h i m
analysis of McCoy around the league for
would go, I’m sure of that, a good long time.
but when you talk about him, you Furthermore, he’s the ultimate
have to consider the full package. te a m p l a y e r. O f te n t i m e s a t
And, his character certainly defines Oklahoma, I saw him take two guys
him . out of a play, so a DE could loop
The Skinny on McCoy inside and get a free shot at a sack.
Oklahoma But, one-on-one, he’s so tough to
DT get hands on and if you do, he’s
6’3” 298 lb. Projection: Top 5 got the stack-and-shed ability to
Oklahoma City, OK free himself. I think his pass rush
needs a little work; he’s not quite
’09 Lombardi Award Finalist there. Trust me, he’ll get there.
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
Who’ll Be Next?

2010 ???
2009: Ndamukong Suh 1999: Corey Moore 1989: Percy Snow 1979: Brad Budde
2008: Brian Orakpo 1998: Dat Nguyen 1988: Tracy Rocker 1978: Bruce Clark
2007: Glenn Dorsey 1997: Grant Wistrom 1987: Chris Spielman 1977: Ross Browner
2006: Lamarr Woodley 1996: Orlando Pace 1986: Cornelius Bennett 1976: Wilson Whitley
2005: A.J. Hawk 1995: Orlando Pace 1985: Tony Casillas 1975: Lee Roy Selmon
2004: David Pollack 1994: Warren Sapp 1984: Tony Degrate 1974: Randy White
2003: Tommie Harris 1993: Aaron Taylor 1983: Dean Steinkuhler 1973: John Hicks
2002: Terrell Suggs 1992: Marvin Jones 1982: Dave Rimington 1972: Rich Glover
2001: Julius Peppers 1991: Steve Emtman 1981: Kenneth Sims 1971: Walt Patulski
2000: Jamal Reynolds 1990: Chris Zorich 1980: Hugh Green 1970: Jim Stillwagon

Coming Soon...December 2010

le s
2 i v0 1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
e Ta
c k
en s
De f Projection: 1st Projection: 1st/2nd
Dan Williams Brian Price
6’2” 329 lb. 6’2” 303 lb.
27 bench reps @ combine 34 bench reps @ combine
Williams has a butt that blocks out the sun. Relentless is the first word that comes to my
Okay, so what does that mean? Well, pants are m i n d w h e n t h i n k i n g a b o u t Pr i c e .
hard to find, but it also means, he’s strong as an Unfortunately for some teams, “small” comes to
ox and often wins leverage battles at the LOS. mind. I’m not sure that 300+ pounders should
But, Williams is surprisingly quick in small ever be considered “small”, but it sort of boxes
spaces and very rarely gets “zoned” off by zone Price into being a 4-3 “3 tech”. Regardless, he’s
blocking OL. He rarely is knocked off the ball a strong one gap option, a guy who penetrates
well and isn’t just a guy who ties up blockers at
and, for an interior tackle, he actually pursues the point of attack. He uses his hands
to the ball very well. I won’t put sideline-to- exceptionally well and has a quick first step.
sideline on him, but Williams can make some But, as I mentioned above, he never stops his
plays. He’ll be a major factor as a 3-4 nose or a pursuit. One worry...he didn’t have the best pro
4-3 “shade” nose day and that could cost him a little $ in the end.
Projection: 3rd Projection: 1st/2nd
Cam Thomas Terrence Cody
6’4” 331 lb. 6’4” 349 lb.
34 3/4” arm length RotaryLombardiAwardFinalist

Thomas has been rising steadily since his Cody is an interesting prospect. I love him in
performance at the Senior Bowl. What I hate, the Ted Washington/Sam Adams role over the
though, are guys who make an impression at the nose in a 3-4. Love it. Don’t care about his
Senior Bowl but are average during the season. weight, but what he’s done since the Senior
One week doth not make a draft prospect, but Bowl is pretty impressive. He’s down 21 pounds
you can get snowed by a good Senior Bowl since the Senior Bowl, showing that this does
week. He’s stout and can play over the nose, mean something to him. He does want that day
in Hef ’s mansion (I’ll tell you some other time).
similar to Terrence Cody and others. Perhaps, If the loss of weight can help get him on the
he’s better value later in the draft than Cody or field for more than 25 plays per game, then he’s
others over the nose. He might be a better as important for some 3-4 team than any other
athlete, in general, than Cody, but he gets a player. He’s not a pass rush demon, but he
little sloppy at times. dominates against the run.

Projection: 4th
Arthur Jones
6’3” 302 lb. O t h e r D e f e n s i v e Ta c k l e s t o Wa t c h
35 1/4” arm length
Two words. Knee. Surgery. Jones’s injured Torell Troup, UCF - Projection: 4th
knee cost him the last three games of his 2009
season and there’s a major concern whether the Kade Weston, Georgia - Projection: 4th/5th
torn ACL will cost him $$ in the long run.
Before the injury, he was exceptionally athletic, Linval Joseph, East Carolina - Projection: 4th
even to the point where he might project to a
3-4 defensive end. That versatility makes him D’Anthony Smith, La. Tech - Projection: 4th/5th
an intriguing/interesting project and if a team
can get him on board late in the fourth, they Al Woods, LSU - Projection: 6th
can get him in the building, if you will, and
figure it out. I like his quickness, but what’s it Ekom Udofia, Stanford - Projection: 6th/7th
like after the knee surgery? Great question.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0/ 3-41DE 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Jare d Odr ick
Penn State defensive linemen have The Skinny on Odrick
been hit or miss in the past. For Penn State
every Courtney Brown (read: bust)
there has been a, well...a, well...okay, DT/DE
so I can’t think of anyone off 6’5” 304 lb.
the top of my head, but Lebanon, PA
Odrick is ready to break
the mold. ’09 Big Ten Defensive POY

T h e 2 0 0 9 B i g Te n Great with
Defensive Player of leverage and good
the Year is one heck with his hands,
of an intriguing Odrick is ultra-
prospect. Quick difficult to move in the
and disruptive, he middle, although he only
was a complete tops the scales at 304 lbs.
and total menace at the Projection: 1st/2nd
Senior Bowl. No interior guys As a 3 tech in a 4-3, Odrick could
could slow him down and he was consistently excel as a one gap penetrating, havoc creating
beating them one-on-one. tackle. I like him actually in either scheme.

Projection: 2nd Projection: 2nd/3rd

Lamarr Houston Geno Atkins
6’3” 305 lb. 6’1” 293 lb.
4.85 40-yd./30 bench reps 34 bench reps
Ask those around the Longhorn program who Perhaps the highest riser on this board, Atkins
the defensive MVP was for the 2009 season had a strong senior season at Georgia (although
and Houston’s name was often the first one no one paid any attention to the
brought up. He’s a former RB turned DE who underachieving Dawgs). But, he whipped much
fit perfectly for Will Muschamp’s defense. He’s ball yhooed guard prospect Mike Iupati
a great option for the Texans, given how much incessantly at the Senior Bowl. Considering the
chaos he can generate inside. He had moments respect for Iupati, Atkins stock soared after the
of brilliance at the Senior Bowl and throughout SB. Iupati, and others, couldn’t get cross face
the season, but he also got moved at the SB. on Atkins and he killed them with his quicks.

Projection: 4th/5th
Earl Mitchell
6’3” 294 lb. O t h e r 4 -3 D T/3 - 4 D E t o Wa t c h
31 bench reps

I always thought more of Mitchell than others CJ Wilson, East Carolina - Projection: 4th/5th
did, but I worry whether he can truly exist
inside at DT in a 4-3. He’s strong and quick Mike Neal, Purdue - Projection: 5th
against college guards, but I don’t think that his
game inside translates to that position at the
next level. Move him outside to 3-4 DE and he Ricardo Mathews, Cincinnati - Projection: 6th
can be a solid run stuffer and potentially
provide a modicum of pass rush heat off the Malcolm Sheppard, Arkansas - Projection: 6th/7th

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
20 DE1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Jason Pierre-Paul
Before the season, if you’d have said a USF The Skinny on Pierre-Paul
Bull defensive end will be garnering first B u t ,
round attention, you’d have locked in h e ’ s USF
George Selvie and not looked back. r a w, DE
let’s 6’5 1/2” 263 lb.
However, throughout the 2009 season, b e
Pierre-Paul showed how much more Deerfield Beach, FL.
explosive off the edge he was, and ’09 Big East First Team DE
is, than Selvie. And, Selvie is
an OLB who was playing honest. He’s got the
defensive end. Pierre-Paul longest way to go of any
i s t h e p r o to t y i c a l 4 - 3 highly ranked pick in
defensive end who gives the first round. He can
offensive tackles absolute r ush the QB, but so
nightmares. could Jarvis Moss out of
Florida. Different
Long armed and quick off players and different
the snap, Pierre-Paul is skill sets, but if “raw”
the most disruptive pass
rusher of any other
Projection: Top 15 doesn’t translate into
production, it spells B-
player at this position. U-S-T.

Projection: Top 15 Projection: 1st/2nd

Derrick Morgan Everson Griffen
6’4” 272 lb. 6’3” 273 lb.
4.72 40-yd. dash 4.6640-yd.dash/32benchreps

I love Morgan’s ability to run in straight lines. Give me a P. Give me an O. Give me a

Okay, that sounds strange in some sense, but he TENTIAL. The word will stay with Griffen
does. Most DE “arc” their rush to the QB, but until he taps into the immense ability that he
has to change games from his DE position.
Morgan, well, doesn’t. He’s so adept at He’s an unbelievable athlete. Okay, then why
whipping a tackle with an arm under move and didn’t he dominate on the field against a bunch
then planting his outside foot and taking a of college kids? And, scene. That’s the major
direct line to the QB for the sack. All in all, question. He showed plenty of burst off the
edge against Notre Dame, but was absent in
he’s a fine player destined to be a first round plenty of other games. I love his ability, but
pick (yes, I know, he’s more than just fine). until it translates into production, I’ll stay away.
Projection: 4th
Brandon Lang
6’4” 266 lb. O t h e r 4 -3 D E t o Wa t c h
32 bench reps

I thought Lang would have a much more Jermaine Cunningham, Florida - Projection: 4th
impressive senior season at Troy, but the
expectations were a bit much, I suppose. Now, Austen Lane, Murray State - Projection: 4th
that doesn’t mean he’s a bust waiting to happen, Daniel Te’o Nesheim, Washington - Projection: 4th
but I think he’s more project than anything
else. He’s not going to be good against the run Greg Hardy, Ole Miss - Projection: 4th/5th
and I worry that he’s more Derrick Harvey Lindsay Witten, U Conn - Projection: 5th
than Jevon Kearse. Let me translate, he’s a true
4th round option in this draft class. Alex Daniels, Cincinnati - Projection: 6th

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 04 DE1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Carlos Dunlap
If all you know about Dunlap is the of the year. The Skinny on Dunlap
fact that he missed the most
important Florida Gator game in T h a t ’s t h e Florida
recent history, well, that’s probably all b a d , DE
that you need to know. and 6’6” 293 lb.
Not really, but there’s isn’t North Charleston, SC
much that Dunlap can say or ’09 SEC First Team DE
do to overcome one of the
worst decisions in Florida it’s real bad, but the guy is a
football history. So, what freak of nature. He could
happened? DUI in the probably move to 4-3
wee hours during the defensive end, but he’s the
week of the SEC prototype 3-4 end. He’s
championship game strong against the run and
against Alabama cost Dunlap o n e has surprising burst off the edge.
game. That one. The one the Gators lost. With plenty more teams jumping
They could really have used a 6’6” 293 on board the 3-4 train, Dunlap
pound stud coming off the edge has opportunity, so if you see
to harass Alabama QB Greg him falling in this draft, you’ll
McElroy, who had his best game Projection: 1st/2nd know why. One bad DUI.

Projection: 2nd/3rd Projection: 2nd/3rd

Corey Wooton Tyson Alualu
6’6” 270 lb. 6’3” 295 lb.
34 3/4” arm length 4.87 40-yd. dash

Wooton had first round stamped on him prior Alualu has drummed up more mixed reviews
to what should’ve been his final game in 2008. than any other defensive end in this class.
But, a knee injury against Missouri in that game Some think he can only play 3 technique in a
sent him back to Northwestern to prove the 4-3. Some think he spent four years at this
injury was behind him. I don’t know that he position, so this is what he’s made to do. I’m
proved that completely, but he’s fluid and somewhere in the middle, I’ve seen him do a
athletic, moving like an outside linebacker. The fabulous job coming off the edge on the pass
only true question is the health and whether rush, but I’ve seen some tackles stone him. The
he’s ready to ratchet it up physically or not. inconsistency, though, forces a draftee to fall.

Projection: 2nd/3rd
Alex Carrington
6’5” 284 lb. O t h e r 3 - 4 D E t o Wa t c h

Carrington isn’t a household name, but he pops Clifton Geathers, South Carolina - Projection: 5th
off the screen when you see him on tape. He’s
quicker off the edge than you’d expect. He’s
built more like a smallish 3 technique, but he
manhandled tackles on the edge in the Senior Lorenzo Washington, Alabama - Projection: 6th
Bowl on his pass rush. He’s reminds me a lot of
Patriot DE Ty Warren and could be the first of
these three to be drafted. Regardless, if a team John Russell, Wake Forest - Projection: 7th
runs a 4-3 defense, it be hard pressed to think
he won’t be successful

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
3 DE/3-4
“Tween Brandon Graham
The season has been over for a couple of t h i s The Skinny on Graham
months and Michigan’s Brandon Graham hasn’t 2 0 1 0 Michigan
set foot on a field since the Senior Bowl.
But, no player has taking as 6’1” 268 lb.
monumental a jump up the draft Detroit, MI
boards as much as the poor man’s
’09 Big Ten First Team DE
Dwight Freeney - Graham.
I’m not sure what people missed
t i on: draft.
back during the season, but the
intensity, the quickness, the passion, o j
Graham can eventually
the ability to beat a tackle on the pass have as much impact in
rush, the productivity. It was all there the 2010 season as any
in September, October and November, player in this draft. He
but as scouts take a longer, and closer look, h a s shown he can ‘win’
they like what they see. w i t h s p e e d o r p o w e r,
quickness or guile. You get the
The other aspect that could really help impression that he loves this game
Graham is his ability to play as a 3-4 OLB and would be lost without it. I wish
or 4-3 defensive end equally well. The there were more Brandon Grahams.
versatility makes him a dangerous factor in
Projection: 1st/2nd Projection: 3rd
Jerry Hughes Ricky Sapp
6’1 1/2” 255 lb. 6’3 2/3” 252 lb.
4.6940-yd.dash/26benchreps 4.70 40-yd. dash
If you wonder whether Hughes will be able to Sapp has athletic ability oozing out of his pores.
transition into a 3-4 OLB, just keep in mind He can’t be ultra-successful playing with his
that he was once an All-State running back in hand on the ground, so it might seem a little
high school. A former running back who out of place to put him in this class. But, at the
turned into one of the nation’s best pass 3-4 OLB position, he can be a three down
rushers. Hughes has burst, others on this list difference maker. Will he be able to transition
would desire, but he’ll have to prove he can play to playing up on every down, ala Joey Porter?
in space and learn to play from an up stance. With his ability to blow by tackles on single
Can he do it? I’d rather bet with him than blocks, he’ll be able to do it, at least on
against him, that’s for sure. throwing downs.

Projection: 3rd
Koa Misi
6’2 1/2” 251 lb. Other “Tweener ” 4-3 DE/3-4 OLB to Watch
4.73 40-yd. dash

Misi can rush the passer. Period. That’s what Jason Worilds, Virginia Tech - Projection: 3rd
he’s going to be brought to (insert name of NFL
town) do. He’s quick off the edge and relentless George Selvie, USF - Projection: 4th/5th
in his pursuit of the quarterback. I’ve got a Cameron Sheffield, Troy - Projection: 5th/6th
feeling that teams are going to turn on the film
over the last few weeks before the draft and like Antonio Coleman, Auburn - Projection: 6th
him more and more. He is the prototype O’Brien Schofield, Wisconsin - Projection: 6th/7th
3-4/4-3 “tweener”, but a finisher. Love his effort
and explosiveness. Should be gone by the 3rd.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
Li neba
Ou t
Sergio Kindle
Before the 2008 season, Texas But,the
d e f e n s i v e c o o r d i n a t o r Wi l l issues??? The Skinny on Kindle
Muschamp determined that Sergio Texas
K i n d l e w a s b e t te r s e r v e d b y
putting his hand on the ground as OLB
a true defensive end. Muschamp 6’4” 250 lb.
had done this before with plenty
of DE/OLB hybrid types at Dallas, TX
Auburn but Kindle was his first 2.5 sacks in 2010 BCS game
type experiment on the 40 Acres.
The move was pretty successful, but Luckily, he seems to be
Muschamp continued to tweak in beyond the off-the-field
2009, using Kindle as a chess 1 problems that could’ve
piece, moving him all over the
place, finding the most disruptive t i on: sent him reeling in this

ec a n d
draft. The ultimate key is
spot on the field. Although the
o j whether he’s truly ready
numbers didn’t bear that out,
Kindle was perhaps more havoc- Pr handle the mature enough to
rigors, pressure and
inducing in 2009 in that role, a role m o n e y inherent within the
that suits him best for the move to NFL. If the sixth round baggage
the next level. He has the stays in Austin, some team is
burst of an NFL pass rusher. getting a whale of a football player.
Projection: 1st/2nd Projection: 1st/2nd
Sean Weatherspoon Daryl Washington
6’1” 239 lb. 6’2” 230 lb.
4.68 40-yd. dash 4.66 40-yd. dash

‘Spoon had a brilliant 2008 season, from a stats Washington is thought to be more of an athlete
perspective, but fell off a bit in 2009. With a who plays linebacker than a true football player
bit less protection and assistance, who’s athletic. But, he showed me throughout
Weatherspoon had more trash at his feet and the last half of 2009 that he’s starting to make
struggled a bit due to it. However, his ability to that turn. He showed a quick burst to the
football and rapid decision making skills - he
close on ball carriers is top-notch and he’s a was reading plays much better in 2009 than in
thumper who’ll have an immediate impact for a previous years. Washington has a long term
defense in 2010. future with an NFL team.

Projection: 4th Projection: 2nd/3rd

Dekoda Watson Navorro Bowman
6’1” 240 lb. 6’1 1/2” 231 lb.
4.56 40-yd. dash 4.58 40-yd. dash

He’s a Florida State linebacker so that would Bowman seems to be falling fast in this draft
guarantee success right? Right?!? Not so much and it’s a little baffling to me, in one sense, but
in Watson’s case. He’s athletic as all get out, not in the other. His baggage isn’t light, if you
but he seems to lack the instincts to succeed catch my drift, but he can play. He’s a little stiff
playing in space at the next level. He’s a solid in the hips and reminds a little of former Va.
tackler and can run sideline to sideline, but left Tech OLB Xavier Adibi. But, Bowman is a
out in space, he appears to be lost and out of better overall playmaker than Adibi and
synch. But, he’s a whale of an athlete and that’ll deciphers plays much better than Adibi ever
have some teams drooling. did.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
Li neba
s ide
Out Projection: 3rd Projection: 3rd
Eric Nor wood Thaddeus Gibson
6’1” 246 lb. 6’2 1/2” 245 lb.
4.70 40-yd. dash 4.75 40-yd. dash
I honestly thought Norwood would have a ton Long and rangy with a boat ton of athletic
of “draft value” due to the fact that he’s played ability, Gibson is sort of a man without a true
both outside linebacker and defensive end. position. He seems out of place playing in
He’s attractive as both, because he’s rushed the space as a true OLB, but he’s way too tiny to be
quarterback and he’s also dropped adequately in
coverage. But, his overall athleticism is in a 4-3 defensive end. A transition to true outside
question after average outings at Senior Bowl linebacker, either in a 3-4 or 4-3, is going to take
and the Combine. However, he has a versatility him a good while. He’ll contribute on nickel in
skill set others here would kill to have. pass rush situations and on teams, but that’s it
early in his career.

Projection: 4h/5th Projection: 5th

Roddrick Muckelroy Kion Wilson
6’1 1/2” 246 lb. 6’ 239 lb.
4.77 40-yd. dash 4.84 40-yd. dash
I want to believe the hype; I truly do. I want to A fire hydrant, spark plug who will blow ball
buy into the fact that Muckelroy is different carriers up when he arrives. Wilson isn’t a guy
and can be a major factor at the next level. He people know all that well, but he’s an impressive
could be, but it’s going to take a good while. athlete who can do round off back handsprings
He’s not ready at this point to be successful. like a teenage gymnast. Wilson doesn’t have a
ton of speed and that could push him back
He’s not a physically dominant run stuffer, nor inside. But, I believe he could play in space,
is he a pass rusher extraordinaire. He’s decent but may only be able to do so where he can
at both, but not to a point where a team is blitz and come off the edge in a Philadelphia
dying to get him early in this draft. Eagles-like scheme.

Projection: 5th/6th
Stevenson Sylvester
6’2” 231 lb. Other Outside Linebackers to Watch
4.74 40-yd. dash

I have had a serious man crush, linebacker style, Perry Riley, LSU - Projection: 3rd/4th
on Sylvester for a while. I love his ability to run AJ Edds, Iowa - Projection: 3rd/4th
through ball carriers. Dude can absolutely blast Rennie Curran, Georgia - Projection: 4th/5th
people, and although he’s not the best in pass
coverage, he’s the best option to stay with a TE/ Kavell Conner, Clemson - Projection: 5th/6th
H Back hybrid of any one on this list. He didn’t Simoni Lawrence, Minnesota - Projection: 6th
run well at the combine and that 4.74 is sitting Rico McCoy, Tennessee - Projection: 7th
there staring teams in the face. But, he plays Keaton Kristick, Oregon St - Projection: 7th
that fast all the time. Others don’t - great value.
2010 NFL Draf t Report
e b ack e
Rolando McClain
During the months of Januar y,
February and March, any scout, draft The Skinny on McClain
guru or GM can find problems Alabama
with just about anyone, at any
time. I’m sure a scout would see ILB
Moses part the Red Sea and 6’3” 258 lb.
wonder aloud whether he could
do that at the next level. Decatur, AL
’09 Butkus Award Winner
My point is that a number of people
are shooting a ton of holes in
A l a b a m a l i n e b a c ke r Ro l a n d o and a solid football IQ.
McClain. Oh, he doesn’t thump
1st Check and check.
when he tackles. He’s more of a hit-
and-drag type of guy. He didn’t give
t i McClain is a smart
great effort at the end of the season
o j ec football player who’ll
(although he had a horrible hamstring
injury). Yet, the captain and the Pr t a ke co n t r o l o f a
defense ver y soon
leader of the national champion after arriving in his
Crimson Tide? Yes sir, this guy. NFL city. He can be
a factor on all three
Ask scouts what they want to see downs and will
in a prospect - love of the game impact winning.
Projection: 2nd Projection: 3rd
Sean Lee Donald Butler
6’2” 236 lb. 6’1” 245 lb.
4.76 40-yd. dash 35 bench reps
There are so many questions for ILB in this Not many people have had a chance to see
draft. McClain isn’t a hitter, Spikes is slow. Butler play at Washington, which isn’t unusual
Lee? How about a major knee injury that killed given the fact that Washington hasn’t won many
his 2008 season? That’s a question, I’d suppose. games in the past. But, had they watched him,
At the combine, Lee showed that the knee they would’ve seen perhaps the best athlete of
wasn’t a hindrance, but his production was way the bunch. In fact, Butler could stay inside or
down this season. That worries me a bit. But, move outside, given the fact that he has that
he should be a solid 2 down player early and a ability to play well in space. He’ll strike ball
complete player in a few years. carriers and can make plays in coverage.

Projection: 3rd/4th Projection: 4th

Brandon Spikes Phillip Dillard
6’2 7/8” 249 lb. 6’ 1/4” 245 lb.
3-time All-American 4.72 40-yd. dash

Had Spikes come out last year, he may have Dillard is a heck of a physical specimen. I
gone a lot higher than he will this year. But, really like him on first and second down. He’s
then again, teams would’ve seen the BCS game been protected exceptionally well the past two
against OU and fallen out of love with him. years with Big Suh in front of him, but he’s
That game showed me how much he struggled physical. He seeks out contact and can run to
getting off of blocks and making plays. At the the ball. He won’t affect the game on 3rd down,
Combine and his Pro Day, he ran horribly, due
to a leg injury, which has scouts running away. but he’s enough of a poor man’s Jeremiah
However, he’s a three down player who can stay Trotter to be attractive for the two downs he
on the field and be effective throughout a series. will play. Decent later round value.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
e b ack e
ns ide
I Projection: 3rd/4th Projection: 4th
Jamar Chaney Pat Angerer
6’ 3/4” 242 lb. 6’ 1/4” 235 lb.
4.54 40-yd. dash 4.70 40-yd. dash
Chaney is solid later round value, as well. He Perhaps the best tackler of all the middle
reads plays well and deciphers what an offense linebackers, Angerer needs to be given he’s the
is doing. Plus, he’ll lay wood in the middle. I smallest of the middle backers. Now, he must
would be intrigued with his speed whether he stay inside, as he’s a true middle linebacker in
could adapt to playing outside at the next level. an outside backer’s body. But, he reads
From what I’ve seen from him at MSU, I think exceptionally well and can be a tremendous B
he could do it. But, he’s a good tackler who has gap to B gap player. He was magnificent against
the Georgia Tech option game and has built on
a chance to start soon. that momentum this offseason.

Projection: 6th Projection: 6th

Mike McLaughlin Nathan Triplett
6’ 1/4” 242 lb. 6’3” 250 lb.
4.83 40-yd. dash 4.74 40-yd. dash

McLaughlin is the prototypical 2 down player. One of the more intriguing prospects at this
Wow, he can thump, too. I love how physical position, especially in later rounds. Triplett is a
he is, but he’s got to improve not getting too physical beast. He’ll hit you and you’ll feel it.
aggressive and running himself out of plays. He’s faster than former Minnesota teammate
He’s doesn’t fly to the ball, but he finds it and Lee Campbell and he can handle the chaos
will make the tackle when he gets there. He’s between the B gaps better than Campbell can.
been overshadowed by OLB Mark Herzlich and I don’t see him staying outside - he should
Luke Kuechly...and maybe there’s a reason for transition inside. He can put his face mask on
that, but he’s solid value in later rounds.
you and there’s value in that alone.

Other Inside Linebackers to Watch

Lee Campbell, Minnesota - Projection: 7th

Clinton Snyder, Stanford - Projection: 7th

2 0fe t i1
es 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Eric Berry
Safeties aren’t valued in the way left tackles, h e ’s a The Skinny on Berry
quarterbacks or pass rushers are. Well, m u c h
that is, unless the safety has a better Tennessee
complete package of instincts, overall FS
tackling ability, cover skills and
playmaking abilities.
5’11” 208 lb.
Atlanta, GA
Enter Eric Berry.
p 10 ’09 Jim Thorpe Award Winner
For the past three
o n :
player than
years, Berry has
j e Taylor. And,
turned the SEC I loved Taylor.
into his N o t athlete, but
playmaking playground, player. How important was Berry? Opposing
racking up big plays like their Skittles. teams HAD to know where Berry was on the field
Quite frankly, the NFL has not had a at all times.
safety prospect in its midst since the l a t e
Sean Taylor entered the NFL in 2004. He reads the ball in the middle of the field as well as
anyone and he can fill in the alley on inside runs
B e r r y i s n’t q u i te t h e p h y s i c a l with equal aplomb. But, he’s not huge, so can he
s p e c i m e n Ta y l o r w a s , b u t h e h a s a b e t te r last for 16 games? I think so.
understanding of his role in the entire defense and

Projection: 1st Projection: 2nd

Earl Thomas Nate Allen
5’10 1/4” 208 lb. 6’ 1/2” 207 lb.
4.49 40-yd. dash 16 bench reps
When Thomas arrived at the NFL Scouting Allen isn’t going to be a high first round
Combine, he weighed in at 208 pounds, which selection in this draft, but he might be a perfect
was the tipping point for the Longhorn safety. blend for teams at the back end of the first
And, in a good way. He has a cerebral game round or into the second round to snatch. He’s
that he complements with playmaking skills in physical and fluid, but not as athletic as Berry
the middle of the field and physicality. His or Thomas. He has the ability to float in the
tackling leaves a bit to be questioned at times, middle of the field and make tackles in the alley.
especially when he’s fatigued, but he’ll impact He’s a consistent player who will find a home in
winning in a hurry. the 28 - 38 range in the late 1st/2nd round.

Projection: 1st Projection: 2nd/3rd

Taylor Mays Chad Jones
6’3 1/8” 230 lb. 6’2 1/8 221 lb.
4.43 40-yd. dash 4.56 40-yd. dash

Mays has become a polarizing figure in this Better prospect - 92 mph lefty or physical
draft. The offspring of a former NFL player, specimen safety? I’ll take the safety, play-
Mays seemingly has had NFL written all over making safety at that, Chad Jones. The thing
him from birth. His size is impressive and his about Jones is that he does a little bit of
straight line speed is just as much so for a large everything, but he’s not as dynamic doing it as
man, not to mention safety. But, he doesn’t the safeties ranked above him. He can float the
read exceptionally well and is more of a hitter, middle and then knock you out. But, he can be
than a tackler. Now, he’s one heck of a hitter, out of position and lost in coverage at times.
but has to be more consistent tackling to make Regardless, a team will get a starter in the 2nd
a significant impact immediately. round for sure with Jones.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0fe t i1
es 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Projection: 2nd Projection: 3rd
Morgan Burnett T.J Ward
6’1 3/8” 209 lb. 5’10 1/2” 211 lb.
16 bench reps @ combine 4.55 40-yd. dash
During the 2008 season, I thought Burnett was Hit-ter. There isn’t a more impressive, pound
in the same class as Berry, Thomas and Mays. for pound, physical hitter in this draft than
After the 2009 season, I had to rethink that Ward. He will crush you, but what separates
proposition. Burnett didn’t run well during the Ward from other safeties that are known for
season - he seemed to be trailing in coverage laying lumber is that he’s a good tackler as well.
I’m convinced that had he not gotten hurt
often and didn’t make near as many plays in against Boise State in the opener, a lot more
2009 as he did in 2008. But, that being said, people would’ve been aware of him during the
he’s probably the closest thing to an all-around season. He’s not a level three safety and will
safety, a sort of second tier guy after Berry and have to do much of his damage near the box.
Thomas. He can play at each level on the field, But, for a team that needs an enforcer from
but is best playing center field. that position, he’s the guy.
Projection: 3rd Projection: 3rd
Major Wright Reshad Jones
5’11” 206 lb. 6’1” 214 lb.
4.48 40-yd. dash 4.54 40-yd. dash

Okay, what did I say about Ward? Maybe I was Jones is a ruthless hitter, that much I know. He
just kidding about him being the best hitter quietly put up a solid season for the Bulldogs,
because Wright wants a claim to that title as racking up 76 tackles and five picks. He’s a
well. I’ll still roll with Ward, but Wright is a physical presence and might be the right blend
major league striker. The difference in the two of Burnett and Wright in the third round that
is that Wright is more adept playing in the
middle of the field and filling in the alley from a teams will be extremely happy about. He’s
free safety position. He has decent range and smooth and fluid and has great hip turn, a great
runs well. The question for Wright is just the combination to have at his position. He’ll fill in
fact that he’s fearless and is just over 200 lbs. the alley and bring some attitude with him
He’s a good tackler, but had moments of when he determines its time to come make
missing tackles he should’ve made in the past. some tackles.

Projection: 5th
Darian Stewart
5’11” 213 lb. O t h e r S a f e t i e s t o Wa t c h
4.51 40-yd. dash
Although he’s not been a guy on many people’s Larry Asante, Nebraska - Projection: 4th
radar screens throughout the season, he’s solid
at just about everything. He’s not spectacular Kam Chancellor, Va. Tech - Projection: 4th
at all and perhaps for that reason, he’s not Darrell Stuckey, Kansas - Projection: 4th
thought of a little more by scouts. But, he
makes plays - he had 56 tackles last year and Myron Rolle, Fla. State - Projection: 4th/5th
racked up 16 tackles for a loss over the last two Robert Johnson, Utah - Projection: 5th
years. That’s a phenomenal number for a safety,
free or strong. He was used in South Carolina’s Cody Grimm, Va. Tech - Projection: 6th
scheme near the line of scrimmage and can Van Eskridge, East Carolina - Projection: 6th
blitz off of the edge as well. I love the later
round value of Stewart Justin Woodall, Alabama - Projection: 7th

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0bac1k s 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Co r n
Jo e H ade n
Most everyone knows that Joe There has The Skinny on Haden
Haden started for the been so much
Florida Gators for the made about Florida
past three years. We all his slow CB
know what kind of combine time 5’11” 195 lb.
player he’s been for and there are
Florida. But, what going to be West Palm Beach, FL
stands out for me, is s c o u t s t h a t ’09 Thorpe Award Finalist
the way that Haden just say no

1s t
has prospered at because of it.
Florida after he was
on : Their loss. Dude can play.
stung by adversity
ec ti
very early in his
r o j Put on a Florida game film and find a time
true freshman
year. P when he’s not around the ball. You can’t.
Whether it’s in zone or man, he has an innate
ability to know where to be, when to break and
Hi s g i r l f r i e n d and a close how to make a play on the ball. He doesn’t
teammate were killed in a have tremendous recovery speed, but he’s rarely
motorcycle accident before out of position, so it won’t be a huge negative.
the 2007 season started. Not only He’ll come up and strike you and can play
did Ha d e n bounce back from press/cover 2 equally well, although he’s better
that tragedy, he flourished. in zone. I don’t see him falling as far as some
think, but if he does, he’s great value.

Ky l e Wi l s o n
Before the season, I thought that Wilson would a guy who comes up and puts hats
make a significant mark for the Boise State o n ball carriers. But, what he
Broncos, as I put him on my pre-season All- proved at the Senior Bowl
America team at corner opposite Joe Haden. I was that he could stay with
didn’t do it out of pity or that I thought he was receivers in man
a nice little story - I thought the guy could play. coverage. In fact,
In fact, I looked at him like a mini-Dunta he ate them alive
Robinson. Now, some people, read SEC fans,
weren’t ready to handle the truth that a corner in man
from Boise State could be an All-American CB coverage.
and a top 20 draft pick. But, when Wilson
traveled to the south for the Senior Bowl That
and showed them up close and personal, dual
they believed as well.
The Skinny on Wilson Hi s g a m e i s
t i on:
Boise State reminiscent of
r o je c
circa 2004.
5’10” 200 lb. Physical with
Piscataway, NJ his jams and
has many thinking he can be a top 20 player for
in cover two
2nd team All-American situation, he’s sure in this deep draft.
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0bac1k s 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
ne r
C o r Projection: 1st Projection: 2nd
Devin McCourty Patrick Robinson
5’11” 185 lb. 5’11” 194 lb.
4.48 40-yd. dash 4.42 40-yd. dash
Playing at Rutgers, McCourty doesn’t get the One heck of an athlete, Robinson is exactly
notoriety of guys like Haden, Patrick Robinson what you want from a corner in the NFL. He’s
or Kareem Jackson, but this young man can fast. He’s got tremendous ball skills. He’s
play. He’s physical and he’s ready to put his hat willing to come up and hit. Well, then what’s
on just about anyone that gets in his way. But, the problem? It doesn’t happen all the time. In
he matches cuts pretty well in man coverage. I
love his length - he’s a rangier corner. Although fact, he’s only consistent in that he’s horribly
he’s only 5’11”, he has the ability to use that inconsistent. Throughout the season, he’d
length to disrupt receivers and eat up the make a brilliant play, followed by a questionable
distance between he and the receivers is fairly play. With his skill set, he should be shutting
impressive. He can play both man and zone down one half of the field and that didn’t
and should be a major factor on special teams. happen when he was at Florida State.
Projection: 1st/2nd Projection: 3rd
Kareem Jackson Amari Spievey
5’11” 192 lb. 5’11” 195 lb.
4.48 40-yd. dash 4.47 40-yd. dash
When asked what makes Jackson a potential 1st It’s easy to pigeonhole Spievey into the “well,
rounder, it’s tough to come up with an answer. he’s a zone corner” because that’s nearly all he
What does he do well? Well, he doesn’t do played at Iowa. But, he’s the type of athlete
anything poorly. He competes like a beast in who could transition into playing more man
man coverage. He’ll be extremely physical with coverage or man/zone mix. His technique
receivers with his press coverage. He tackles
well enough to succeed on the perimeter. He’s needs a little work, given the fact that he only
faced the best competition possible in college played two years of D1A football after coming
football, playing in the SEC. That all being from junior college. He has long arms and gets
said, he’s just a solid football player who you his hands on receivers well at the line of
trust out on the edge. He’ll get beat, they all scrimmage. He’s not a well known corner, but
do, but he’ll compete and make the next play. he’s a “value” 3rd or 4th round option.
Projection: 3rd
Brandon Ghee
6’ 190 lb. O t h e r C o r n e r b a c k s t o Wa t c h
4.45 40-yd. dash
Ghee, a lot like Robinson, is one of the most Chris Cook, Virginia - Projection: 3rd
gifted athletes at this position. He has perhaps
the best combination of size, speed and pure Dominique Franks, OU - Projection: 3rd
athleticism of anyone noted above. But, he
hasn’t been as good over the past couple years Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, IUP - Projection: 3rd
of his career. However, he’s still not as natural Perrish Cox, Ok. State - Projection: 3rd
in pass coverage, zone or man, as you’d want a
first or second round corner to be. He’ll label a Jerome Murphy, USF - Projection: 4th
ball carrier and won’t be afraid one bit to come
up and make a tackle. But, he’ll get paid to shut Donovan Warren, Michigan - Projection: 4th
receivers down and that’ll take some time and
some hard work. Javier Arenas, Alabama - Projection: 4th

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
Thinking Like a Scout
by Lance Zierlein
Short arms and weak core: Bad What is a "value pick"?
Nasty streak and quick feet: Good
Value is one of the first principles that you have to
It is critical to know what NFL teams consider understand about the draft process before you can
important and what they consider less important really understand what is happening on draft day.
when evaluating NFL tackles. For example, don't "Value" is any pick that has the ability to play
get too caught up in how much a tackle bench beyond where he is drafted. For example, if a player
presses at the combine. I'm not saying it isn't is drafted in the 5th round but a team sees him as a
important but NFL people will tell you that good potential NFL starter, then the team would consider
feet are much more important. Strength is a bigger him a good value pick. If a player is drafted 12th but
concern at guard than it is a tackle. If a tackle has a team has him on the top five player on their board
good "core strength" and can hold off bull rushers, then he can be considered a value pick. In a general
then that is all that matters. Functional strength is sense, most value picks take place after the first
more important than bench press numbers and round. Teams typically isolate which positions are
teams can usually see if a tackle has functional the deepest and which are the weakest in each draft
strength by watching the tackle game film at a and that gives them an idea of which positions they
postseason game like the Shrine Bowl or Senior will have to look for early and which ones they can
Bowl or in individual workouts. If a player can't hold wait on until later in the draft. Positions that offer
off a bull-rusher then he has a problem. Of greater up some of the best "value" on a yearly basis include
importance are a tackle's feet. Strength can be wide receiver, safety, linebacker and guard.
improved, but a tackle will either have NFL caliber
foot quickness or he won't. Quick feet allow a tackle Wide Receivers are a dime a dozen
to handle edge rushers and that includes not only
speed off the edge but also an ability to handle spin This phrase may seem a little harsh, but many
moves and other moves back inside. Robert Gallery scouts and coaches in the NFL believe that too
had good feet too, but he never readjusted to inside much of a big deal is made out of wide receivers in
moves...and it added up to a #2 pick BUST. the first round of the draft. It is nice to have the
next Jerry Rice, but statistics show that finding a
NFL scouts and coaches concern themselves a great great wide receiver in the first round is very difficult
deal with short armed tackles. If you've ever to do.
watched a boxing match where one fighter has a
substantial reach advantage over another fighter, Another thing to keep in mind is that teams don't
you understand how devastating that can be. have to have a top 10 draft pick at WR for the
Defensive line play is all about getting your hands passing game to work. The passing game can only
on your opponent before he gets his hands on you work if the QB is able to get the ball to the WR. A
and if a tackle has short arms then a DE will be able good QB like Peyton Manning or Drew Brees can
to get his hands on the tackle first which can help make average WRs look more than capable. If WRs
the DE get the leverage he needs to turn the corner don't have QBs who can get them the ball, then they
in pass rushing situations. Coaches also love nasty become window dressing for an offense.
streaks. In fact, I think coaches put a greater
emphasis on nasty streaks for tackles (and all Because 40 times and size have become so
offensive linemen) then scouts do. Too often you scrutinized over the years, many good WRs who are
hear of tackles who don't "finish" their blocks, but deficient in one of those areas will fall in the draft.
tackles with a nasty streak will not only finish a The good scouts, coaches and GMs understand this
block, they'll bury their beaten opponent into the and will try and isolate a few good WRs outside of
turn and keep them there. the first round who they see as tough or quick (helps
neutralize size issue) or who play faster during the
Nasty streaks are also necessary because it functions game than their 40 times would indicate (neutralizes
to a small degree as somewhat of an equalizer for speed issue) and they draft these WRs under the
tackles who are limited physically. assumption that they will be good "value" picks.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
Th i n k i n g L i k e a S c o u t (C o n t ’d )
Man-to-man CBs vs. the dreaded football, he is likely to have great work ethic as well
"cover 2" CBs a n d t h a t c a n h e l p m a ke u p f o r t h e o t h e r
The worst thing that an agent can hear is that his
The phrase "highly competitive nature" has been
CB client is considered a "cover 2" CB. For most
mentioned frequently by football and basketball
CBs that means that they aren't very fast and what
people I speak with. Players who are highly
that means to the agent is that his client is going to
competitive will always have an advantage over
go lower than he wants. Cover 2 CBs aren't asked to
other players. That's just common sense, but certain
be man-to-man lockdown CBs. They typically lack
teams make a player's "highly competitive nature" a
speed but are decent in zone coverage and have
priority. A high football IQ is also something that is
good instincts and need to be decent tacklers since
preferable... especially for certain positions. Players
they play closer to the line of scrimmage than a
who can pick things up quickly make a coach's job
man-to-man CB will. A pure cover corner needs to
much easier and guys who have a high football IQ
have good speed and teams also look for how
can turn into coaches out on the field as well. Over
quickly the player locates the ball when it is in the
the past few decades, there have been a ton of
air. There are CBs with great measurables who have
players with a low Wonderlic score but a relatively
a hard time finding the ball when it is in the air
high football IQ.
while there are smaller CB who are good at locating
the ball and making plays on it.
Middle Linebacker/Linebacker
First round CBs need to be 5'10 at a minimum, need
to have good speed, need to be able to play man to The MLB position is a position that has dropped
man and need to have a solid vertical leap (prevent significantly in terms of first round priority over the
jump balls near redzone). With teams blitzing so past decade. Why? Well more and more teams have
much these days, having a CB who is able to play gone to three WR sets and not just on third downs
man without help from a safety becomes invaluable which means more MLBs are asked to do more in
to a defense which is why a good CB gets top coverage. In the past, many MLBs were run-stuffers
priority. Back in 2004, Denver was willing to trade but were somewhat limited in pass coverage. Now,
Clinton Portis, who had two tremendous seasons in teams are just taking their weakest pass coverage LB
their system, straight up for CB Champ Bailey. That out (sometimes MLB) and going nickel when the
said everything. Cover corners are looked at within offensive personnel dictates it. So now teams have
the first two rounds while cover 2 CBs aren't usually to determine whether a LB is "2 down" (meaning he
looked at until the 3rd round at the earliest. Some comes out on 3rd downs) or a "3 down" (meaning he
CBs are considered “cover 2 corners” because of is good in pass coverage). With LBs playing less of a
poor 40 times and in turn could possibly fall in the role in pass coverage and with the league going to
draft. more pass-oriented offenses, the value of LBs in the
first two rounds, in general, has gone down
Good evaluators want "high NFL
character" The importance of the second day
"High NFL character" is a cross between a high If there is one thing that will separate an average
football IQ, extreme competitiveness and an overall NFL scout from a good NFL scout it will be his
love for football. There are way too many players ability to isolate talent that is available on the
out there who use football and its hefty paycheck as second day of the draft. One of the things that has
a means to an end. In other words, they wouldn't be amazed me while speaking with NFL talent
playing football if the paychecks weren't as high as evaluators is how excited they get about guys in the
they are. Finding players who love to play football is 4th and 5th rounds. Teams will have differences of
what all evaluators strive for in a perfect world and opinion on how to slot players within their top 100,
many times it is what separates the great middle but there isn't a wild deviation from one team's
round selections from the bad middle round picks. board to the next in terms of the top 80 to 90
Sure some guys may fall in the draft thanks to their players. The deviation comes on the second day of
size or speed (as we talked about), but if a guy loves

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
Th i n k i n g L i k e a S c o u t (C o n t ’d )
the draft which is one of the reasons scouts and Different strokes for different folks
position coaches will get excited about players they
view as potential starters who will be drafted in the When you are going to try and come up with a
4th, 5th or sometimes 6th round. They love finding mock draft the first thing you have to do is rank all
hints while watching film about a player they think of the players within their position. From there, the
might be a steal. next thing you need to do is put together a "big
board" where you rank all of the players against each
Second day draft picks who become solid to good other since this is what NFL teams do. Now here
starters in the NFL is what can separate a team comes the difference between our "big board" and
from being a playoff team and not being a playoff an NFL team's. When we, as fans do it, we are
team since many teams fail to get good value out of ranking several players at each and every position
those picks. It also can help a team's cap situation and then taking those rankings and transposing it to
since second day picks are more cap friendly unless our own big board. NFL teams will do a couple of
a team gives the player a new deal early on. things differently. First of all, they find out during
the college season which guys are fits with their
The difference between guards systems and which guys aren't and they will start
crossing some guys off the list by as early as their
Let's talk about the difference between two junior season. Once a team knocks out guys they
different types of guards that are out there. We hear know won't fit with them, they will rank players at
a lot of talk about zone blocking, but many teams each position based upon talent and overall fit into
have elements in their offense. However, teams that their system. Once they get their positions ratings
use it primarily need to have the right personnel up tweaked, they will move those ratings over to their
front. The key for a zone guard is foot quickness and own big board, but some teams will readjust their
technique. These guards aren't asked to fire off on big boards with players at certain need positions
guys and push them around. Instead, they are asked getting a priority ranking over players at a position
to move their feet quickly and beat players to a spot that is already strong.
while using leverage and technique. Foot quickness
is also important because many times they have to RBs need to do more than run
chip on a defensive lineman and then get to the next
level and put a helmet on a LB or even cut block a Most fans only pay attention to what they see of
LB. The traditional guards are known as "in-line running backs when the ball is in their hands but
blockers". They need to be stronger in order to NFL scouts pay attention too much more than that.
battle heads-up on DTs but their foot quickness As one scout told me, "the days of just toting the
isn't always as important as their overall strength. ball is over for most running backs." Teams are
looking more and more at how good a running
Teams who prefer to run between the tackles back's hands are so he can be involved in the passing
typically like having these kinds of guards. However, game. Furthermore, they want to make sure that
when you can get a guard like Alan Faneca in New they are at least competent is pass protection as well
York or former Chief Will Shields, who have so they won't get their QB killed. It is getting tough
strength and good feet, then you can mix it up with and tougher for offenses to excel if they are too
smash mouth football between the tackles while predictable so teams want to be able to throw it on
also pulling your guards on counters and power any down, not just 3rd down.
Having a RB who can catch passes and protect the
Guards don't get top 25 grades most of the time, but QB means that an offense doesn't have as many
a good guard is coveted by the late first round all the limitations. And here is another bonus bit of info on
way to the late third. Guards who are very good fits how to judge RBs. Teams are always looking for
in a zone scheme can typically be found in the backs who have "wiggle" (and ability to make people
middle rounds and beyond because good feet are miss) and who can get yards after contact. In other
one of their strengths while overall strength isn't. words, teams want backs to be able to get more than
In-line blockers are generally drafted a little earlier just what the OL can get for them. If you are
while guards who can do it both sneak into the first deficient in one aspect, you need to be strong in the
round. other.
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 k0Draf1t 5.00 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
1 QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma 17 CB/FS Earl Thomas, Texas

2 DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska 18 C/G Maurkice Pouncey, Fla.

3 DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma 19 CB Joe Haden, Florida

4 LT Russell Okung, Ok. State 20 CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State

5 LT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa 21 ILB Rolando McClain, Alabama

6 OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma 22 WR Dez Bryant, Ok. State

7 FS Eric Berry, Tennessee 23 DE/OLB Jerry Hughes, TCU

8 DE Jason Pierre-Paul, USF 24 FS Taylor Mays, USC

9 QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame 25 CB Kareem Jackson, Alabama

10 RB/KR C.J Spiller, Clemson 26 WR Demaryius Thomas, Ga. Tech

11 G/T Mike Iupati, Idaho 27 OT Rodger Saffold, Indiana

12 DE Derrick Morgan, Ga. Tech 28 RB Ryan Mathews, Fresno St.

13 LT Anthony Davis, Rutgers 29 DT/DE Jared Odrick, Penn St.

14 DE Brandon Graham, Michigan 30 CB Devin McCourty, Rutgers

15 NT Dan Williams, Tennessee 31 LB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri

16 LB Sergio Kindle, Texas 32 DE Everson Griffen, USC

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
3 0 Ye a r A l l -T i m e D r a f t
The Gre at The four spot is a t wo man battle bet ween
Pos. Player Team School Year HOFer Derrick Thomas and longtime LT Ogden.
1 John Elway Baltimore Colts Stanford 1983 The UCLA grad will be a Hall of Famer, so I take
2 Lawrence Taylor New York Giants UNC 1981 that out of consideration. I don’t know that
3 Anthony Munoz Cincinnati Bengals USC 1980 there’s a definitive winner, but I think Ogden is
4 Jonathan Ogden Baltimore Ravens UCLA 1996
5 LaDainian Tomlinson San Diego Chargers TCU 2001
the right fit for “value” at this spot.
6 Tim Brown Oakland Raiders Notre Dame 1988 Peterson fell to the Vikes at #7 in the 2007
7 Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings Oklahoma 2007 draf t so it was somewhat a no-brainer,
8 Ronnie Lott San Francisco 49ers USC 1981 considering the Troy Williamson draft of t wo
9 Bruce Matthews Houston Oilers USC 1983 years prior. Either way, Champ Bailey and
10 Rod Woodson Pittsburgh Steelers Purdue 1987 Sterling Sharpe were in the three man team
11 Michael Ir vin Dallas Cowboys Miami 1988 picture, but Peterson “projects” best at #7
12 Warren Sapp Tampa Bay Bucs Miami 1995
13 Tony Gonzalez Kansas City Chiefs Cal 1997 Okay, you pick from Marcus Allen, Rod
14 Jim Kelly Buffalo Bills Miami 1983 Woodson and Jerome Bettis at 10. Way too
15 Dennis Smith Denver Broncos USC 1981 tough to do as each of them made a mark for
16 Jerry Rice San Francisco 49ers Miss. Valley St. 1985 multiple teams, but as far as impact and value
17 Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys Florida 1990 in this draft spot, I’m going to go with
18 Art Monk Washington Redskins Syracuse 1981 Woodson, one of the NFL’s 75 best players as
19 Marvin Harrison Indianapolis Colts Syracuse 1996
20 Mark May Washington Redskins Pitt 1981
voted on while he was still playing in 1994.
21 Randy Moss Minnesota Vikings Marshall 1998 Tough spot at #20. No Hall of Famers in the
22 Andre Rison Indianapolis Colts Mich. State 1989 last thirty years have been drafted in this
23 Ty Law New England Patriots Michigan 1995 spot and only a handful of Pro Bowlers (May,
24 Ed Reed Baltimore Ravens Miami 2002 Mike Quick, Will Wolford, Steve At water).
25 Ted Washington San Francisco 49ers Louisville 1991 May is the probably the best option at this
26 Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens Miami 1996 spot...and he has rings, unlike everyone else.
27 Dan Marino Miami Dolphins Pitt 1983
28 Derrick Brooks Tampa Bay Bucs Florida State 1995 The Ravens, under Ozzie Newsome “found” the
29 Chris Spielman Detroit Lions Ohio State 1988 t wo cornerstones of their defense at #24 and
30 Reggie Wayne Indianapolis Colts Miami 2001 #26? Really? Ed Reed and Ray Lewis “fell”
31 Nnamdi Asomugha Oakland Raiders Cal 2003 this far? Where’s Kirby? Yeah, the man who
32 Drew Brees San Diego Chargers Purdue 2001 says “What do you expect at #26?” Well, uh,
T h e Tr a g i c Lewis? That wasn’t bad, huh?
Pos. Player Team School Year Wow, a three man race bet ween former
1 Aundray Bruce Atlanta Falcons Auburn 1988 Nebraska CB Bruce Pickens, Congressman and
2 Ryan Leaf San Diego Chargers Wash. State 1998 former Redskins bust Heath Shuler and Smith.
3 Akili Smith Cincinnati Bengals Oregon 1999 The Bengals had fired on so many bad QBs to
4 Art Schlichter Baltimore Colts Ohio State 1982 that point to replace Boomer Esiason and
5 Curtis Enis Chicago Bears Penn State 1998 Smith was supposed to FINALLY be the one.
6 Lawrence Phillips St. Louis Rams Nebraska 1996 Nope. One year college wonder didn’t pan out.
7 Brian Jozwiak Kansas City Chiefs UVA 1986 This one isn’t really Overstreet’s fault as he
8 Leonard Coleman Indianapolis Colts Vanderbilt 1984 passed tragically in a swimming accident in
9 Reggie Williams Jacksonville Jaguars Washington 2004 1984, three years after he was drafted. But,
10 Mike Williams Detroit Lions USC 2005 he went to the CFL for t wo years after being
11 Anthony Hancock Kansas City Chiefs Tennessee 1982 drafted and spent only one year in the league,
12 Cade McNown Chicago Bears UCLA 1999 dying tragically the following off-season.
13 David Overstreet Miami Dolphins Oklahoma 1981
14 Bernard Williams Philadelphia Eagles Georgia 1994 Smith is the answer to a trivia question. This
15 John Clay Los Angeles Raiders Missouri 1987 pick originally belonged to the Green Bay
16 Pete Koch Cincinnati Bengals Maryland 1984 Packers; they traded the pick to Atlanta for
17 Jarvis Moss Denver Broncos Florida 2007 some guy named Favre. He ended up being
18 Erasmus James Minnesota Vikings Wisconsin 2005 pretty good. Smith? He ran for 329 yards in
19 Tony Smith Atlanta Falcons So. Miss 1992 his rookie year...and that was it. Advantage:
20 David Lewis Detroit Lions Cal 1984 Packers.
21 Clifford Charlton Cleveland Browns Florida 1988 When Gregory arrived in Denver, head coach
22 Alonzo Spellman Chicago Bears Ohio State 1992 Dan Reeves remarked that he was taller than
23 Curt Marsh Oakland Raiders Washington 1981 Gregory. Yes, that’s right, the Broncos had
24 Bob Buczkowski Los Angeles Raiders Pitt 1986 never seen Gregory before they drafted him in
25 Terrence Flagler San Francisco 49ers Clemson 1987 the first round. This bust forced the Broncos to
26 Ted Gregory Denver Broncos Syracuse 1988 start bringing in prospects for interviews.
27 Rae Carruth Carolina Panthers Colorado 1997
28 Booker Moore Buffalo Bills Penn State 1981 Car r u th conspire d to kill his pre gn an t
29 John Avery Miami Dolphins Ole Miss 1998 girlfriend after a semi-solid start to his career
30 Sammy Davis San Diego Chargers Texas A&M 2003 in Carolina. That’s enough to put him on the
31 Rashaun Woods San Francisco 49ers Ok. State 2004 Tragic Draft list, huh?
32 Patrick Ramsey Washington Redskins Tulane 2002
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
Draf t Order - AFC
1st (20) 1st (16)
2nd (51) 3rd (77) 1st (31) 1st (10)
3rd (81) 3rd (97) 2nd (63)
3rd (74)
4th (118) 4th (111) 3rd (94)
5th (148) 4th (129) 4th (108)
5th (150)
6th (185) 5th (162)
6th (187) 5th (143)
6th (207) 7th (238)
6th (197)
7th (222) 7th (240) 6th (180)
7th (227) 7th (241) 7th (246) 6th (203)

1st (7) 1st (21) 1st (18) 1st (25)

2nd (38) 2nd (54) 2nd (52)
3rd (71) 3rd (82) 2nd (57)
3rd (84)
3rd (85) 4th (118)
3rd (96) 5th (151)
3rd (92) 5th (156)
4th (120) 5th (155)
5th (134) 5th (164)
5th (146) 4th (131)
5th (166) 5th (157)
5th (160) 5th (152) 6th (188)
6th (177) 6th (191) 7th (225)
6th (186) 7th (242) 6th (194)
7th (228)

1st (8) 1st (11) 1st (28) 1st (5)

2nd (39) 2nd (43) 2nd (40) 2nd (36)
3rd (69) 2nd (50)
2nd (45) 3rd (91)
4th (106) 3rd (68)
3rd (80) 4th (126)
5th (138) 4th (102)
5th (158) 4th (114) 5th (159) 5th (136)
7th (215) 5th (137) 5th (168) 5th (142)
7th (251) 6th (183) 7th (235) 5th (144)

1st (9) 1st (12) 1st (29) 1st (22)

3rd (73) 2nd (44)
2nd (41) 2nd (47)
4th (110) 2nd (61)
3rd (72) 2nd (53)
5th (145) 4th (119)
4th (107) 6th (173) 6th (190)
4th (124)
5th (178) 6th (174) 6th (205)
6th (179) 7th (229)
6th (192) 7th (212) 6th (198) 7th (231)
7th (209) 7th (219) 7th (247)
7th (236) 7th (248)
7th (218) 7th (252) 7th (250)
2010 NFL Draf t Report
Draf t Order - NFC
2nd (48) 1st (32) 1st (19) 1st (3)
3rd (78) 2nd (35)
3rd (83)
2nd (64) 2nd (42)
4th (112) 3rd (98) 3rd (67)
6th (175) 3rd (95) 4th (117) 4th (101)
5th (153)
6th (202) 4th (130) 5th (149) 6th (172)
6th (204) 5th (165) 7th (210)
7th (223) 6th (201) 7th (217)
6th (171) 7th (232)
7th (249) 7th (239) 6th (189) 7th (253)

1st (2) 1st (23) 1st (30) 3rd (75)

2nd (34) 2nd (56) 2nd (62)
3rd (66) 3rd (86) 4th (109)
3rd (93)
4th (100) 4th (122) 4th (128) 5th (141)
7th (213) 5th (154)
5th (161)
7th (214) 5th (169) 6th (181)
7th (220) 6th (199)
6th (193)
7th (255) 7th (230) 7th (237) 7th (218)

1st (1) 1st (13) 1st (26) 1st (6)

2nd (33) 1st (17) 1st (14)
2nd (58)
3rd (65) 2nd (60)
4th (99) 2nd (49) 3rd (88) 4th (104)
5th (132) 3rd (79)
3rd (89) 4th (127)
5th (163) 4th (113)
6th (170) 4th (123) 5th (133)
6th (182) 5th (139)
7th (208)
7th (226) 6th (206) 6th (195) 6th (176)
7th (254) 7th (224) 7th (233) 7th (245)

1st (27) 1st (24) 1st (4) 1st (15)

2nd (37)
2nd (59) 2nd (46)
2nd (55)
3rd (70) 4th (103) 3rd (76)
3rd (90)
3rd (87) 4th (115)
4th (125) 4th (105)
4th (121) 5th (135) 5th (147)
6th (196) 6th (200) 6th (184)
7th (243)
7th (234) 7th (211) 7th (221)
7th (244)
2 0 1t h0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o u
S Projected Offensive Starters
Pos Player
The Texans climbed another rung on
Projected Defensive Starters
Pos Player
the NFL ladder, winning nine games
for the first time in history. In the
QB Matt Schaub hunt for a playoff spot until the DT Amobi Okoye
very last tick was off the clock in
RB Steve Slaton the regular season, the Texans fell DT Shaun Cody
short. Again. However, they only
FB Vonta Leach had themselves to blame af ter DE Mario Williams
giving away leads, failing to score
WR Andre Johnson from the one yard line and missing DE Antonio Smith
key last second field goals in
WR Kevin Walter multiple games. OLB Brian Cushing

TE Owen Daniels But, head coach Gary Kubiak was MLB Demeco Ryans
given a 3-year extension for his
LT Duane Brown efforts. The offensive staff added OLB Zac Diles
OC Rick Dennison from Denver to
LG K. Studdard/W. Smith replace Kyle Shanahan, but there CB Glover Quin
should be little change on offense.
C C. Myers/A. Caldwell SS Bernard Pollard
GM Rick Smith flirted with CB Leigh
RG Mike Brisiel Bodden but lost out to New England, FS Eugene Wilson
but kept WR Kevin Walter signing
RT Eric Winston him to a multi-year contract. CB Jacques Reaves

H o u s t o n’s D r a f t N e e d s
Cornerback Running Back Defensive Tackle

Wilson Robinson Mathews Hardesty Williams Houston

Haden Murphy Dwyer Tate Atkins Troup

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
P Matt Turk (HOU) CB Dunta Robinson LS Bryan Pittman 1st: Brian Cushing, LB, USC
WR Kevin Walter (HOU) QB Rex Grossman DT Jeff Zgonina 2nd: Connor Bar win, DE, Cincinnati
C/G Wade Smith (KC) S John Busing RB Chris Brown 3rd: Antoine Caldwell, C/G, Alabama
K Neil Rackers (AZ) LB Chaun Thompson 4th: Anthony Hill, TE, NC State
4th: Glover Quin, DB, New Mexico
5th: James Casey, TE, Rice
6th: Brice McCain, CB, Utah
7th: Troy Nolan, S, Arizona State

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report

Of fensi ve Bre akdown

Despite having a couple of good games down This position will probably be addressed at
the stretch, it is highly unlikely that the some point in the draft, if for no other
Texans are ready to trust their rushing reason than trying to strike it rich with a
at t ac k t o Ar i a n Fo s te r w h o h as a developmental QB they can groom. I don't
reputation for immaturity and injuries. see QB being a consideration any earlier
Steve Slaton and Ryan Moats are both
backs with burst, but the Texans have a
RB than the 4th round.
chance to add a primary running back
within the first t wo rounds. Tackle will not be much of a priority in this
year's draft, but there are some intriguing
prospects in the middle and late rounds that
QB might catch the Texans eye.
I c a n't s e e a n y
The Texans are probably set at their top t wo scenario where the
WR positions and they’re happy with David The Texans have Antoine Caldwell playing Texans would draft a
Anderson and Jacoby Jones right now. guard and they are getting Mike Brisiel TE unless they are
However, I do think the Texans will look to back at that position as well. Wade Smith conside r ing le t t ing
add a 5th WR who can also provide help in was signed to compete for a starting job at Owen Daniels walk
the return game and the Texans will likely either guard or center. While the Texans after the year is over.
start considering those types of WRs might be able to find a combination that can
beginning in the 4th round. work this year, the interior OL still needs an
infusion of more talent and I fully expect
the Texans to take an interior OL at some
point in even though it is not a strong year

De fe n s i ve Bre a kdo w n
While the pass rush improved when Antonio The Texans addressed DE last year when they
Smith bumped down inside on 3rd downs, the DT took Connor Bar win from Cincinnati in the 2nd
play still needs to get better on a down-by-down round. Mario Williams took a step back last year
basis. The Texans still need a true NT, and I would in terms of his pass rush and Bar win looked like a
be very surprised if management isn't considering rookie, but I'm sure the Texans are hoping that
the possibility of adding another 3-technique to both Mario and Bar win bring more to the table in
work into the d-line rotation and potentially pass rush while they have to be happy with
challenge Amobi Okoye for the starting spot. This Antonio Smith last year. Don't look for them to do
position is solid for the first three rounds but anything at this position in the draft.
trails way off after that.
CB LB LB LB The Texans look for fast CBs with length
and they happen to have a huge need at
This was a huge need last year, but it will fall way CB which makes it a top t wo round
down the priority list this year after the Texans priority. This is a very good draft for CBs
took All-Pro rookie LB Brian Cushing and after and they can legitimately go three rounds
DeMeco Ryans stepped his game back up. While deep and potentially find a starter this
the Texans can get better than Adibi and Zac year even though I expect them to look
Diles at the weak-side LB spot, it isn't a pressing within the first t wo rounds. Don't rule out
priority right now. the possibility of the Texans taking CB
t wice within the first four rounds.
While the Texans could use a full-time free safety with great instincts, I'm not sure they are going to view that
position as an early priority unless a player like Earl Thomas were to fall to them. This is a good free safety draft at
the front end and good values at the back end, but the middle rounds are just okay for the free safety position. As
for strong safety, they’ll roll with Bernard Pollard so they won't be looking in that direction.
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
Offensive Mock Draft Board by Round
Players are ranked in order at their position. * - denotes player who could be priority within order of draft

First Round Second/Third Round Fourth/Fifth Round

C.J. Spiller (Clemson)* Jonathan Dwyer (Georgia Tech)* Dan LeFevour (C. Michigan)*
Ryan Mathews (Fresno State)* Montario Hardesty (Tennessee)* John Skelton (Fordham)
WR Toby Gerhart (Stanford) Jevan Snead (Ole Miss)
Dez Bryant (Oklahoma State) Ben Tate (Auburn)*
Maurkice Pouncey (Florida)* Carlton Mitchell (South Florida) Anthony Dixon (Miss. State)
Mike Iupati (Idaho)* Brandon LaFell (LSU) Lonyae Miller (Fresno State) *
C/G James Starks (Buffalo)
QB/TE/T - NONE Jon Asamoah (Illinois)
QB/TE/T - NONE Jacoby Ford (Clemson)*
There is an outside chance that Iupati
The 2nd round might be a little Andre Roberts (Citadel)*
or Pouncey could fall to the Texans earlier than they want to consider a Riley Cooper (Florida)
and if that happened it would be guard, but Asamoah would be a nice Emmanuel Sanders (SMU)*
interesting to see if the Texans would addition if they decided to look here
jump on them, considering that and then address CB or RB in the 3rd T
they’re the best interior linemen, a round. If they don't take a RB in the
1st, look for them to add one of the Ed Wang (Virginia Tech)
big area of concern for the Texans. above RBs in one of these t wo rounds. Selvish Capers (W. Virginia)
Mathews is the perfect fit for the WR would be a a bit of a luxury in
Texans offense, but Spiller is the big either the 2nd or 3rd, but Mitchell C/G
play threat that might be too hard to and LaFell could be considerations if Zane Beadles (Utah)*
they wanted to look there. Shaun Lauvao (Arizona State)*
pass up if he falls.
Sixth/Seventh Round I think there is the potential to find a
QB T developmental QB in either round 4
Mike Kafka (Northwestern)* Ramone Harewood (Morehouse)* or 5 which is why I have three of
Matt Nichols (E. Washington)* Dennis Landolt (Penn State) them listed above. The 4th round also
Noah Shepard (S. Dakota)* Cole Pemberton (Colorado State) seems like the perfect spot to find a
WR who can affect the return game
RB C/G - as well. Andre Roberts is a terrific
Deji Karim (Southern Illinois) Shelly Smith (Colorado State)* special teams player who played a ton
Javarris James (Miami) Jeff Byers (USC)* of positions for The Citadel while
Alfonso Smith (Kentucky) Ted Larsen (N.Carolina State - C) Jacoby Ford has elect ric spee d.
Alex Parsons (USC) Anthony Dixon has fallen on draft
Joe Hawley (UNLV - C) boards for character issues and a
Kyle Williams (Arizona State)* lack of speed which could hurt him
David Reed (Utah) with the Texans, but Lonyae Miller
Scott Long (Louisville) h a s t e r r i fi c u p s i d e b u t w a s
If the Texans don't take QB in the 4th or 5th round, I do expect them to look unfortunate enough to have to back
for one in the later rounds in hopes of striking gold. I'm a fan of Kafka, but up Ryan Mathews. Beadles can play
he might not be there in the 6th. I doubt the Texans look for a RB in the 6th almost any position on the field but
or 7th, but Karim has intriguing speed and can return punts as well. Kyle probably needs to be inside at guard
Williams has the type of deep speed and return potential that could put or center while Lauvao is a great fit
Andre Davis out of a job so keep an eye on him at WR. Ramone Harewood is a for what the Texans like to do and he
massive tackle who has only played football for 3 years but has terrific feet can play guard or right tackle.
despite being over 345 pounds so he could be a developmental pick at tackle.
Colorado State guard Shelly Smith has terrific athleticism that has surely
made the Texans notice, while Byers is a tough guy in the mold of Kasey
Studdard and he can play guard or tackle.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
Defensive Mock Draft Board by Round
Players are ranked in order at their position. * - denotes player who could be priority within order of draft
First Round Second/Third Round Fourth/Fifth Round
Dan Williams (Tennessee)* Ricky Sapp (Clemson) Jermaine Cunningham (Florida)
Jared Odrick (Penn State) Corey Wootton (Northwestern) Lindsey Witten (UConn)
Brian Price (UCLA) Austen Lane (Murray State)
LB DT Geno Atkins (Georgia)*
Sean Weatherspoon (Missouri) Lamarr Houston (Texas)* D'Anthony Smith (La. Tech)*
Torrell Troup (South Florida)* Mike Neal (Purdue)*
CB Al Woods (LSU) C.J. Wilson (East Carolina)
Joe Haden (Florida)* Jeff Owens (Georgia)
Kyle Wilson (Boise State)* LB Corey Peters (Kentucky)
Devin McCourty (Rutgers)* Daryl Washington (TCU)
Kareem Jackson (Alabama) LB
CB Perry Riley (LSU)
S Patrick Robinson (Florida State)*
Earl Thomas (Texas)* Brandon Ghee (Wake Forest)* CB
Taylor Mays Jerome Murphy (South Florida) Kevin Thomas (USC)*
Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (Indiana, PA) Amari Spievey (Iowa)*
There should be at least one of the top Dominique Franks (Oklahoma)
three cornerbacks available when the S Alterraun Verner (UCLA)*
Texans choose at #20 while Earl
Thomas is a wild-card since he is a Nate Allen (South Florida)* Myron Lewis (Vanderbilt)
safety who might be able to play Morgan Burnett (Georgia Tech)* Walter McFadden (Auburn)
corner. Weatherspoon would be a Reshad Jones (Georgia)
"best available" selection, but many Major Wright (Florida) S
te ams are highe r on him t h an
Rolando McClain; however, the Texans Kurt Coleman (Ohio State)*
have pressing needs and LB isn't one If a RB is taken in the first round, Darrell Stuckey (Kansas)
of them. If Dan Williams were to fall, then there is a very good chance that Donovan Warren (Michigan)
I would have to think that the Texans CB will be the position drafted in the Robert Johnson (Utah)
would be thinking hard about taking 2nd round with the 3rd round being a
him since he is the type of physical DT good spot for DT. All four of the
that they have needed since Gary cornerbacks listed are possibilities While DE is still not a high priority
Kubiak has been head coach. either in the 2nd or 3rd rounds and this year, finding a good 3rd down
bo th O wusu-Ansah and Murphy pass rusher in these t wo rounds
Sixth/Seventh Round could transition to free safety. Both
m igh t m a k e s ome s e n s e . B o t h
DE Nate Allen and Morgan Burnett could
be off the board in the 2nd round, but Cunningham and Witten have the
Rahim Alem (LSU)* if not, either would be a good fit. edge speed that the Texans could use
Kevin Basped (Nevada) Reshad Jones could be a safety to at some point. These rounds are a
George Selvie (South Florida) keep your eyes on in the 3rd round
even though I'm not sure he would be great example of how the DT position
a priority. Daryl Washington is more has depth in the middle of the draft.
DT of a luxury than a likely pick and he Atkins and Smith showed flashes of
Brandon Deaderick (Alabama)* probably won't slip to #50 anyway. quickness off the snap at the Senior
Earl Mitchell (Arizona)* Lamarr Houston is a good fit with
what the Texans like to do on defense Bowl which is what defensive line
Jay Ross (East Carolina) coach Bill Kollar wants. C.J. Wilson
at their 3-technique while Troup
would fit the role of NT that the might be a better 3-4 DE, but I could
LB Texans have needed to fill for years. see him gaining weight and sliding
Simoni Lawrence (Minnesota)* inside. Jeff Owens is very strong at
Kavell Conner (Clemson) Linebacker isn't a big need for the the point of attack and would be a fit
Keenan Clayton (Oklahoma) Texans, but if you find athletes late in at NT. Even if the Texans look at CB
the draft who can also shine on within the first t wo rounds, the CBs
CB special teams, they tend to get
drafted and Lawrence, Conner and available in these rounds should be
David Pender (Purdue)* good values including Spievey, Thomas
Ben Burney (Colorado) Clayton all fit that bill. Jamar Wall
can move from CB to FS since he has and Verner. Myron Lewis has the
A.J. Jefferson (Fresno State) athle ticism but isn't much of a
play-making ability and he's a big
hitter. I'm not too crazy about the tackler.
S CBs in this group, but I do like DTs
Jamar Wall (Texas Tech) De aderick and Mitchell as value
Jeromy Miles (UMass) selections.
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 1t h0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o u
S Projected Offensive Starters
Pos Player When you look at the Jaguars 2009
Projected Defensive Starters
Pos Player
season, you see a bunch of Pro Bowl
tags on the offensive side of the
QB David Garrard DT Terrance Knighton
page, but little on the defensive side.
Uh, that’s being nice...there are none
RB Mo Jones-Drew on the defensive side of the page. DT John Henderson

FB Greg Jones That dearth of defensive playmakers DE Derrick Harvey

forced GM Gene Smith to go out and
WR Mike Sims-Walker sign forme r Packe rs DE Aaron DE Aaron Kampman
Kampman, who had become a fish out
WR Mike Thomas of water in the Packers’ 3-4 defense. OLB Daryl Smith

TE Marcedes Lewis As such, don’t be surprised if the MLB Justin Durant

Jaguars continue their search for
LT Eugene Monroe defensive assistance in this draft. OLB Clint Ingram

LG Vince Manuwai The good news for the Jaguars, CB Derek Cox
though, is that the 2009 Draft was
C Brad Meester extremely fruitful for the Jags. The SS Gerald Alexander
first four picks all became starters -
RG Uche Nwaneri Monroe, Britton, Knighton and Cox - FS Reggie Nelson
providing a strong foundation for
RT Eben Britton the 2010 season and beyond. CB Rashean Mathis

J a c k s o n v i l l e ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Def. Back - S or CB Linebacker Offensive Line

Berry Haden McClain Lee Tennant Johnson

Thomas Owusu-Ansah Gibson Bowman Newhouse Larsen

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
DE Aaron Kampman (GB) WR Torry Holt CB Kennard Cox 1st: Eugene Monroe, T, UVA
WR Kassim Osgood (SD) DT Rob Meier 2nd: Eben Britton, T, Arizona
DT Atiyyah Ellison (JAX) T Tra Thomas 3rd: Terrance Knighton, DT, Temple
G Kynan Forney (JAX) DE Greg Peterson 3rd: Derek Cox, CB, William & Mary
DT Montavious Stanley (JAX) 4th: Mike Thomas, WR, Arizona
WR Troy Williamson (JAX) 5th: Jarett Dillard, WR, Rice
TE Ernest Wilford (JAX) 6th: Zach Miller, TE, Nebraska-Omaha
DE Reggie Hayward (JAX) 7th: Rashad Jennings, RB, Liberty
S Courtney Greene (JAX) 7th: Tiquan Under wood, WR, Rutgers

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 1t h0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o u
S Projected Offensive Starters
Pos Player Another season for the Colts and
Projected Defensive Starters
Pos Player
another run at 16-0 stifled by Colts
management. This time, though, the
QB Peyton Manning DT Daniel Muir
Super Bowl title fell through the
hands of Pey ton Manning and
RB Joe Addai company in a crushing 31-17 loss to DT Antonio Johnson
the New Orleans Saints.
WR Reggie Wayne DE Dwight Freeney
Health has become a major concern
WR Austin Collie for the Colts defense. The run DE Robert Mathis
defense was lacking last season,
WR Anthony Gonzalez dealing with the loss of All-Pro OLB Clint Session
safety Bob Sanders for the season.
TE Dallas Clark If he can come back healthy and MLB Gary Brackett
Antoine Bethea re-ups with the club,
LT Charlie Johnson the safety spots should be set for a OLB Philip Wheeler
while. CB could be a spot for the
LG Andy Alleman Colts...if the right value pick is there. CB Kelvin Hayden

C Jeff Saturday The Colts cut starting guard Ryan SS Bob Sanders
Lilja, so expect them to look real
RG Kyle DeVan hard at every offensive line position FS Antoine Bethea
on the board. LT Charlie Johnson is
RT Ryan Diem adequate, but could be upgraded. CB Jerraud Powers

I n d y ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Offensive Line Cornerback Defensive End

Saffold Brown Jackson Cook Griffen Cunningham

Jerry Beadles Owusu-Ansah Ghee Wootton Lane

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
LB Gary Brackett (IND) G Ryan Lilja NONE 1st: Donald Brown, RB, U Conn
G Andy Alleman (KC) QB Jim Sorgi 2nd: Fili Moala, DT, USC
DE Raheem Brock
T Adam Terry (BAL) CB Marlin Jackson 3rd: Jerraud Powers, CB, Auburn
WR Hank Baskett 4th: Austin Collie, WR, BYU
K Matt Stover
LB Tyjuan Hagler 4th: Terrance Taylor, DT, Michigan
S Aaron Francisco 6th: Curtis Painter, QB, Purdue
LB Freddy Keiaho 7th: Pat McAfee, P, West Virginia
T Dan Federkeil
CB Tim Jennings 7th: Jaimie Thomas, OT, Maryland

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 1t h0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o u
S Projected Offensive Starters
Pos Player Going into the 2010 season, there
Projected Defensive Starters
Pos Player
are now t wo things we know for
QB Vince Young sure about this team: Vince Young is DT Tony Brown
the unquestioned starter and Chris
Johnson is the sickest running back
RB Chris Johnson DT Jovan Haye
in the league.
FB Ahmard Hall Johnson ran for over 2,000 yards
DE William Hayes
last year, blazing his way to one of
WR Justin Gage the great seasons of all-time. But, DE Jacob Ford
Young’s return may ultimately have
WR N. Washington/K. Britt been more important. After an 0-6 OLB David Thornton
start, the Titans bounced back,
TE Bo Scaife behind Young and Johnson, with MLB Stephen Tulloch
eight wins in the final ten games. It
LT Michael Roos didn’t get them into the playoffs, but OLB Will Witherspoon
it did set them up nicely for 2010.
LG Eugene Amano CB Jason McCourty
However, the off-season wasn’t as
C Leroy Harris kind to them, similar to last year. DT SS Chris Hope
Albert Haynesworth left in ‘09 and
RG Jake Scott now Pro Bowl DE Kyle Vanden Bosch FS Michael Griffin
leaves in ‘10. The Titans DL was
RT David Stewart already average at best. And now? CB Cortland Finnegan

Te n n e s s e e ’ s D r a f t N e e d s
Quarterback Cornerback Defensive End

Pike LeFevour Haden Wilson Graham Kindle

Brown Snead Ghee Spievey Morgan Witten

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
LB Will Witherspoon (PHI) P Craig Hentrich (Ret.) DE Jevon Kearse 1st: Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers
LB Pago Togafau (AZ) DE Kyle Vanden Bosch LB Keith Bulluck 2nd: Sen’Derrick Marks, DT, Auburn
3rd: Jared Cook, TE, South Carolina
S Donnie Nickey (TEN) TE Alge Crumpler C Kevin Mawae 3rd: Ryan Mouton, CB, Hawaii
CB Tye Hill (STL) CB Rod Hood 4th: Gerald McRath, LB, So. Miss.
DE Jason Babin (PHI) S Kevin Kaesviharn 4th: Troy Kropog, T, Tulane
LB Dave Ball (TEN) CB Nick Harper 5th: Javon Ringer, RB, Michigan State
TE Bo Scaife (TEN) 6th: Jason McCourty, CB, Rutgers
6th: Dominique Edison, WR, SFA
QB Chris Simms (DEN) 7th: Ryan Durand, G, Syracuse
7th: Nick Schommer, S N. Dakota State
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 1t h0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o r
N Projected Offensive Starters
Pos Player What a difference a year made for
Projected Defensive Starters
Pos Player
the Pittsburgh Steelers. One year
af t e r w i n n i n g a S u p e r B o w l
QB Ben Roethlisberger championship, the Steelers couldn’t NT Casey Hampton
beat most of the bottom feeders on
RB Rashard Mendenhall its schedule (Oak, KC, Cle). That’ll DE Brett Keisel
keep you out of the playoff hunt for
FB Frank Summers sure. DE Aaron Smith
Well, 2010 hasn’t gotten off to the
WR Hines Ward b e s t s t a r t f o r t h e St e e l e r s OLB Lamarr Woodley
either...of f the field. Af ter a
WR Mike Wallace c o achi ng s t af f p u rge , Q B Be n ILB James Farrior
Roe t hlisbe rge r was ac cuse d of
TE Heath Miller assaulting a young lady in a Georgia ILB Lawrence Timmons
n igh t c l u b - t h e s e c o n d s u c h
LT Max Starks allegation in about a year. He’s been OLB James Harrison
c l e a re d , b u t t h e re m ay b e a
suspension in the works which could
LG Chris Kemoeatu hurt. Badly. Also, former SB MVP CB Ike Taylor
Santonio Holmes was sent to the
C Justin Hart wig New York Jets after his assortment SS Troy Polamalu
of issues off the field.
RG Trai Essex FS Will Allen/Ryan Clark
On paper, the team looks similar, so
help is needed definitely on the OL
RT Willie Colon and now at the WR position. CB William Gay

P i t t s b u r g h’s D r a f t N e e d s
Offensive Line Cornerback Wide Receiver

Iupati Pouncey Wilson Cook Bryant Thomas

Walton Veldheer Haden Ghee Decker Mitchell

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
NT Casey Hampton (PIT) RB Willie Parker RB Carey Davis 1st: Ziggy Hood, DE, Missouri
K Jeff Reed (PIT-FP) S Tyrone Carter C Darnell Stapleton 2nd: Kraig Urbik, G, Wisconsin
S Will Allen (TB) WR S. Holmes (TR - NYJ) DE Travis Kirschke 3rd: Mike Wallace, WR, Ole Miss
WR A. Randle-El (WAS) CB Deshea Townsend 3rd: Keenan Lewis, CB, Oregon State
T Jonathan Scott (BUF) 5th: Joe Burnett, CB, UCF
WR Arnaz Battle (SF) DE Nick Eason
LB Rocky Boiman 5th: Frank Summers, RB, UNLV
S Ryan Clark (PIT) 6th: Sunny Harris, DE, Oregon
QB Charlie Batch (PIT) WR Joey Galloway
7th: A.Q Shipley, C, Penn State
LB Larry Foote (DET) 7th: David Johnson, TE, Arkansas State

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 1t h0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o r
N Projected Offensive Starters
Pos Player Watching the Ravens in 2009, I was
Projected Defensive Starters
Pos Player
perplexed. When this team was at
its peak, there weren’t a whole lot of NT Kelly Gregg
QB Joe Flacco
teams better. Don’t agree? Just ask
the New England Patriots, a Ravens’
RB Ray Rice DT Haloti Ngata
victim in the Wild Card round of the
FB LeRon McClain DE Trevor Pryce
But, by the time the next week
WR Mark Clayton arrived, it was evident that the OLB Jaret Johnson
Ravens were totally, and completely,
WR Anquan Boldin v o i d o f a n y we a p o n s o n t h e ILB Ray Lewis
perimeter. QB Joe Flacco has been
TE Todd Heap consistently solid, if not spectacular, ILB Tavares Gooden
but the Colts gave him nothing in the
LT Jared Gaither passing game...and it ended the OLB Terrell Suggs
Ravens season.
LG Ben Grubbs CB Fabian Washington
Enter Anquan Boldin. A trade with
C Matt Birk the Cardinals brought in one of the SS Dawan Landry
top 10 receivers in the league. It’s
RG Marshal Yanda just a matter of whether ‘Quan is FS Ed Reed
still in that class or whether he’s
RT Michael Oher fallen into the “just a guy” category. CB Dominique Foxworth

B a l t i m o r e ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Defensive End Tight End Def. Back - CB or S

Odrick Dunlap Gresham McCoy Wilson Mays

Carrington Wilson Pitta Hernandez Robinson Allen

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
WR Anquan Boldin (TR - AZ) DT Justin Bannan CB Corey Ivy 1st: Michael Oher, T, Ole Miss
DT Lamar Divens (BAL) TE Quinn Sypniewski WR Derrick Mason 2nd: Paul Kruger, OLB/DE, Utah
WR Donte’ Stallworth T Adam Terry WR Kelley Washington 3rd: Ladarius Webb, CB, Nicholls State
DT Cory Redding (SEA) DT Dwan Edwards C Greg Ryan 5th: Jason Phillips, LB, TCU
TE Edgar Jones (BAL) TE L.J. Smith 5th: Davon Drew, TE, East Carolina
S Marcus Paschal (BAL) DB Frank Walker 6th: Cedric Peerman, RB, UVA
WR Derrick Mason (BAL)

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 1t h0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o r
N Projected Offensive Starters
Pos Player When HBO determined that the
Projected Defensive Starters
Pos Player
Bengals would be featured on the
QB Carson Palmer reality show Hard Knocks, you had DT Tank Johnson
to figure it was the last time you
were going to really ‘s ee’ the Bengals
RB Cedric Benson DT Domata Peko
in 2009.
FB Fui Vakapuna But, thanks in large part to a strong
DE Robert Geathers
‘team’ defensive performance and
WR Chad Ochocinco the emergence of RB Ced Benson, the DE Ant wan Odom
surprising Bengals won the AFC
WR Antonio Bryant South with a 10-6 record. OLB Rey Maualuga

TE Chase Coffman However, the Wild Card loss to the MLB Dhani Jones
Jets exposed the holes within the
LT Andrew Whit worth Bengals offense, especially at the #2 OLB Keith Rivers
re c e i v e r/TE p o s i t i o n . Chad
LG Nate Livings Ochocinco was a Pro Bowler, but no CB Johnathan Joseph
other threat emerged. As such, the
C Kyle Cook Bengals went out and got mercurial SS Roy Williams
WR Antonio Bryant from Tampa
RG Evan Mathis Bay. If they can add a true FS Chris Crocker
intermediate threat at TE, perhaps,
RT Andre Smith QB Carson Palmer would be set. CB Leon Hall

C i n c i n n a t i ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Offensive Line Safety Tight End

Pouncey Iupati Thomas Mays Gresham Gronkowski

Johnson Jerry Wright Burnett Dickerson McCoy

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
DT Tank Johnson (CIN) WR Laveranues Coles TE Reggie Kelly 1st: Andre Smith, T, Alabama
WR Antonio Bryant (TB) DT Shaun Smith TE J.P Foschi 2nd: Rey Maualuga, LB, USC
3rd: Michael Johnson, DE, Ga. Tech
TE Daniel Coats (CIN) RB Larry Johnson K Shayne Graham 3rd: Chase Coffman, TE, Missouri
S Roy Williams (CIN) RB Jeremi Johnson 4th: Jonathan Luigs, C, Arkansas
DE Frostee Rucker (CIN) 5th: Kevin Huber, P, Cincinnati
G Bobbie Williams (CIN) 6th: Morgan Trent, CB, Michigan
6th: Bernard Scott, RB, Abilene Chr.
7th: Fui Vakapuna, RB, BYU
7th: Clinton McDonald, DT, Memphis
7th: Freddie Brown, WR, Utah
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 1t h0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o r
N Projected Offensive Starters
Pos Player For much of the 2009 season, the
Projected Defensive Starters
Pos Player
Browns were an absolute disaster.
QB J. Delhomme/S. Wallace GM George Kokinis was fired after NT Shaun Rogers
getting through a few months of the
season. Yes, a few months. The
RB Jerome Harrison DE Kenyon Coleman
players didn’t care for new head
coach Eric Mangini’s...well, for lack
FB Lawrence Vickers of better word, style. Disaster may
DE Robaire Smith
not do the first 12 games justice.
WR Josh Cribbs OLB Eric Barton
But, riding the back of WR/KR Josh
WR Mohamed Massaquoi Cribbs and RB Jerome Harrison, the ILB Scott Fujita
Browns won the team’s last four
TE Benjamin Watson games to finish the season at 5-11. ILB D’Qwell Jackson
And, after a four game winning
LT Joe Thomas streak, optimism abounds. OLB Matt Roth

LG Eric Steinbach Ne w Pre z Mi k e H o lmgre n h as CB Eric Wright

discarded Derek Anderson, traded
C Alex Mack Brady Quinn for a bag of balls but SS Abram Elam
has a boat load of draf t pick s
RG Pork Chop Womack accumulated to do some damage on FS Mike Adams
draft day (11 picks over three days).
RT Tony Pashos The Browns need as many as possible CB Sheldon Brown

C l e v e l a n d ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Safety Cornerback Offensive Line

Berry Allen Haden Wilson Johnson Petrus

Burnett Jones Jackson Franks Ducasse Jerry

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
WR Josh Cribbs (CLE) QB Derek Anderson WR Mike Furrey 1st: Alex Mack, C, Cal
G Ryan Tucker (Ret.)
T Tony Pashos (SF) C Hank Fraley TE Michael Gaines 2nd: Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio State
LB Scott Fujita (NO) RB Jamal Lewis CB Hank Poteat 2nd: Mohamed Massaquoi, WR, UGA
QB Seneca Wallace (TR - SEA) QB Brady Quinn (TR - DEN)
LB Alex Hall (TR - PHI) 2nd: David Veikune, LB, Hawai’i
S Ray Ventrone (CLE) WR Donte Stallworth 4th: Kaluka Maiava, LB, USC
RB Peyton Hillis (TR - DEN) DT Corey Williams (TR - DET)
QB Jake Delhomme (CAR) 6th: Don Carey, CB, Norfolk State
RB Jamal Lewis
CB Sheldon Brown (TR - PHI) S Brodney Pool 6th: Coye Francis, CB, San Jose State
LB Eric Barton (TR - OAK) G Rex Hadnot 6th: James Davis, RB, Clemson
LB K. Wimbley (TR - OAK)
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
30 Ye a r Al l-Time Draf t by Te am
AFC S o u t h
Houston Texans - 2006 Indianapolis Colts - 2003
Overall first pick Mario Williams was universally I loved Dallas Clark coming out of college and I
panned as most of the nation expected the Texans to thought that the Colts had a future Pro Bowler when
select former USC star Reggie Bush. But, Williams has
been to t wo Pro Bowls in four years. Second rounder they took him at #24 in the 1st. Safety Mike Doss
DeMeco Ryans was the Defensive Rookie of the Year was on track to have a strong career before injuries
and t wo time Pro Bowler. Tackle Eric Winston went derailed him in a big way. But, the t wo other defensive
in the 3rd and should’ve been a Pro Bowler in 2008. TE selections later were outstanding. DE Robert
Owen Daniels was a monster in 2008 and was even Mathis was taken in the fifth round and has been
better before being hurt in 2009. WR David solid opposite Dwight Freeney since. OLB Cato June
Anderson has become a strong 3rd option and they was taken in the sixth and made a Pro Bowl as a Colt.
got him in the 7th.
Tennessee Titans - 2006 Jacksonville Jaguars - 2008
Out of principle, I can’t go back to the Houston Oilers, so The Jaguars haven’t been stellar in the draft in its
I have a smaller window to work with for the Titans. history. 2002 was a solid year with John Henderson
However, Vince Young became a Titan in the famous and David Garrard in the fourth. But, last year’s crop
2006 draft. Although he’s had some issues, he’s been to yielded four starters in the first four picks. Eugene
t wo Pro Bowls and the other t wo QBs drafted in that Monroe and Eben Britton will be starters for
same draft - Matt Leinart and Jay Cutler - have been 10-12 years on the offensive line. But, the t wo
to none and haven’t started a playoff game. But, the unknown picks in the third and fourth rounds -
selection of Cortland Finnegan in the seventh round Terrance Knighton, DT from Temple and Derek Cox,
may have been the steal of the draft. Finnegan has CB from William & Mary locked in the 2008 class as
become one of the best young DBs in the NFL. the Jags’ best in their history.

AFC Nort h
Pittsburgh Steelers - 1987 Cincinnati Bengals - 1980
Now, remember this analysis goes back 30 years, so I scoured the Bengals list of draft picks over the past
every draft in Pittsburgh history pales in comparison 30 years and it’s sketchy at best. More busts than the
to the one in 1974. But, 1987 was a solid class. CB/S Playboy mansion. But, there was only one Hall of Famer
Rod Woodson is one of the all-time greats in NFL - Anthony Munoz. The Bengals took him in 1980
history. S Thomas Everett was a good selection as when there was a cloud of injury suspicion. He’d sat out
was Hardy Nickerson - more so for other teams. most of 1979 with a knee injury, so there was no
guarantee of success, even at the #3 position. But,
But, OLB Greg Lloyd and FB Merril Hoge were
Munoz panned out in a big way. Considering the dearth
outstanding selections in the 7th and 10th rounds, of successful picks, I went with the one draft with the
respectively. Those t wo epitomize value in a draft. most successful PICK. Munoz. 1980.

Cleveland Browns - 1986 Baltimore Ravens - 1996

I’m using the supplementary pick loophole to come up This one is a slam dunk and the easiest decision on the
with the best draft for the Browns in the last 30 list and that’s not meant to discredit how well the
years. In the 1985 supplementary draft, the Browns Ravens have drafted over the years. But, drafting a
took Miami’s Bernie Kosar, which was essentially Hall of Famer isn’t easy - the Ravens got t wo of them
their first round pick in the 1986 draft. Then later in in the first round. The four pick was UCLA’s Jonathan
the 1986 draft, the Browns took a solid receiver, not
Odgen and the 26th pick in the first was Miami’s Ray
flashy, but productive - Webster Slaughter in the
second round out of San Diego State. There wasn’t Lewis. On that day, the t wo were handed a Pro Bowl
much there in the rest of the draft, but then again, Frequent Visitors card and a key to the Hall of Fame.
there hasn’t been much to bark, err, crow about from Hard to think any other draft by any other team in the
Browns drafts in the past 30 years. last 30 years has been as key to a team’s success.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 s1t0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
W Projected Offensive Starters
2010 will be the first season since
Projected Defensive Starters
Pos Player Pos Player
2000 that the Chargers will be
without the services of perhaps the NT Ogemdi Nwagbuo
QB Philip Rivers g re a t e s t C h a r g e r o f a l l - t i me
LaDainian Tomlinson. After another
RB Darren Sproles DE Luis Castillo
three yard and a cloud of dust
se ason, Tomlinson was rele ased,
FB Jacob Hester sending a clear message that this
DE Jacque Cesaire
team had to get younger at key
WR Vincent Jackson positions. NT Jamal Williams was OLB Shaun Phillips
released as well and it won’t be
WR Malcolm Floyd surprising to see other aging vets get ILB Stephen Cooper
cut in camp.
TE Antonio Gates ILB Brandon Siler
The Chargers are cle arly Philip
LT Marcus McNeill R i ve rs’ te am a n d t h at me a n s OLB Shawne Merriman
keeping him healthy and upright. A
LG Kris Dielman solid right tackle to go along with CB Quentin Jammer
M a rc us McNe i l l wo uld h e lp
C Nick Hardwick immensely. As would a running back SS Kevin Ellison
to pair with Darren Sproles. On the
RG Louis Vasquez defensi ve side of the ball, the FS Eric Weddle
Chargers must get help over the nose
RT Jeromey Clary to compete with Ogemdi Nwagbuo. CB Antoine Cason

S a n D i e g o ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Cornerback Running Back Defensive Line

McCourty Robinson Mathews Best Odrick Cody

Jackson Cox Gerhart Dixon Thomas Carrington

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
DE Alfonso Boone (SD) RB LaDainian Tomlinson C Dennis Norman 1st: Larry English, LB, Northern Illinois
DT Antonio Garay (SD) CB Antonio Cromartie (Trade) T Jon Runyan 3rd: Louis Vasquez, G, Texas Tech
NT Jamal Williams
TE Kris Wilson (SD) RB Michael Bennett 4th: Vaughn Martin, DE, Western Ont.
RB Marcus Mason (WSH) WR Kassim Osgood 4th: Tyronne Green, G, Auburn
CB Donald Strickland (NYJ) TE Brandon Manumaleuna 4th; Gartrell Johnson, RB, Colorado St.
CB Nathan Vasher (CHI) WR Demetrius Byrd 5th: Brandon Hughes, CB, Oregon St.
RB Mike Tolbert (SD) C Eric Ghiaciuc 6th: Kevin Ellison, S, USC
DT Ian Scott (SD) LB Dontarrious Thomas 7th: Demetrius Byrd, WR, LSU
LB Marques Harris

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 s1t0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
W Projected Offensive Starters
The Rise and Fall during the 2009
Projected Defensive Starters
Pos Player Pos Player
Broncos season was perhaps more
drastic than any other NFL team.
QB Kyle Orton Okay, what now? Well, here’s what I NT Jamal Williams
mean - the Broncos couldn’t find a
RB Knowshon Moreno way to lose ball games earlier in the DE Jar vis Green
season, starting the season 6-0. The
WR Brandon Stokley solid start put the Broncos atop the DE Justin Bannan
AFC West. But, after losing eight of
WR Jabar Gaffney the next ten, the Broncos, yet again, OLB Elvis Dumervil
imploded, on and off the field, leaving
WR Eddie Royal them out of the playoff hunt. ILB Wesley Woodyard

TE Daniel Graham The arrival of Josh McDaniels as ILB DJ Williams

head coach changed the complexion
of this team completely and the
LT Ryan Clady overhaul continues into the 2010 OLB Mario Haggan
off-season. Three major DL FA’s were
LG Russ Hochstein picked up in a week to help OLB Elvis CB Champ Bailey
Dumervil. And, the coup de grace
C Dustin Fry was the trade of Pro Bowl WR, and SS Renaldo Hill
total headache, Brandon Marshall to
RG Chris Kuper the Miami Dolphins. What does it FS Brian Dawkins
mean?? I don’t know but I want to
RT Ryan Harris watch and see. CB Andre Goodman

D e n v e r ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Guard/Center Wide Receiver Inside Linebacker

Tennant Asamoah Bryant Thomas McClain Weatherspoon

Walton Petrus LaFell Price Butler Chaney

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
DE Jar vis Green (NE) RB Lamont Jordan P Mitch Berger 1st: Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia
NT Jamal Williams (SD) C Casey Wiegmann DE Vonnie Holliday 1st: Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee
CB Nathan Jones (MIA) B. Marshall (TR - MIA) CB Ty Law 2nd: Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest
2nd: Darcel McBath, S, Texas Tech
DT Justin Bannan (BAL) DE Kenny Peterson LB Nick Greisen 2nd: Richard Quinn, TE, North Carolina
G Russ Hochstein (DEN) LB Andra Davis S Vernon Fox 4th: David Bruton, S, Notre Dame
WR Brandon Lloyd (DEN) QB Chris Simms DT LeKevin Smith 4th: Seth Olsen, G, Iowa
RB JJ Arrington (DEN) RB Peyton Hillis (TR - CLE) T Brandon Gorin 5th: Kenny McKinley, WR, S. Carolina
QB Brady Quinn (TR - CLE) TE T. Scheffler (TR - DET) C Ben Hamilton 6th: Tom Brandstater, QB, Fresno State
7th: Blake Schlueter, C, TCU
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 s1t0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
W Projected Offensive Starters
If you need a program with player
Projected Defensive Starters
Pos Player Pos Player
bios to figure out who these Chiefs
are, you’re not alone. But, the
QB Matt Cassel NT Ron Edwards
building process is on-going under
GM Scott Pioli. Now, it would help
RB Jamaal Charles the Chiefs GM if the high draft picks DE Tyson Jackson
(Jackson, Dorsey, Albert) would start
FB Mike Cox to produce. Actually, names you DE Glenn Dorsey
WR Dwayne Bowe OLB Mike Vrabel
Pioli has found some nice pieces in
WR Chris Chambers later rounds, such as RB Jamaal ILB Demorrio Williams
Charles who starred over the last
TE Leonard Pope portion of the 2009 season. Add in ILB Corey Mays
former Jet RB Thomas Jones and the
LT Branden Albert Chiefs may have the best running OLB Tamba Hali
game in the AFC West (yes, think
LG Brian Waters about it for a second and you might CB Brandon Flowers
agree). The key, though, is to
C Rudy Niswanger continue to bolster the offensive line SS DaJuan Morgan
and perhaps the secondary. The t wo
RG Ryan Lilja Brandons at corner will be solid, but FS Jarrad Page
some help at safety (Eric Berry,
RT Ryan O’Callaghan perhaps) could help a young back 4. CB Brandon Carr

K a n s a s C i t y ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Offensive Tackle Safety Linebacker

Bulaga Brown Berry Thomas McClain Lee

Williams Saffold Allen Burnett Butler Spikes

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
RB Thomas Jones (NYJ) G Andy Alleman WR Bobby Wade 1st: Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU
WR Chris Chambers (KC) C Wade Smith S Mike Brown 3rd: Alex Magee, DE, Purdue
LB Mike Vrabel (KC) RB Dantrell Savage 4th: Donald Washington, CB, Ohio State
WR Terrance Cooper (KC) WR Devard Darling 5th: Colin Brown, T, Missouri
QB Tyler Palko (PIT)
DT Shaun Smith (CIN) G Mike Goff 6th: Quinten Lawrence, WR, McNeese
RB Kolby Smith (KC) TE Sean Ryan 7th: Javarris Williams, RB, Tenn. State
WR Jerheme Urban (AZ) 7th: Jake O’Connell, TE, Miami, OH
G Casey Wiegmann (CHI) 7th: Ryan Succop, K, South Carolina

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 s1t0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
W Projected Offensive Starters
Let’s be clear about this right off the
Projected Defensive Starters
Pos Player Pos Player
bat: JaMarcus Russell isn’t the guy.
The Raiders haven’t flirted often
QB B. Gradkowski/J. Russell DT Tommy Kelly
with success since the 2002 season,
but any flicker of hope is dying with
RB M. Bush/D. McFadden Russell under his current DT Gerard Warren
condition. Maybe he’s just a bust
FB Oren O’Neal waiting to happen anyway, but he DE Richard Seymour
doe sn’t appe ar to wan t to do
WR Darrius Heyward-Bey anything to get better. DE Matt Shaughnessy

WR Chaz Schilens Is he the reason the Raiders can’t get OLB Trevor Scott
over the top? Not entirely, but he’s
TE Zach Miller THE major reason. The Raiders can’t ILB Kirk Morrison
give up on him completely, I suppose,
LT Mario Henderson but they’ve got to see some progress OLB Kamerion Wimbley
going for ward.
LG Robert Gallery CB Nnamdi Asomugha
The defense had some moments last
C Samson Satele year, but outside of Pro Bowl CB SS Tyvon Branch
Nnamdi Asomugha, the secondary
RG Cooper Carlisle nee ds some serious he lp. FS Hiram Eugene
Furthermore, on offense, drafting a
RT Erik Pears tackle is a necessity in 2010. CB Chris Johnson

O a k l a n d ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Left Tackle Linebacker Defensive Back

Campbell Brown McClain Butler Berry Mays

Williams Veldheer Washington Watson Cook Owusu-Ansah

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
DE Richard Seymour (OAK - FP) DE Greg Ellis T John Wade 1st: Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Md.
K Sebastian Janikowski (OAK) WR Javon Walker 2nd: Mike Mitchell, S, Ohio
T Khalif Barnes (OAK) RB Justin Fargas 3rd: Matt Shaughnessy, DE, Wisconsin
K. Wimbley (TR - CLE) T Cornell Green 4th: Louis Murphy, WR, Florida
LB Jon Alston 4th: Slade Norris, LB, Oregon State
DT Gerard Warren 6th: Stryker Sulak, LB, Missouri
RB Gary Russell 6th: Brandon Myers, TE, Iowa
QB J.P Losman

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 1t 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
EaProjected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
The New England Patriots’ seasons
Pos Player Pos Player
aren’t supposed to end this way.
Right? The Patriots, I know, finish
QB Tom Brady the season in the Super Bowl or AFC
NT Vince Wilfork
Championship games. There’s a world
RB L. Maroney/F. Taylor order, right? Um, well, then what DE Ty Warren
‘movie’ was I watching?
FB Sammy Morris DE Mike Wright
Not only did the Pats get knocked
WR Randy Moss out of the playoffs on Wild Card OLB Adalius Thomas
weekend - the first time that had
WR Wes Welker happened under Bill Belichick - the ILB Jerod Mayo
Pats go t t hro t t le d by v isi t ing
TE Alge Crumpler Baltimore 33-14. The only thing ILB Gary Guyton
worse was what appeared to be a
LT Matt Light total lack of effort and desire OLB Tully Banta-Cain
throughout the entire Patriots 45
LG Logan Mankins man roster. CB Shawn Springs

C Dan Koppen QB Tom Brady returned in 2009, but SS Brandon Meriweather

the lack of a consistent running
RG Dan Connolly game has truly hurt this offense, FS James Sanders
especially after Pro Bowl WR Wes
RT Nick Kaczur Welker tore his ACL late in the year. CB Leigh Bodden

N e w E n g l a n d ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Wide Receiver Running Back Offensive Line

Bryant Tate Spiller Mathews Saffold Ducasse

Williams LaFell Hardesty Tate Asamoah Jerry

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
2nd: Patrick Chung, S, Oregon
NT Vince Wilfork (NE) DE Jar vis Green P Chris Hanson 2nd: Ron Brace, DT, Boston College
CB Leigh Bodden (NE) TE Chris Baker DE Derrick Burgess 2nd: Darius Butler, CB, U Conn
G Stephen Neal (NE) TE Benjamin Watson LB Junior Seau 2nd: Sebastian Vollmer, T, Houston
3rd: Brandon Tate, WR, North Carolina
LB Marques Murrell (NYJ) RB Chris Taylor 3rd: Tyrone McKenzie, LB, USF
LB Tully Banta-Cain (NE) 4th: Rich Ohrnberger, C/G, Penn State
WR David Patten (NO) 5th: George Bussey, T, Louisville
6th: Jake Ingram, LS, Hawai’i
RB Kevin Faulk (NE) 6th: Myron Pryor, DT, Kentucky
DT Damione Lewis (CAR) 7th: Julian Edleman, WR, Kent State
7th: Darryl Richard, DT, Georgia Tech
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 1t 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
A braggadocio head coach. A rookie
Pos Player Pos Player
quarterback. A spotlight a million
miles wide. That’s not typically a
QB Mark Sanchez NT Kris Jenkins
combination that “works”, but for
the Jets, it worked all the way until
RB Shonn Greene the fourth quarter of the AFC DE Shaun Ellis
Championship game.
WR Santonio Holmes DE Mike Devito
Now, Rex Ryan may be confident, but
WR Jerricho Cotchery he’s also very good at his job. Similar OLB Bryan Thomas
to the way players responded to his
WR Braylon Edwards father Buddy, the Jets responded in ILB Bart Scott
kind to Rex. He never shied away
TE Dustin Keller from the spotlight and, in some ILB David Harris
cases, shielded his team from it. In
LT D’Brickashaw Ferguson part icular, his rookie QB Mark OLB Calvin Pace
Sanchez. He’ll understand the game
LG Alan Faneca so much better after starting 19 CB Darrelle Revis
games as a rookie, but in big spots,
C Nick Mangold Sanchez was effective. In the AFC SS Jim Leonhard
Ch ampio n shi p g ame , h e was
RG Brandon Moore spectacular. But the secondary FS Eric Smith
st ruggled; hence, the t rade for
RT Damien Woody mercurial CB Antonio Cromartie. CB Antonio Cromartie

N e w Yo r k ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Outside Linebacker Safety Defensive End

Kindle Hughes Mays Allen Odrick Alualu

Sapp Misi Jones Wright Carrington Neal

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
CB A. Cromartie (TR - SD) WR Wallace Wright LB Ryan Fowler 1st: Mark Sanchez, QB, USC
TE Ben Hartsock (NYJ) RB Thomas Jones TE James Dearth 3rd: Shonn Greene, RB, Iowa
WR S. Holmes (TR - PIT) CB Donald Strickland DE Marques Douglas 6th: Matt Slauson, G, Nebraska
CB Lito Sheppard LB Larry Izzo
LB Marques Murrell
K Jay Feely
S Kerry Rhodes (TR - AZ)
DT Howard Green

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 1t 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
Another year, another disappointing
Pos Player Pos Player
season for the Bills and the Buffalo
faithful. It’s now been ten years
QB Trent Edwards NT Kyle Williams
since the Bills made the playoffs and
they may be further away than they
RB Marshawn Lynch were last year at this time. DE Marcus Stroud

FB Corey McIntyre The 6-10 record cost head coach Dick DE Dwan Edwards
Jauron and a slew of others their
WR James Hardy jobs as the Bills restart, yet again, as OLB Chris Kelsay
the new decade begins. Chan Gailey
WR Lee Evans takes over in Buffalo, a recycled ILB Kawika Mitchell
former head man at Georgia Tech in
TE Derek Schouman colle ge and Dallas in the NFL . ILB Paul Posluszny
Neither situation was successful for
LT Demetrius Bell Gailey, so one has to wonder whether OLB Aaron Schobel
the Bills will be head coach hunting a
LG Andy Levitre few years down the road. CB Terrence McGee

C Geoff Hangartner But, no matter who is sitting in the SS Bryan Scott

head coach’s chair, he’s got to find a
RG Eric Wood quality QB, or decide that the injury FS Jairus Byrd
prone Trent Edwards is capable of
RT Cornell Green being a quality NFL starter. CB Leodis McKelvin

B u f f a l o’s D r a f t N e e d s
Offensive Tackle “Edge Rusher” Defensive Line

T. Williams Davis Pierre-Paul Kindle D. Williams Cody

Bulaga Saffold Hughes Sapp Alualu Carrington

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
LB Jon Corto (BUF) T Brad Butler (Ret.) WR Terrell Owens 1st: Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State
T Cornell Green (OAK) T Jonathan Scott WR Josh Reed 1st: Eric Wood, G, Louisville
DT Marlon Favorite (NO) QB Gibran Hamdan G Seth McKinney 2nd: Jairus Byrd, S, Oregon
S Bryan Scott (BUF) G Richie Incognito LB Josh Stamer 2nd: Andy Levitre, G, Oregon State
LB Andra Davis (DEN) WR Justin Jenkins LB Chris Draft 4th: Shawn Nelson, TE, Southern Miss.
DE Dwan Edwards (BAL) G Kendall Simmons 5th: Nic Harris, OLB, Oklahoma
DE Ryan Denney 6th: Cary Harris, S, USC
S Todd Johnson 7th: Ellis Lankster, CB, West Virginia

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0 1t 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
There’s one thing you can say about
Pos Player Pos Player
the Dolphins. Win or lose, these guys
are exciting to watch. You never
QB Chad Henne NT Paul Soliai
know what you’re going to see. But,
no matter the excitement that’s
RB Ronnie Brown generated by the eclectic group in DE Kendall Langford
Miami , t he f ac t is t h at Tony
FB Lousaka Polite Sparano’s bunch missed the playoffs DE Randy Starks
with a 7-9 record and 3rd place in
WR Brandon Marshall the AFC East. OLB Charlie Anderson

WR Brian Hartline However, the season may not have ILB Channing Crowder
been a total loss, especially with the
TE Anthony Fasano emergence of QB Chad Henne. And,, ILB Karlos Dansby
the Dolphins traded for Denver’s Pro
LT Jake Long Bowl WR Brandon Marshall, a OLB Cameron Wake
marquee pass catcher Miami hasn’t
LG Justin Smiley had. CB Vontae Davis

C Joe Berger The question marks, though, are on SS Yeremiah Bell

‘D’. Joey Porter was released and
RG Nate Garner there’s no true pass rusher to strike FS Tyrone Culver
fear into the hearts of Tom Brady
RT Vernon Carey and Mark Sanchez. CB Sean Smith

M i a m i ’s D r a f t N e e d s
“Edge Rusher” Nose Tackle Safety

Kindle Graham Dan Williams Cody Berry Thomas

Pierre-Paul Sapp Thomas Troup Wright Murphy

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
DT Jason Ferguson (MIA) S Gibril Wilson LB Jason Taylor 1st: Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois
LB Karlos Dansby (AZ) LB Joey Porter LB Akin Ayodele 2nd: Pat White, QB/RB, West Virginia
QB Chad Pennington (MIA) CB Nathan Jones 2nd: Sean Smith, CB, Utah
WR B. Marshall (TR - DEN) 3rd: Patrick Turner, WR, USC
4th: Brian Hartline, WR, Ohio State
5th: John Nalbone, TE, Monmouth
5th: Chris Clemons, S, Clemson
6th: Andrew Gardner, T, Georgia Tech
7th: J.D. Folsom, LB, Weber State

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
30 Ye a r Al l-Time Draf t by Te am
AFC We s t
San Diego Chargers - 2005 Denver Broncos - 1983
Although there were some serious questions, off the I don’t know if this actually can suffice as a draft pick,
field (that have been revealed since), the Chargers took but it’s my rules/my game, so here it is. Elway. That’s
Shawne Merriman with the 12th pick in the draft. it. The Broncos were stuck in a state of mediocrity in
Injuries and off the field decisions have helped derail the
#56 Lights Out Train, but the rest of the draft was the late 1970s/early 1980s before the Broncos jumped
fairly strong. Luis Castillo stepped into the starting in feet first and traded away, essentially Chris Hinton
lineup at defensive end and has been one of the better and a bag of chips to the Baltimore Colts for Elway, one
3-4 ends in the league. Questions about small school of the greatest QBs of all-time. After being told Elway
competition forced Pro Bowl WR Vincent Jackson wouldn’t come play for them (smart move in hindsight),
to fall into the second round. All the while, mighty
mite RB Darren Sproles was there for San Diego in the Colts were forced to make a deal at some point.
the 4th. Denver made it and Elway made history for the Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs - 1989 Oakland Raiders - 1982
The Chiefs haven’t had a glorious draft history over the It’s quite sad, in some sense, because in the 1960s and
past 30 years. But, there has been one Hall of Fame 1970s the Oakland Raiders had been one of the
selection - the late Derrick Thomas - in the first shrewdest drafting organizations in the NFL. But, over
round in the heralded 1989 draft. I think Thomas the past 30 years, not much has gone right for the
forced other teams to start thinking about speedy, Raiders. They’ve drafted potential 2 HOFers in that
fast edge rushers who could change the game the way time. If there was anything around Tim Brown in
1988, I’d fire on that year. But, the 1982 draft - the
DT was changing it in Kansas City. Now, if that draft
were held today FB Todd McNair wouldn’t have been Marcus Allen draft - at least provided 2nd round
pick Jack Squirek (key pick six in SB XVIII) and 3rd
drafted, but in 1989, McNair was one of the best 8th
round selections in history. Not much here, but t wo rounder Vann McElroy. Plus, Allen fell to them at
clear, strong picks. ten, so all in all...winner, winner 1982 chicken dinner.

AFC Eas t
New England Patriots - 2005 New York Jets - 2006
It’s hard to imagine the best Patriots draft in the last The Jets had a decision to make in 2006 - take the
30 years came after a Super Bowl win, but that’s what flashy USC QB Matt Leinart or the cornerstone LT from
happened in New England. With the last pick in the 1st UVA D’Brickashaw Ferguson. They took a USC
round, the Patriots took tackle Logan Mankins, 2009. Ferguson has started since day one,
transitioned him to guard and watched him turn into a alongside fellow first rounder C Nick Mangold. The
Pro Bowler. Ellis Hobbs was a solid third rounder and t wo were both Pro Bowlers in 2009. Eric Smith in
Nick Kaczur became a starter in the same round. the 3rd and Brad Smith in the 4th have contributed
James Sanders was a starting safety who they in unique ways over the past few years for the Jets.
drafted in the fourth round. But, the coup de grace was But, the best value pick that year for the Jets was 4th
selecting Matt Cassel in the seventh round. He
saved the 2008 season after Tom Brady went down, round RB Leon Washington. We’ll see what he’s got
that’s all. after being injured in 2009.

Miami Dolphins - 1983 Buffalo Bills - 1985

The 1983 Draft is known for being the QB draft. Six The legendary early ‘90s Bills were built in the
QBs taken in the first round and, arguably, the best one mid-1980s drafts, starting in the 1985 draft. #1
was taken at #27 Pitt’s Dan Marino. All he did was overall selection DE Bruce Smith was one of the rare
break every passing record in the book, even though he #1 picks who turned into a star. He was voted to the
didn’t win a championship. 6th round selection Iowa P Hall of Fame in 2009, his first year of eligibility.
Reggie Roby was so good as a punter that he is up for Although 3rd round QB Frank Reich wasn’t the star
Hall of Fame consideration. But, the best value pick of of the offense, playing behind Jim Kelly, he was a
valued member of the team filling in when Kelly was
the 1983 draft may have been Louisville WR Mark injured. The selection of WR Andre Reed in the 4th the 8th round, a round that doesn’t even round out of Kutztown didn’t generate much buzz at
exist these days. “Marino to Clayton” gave AFC East the time, but Reed caught 941 passes for Buffalo, first
teams nightmares for years. all-time for the Bills.
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0t h1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o u
S Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
When the Jake Delhomme era ended
Pos Player Pos Player
in Carolina, there had to be hundreds
of Panther fans rejoicing that it was
QB Matt Moore NT Nick Hayden
finally over. Now, that’s not fair as
Delhomme got the Panthers to their
RB DeAngelo Williams only Super Bowl. Yes, true, but that DT Louis Leonard
was in 2003! The last t wo years
FB Tony Flammetta were brutal and it became time for DE Tyler Brayton
the, well, the, hmm, the Matt Moore
WR Dwayne Jarrett era to start? And, that’s where this DE Everette Brown
team is right now: Matt Moore
WR Steve Smith under center? OLB James Anderson

TE Jeff King Not only that, GM Marty Hurney MLB Jon Beason
has to hope that Everette Brown
LT Jordan Gross eventually turns into Julius Peppers OLB Thomas Davis
or the Panthers defense will have no
LG Travelle Wharton one to rush the quarterback. They’ll CB Chris Gamble
have no QB and no one to rush the QB
C Ryan Kalil - the t wo things a team must have to SS Chris Harris
succeed in this league.
RG Mackenzy Bernadeau FS Charles Godfrey
Expect the Panthers to address both
RT Jeff Otah of those holes in this draft. CB Richard Marshall

C a r o l i n a’s D r a f t N e e d s
Wide Receiver Quarterback Defensive End

Williams Benn Pike LeFevour Dunlap Carrington

Decker White Crompton Kafka Hardy Te’o-Nesheim

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
WR Wallace Wright (NYJ) DE Julius Peppers WR Muhsin Muhammad 2nd: Everette Brown, DE, FSU
FB Brad Hoover DT Hollis Thomas 2nd: Sherrod Martin, S, Troy
QB Jake Delhomme G Keydrick Vincent 3rd: Corvey Irvin, DT, Georgia
LB Landon Johnson CB Dante Wesley 4th: Mike Goodson, RB, Texas A&M
DT Maake Kemoeatu QB Josh McCown 4th: Tony Flammetta, FB, Syracuse
DT Damione Lewis 5th: Duke Robinson, G, Oklahoma
LB Na’il Diggs 7th: Captain Munnerlyn, CB, S. Carolina
QB A.J. Feeley
T Rob Petitti

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0t h1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o u
S Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
The first edition of the Raheem
Pos Player Pos Player
Morris Buccaneers weren’t ver y
successful. But, on the flip side,
QB Josh Freeman DT Ryan Sims
success wasn’t expected after the
front office eliminated many of its
RB Cadillac Williams experienced veterans in the 2009 DT Chris Hovan
off-season. In other words, the
FB Earnest Graham Buccaneers decided to go with some DE Tim Crowder
sort of youth movement. Even at the
WR Michael Clayton quarterback position. DE Stylez White

WR Reggie Brown The Bucs drafted QB Josh Freeman OLB Quincy Black
with its first round pick last April
TE Kellen Winslow II and turned over the reins to him by MLB Barrett Ruud
mid-season. The jury will be out on
LT Donald Penn Freeman for a while, but he proved, OLB Geno Hayes
at times, that he is more than
LG Jeremy Zuttah capable of handling the rigors of CB Aqib Talib
being a quality NFL quarterback.
C Jeff Faine SS Sabby Piscitelli
The rest of the roster? Eh. Not so
RG Davin Joseph much. So, with the third pick the FS Tanard Jackson
Bucs can go any direction and find a
RT Jeremy Trueblood player who’ll have immediate impact. CB Ronde Barber

Ta m p a B a y ’ s D r a f t N e e d s
Defensive Tackle Wide Receiver Left Tackle

McCoy Suh Thomas Benn Okung Saffold

Alualu Houston Mitchell Price Brown Wang

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
WR Reggie Brown (TR - PHI) WR Brian Clark DE Jimmy Wilkerson 1st: Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State
S Sean Jones (PHI) S Will Allen RB Byron Storer 3rd: Roy Miller, DT, Texas
P Josh Bidwell LB Matt McCoy 4th: Kyle Moore, DE, USC
P Dirk Johnson S Jermaine Phillips 5th: Xavier Fulton, OT, Illinois
CB Torrie Cox 7th: E.J. Biggers, CB, Western Michigan
LB Rod Wilson 7th: Sammie Stroughter, WR, Or. State
LB Angelo Crowell
WR A. Bryant (TR - CIN)

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0t h1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o u
S Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
After a playoff visit in head coach
Pos Player Pos Player
Mike Smith’s first year, the Falcons
fell back to the pack, going 8-8 in an
QB Matt Ryan NT Thomas Johnson
up-and-down year.
RB Michael Turner But, the Falcons took an aggressive DT Jonathan Babineaux
stance in free agency, signing free
FB Ovie Mughelli agent CB Dunta Robinson to the DE Jamaal Anderson
long-term deal he turned down in
WR Roddy White Houston in 2009. Robinson helps DE John Abraham
solve one side of the cornerback
WR Michael Jenkins dilemma for the Falcons but it may OLB Stephen Nicholas
not be enough. The Falcons may still
TE Tony Gonzalez look at that position in the draft, MLB Curtis Lofton
just not at #19.
LT Sam Baker OLB Mike Peterson
QB Matt Ryan continues to make
LG Justin Blalock strides, although he did struggle a bit CB Dunta Robinson
in his second season. He’s still the
C Todd McClure face of the franchise but has to have SS Erik Coleman
a much better season. The arrival of
RG Harvey Dahl Tony Gonzalez was a godsend for FS Thomas Decoud
Ryan, so the offensive side of the ball
RT Tyson Clabo is relatively adequate. For now. CB Brent Grimes

At l a n t a’s D r a f t N e e d s
Linebacker Center/Guard Wide Receiver

Weatherspoon Lee Pouncey Iupati Thomas Price

Butler Gibson Tennant Johnson Gilyard Cooper

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
CB Dunta Robinson (HOU) WR James Swinton WR Marty Booker 1st: Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss
CB Brent Grimes (ATL) C Mike Schneck (Ret.) LB Tony Gilbert 2nd: William Moore, S, Missouri
CB Brian Williams (ATL) CB C. Houston (TR - DET) RB Verron Haynes 3rd: Christopher Owens, CB, San Jose St.
WR Brian Finneran (ATL) S Antoine Harris RB Aaron Stecker 4th: Lawrence Sidbury, DE, Richmond
TE Joe Zelenka (ATL) S Charlie Peprah 5th: William Middleton, CB, Furman
S Matt Giordano (GB) S Jamaal Fudge 5th: Garrett Reynolds, OT, N. Carolina
CB Tye Hill 6th: Spencer Adkins, LB, Miami
7th: Vance Walker, DT, Georgia Tech

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0t h1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o u
S Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
At some point, hell is still thawing
Pos Player Pos Player
out after freezing over following the
Saints win in the Super Bowl over
QB Drew Brees NT Remi Ayodele
the Colts. It took a while and there
are some who thought that hell
RB P. Thomas/R. Bush would freeze over before the Saints DT Sedrick Ellis
won a Super Bowl. But, it did happen
FB Heath Evans and the city of New Orleans is DE Alex Smith/Bobby McCray
probably still part ying...if that’s
WR Marques Colston possible. DE Will Smith

WR Devery Henderson This is a tough off-season for GM OLB Jo-Lonn Dunbar

Mickey Loomis. He’s got a ton of
TE Jeremy Shockey free agents he has to deal with and MLB Jonathan Vilma
h as a lre ad y lo s t s ome ke y
LT Jammal Brown components of the 2009 team - OLB Scott Shanle
Scott Fujita, in particular. FS Darren
LG Carl Nicks Sharper is another key cog who CB Jabari Greer
could be on his way out as well.
C Jonathan Goodwin SS Roman Harper
The Saints offense needs very little,
RG Jahri Evans while the defense could use a hell FS Usama Young
raising linebacker or more defensive
RT Jon Stinchcomb line assistance. CB Tracy Porter

N e w O r l e a n s’ D r a f t N e e d s
Defensive End Defensive Tackle Linebacker

Griffen Hughes Price Cody Bowman Riley

Sapp Wootton Troup Atkins Muckelroy Edds

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
CB Leigh Torrence (NO) G Jamar Nesbit QB Mark Brunell 1st: Malcolm Jenkins, S/CB, Ohio State
C Nick Leckey (NO) LB Scott Fujita TE Dan Campbell 4th: Chip Vaughn, S, Wake Forest
DE Alex Brown (CHI) DE Charles Grant S Darren Sharper 4th: Stanley Arnoux, ILB, Wake Forest
LB Mark Simoneau DT Kendrick Clancy 5th: Thomas Morstead, P, SMU
RB Kyle Eckel DE Paul Spicer
RB Mike Bell TE Billy Milner

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0t h1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o r
N Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
GM Ted Thompson has done a whale
Pos Player Pos Player
of a job building this team in Green
Bay. I know that most Packers fans
QB Aaron Rodgers NT Ryan Pickett
will point the finger at him as the
guy who let Brett Favre go. But,
RB Ryan Grant when you look at the 2008 Favre DE Johnny Jolly
Circus, to get back to the playoffs,
FB John Kuhn behind the leadership of QB Aaron DE Cullen Jenkins
Rodgers, a guy Thompson had the
WR Donald Driver cajones to select in 2005, you have OLB Brad Jones
to give Thompson a ton of credit.
WR Greg Jennings ILB AJ Hawk
The challenge this year is to find OL
TE Jermichael Finley help to keep Rodgers from an early ILB Nick Barnett
decline. Early in 2009, Rodgers
LT Chad Clifton spent a ton of time on his back, but OLB Clay Matthews
as his protection improved, so did his,
LG Jason Spitz and his team’s productivity. CB Charles Woodson

C Scott Wells Defensively, though, the Packers need SS Atari Bigby

to find a guy opposite Clay Matthews
RG Josh Sitton to disrupt the passer and a young FS Nick Collins
corner who can eventually take over
RT TJ Lang for Al Harris. CB Al Harris

G r e e n B a y ’s D r a f t N e e d s
“Edge Rusher” Offensive Tackle Cornerback

Kindle Hughes Campbell Saffold Wilson McCourty

Misi Cunningham Veldheer Capers Ghee Cook

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
S Nick Collins (GB) S Matt Giordano RB Ahman Green 1st: BJ Raji, NT, Boston College
T Chad Clifton (GB) DE Mike Montgomery 1st: Clay Matthews, LB, USC
S Derrick Martin (GB) DE Aaron Kampman 4th: TJ Lang, OT, Eastern Michigan
DT Ryan Pickett (GB-FP) P Jeremy Kapinos 5th: Quinn Johnson, FB, LSU
RB DeShawn Wynn 5th: Jamon Meredith, OT, South Car.
6th: Jarius Wynn, DE, Georgia
6th: Brandon Under wood, CB, Cincinnati
7th: Brad Jones, OLB, Colorado

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0t h1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o r
N Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
One throw. One throw is all that
Pos Player Pos Player
stood bet ween the Vikings and the
opportunity to kick a game winning
QB Brett Favre (we think) NT Pat Williams
field in the NFC Championship game.
However, that throw is the same one
RB Adrian Peterson Brett Favre had made all season and DT Kevin Williams
has made his entire career. In 2009,
FB Naufahu Tahi he had one of his best years, so you DE Ray Edwards
can hardly fault him, for he got the
WR Bernard Berrian Vikes to that game. DE Jared Allen

WR Sidney Rice So, the question, in my mind, is not OLB Chad Greenway
whether he’ll return for the 2009
TE Visanthe Shiancoe season, but whether he can push the MLB EJ Henderson
Vikes over the top and get them to
LT Bryant McKinnie Super Bowl XLV? Favre knows that OLB Ben Leber
the Vikings have as large a window
LG Steve Hutchinson of opportunity as possible and with CB Antoine Winfield
him at the helm, the Vikes are scary.
C John Sullivan SS Tyrell Johnson
The defense could use a little help at
RG Anthony Herrera safety, but the Vikes, at #30, are in FS Madieu Williams
the “best player available” boat. Not
RT Phil Loadholt many teams have that luxury. CB Cedric Griffin

M i n n e s o t a ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Cornerback Guard Running Back

McCourty Jackson Jerry Asamoah Best Tate

Murphy Franks Petrus Beadles Dixon Starks

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
K Rhys Lloyd (CAR) T Artis Hicks NONE 1st: Percy Harvin, WR/KR, Florida
CB Benny Sapp (MIN) RB Chester Taylor 2nd: Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma
WR Greg Lewis (MIN) CB Karl Paymah 3rd: Asher Allen, CB, Georgia
DE Mike Montgomery (GB) 5th: Jasper Brinkley, LB, South Carolina
7th: Jamarca Sanford, FS, Ole Miss

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0t h1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o r
N Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
In contrast to other teams, the Lions
Pos Player Pos Player
are in the “any players available”
boat. As in, if you can play, we’ll
QB Matt Stafford DT Sammie Hill
take you. Now, that does sound a
little harsh and it’s not quite 100%
RB Kevin Smith accurate. GM Martin Mayhew did a DT Corey Williams
fine job with the 2009 NFL Draft and
FB Jerome Felton brought in at least four players who DE Kyle Vanden Bosch
should have long careers in Detroit,
WR Calvin Johnson including f ranchise QB Mat t DE Cliff Avril
WR Nate Burleson OLB Julian Peterson
Then, in the off-season, Mayhew
TE Brandon Pettigrew went to work again, adding four MLB DeAndre Levy
potential starters in free agency,
LT Jeff Backus including Pro Bowler DE Kyle Vanden OLB Landon Johnson
Bosch. Now, some around the league
LG Rob Sims think that Vanden Bosch’s best days CB Eric King
are behind him, but head coach Jim
C Dominic Raiola Schwartz believes in him. SS Ko Simpson

RG Stephen Peterman The 2nd pick in the draft can go in a FS Louis Delmas
number of directions - OT, DL or,
RT Gosder Cherilus ultimately, a move down the board. CB Chris Houston

D e t r o i t ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Cornerback Defensive Tackle Offensive Tackle

Jackson Robinson Suh McCoy Okung Williams

Ghee Spievey Price Atkins Brown Saffold

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
WR Brian Clark (TB) DE Dwayne White TE Casey Fitzsimmons 1st: Matt Stafford, QB, Georgia
CB Jonathan Wade (STL) 1st: Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Ok. State
CB Chris Houston (TR - ATL) DT Grady Jackson S Marquand Manuel
DT Corey Williams (TR - CL) CB Phillip Buchanon QB Patrick Ramsey 2nd: Louis Delmas, S, Western Michigan
WR Nate Burleson (SEA) DE Jared DeVries QB Daunte Culpepper 3rd: DeAndre Levy, OLB, Wisconsin
DE Kyle Vanden Bosch (TEN) LB Ernie Sims (TR - PHI) T Damion Cook 4th: Sammie Lee Hill, DT, Stillman
T Jon Jansen (DET) 6th: Aaron Brown, RB, TCU
LB Vinny Ciurciu (DET) LB Larry Foote RB Anthony Henry
7th: Lydon Murtha, OT, Nebraska
CB Dante Wesley (CAR) 7th: Zack Follett, OLB, Cal
QB Shaun Hill (TR - SF) 7th: Dan Gronkowski, TE, Maryland

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0t h1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
o r
N Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
Wi t h n o 1s t a n d 2 n d r o u n d
Pos Player Pos Player
selections, the Bears needed to make
a splash in the off-season and did it
QB Jay Cutler NT Anthony Adams
in free agency.
RB Matt Forte The Bears kicked off the first early DT Tommie Harris
morning of free agency by signing
FB Jason McKie Pro Bowl DE Julius Peppers to the DE Julius Peppers
prodigious deal he’d been seeking for
WR Earl Bennett a while. Then, the Bears added TE DE Alex Brown
Brandon Manumale un a and RB
WR Devin Hester Chester Taylor to help give QB Jay OLB Hunter Hillenmeyer
Cutler some more weapons in the
TE Greg Olsen offensive arsenal. MLB Brian Urlacher

LT Chris Williams The additions didn’t stop there. OLB Lance Briggs
Offensive coordinator Mike Martz
LG Frank Omiyale was hired to handle, well, the CB Charles Tillman
mercurial one - Cutler. And, Martz
C Olin Kreutz will have his work cut out for him as SS Kevin Payne
we know Cutler isn’t the easiest cat
RG Roberto Garza to coach. But, if Martz can cut FS Al Afalava
through the Bama Bangs and “get” to
RT Kevin Shaffer him, it’ll be a strong marriage. CB Zackary Bowman

C h i c a g o’s D r a f t N e e d s
Cornerback Offensive Line Wide Receiver

Owusu-Ansah Murphy Wang Beadles Mitchell Decker

Thomas Lewis Walton Welch Shipley Easley

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
DE Julius Peppers (CAR) DE Gaines Adams (deceased) DE Adewale Ogunleye 3rd: Jarron Gilbert, DE, San Jose State
RB Chester Taylor (MIN) T Orlando Pace LB Darrell McClover 3rd: Juaquin Iglesias, WR, Oklahoma
TE Brandon Manumaleuna (SD) RB Kevin Jones RB Adrian Peterson 4th: Henry Melton, DE, Texas
CB Tim Jennings (IND) DE Alex Brown 4th: D.J. Moore, CB, Vanderbilt
CB Nathan Vasher 5th: Johnny Knox, WR, Abilene Chr.
5th: Marcus Freeman, OLB, Ohio State
6th: Al Afalava, S, Oregon State
7th: Lance Louis, G, San Diego State
7th: Derek Kinder, WR, Pitt

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
30 Ye a r Al l-Time Draf t by Te am
NFC S o u t h
Carolina Panthers - 2001 Atlanta Falcons - 2005
The Panthers only have a half period history - in other Wow, this one was really hard. There wasn’t a draft
words, they’ve only been drafting for 15 years, but the that had more than one solid starter/contributor for
2001 class rivals a few other classes out there. the Falcons in the last 30 years. Now, 2004 was
Although he was often injured, when #11 pick Dan fruitful, but the best pick was Matt Schaub, who did
Morgan was out on the field, he played exceptionally his damage for the Texans. In 2005, Roddy White
well. The second round pick was Kris Jenkins out of was a strong back end of the first round pick. 2nd
Maryland who was dominating inside. But, the best rounder DT Jonathan Babineaux nearly made the
pick of the day, and the best value pick the Panthers Pro Bowl in 2009. LB Michael Boley has contributed
ever made, 3rd rounder Steve Smith from Utah. The for other organizations. But, in the grand scheme of
perennial Pro Bowler has been outstanding in his nine things, this is probably the best draft that the Falcons
year career. have had in the last 30 years.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 1995 New Orleans Saints - 2006
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization did an “About When the draft occurred, nearly everyone thought the
Face!” on Draft Day 1995. After seeing Miami All- Saints “won” the draft because Houston had passed on
American DT Warren Sapp fall to their spot at #12, Reggie Bush, allowing the Saints to pick the USC star.
the Bucs ignored the supposed drug rumors to draft Although Bush has been solid, the rest of the draft was
potential HOFer #1 in the first round. Then, 16 picks even stellar. S Roman Harper has been a starter
later with the third from last pick in the round, the
Bucs found the cornerstone second level player it since he was drafted. T Jahri Evans was a fourth
rounder who moved over to guard and became an Pro
needed with FSU OLB Derrick Brooks. The t wo
changed the attitude and direction of the team Bowler. T Zach Strief has been a decent swing
formerly known as the Yucks. Nothing else in the tackle, but the best value pick in this draft was WR
draft really, the Bucs had their t wo HOFers already. Marques Colston in the 7th round. These 5 helped
That’s enough. form the core of the 2009 Super Bowl winning team.

NFC Nort h
Green Bay Packers - 2006 Chicago Bears - 1981
The Packers have had some years with good value picks, The heart of the Chicago offensive line and the heart of
but nothing consistently as good as 2006. LB A.J the Chicago defense for the vaunted 1985 Bears were
Hawk has been a good, not great, selection and the found in the 1981 draft. With the 11th pick in the
same goes for T Daryn Colledge from Boise State in first round, the Bears took USC OT Keith Van Horne,
the 2nd. But, WR Greg Jennings was a tremendous who was magnificent for the Bears in 1985. But, a
2nd round selection, becoming one of the most dynamic second rounder who makes the HOF is more than just
receivers/game breakers in the NFC. 3rd rounder G/C good value. Baylor LB Mike Singletary was
Jason Spitz has been in the lineup since day one. DT bypassed by all 28 teams in the first, allowing the
Johnny Jolly took over from Corey Williams the last Bears to snatch him up in the 2nd. He was pretty good
t wo years and has been adequate, if not, a solid interior (tongue in cheek, of course). 4th round selection DB
player. Todd Bell was a solid player throughout his career.
Minnesota Vikings - 2009 Detroit Lions - 1989
The 1988 draft produced the only Minnesota Vikings The third pick in the 1989 draft was a man named
Hall of Famer in this period Randall McDaniel, but the Barry Sanders. It’s easy to see today why he was
rest of the draft was awful. So, for depth purposes, selected, but coming out of Oklahoma State, he only
how about last year’s crop? WR Percy Harvin was started one season. Okay, I’m trying to give the Lions a
offensive rookie of the year, after falling to pick #22. little credit, but it was a no-brainer to take Sanders.
2nd round pick OT Phil Loadholt started nearly But, it panned out, didn’t it? 2nd rounder CB Ray
every game at right tackle. CB Asher Allen was a Crockett had a solid career for Detroit out of Baylor,
major contributor for the NFC North champs, as was while 6th round selection QB Rodney Peete wasn’t as
5th rounder ILB Jasper Brinkley, who was starting flashy and productive as he was at USC, but he still had
in the middle by the end of the season. 80% of their an acceptable career in Detroit, before bouncing around
picks played a huge role for the Vikes last season. the league for a while.

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0s t1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
W Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
Let’s be honest about the St. Louis
Pos Player Pos Player
Rams. They’re not good. They’ve got
holes throughout the roster. They’ve
QB A.J Feeley DT Clifton Ryan
been drafting one or t wo in the NFL
Draft for what seems like forever.
RB Steven Jackson They’ve got one true player - Steven DT Adam Carriker
Jackson. And, he’s shouldered so
FB Mike Karney much of the load lately that you’ve DE Chris Long
got to wonder how much he’s got left
WR Donnie Avery in the tank. DE Victor Adeyanju

WR Keenan Burton But, no team plays as hard and gives OLB David Vobora
as much effort for its head coach as
TE Billy Bajema this Rams bunch does. Steve MLB James Laurinaitis
Spanuolo’s squad plays its collective
LT Alex Barron butt off and that sort of effort will OLB Na’il Diggs
eventually results in W’s, but it
LG Jacob Bell takes a few more players to make it CB Ronald Bartell
happen. Like players at QB, WR, OT,
C Jason Brown G, DT, DE, OLB and CB. SS James Butler

RG Adam Goldberg The first pick option is a fun one for FS Oshiomogho Atogwe
the Rams - Bradfor, McCoy or Suh?
RT Jason Smith They can’t miss, can they? CB Justin King

St. L o u i s’ D r af t Ne e d s
Quarterback Linebacker Wide Receiver

Bradford Clausen Washington Gibson Tate Thomas

McCoy LeFevour Bowman Curran LaFell Price

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
DT Fred Robbins (NYG) TE Derek Fine S Clinton Hart 1st: Jason Smith, T, Baylor
S Craig Dahl (STL) DT Claude Wroten DE Leonard Little 2nd: James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State
QB A.J Feeley (CAR) CB Jonathan Wade TE Randy McMichael 3rd: Bradley Fletcher, DB, Iowa
CB Kevin Dockery (NYG) QB Marc Bulger 4th: Dorell Scott, DT, Clemson
TE Darcy Johnson (NYG) WR Ruvell Martin 5th: Brooks Foster, WR, North Carolina
QB Kyle Boller 6th: Keith Null, QB, West Texas A&M
LB Paris Lenon 7th: Chris Ogbonnaya, RB, Texas
RB Samkon Gado

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0s t1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
W Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
Well, that didn’t take long. Head
Pos Player Pos Player
Coach Jim Mora became former head
coach just one season after replacing
QB Matt Hasselbeck DT Brandon Mebane
legendary Mike Holmgren. Although
the Se ahawks go t of f to a
RB Julius Jones respectable start, they finished with DT Colin Cole
only three wins in the final eleven
FB Owen Schmitt games. DE Chris Clemons

WR TJ Houshmandzadeh Enter former USC head coach Pete DE Lawrence Jackson

Carroll. The former Jets and
WR Deon Butler Patriots head coach decided it was OLB Leroy Hill
time to move on back to the NFL
TE John Carlson after one of the best nine year MLB Lofa Tatupu
stints in college football history.
LT Ray Willis/W. Jones But, he’s taking over a team that has OLB Aaron Curry
major question marks at a number
LG Mansfield Wrotto of different positions, especially on CB Marcus Trufant
the defensive line. The Seahawks
C Max Unger have spent draft picks on defensive SS Jamar Adams
ends (Lawrence Jackson) and signed
RG Chris Spencer FA in the past (Patrick Kerney - now FS Jordan Babineaux
re t i re d ), b u t t h e S e a h a w k s
RT Sean Locklear generated only 28 sacks. CB Josh Wilson

S e a t t l e ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Left Tackle Safety Defensive End

Williams Bulaga Berry Thomas Morgan Pierre-Paul

Davis Capers Ward Chancellor Griffen Cunningham

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
K Olindo Mare (SEA-FP) WR Nate Burleson TE Jeff Robinson 1st: Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest
TE Chris Baker (NE) DE Patrick Kerney (RET) T Damion McIntosh 2nd: Max Unger, T, Oregon
QB C. Whitehurst (TR - SD) QB S. Wallace (TR - CLE) C Kevin Houser 3rd: Deon Butler, WR, Penn State
WR Ruvell Martin (STL) S Deon Grant LB D.D Lewis 6th: Mike Teel, QB, Rutgers
WR Sean Morey (AZ) LB Lance Laury S Lawyer Milloy 7th: Courtney Greene, S, Rutgers
DE Robert Henderson (TR - DET) DT Cory Redding T Brandon Frye 7th: Nick Reed, DE, Oregon
LB Matt McCoy (TB) G Rob Sims (TR - DET) RB Justin Griffith 7th: Cameron Morrah, TE, Cal
DE C. Clemons (TR - PHI) DE Darryl Tapp (TR - PHI)

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0s t1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
W Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
The off-season has not been kind to
Pos Player Pos Player
the Arizona Cardinals. First, QB
Kurt Warner decided it was time to
QB Matt Leinart NT Gabe Watson
hang up the cleats and retire. Then,
the Cardinals traded WR Anquan
RB Chris ‘Beanie’ Wells Boldin to the Ravens. OLB Karlos DE Calais Campbell
Dansby, who had the game winning
FB Nehemiah Broughton TD in the playoff win over Green Bay, DE Darnell Dockett
signed with Miami, while FS Antrel
WR Larry Fitzgerald Rolle thought he looked better in OLB Clark Haggans
New York Giant blue and white.
WR Steve Breaston ILB Gerald Hayes
FS Kerry Rhodes filled one of those
TE Ben Patrick holes after the Jets completed a ILB Paris Lenon
trade with the Cardinals, but the
LT Levi Brown holes are still fairly vast. And, the OLB Joey Porter
que stions will remain until the
LG Reggie Wells season starts in early September. CB DominiqueRodgers-Cromartie

C Lyle Sendlein Will Matt Leinart be able to harken SS Adrian Wilson

back to his ol’ USC days? Is Rhodes
RG Deuce Lutui capable of filling Rolle’s shoes? Is FS Kerry Rhodes
Steve Breaston a true #2 WR? Are
RT Herman Johnson there too many questions? Perhaps. CB Bryant McFadden

A r i z o n a’s D r a f t N e e d s
Linebacker Quarterback Nose Tackle

Griffen Hughes McCoy Tebow Troup Thomas

Butler Worilds Pike Skelton Owens Woods

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
S Kerry Rhodes (TR - NYJ) QB Kurt Warner (Ret.) LB Chike Okeafor 1st: Chris ‘Beanie’ Wells, RB, Ohio State
DT Keilen Dykes (AZ) S Antrel Rolle DT Bryan Robinson 2nd: Cody Brown, DE, U Conn
S Matt Ware (AZ) LB Karlos Dansby TE Anthony Becht 3rd: Rashad Johnson, S, Alabama
WR Anquan Boldin (Trade) T Mike Gandy 4th: Greg Toler, CB, St. Paul’s
LB Bertrand Berry (Ret.) 5th: Herman Johnson, OT, LSU
K Neil Rackers 6th: Will Davis, DE, Illinois
WR Jerheme Urban 7th: LaRod Stephens-Howling, RB, Pitt
WR Sean Morey 7th: Trevor Canfield, G, Cincinnati

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0s t1 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
W Projected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
Well, it’s been an exciting off-season
Pos Player Pos Player
in San Francisco. And, by exciting, I
re a l l y me a n, f u l l o f u ph e av a l
QB Alex Smith NT Aubrayo Franklin
exciting. GM Scot McCloughan was
granted a leave of absence six weeks
RB Frank Gore before one of the most important DE Justin Smith
drafts since Bill Walsh was running
FB Moran Norris the organization back in the 1980s. DE Isaac Sopoaga

WR Michael Crabtree With t wo first round picks within OLB Manny Lawson
the first 17 picks, the 49ers are
WR Josh Morgan sitting in great shape to fill t wo of ILB Takeo Spikes
the team’s most egregious needs.
TE Vernon Davis But, the question will be what ILB Patrick Willis
happens if one of the top ranked
LT Joe Staley quarterbacks, in particular Notre OLB Parys Haralson
Dame’s Jimmy Clausen, is sitting
LG David Baas there for the 49ers at the 17th CB Nate Clements
position. A major question that
C Eric Heitmann might be best avoided by taking an SS Michael Lewis
offensive linemen of their choosing.
RG Chilo Rachal FS Dashon Goldson
This draft could signal the final
RT Adam Snyder tipping point to the playoffs for SF. CB Shawntae Spencer

S a n F r a n c i s c o’s D r a f t N e e d s
Offensive Line Cornerback Offensive“GameBreaker”

Pouncey Iupati Thomas Haden Spiller McCluster

Campbell Asamoah Wilson Cook Ford Shipley

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
QB David Carr (NYG) WR Arnaz Battle CB Dre’ Bly 1st: Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
LB Matt Wilhelm (SF) T Tony Pashos CB Walt Harris 3rd: Glen Coffee, RB, Alabama
DT Aubrayo Franklin (SF - FP) QB Shaun Hill (TR - DET) S Mark Roman 5th: Scott McKillop, LB, Pitt
WR Ted Ginn (TR - MIA) S Marcus Hudson 5th: Nate Davis, QB, Ball State
6th: Bear Pascoe, TE, Fresno State
7th: Curtis Taylor, FS, LSU
7th: Ricky Jean-Francois, DT, LSU

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0s 1t 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
EaProjected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
Rewind. Hit play. Rewind. Hit play
Pos Player Pos Player
again. Wow, same song, different
season. Here’s the song I hear...solid
QB Tony Romo NT Jay Ratliff
regular season, maybe even win the
NFC East, as they did in 2009. Flame
RB M. Barber/F. Jones out in the playoffs. Another season DE Marcus Spears
under Wade Phillips? No different.
FB Deon Anderson G i ve him cre di t, t h o ugh - t he DE Igor Olshansky
Cowboys did win one playoff game
WR Miles Austin this year. But, then again, any OLB Anthony Spencer
goodwill was wiped away after a
WR Roy Williams 34-7 dismantling in Minnesota. ILB Bradie James

TE Jason Witten QB Tony Romo made the Pro Bowl, ILB Keith Brooking
but he’s done that before. What he
LT Doug Free hasn’t done is lead his team to the OLB DeMarcus Ware
NFC Championship game. And, not
LG Kyle Kosier even close. In Minnesota, he looked CB Terence Newman
shellshocked and timid, unlike the
C Andre Gurode way he looked the night the Cowboys SS Gerald Sensabaugh
ended the perfect regular season of
RG Leonard Davis the New Orleans Saints in the FS Michael Hamlin
Superdome. Romo, though, is the
RT Marc Colombo least of the worries for this team. CB Mike Jenkins

Da l l a s’ Draf t Ne e d s
Offensive Tackle Safety Kicker

Campbell Brown Mays Allen Tif f in Pettrey

Saffold Ducasse Burnett Jones Swenson Lawrence

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
RB Cletis Gordon (DAL) LT Flozell Adams G Montrae Holland 3rd: Jason Williams, OLB, Western Ill.
S Ken Hamlin 3rd: Robert Brewster, OT, Ball State
4th: Stephen McGee, QB, Texas A&M
K Shaun Suisham 4th: Victor Butler, DE, Oregon State
5th: DeAngelo Smith, CB, Cincinnati
5th: David Buehler, K, USC
6th: Stephen Hodge, S, TCU
6th: John Phillips, TE, UVA
7th: Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati
7th: Manuel Johnson, WR, Oklahoma

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0s 1t 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
EaProjected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
The 2009 season started well for
Pos Player Pos Player
the New York Giants, but, wow, it
crumbled quickly, and thoroughly.
QB Eli Manning NT Barry Cofield
After a 5-0 start, the Giants went
3-8 the rest of the way. Not only
RB Brandon Jacobs that, the defense gave up 40+ points DT Jay Alford
in five of those losses. And, with the
FB Madison Hedgecock playoffs on the line, the Giants were DE Justin Tuck
outscored 85-16 in the final t wo
WR Steve Smith games of the season. DE Mathias Kiwanuka

WR Hakeem Nicks Q B E l i M a n n i n g w a s n’t b a d , OLB Clint Sintim

throwing for over 4,000 yards and
TE Kevin Boss 27 TDs, both career highs. MLB Jonathan Goff

LT David Diehl But, no one or nothing else was OLB Michael Boley
e f f e c t i ve , i n c l u di n g n e w ( a n d
LG Rich Seubert former) defensive coordinator Bill CB Corey Webster
Sheridan. It was a disaster from the
C Shaun O’Hara word “go” and af te r one ye ar, SS Kenny Phillips
Sheridan was canned. Injuries didn’t
RG Chris Snee help matters, but help was needed. FS Antrel Rolle
Former Cardinal S Ant rel Rolle
RT Kareem McKenzie should provide some assistance. CB Terrell Thomas

N e w Yo r k ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Offensive Line Linebacker Defensive Tackle

Davis Tennant McClain Weatherspoon Williams Alualu

Wang Ducasse Butler Washington Houston Atkins

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
S Antrel Rolle (AZ) S Aaron Rouse DT Fred Robbins 1st: Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina
QB Jim Sorgi (IND) LB Antonio Pierce LB Danny Clark 2nd: Clint Sintim, LB, UVA
S Deon Grant (SEA) QB David Carr 2nd: William Beatty, OT, U Conn
S CC Brown 3rd: Ramses Barden, WR, Cal Poly
TE Darcy Johnson 3rd: Travis Beckum, TE, Wisconsin
4th: Andre Brown, RB, NC State
5th: Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston St.
6th: DeAndre Wright, DB, New Mexico
7th: Stoney Woodson, DB, S. Carolina

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0s 1t 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
EaProjected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
The Eagles’ 2009 season was one
Pos Player Pos Player
roller coaster ride. Long-time DC Jim
Johnson died during the summer
QB Kevin Kolb DT Mike Patterson
after a long bout with cancer. QB
Michael Vick made sure Philly sports
RB LeSean McCoy t a lk wave s s t aye d b usy af te r DT Broderick Bunkley
signing. But, in the end, t wo
FB Leonard Weaver straight losses in Dallas gave the DE Darryl Tapp
2009 season a losing identity.
WR Jeremy Maclin DE Trent Cole
This team doesn’t lack for individual
WR DeSean Jackson talent, especially on offense. But, OLB Ernie Sims
the keys to the vehicle were turned
TE Brent Celek over to Kevin Kolb, who could turn MLB Stewart Bradley
the car into a 1974 LeSabre or make
LT Jason Peters it run like a Maserati. OLB Akeem Jordan

LG Todd Herremans The need at LB was fairly severe and CB Asante Samuel
the Eagles didn’t wait until the draft.
C Jamaal Jackson Former Lion LB Ernie Sims came over SS Quintin Mikell
in a trade. But, more help is
RG Nick Cole necessary. ILB Jeremiah Trotter is FS Macho Harris
done and Stewart Bradley is coming
RT Winston Justice off of a season-ending knee injury. CB Ellis Hobbs

P h i l a d e l p h i a’s D r a f t N e e d s
Linebacker Center Safety

Weatherspoon Bowman Pouncey Tennant Mays Burnett

Gibson Edds Walton Olsen Wright Warren

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
CB Marlin Jackson (IND) LB Will Witherspoon LB Tracy White 1st: Jeremy Maclin, WR/KR, Missouri
RB Leonard Weaver (PHI) RB Brian Westbrook TE Alex Smith 2nd: LeSean McCoy, RB, Pitt
WR Jason Avant (PHI) QB D. McNabb (TR - WAS) LB Jeremiah Trotter 5th: Cornelius Ingram, TE, Florida
C A.Q Shipley (PIT) LB Chris Gocong 5th: Victor ‘Macho’ Harris, CB, Va. Tech
WR Jordan Norwood (PHI)
RB Mike Bell (NO) WR R. Brown (TR - TB) 5th: Fenuki Tupou, OT, Oregon
DE Darryl Tapp (TR - SEA) CB S. Brown (TR - CLE) 6th: Brandon Gibson, WR, Wash. State
WR Hank Baskett (IND) DE Jason Babin 7th: Paul Fanaika, G, Arizona State
LB Alex Hall (TR - CLE) S Sean Jones 7th: Moise Fokou, OLB, Maryland

A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2 0s 1t 0 N F L D r a f t R e p o r t
EaProjected Offensive Starters Projected Defensive Starters
Before the Redskins had played one
Pos Player Pos Player
game in the 2009 season, there were
many who felt like this was a
QB Donovan McNabb NT Albert Haynesworth
throwaway season. Why? Jim Zorn
was still the head coach. Now, let’s
RB Clinton Portis just say the man was in over his DE Phillip Daniels
head a little bit, but he’s still a good
FB Mike Sellers football coach/football guy. It’s just DE Kedric Golston
not what this organization needed.
WR Santana Moss OLB Brian Orakpo
M i k e Sh a n a h a n i s w h a t t h i s
WR Devin Thomas organization needed. And, Daniel ILB London Fletcher
Snyder’s pocketbook beckoned. The
TE Chris Cooley t wo-time Super Bowl champion has ILB Rocky McIntosh
a monumental rebuilding job on his
LT Stephon Heyer hands. But, his job was made a little OLB Andre Carter
easier, some think, after he traded
LG Derrick Dockery f or f or me r Phil l y QB Dono v an CB Carlos Rogers
McNabb. Say that 1000 times or
C Casey Rabach until it sticks. Washington QB SS Reed Doughty
Donovan McNabb. Wow, that’s going
RG Artis Hicks to take some time. The trade FS LaRon Landry
ensures that the Redskins will draft
RT Mike Williams a LT at #4 to protect McNabb. CB DeAngelo Hall

W a s h i n g t o n ’s D r a f t N e e d s
Offensive Tackle “Edge Rusher” Quarterback

Okung Williams Hughes Sapp Clausen McCoy

Bulaga Brown Nor wood Worilds Tebow LeFevour

Free Agents Signed FA Lost/Players Cut Free Agents - unsigned 2009 NFL Draft Results
T Artis Hicks (MIN) G Randy Thomas C Ethan Albright 1st: Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas
DE Phillip Daniels (WSH)
T Mike Williams (WSH) RB Rock Cart wright DE Renaldo Wynn 3rd: Kevin Barnes, CB, Maryland
C Casey Rabach (WSH) WR A. Randle-El T Levi Jones 5th: Cody Glenn, LB, Nebraska
DT Maake Kemoeatu (CAR) CB Fred Smoot TE Todd Yoder 6th: Robert Henson, LB, TCU
QB D. McNabb (TR - PHI) DT Cornelius Griffin P Hunter Smith 7th: Eddie Williams, TE, Idaho
CB Phillip Buchanon (DET)
DE Greg Peterson (JAX) T Chris Samuels (ret.) 7th: Marko Mitchell, WR, Nevada
QB Rex Grossman (HOU) QB Todd Collins
RB Willie Parker (PIT) RB Ladell Betts
RB Larry Johnson (CIN)
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
30 Ye a r Al l-Time Draf t by Te am
NFC We s t
LA/St. Louis Rams - 1983 Arizona Cardinals - 2004
No, the Rams didn’t take one of the six famous QB in the Arguably the best receiver in the NFL is former Pitt
first round of this draft. They decided on Hall of Fame star Larry Fitzgerald, who went third in the 2004
RB Eric Dickerson from SMU with the 2nd pick of draft. After Eli Manning and Robert Gallery, the
the draft. Adding offense to offense, they selected Cardinals luck changed that day with the selection of
little known WR Henry Ellard from Fresno State in Fitzgerald. But, it wasn’t over. LB Karlos Dansby, a
the 2nd round. Those t wo provided a majority of the key contributing starter for the past six years, went
offensive punch over the next four years for the Rams. to the Cards with the first pick in the 2nd round. The
The defensive side of the ball got some help later in the defensive line, then got a huge boost, from additions
draft with the selection of DB Vince Newsome out of Darnell Dockett, one of the best DTs in the league, in
Washington in the fourth round. the 3rd and current Texan Antonio Smith in the 5th.
Seattle Seahawks - 1990 San Francisco 49ers - 1986
There isn’t a true Seahawks draft class that stands There have been good drafts and then there have been
head and shoulders above the rest. The 2000 class led drafts to build dynasties. The 49ers continued their
by Shaun Alexander of Alabama was good, but not 1980s/1990s dyn as t y wi th one of the mos t
great. The 1990 class isn’t deep nor does it have a Hall impressive drafts in recent history. DE Larry
of Famer, but it did have t wo players forever linked to Roberts in the 2nd. FB Tom Rathman in the 3rd.
the Seattle Seahawks. The #3 pick in the draft was WR John Taylor in the 3rd. CB Tim McKyer in the
Miami’s Cortez Kennedy, who is a potential Hall of 3rd. DE Charles Haley in the 4th. T Steve Wallace
Famers. He’s the standout, but the value pick in that in the 4th. DT Kevin Fagan in the 4th. CB Don
class was RB Chris Warren from tiny Ferrum College Griffin in the 6th. Other than Haley, no one will make
in the 4th round. It’s not a no-brainer class, but it is the Hall of Fame, but eight key starters found in one
the best of the Seattle drafts over the past 30 years. draft? That’s amazing.

NFC Eas t
Dallas Cowboys - 1989 New York Giants - 1984
The best Cowboys drafts were 1988, 1989 and 1990. The 2007 NY Giants draft class is a good one, but with
One HOFer in each year - Michael Irvin in ’88, Troy such a recent history to go off of, it’s tough to really
Aikman in ’89 and Emmitt Smith in ’90. The put it on this list. But, the book has been written for
difference in 1989 were the complementary parts, so the 1984 draft class and it had some sweet endings.
to speak. FB Moose Johnston, Smith’s escort for so LB Carl Banks was the #3 pick and when the light
many years, was an early 2nd rounder. C Mark finally went on, he was fantastic. #27 pick in the first
Stepnoski went with the first pick in the third round. round T William Roberts was a fixture at tackle. QB
DE Tony Tolbert, who was a contributor on defense, Jeff Hostetler, who led the team to a win in SB XXV,
went in the fourth round. And, just to show how good went in the third round, while LB Gary Reasons was
the class was, 2nd round pick Steve Wisniewski was a fourth rounder. WR Lionel Manuel was great
traded to Oakland and became an 8-time Pro Bowler. value in the 7th.

Philadelphia Eagles - 1984 Washington Redskins - 1981

A different loophole this time for the Eagles most The linemen draft. The Redskins hung their hat on
outstanding draft...the 1984 draft produced, well, both their offensive and defensive line and a great
really nothing. But, that same year, the NFL had a USFL majority of those “players” came out of this draft. T
dispersal draft. With the fourth pick in that dispersal Mark May was taken in the first, while Pitt
draft, the Eagles selected Memphis Showboat DE teammate C Russ Grimm was taken in the third.
Those t wo were instrumental in the foundation of the
Reggie White. I think he was pretty good. He was Hogs. DE Dexter Manley, who was a terror off the
the cornerstone of those great Buddy Ryan defenses in edge in the ‘80s, was taken in the fifth, along with Rice
the late 1980s/early 1990s. The three names that product Darryl Grant, who was moved over to the
went ahead of White in the same dispersal draft - defensive line, in the 9th round. For skill players sake,
Steve Young, Mike Rozier and Gary Zimmerman. 3 WR Charlie Brown, a member of the Smurfs, went in
HOFers out of those 4 picks. Wow. the 8th round.
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
“...What We Said, a long time ago”
The G ood...
Ngata is a beast, but whether he plays that way 100% of the time is a major question. This kid has dealt with more
issues – health and the loss of his t wo parents – that he's had to grow up awfully fast. For as big as he is, I still think
that he's a one-gap tackle, but he does show at times that he could dominate over the nose in the 3-4. It's just hard to
get a read on a guy who only played one full year due to injuries and setbacks, but when he turns it up, oh boy, he
eats linemen for lunch. Yes, linemen, plural.

- JH’s Draft Assessment for Haloti Ngata, drafted by Baltimore Ravens in 2006
Sleeper: David Anderson, Colorado State – Guys like Hines Ward and 1. George Foster - OT - Broncos:  Drafted
Ricky Proehl have made careers out of catching the ball, blocking too high and people will expect too much
defensive backs and being solid, strong team players. That's what you'll from him.  
get out of Anderson. He's not a big guy at all, but he's quick in space and 2. William Joseph - DT - Giants:   If he
has tremendous hands. couldn't dominate on the Cane defense
against Big East competition, then what
- JH’s “Sleeper” Assessment for Wide Receivers in 2006. now?
3. Pisa Tinoisamoa - LB - Rams: We'll see if
Most of you know how much I love N ic k M a n g o ld i s t h e b e s t he fits Rams system, but I think he could
Reggie Bush, but I'm telling you right interior OL in this draft and he get manhandled too much.
now NC State's Mario Williams may has the athletic ability to pull if
you want to sweep, get to the 4. Bethel Johnson - WR - Patriots: Teams
end up having more draft value than
second level and take care of LBs are in love with his speed, but I would like
the 2005 Heisman winner or anyone
with zone schemes and he's got to see more production on the field.
else in the draft for that matter. enough strength to hang in 5. Calvin Pace - DE - Cardinals:  I like Pace,
there against bull rushes. but not that early in the first round.  Def.
- JH’s Assessment of #1 DE prospect linemen have faired poorly in Arizona.
out of NC State Mario Williams in - LZ’s Assessment of Ohio State
2006 center Nick Mangold in 2006 - LZ’s Potential Busts after 2003 Draft.
5 Direct Hits!

Frank Gore - Miami - RB:  He didn't look very sharp last year, but no one ever does when he is coming off of an ACL
injury.  His knee injuries will scare teams away, but when he was healthy, he was as good as any back in this draft.

Jason Brown - North Carolina - C:   You've read about him already in this newsletter, but I must reiterate that
when you get a dominant run-blocking center, that can be a MAJOR factor in a possession running attack.

- LZ’s Diamonds in the rough for the 2005 draft. Both were fantastic third and fourth round finds

The Bad (and Ugly)...

Houston: A- = So you don’t like the pick of ...but Charley Casserly knows what he’s doing and what he wants
Ragone in the 3rd round? Big deal. What to do with his defensive fronts.
about Rogers, Joppru and Peak who will be
starting for the team for years to come. Plus, - JH’s responding to Texans drafting Travis Johnson in 2005 Draft
Seth Wand is considering one of the steals of Day Blog (Ouch. That one hurts.)
the draft on the offensive line. Barron reminds me a great deal of former Miami Hurricane Bryant
McKinnie. Huge wingspan, good feet, tremendous athlete for a guy
- LZ’s Draft Grade for Houston Texans 2003 of any size. Heck, the guy has a 381/2 inch vertical jump. McKinnie
had some of the best feet you’d ever seen in a college player, and
8. Rodrique Wright - UT - DT: Injuries that made him a quality pass protector. Barron is the quite the same
impacted his play last year as he disappointed way. But, as a pass protecting left tackle, he’s going to be a 12 year
somewhat, but he has the tools to be a top 5 starter in the League.
- JH’s Assessment of former FSU OT Alex Barron (and I didn’t even
- LZ’s Overall Top Ten Prospects for 2006. like
Wright went seventh. Seventh Round. the guy back then, but you wouldn’t know it from this)
A V i e w f r o m t h e S i de l i n e 2 0 1 0 NF L D r af t R e p o r t S p o n s o r s
2010 NFL Draf t Report
Z R e p o rt Draf t Sh o w Po dc a s t s
S e a n Pe n de rg a s t, Jo h n H a r r i s a n d L a n c e Zie r le i n m a k e u p t h e Z Re p o rt
Draf t Sh o w du r i n g Draf t s e a s o n . Th e s e a re t h e p o dc a s t l i n k s t o
l i s te n . . . i f yo u m i s s e d i t. Ob v i o us l y, t h e l i n k s o n l y wo r k w i t h t h e
e le c t ro n ic ve rs i o n o f t h e ne ws le t te r. . . i f yo u ne e d a n e le c t ro n ic c o py,
s e n d a n e m a i l t o s ide l i ne v ie w@ gm a i l . c om - a s k L Z f o r a c o py.
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