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Granite (Lap-gr-m) Cancer

Remedy made from most radioactive granite, Igneous rock

Murvey Granite from near Barna, Co. Galway.
Quartz 40% Si02
Potassium Feldspar 31% KAlSi308
Plagioclase 27% NaAlSi308, CaAl2Si208
Biotite Chlorite 2% K(Mg, Fe)3(AlSi3010) (0H, F)2
Within granite there are three radioactive elements:
Potassium 3-4% by weight a rays
Uranium 1-10 ppm a, b and g rays
Thorium 10-50 ppm a, b and g rays.
Weakness, dragging myself around all day, with

Its the rock , a symbol of permanence

I am the rock
About being the mountain * Building a structure that supports
About creating a mountain, the meaning of it, and the breaking apart

Locked up in this mineral.thing * Inside a corporate mountain * Inside themselves


Highly Structured (Sil, Al)

I have this structure * a lot of image wrapped up in it (Sil) (Calc-c and Calc-Sil part of granite)
Need to keep the appearance up

VERY ANXIOUS (because radio-active)

Panicky feeling about structure crumbling (relieved by structuring)
The forces of nature crack it, etc. the structure breaking down like bad teeth
They have so much anxiety about pieces breaking off, crumbling
Hard, but if water seeps in, it can crack and break

HARD * Strong outer layer

Theyve got to be tough ** Where they cant be

The feeling of pressure (in lots of heavy minerals)

Feeling the weight of this structure theyve created

Its maintaining their survival, but its draining them

Very Introverted
Need to hide, when structure is not working
Doing for others
I do all this for other people, Im there, and something sets them off and they dont care then
If they are hurt, then they dont care
Very Sensitive to being hurt

The newer the mountains -> the higher they are

Granite (Lap-gr-m) Cancer

Bringing the earth up towards heaven, Pattern
the earthly sort of life
The end of a mountain is silica marina (sand)

Can get very cold
Headaches, backaches, anything related to keeping the structure up
Following the dreams, I contacted a friend who is a geologist at University College, Galway. He explained about the radioactivity in granite. Apparently, Connemara granite has one of the highest levels of
radioactivity of the granites found in Britain and Ireland, and the pink granite has a particularly high level
of radioactivity.
On the information in the first dream, Connemara, I discovered, does have a higher level of cancer
and Downs Syndrome than the rest of the country. Granite in Ireland is considered responsible for 35%
of cancer in the country. Ireland is mainly limestone and the granite areas are very small. The other
points have no statistics. It is generally accepted that Connemara people are extremely introverted. I have
also been informed that there is a lot of inbreeding in Connemara. It is my impression that Connemara
people are certainly big.
Rubrics from Proving
Anger, contradiction, easily
Anger, contradiction, indignation, with
Anxiety, trifles, about
Delusions attacks and insults, defend themselves against imaginary
Delusions attacks and insults, diminished, others are, in size.
Delusions, attacks and insults, dispossessed, will be
Delusions, enemy, everyone is an
Delusions, happen, something terrible is going to
Delusions, inferior, people seen as
Delusions, invaded, is being
Delusions, wrong, he has done.
Irritable takes everything in bad parts
Nervous in afternoon, with hands trembling and sweating
Heat, flushes, recurring with sweating
Dreams confused, of family, of parents
Dreams, of grandparents, of old friends
Dreams, of dead bodies, dead children
Dreams, of being pregnant, giving birth, babies
Dreams, of being raped
Dreams, violent

Granite (Lap-gr-m) Cancer

Waking difficult, have to drag myself out of sleep
Waking, confused disorientated feeling on
Active night, with high energy
Air open amel.
Alcoholic drinks amel. all symptoms
Cold agg - even when hot
Lie down, frequently must
Lie down, frequently want to
Lying amel.
Lying amel, on side, curled up with hands between thighs
Tobacco, smoking agg.
Tobacco, increased desire for
Weakness all day
Weakness, morning, afternoon, evening
Weakness, alternating with high nervous energy
Weakness, dragging myself around all day, with
Weakness, dragging myself out of bed in morning
Weakness, general, but manage to muster up nervous energy for work
Weakness, with shaky, wobbly feeling
Weakness, talking agg.
Weakness, tobacco agg.
Weakness, visitors agg.
Weakness, waves, comes in