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Compact Offshore Substation

Reduction in CAPEX and OPEX

The development of high power electrical installations for offshore application requires an entirely
different approach to construction, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.
Using onshore proven technologies and best practices as the major design drivers in offshore substation applications, has resulted in topsides that are too heavy driving both CAPEX and offshore
installation cost to an extreme level.

Offshore Challenges

The prime function of an offshore AC substation is to connect, transform and transport the power from the wind
turbines towards the grid connections or an HVDC linking
point. Size and weight are crucial in designing offshore
installations. Offshore reliability and asset maintenance
demands, require new approaches in the application of
high voltage system technology and redundancy concepts
in a harsh environment new to the power industry.

By using Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and Gas Insulated

Transformers (GIT), the COSS platform design delivers an
optimal weight/power ratio compared to conventional
offshore substations. Due to the lack of oil, the risk for fire
or explosions has been reduced to virtually zero. The weight
reduction leads to more installation flexibility due to the
amount and availability of appropriate installation vessels.

With initial partners KCI and Toshiba, Liandon has developed a new Compact Offshore Substation (COSS) to address
these challenges. The core design element is to remove the
heavy oil based transformers on an offshore substation
including their space and weight consuming auxiliary systems such as oil store/dumping tanks etc.

Offshore Substation 2.0

The Compact Offshore Substation (COSS) has been designed around two
(SF6) Gas Insulated Transformers (GIT) with a total power of 360 MVA.
Although new to offshore applications, GITs have a 40 years proven track
record in power applications mainly situated in the Far East.
Designed to address the needs for compact and explosion free use, the
GIT has developed into a mature transformer solution for dedicated
power applications. The reduced weight and space required by GITs make
these transformers an ideal replacement for oil transformers in offshore
substation platforms. With MV switchgear for incoming and HV Gas
Insulated Switchgear for the outgoing cable connections, the COSS platform complies with state of the art offshore wind park requirements. New
patent-pending designs on horizontal GIT replacement handling, have
contributed to a lower weight and gravity point of the topside construction.

EPIC Delivery
MLK Projects is fully competent to turn key deliver offshore substations.
Extensive experience in all stages of an EPIC project is available. Services
and activities include design, engineering, procurement, construction,
manufacturing, conservation, preservation, load out, sea fastening,
assembly/erection, installation, commissioning and start up.

Compact Offshore
Substation benefits
Reduced weight
Fit for purpose = lean design
Power 360 MVA
Strongly reduced risk for fire/explosions
Compact modular design

Reduced O&M due to smart design

The COSS platform is designed to minimize maintenance
requirements compared to conventional offshore substations. The less is more COSS design strategy has
resulted in an optimal layout and accessibility for O&M
activities during the lifetime of the substation. Minimum
downtime for O&M services has been addressed in the
COSS basic design.
Our O&M strategy concept is focused at condition based
maintenance and incremental improvements to continuously reduce the yearly OPEX spending. We offer 24/7
remote monitoring and alarm management services,
including first line and second line of response by our
team of technicians. Our framework of operation services
includes daily wind park operation, maintenance coordination, incident management, performance & QHSE

management, reliability & integrity management and

all support process services needed. We perform long
term O&M services in the areas of primary HV power
systems, all secondary utilities equipment and structural
MLK Projects has a basic workforce for offshore O&M
activities of 120+ service technicians.

The experts behind MLK Projects

MLK Projects was founded by Liandon, part of major Dutch power distribution company Alliander, in close cooperation with Mercon and Imtech. As associated engineering company, KCI has contributed strongly to the COSS design
and developments.

High Voltage applications have always been the expertise domain of Liandon. Responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of the Alliander network, Liandon
has gained extensive experience on HV substations and power cable connections. With
730+ employees, Liandon takes care of over 100HV substations including some 460HV
transformers. Liandons operational field expertise has resulted in the design concept
for the COSS solution.

With over 27000 employees, consortium member Imtech forms a strong partner in the
design and delivery of COSS projects and onshore related project activities. Imtechs expertise is used in the area of electrical and mechanical services, including design, project
delivery management and offshore maintenance. Imtech is one of the largest players in
the GreenTech market in Europe. Around 30% of Imtechs total revenue is derived from
green technology and sustainability.

In Mercons philosophy, quality & innovation combined with on time delivery lead to
customer satisfaction. With two excellent equipped yards with direct access to open
sea, consortium partner Mercon offers the right production facilities for the fabrication
of COSS topsides and substructures. Building on a history of over 35 years in the
construction of offshore platforms, Mercon has developed itself into an experienced
EPIC contractor. Mercon employs a workforce of 450 engineers and craftsmen. Both
yards have the capacity to scale up to 800 men each.

KCI is a multidisciplinary engineering firm providing full design, engineering and consultancy services to both Oil & Gas and Offshore Renewables Industry. As associated
engineering company to MLK Projects, KCI uses its in depth expertise to turn the innovative COSS concept into a Substation 2.0; a next step in offshore substation technology.
KCIs disciplines encompass: Process, Piping, E,I & C, Mechanical Rotating, Structural, R&D,
Mechanical Structures, Subsea and Hydrodynamics. KCIs services include: Procurement,
Expediting, Execution Management and HSE.

MLK Projects
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