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College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Languages

First Semester, School Year 2010-2011

ENGL6 Speech Communication

Submitted by: Niena Jane V. Villanueva

BS Psychology 2 Irreg
Submitted to: Mrs. Legaspi

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Hamlet is one of the great works of Shakespeare. Even before, I do not appreciate
Shakespeares. The only story I know is Romeo and Juliet. The reason I read that is
because it was a requirement in our English class when I was in high school. I really hate
Shakespeares because of its dead language and old-structured English. I found
difficulties in understanding the works of Shakespeare. But when I watched Hamlet, I
understand the story. The Director, Direk Mel Magno, made a way to impart to the students
the story of Hamlet. They used simple yet elegant words that is appropriate for early times.

The actors and actresses portrayed their characters well. They were all fluent in
English. They used British accent. They pronounced and enunciate the words correctly.
They are like foreigners. The costumes were appropriate for the time of Hamlet. They are
very catchy in the eyes of the audience because of its bright colors and glittering beads.

Sound effects are good and appropriate for every scene it was played. The lights or
color of lights they used added life or made every scene more real. My favorite part of the
story was when Hamlet convinces an acting company to reenact King Hamlets death before
Claudius. The acting was funny and entertaining. Another one is the sword duel between
Laertes and Hamlet. It was breath-taking. Especially, when the poisoned drink was offered
to Hamlet. Whew! That was close! I whispered to myself.

The most negative that I noticed is not in the play. It was the place. The place was
not accommodating. It was hot and uncomfortable. The gym was used for plays but not for

role plays. I hope that our school will have an amphitheater. So that, the student will
appreciate more the beauty of theater and learn effectively.

I also noticed the smoke. It was unpleasant to the nose of the students. It will be
much better if they used the unscented smoke. Another thing is the number of microphones.
Horatio was coming near to Hamlet in order for him to be heard.

Horatio was known to be Hamlets best friend. I dislike the part when Hamlet slapped
him. Horatio, Juan Carlo Tarobal, is not worthy of slaps because of his appearance. It is not
good for handsome guys to be slap on their face. Same with Hamlet, Mikel Campos, is so
attractive to do such slaps to someone. Another negative I saw was Ophelia. Ii seems like
Ophelia and Hamlet are not good love team. Hamlet has fair and white skin. I think, Ophelia
should also be like that. But she was a good actress anyway.

Many students found hamlet as a boring play. Maybe, I think, it will be more
productive if the casts will sing. I think, it will be nice if they will make Hamlet a musical play.
I also think if there will be more humor so that the audience will more appreciate the beauty
of theater. Another is the volume of the sound effects. When there are no actresses or
actors speak, it should be in a little bit high volume so that it will be more exciting.

Ive learned that Hamlet is about the thirst for power, trust and revenge. Claudius is a
corrupt politician whose main weapon is his ability to manipulate others through his skillful
language. His speech is like a poison. He will do everything to gain power and get
everything he wanted. He killed his own brother, King Hamlet, in order to get the position as
a king and to get his wife, Gertrude.

I learned that people should not trust much. The reason why God put the brain at the
top before the heart is to think first and to be wise. Perhaps, King Hamlet will not die if he
did not trusted Claudius that much.

Looking back to the play, a word flashbacked on my mind. Revenge. I believe that
people should not revenge. People dont have the right to revenge. I saw that ii is not good
for a man to revenge because his or her heart is not in peace. Just like Hamlet, his heart
suffers. He even lost his trust to Ophelia because of what his mother did. I believe that
everything should be entrusted to God. He is just. I know, He is the one that will revenge for
the people who are offended and hurt.