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Fairy Godmother Speech]

o Fairy Godfather enters
Prince Charmings introduced
Fairy Godmother is taken off stage by Prince


Mother and Velina finish book

o Velina asks why all the stories have knights in shining
armor, but no warrior women or female fighters
Mother doesnt give a solid answer; basically chalks
it up to Thats the way they wrote it. Thats history.
Velina says doesnt like that and shes going to
do something about that.
o Mother sings facetious song about Fairy
Godmother visiting her in her sleep
Mention in dialogue that Velina doesnt know her
father and the mother needs to be vague about it
because this will let the reveal (that the Fgfs
daughter and Velina are both the daughters of FGm
and Fgf; Velinas mom was a surrogate who found
her on her doorstep)


Fairy Godfathers daughter asks him why the Fairy Godmother is

locked in a cage
o Fairy Godfather tells her that sometimes it needs to
happen, Fairy Godfathers daughter doesnt like his
reasoning, asks to see the keys to the cell (or steals them
from the dumber Prince Charming who holds them??), and
lets the Fairy Godmother out of her cage
Fairy Godmother leaves to visit Velina in her dreams


Fairy Godmother visits Velina in her dream while she sleeps

o Fairy Godmother tells Velina that she must find Dorothy,
remind her who she is, and tell her to use her silver
slippers to travel from Fairytale to Fairytale, reminding the
princesses who they are

Fairy Godfather curses his daughter, makes her forget who she
is, and sends her (and two dumb Prince Charmings [clowns] who
fuck things up) to recapture Fairy Godmother, Velina, and the
Princesses, and bring them back to Fairytale Row.
A2. S1.

Velina wakes up, sees her mother outside, and decides not to tell
her where she is going.
o Instead, she leaves a note that says, Im not coming back
until things are different. Until, Ive changed the ending.
Velina exits.

A2. S2.
Velina visits Dorothy, tells her what the Fairy Godmother said,
tells her where her slippers are (no one knows except Dorothy,
who keeps them hidden [find out where/how she gets them in
the Baum book]), and tells her she needs to use them to travel
from Fairytale to Fairytale and save the other princesses.

Fairy Godfathers daughter arrives at home, finds Velinas mom

who has just read the letter.
o FGfs daughter tells Velinas mom that she is one of Velina
friends from school. F Gfs daughter consoles her, tries to
get the letter from Velinas mom [antics with the Prince
Charmings while Fgfs daughter tries to distract
commeddia characters], but doesnt succeed because
Velinas mom hears something that one of the dumb Prince
Charmings says or catches them trying to steal it from her
and decides to throw the note in the fireplace.
Then, Fgfs daughter and the Prince Charmings take
Velinas mother back to Fairytale Row to see Fairy


Prince Charming returns with Velinas mother.

o Fairy Godfather questions her.

Velinas mom resists until she is cursed and tells

Fairy Godfather that the note said Velina was going
to Dorothys house in a neighboring town in Kansas.
Fairy Godfather tells all of the Prince Charmings
to go after Velina, even though Fgfs daughter
has done a good job thus far (this is when Fgfs
daughter hints that she isnt into the whole
patriarchal this mission requires men vibe)
o There is a huge song with Fairy
Godfather, the Charmings
Fairy Godfathers daughter shows
some signs of discomfort/not
digging the Godfather/Charmings
male dominated dynamic