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Manifesto Watch on Development – Lawrence Haddad, IDS, April 22, 2010

Issue Labour Conservatives Liberal Democrat

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change (2005
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Human rights
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Length of Global Poverty Emergency 1.5pp One world conservatism 2pp Climate 4pp
sections Strengthening global security and Combating climate change 3pp Development 1.5 pp
preventing conflict 1pp
Green recovery 4.25pp
Framing A green future for Britain: A Protect the Environment: vote Your World
Green Recovery blue go green
Britain must work together with our
To be on track for the transition to A Conservative government will cut partners abroad if we are to have
a low-carbon economy in a way carbon emissions and rebuild our the best hope of meeting the
that is fair, secure and helps create energy security. We will make it challenges the world faces. We
the jobs of the future, as we protect easier for people to go green, with believe in freedom, justice,
and enhance our natural incentives for people to do the right prosperity and human rights for all
environment and quality of life. For thing. We will protect our precious and will do all we can to work
the Tories the environment has habitats and natural resources, and towards a world where these hopes
been all about image — by failing promote a sustainable farming become reality. Above all, climate
to deliver on our renewable energy industry. We will fulfil our change is the greatest challenge
targets, reversing our planning responsibility to hand on a richer facing this generation.
reforms and giving up on our new and more sustainable natural
industrial strategy, they would put environment to future generations.
Labour’s low-carbon revolution in • Securing Britain’s future with
jeopardy. • Combat climate change global action
o Ambitious goals for
• Towards a green economy • Tackling climate change
reducing emissions
• Clean energy o Promote low carbon • Leading the fight against
• Making green living easier and energy production climate change
fairer o Safeguard the UK’s
• Sustainable farming, healthy energy security • Protecting the global
o Help people go green environment
• Thriving rural communities • Meeting Britain’s obligations to
• Conserve and enhance the the developing world
A global future natural environment
o Conserve wildlife • Equipping Britain’s armed
“To harness our strengths and o Protect habitats forces for the 21st century
values, as we develop Britain’s o Promote sustainable and • A fair deal for our service
world role in a global era, using our productive farming personnel
alliances and networks in order to practices
promote security, economic o Use natural resources • Putting Britain at the heart of
prosperity, development and to responsibly Europe
safeguard the environment. The
contrast with the Tory view could • Standing up for liberal values all
Promote our National Interest: over the world
not be starker: they are stuck in
the past, spurning alliances in A Conservative government will
Europe and helpless to defend our defend our national security and
interests or secure the global support our brave Armed Forces in
change we need” everything they do. We will
promote our national interest with
• Afghanistan: our commitment an active foreign policy. We will
• Strengthening our armed forces work constructively with the EU,
and national security but we will not hand over any more
• A strong Britain in a reformed areas of power and we will never
Europe join the Euro. We will honour our
• Strengthening global security aid commitments and make sure
and preventing conflict this money works for the poorest
• The global poverty emergency: nations
our moral duty our common
interest • a stronger Britain in a safer
• Reforming global institutions world
• defend our security
o a resilient nation
o support our brave armed
• a liberal conservative foreign
o promote our enlightened
self interest
• an open and democratic Europe
o restore democratic
• one world conservatism
o deliver on our
commitment to the
world’s poorest nations
International • Lead an international campaign Liberal Democrats are committed
Development to get MDGs back on track “We will honour our commitment to to working towards a world free
Policy • Enshrine 0.7 in law early in next spend 0.7 per cent of national from poverty, inequality and
parliament income in aid, and ensure our aid is injustice and meeting the
• Aid will target the poorest and transparent and properly targeted. Millennium Development Goals is a
most excluded vital first step. But beyond this we
We will spend at least £500 million will also ensure that action is taken
• Fight corruption
a year to tackle malaria. Both the to allow developing nations to grow
• Strengthen tax systems
British people and those who and to prevent them suffering
• At least 5% of all “funding receive aid will get more control unfairly the effects of climate
developing country budgets” to over how it is spent. change infl cted by developed
strengthening parliaments and countries.
civil society We will push for a trade deal which
• Maintain leadership in debt brings growth to the poorest • Increase the UK’s aid budget to
cancellation countries, helps those countries reach the UN target of 0.7 per
• Maintain support for health, adapt to climate change, and puts of GNI by 2013 and enshrine
education in place the building blocks of that target in law. We will hold
• Move water and sanitation up wealth creation” the G8 to its Gleneagles
the agenda pledges on aid, including on the
• Global Council on Child Hunger • We will legislate in the first 0.7 per cent target.
• Double funding to new UN session of a new Parliament to • Work with other countries to
agency on women lock in this level of spending for establish new sources of
• Work closely with NGOs and every year from 2013. development financing,
developing countries to including bringing forward
eliminate user fees • Create a new Stabilisation and urgent proposals for a financial
Reconstruction Force to bridge transaction tax and a cap-and-
• Encourage others to ratify ILO
the gap between the military trade system for carbon
standards on labour
and the reconstruction effort. emissions from aviation and
• Quadruple funding for fair and
ethical trade
• We will stop giving aid to China • Support reform of the global
• Press for a fair WTO deal—no
and Russia and review which financial institutions such as the
enforced liberalisation, duty
other countries should get World Bank and IMF.
free quota free access
British aid. We will focus more • Ban banks from facilitating the
• Reforming global institutions: on the poorest, paying transfer of funds obtained by
power is shifting downwards particular attention to corruption. We will crack down
and outwards to new nonstate development within the on tax havens which allow
actors—governments and Commonwealth. individuals and corporations to
global institutions must respond
• establish a Poverty Impact Fund avoid paying taxes to
• Extension of the G8 to support innovative and developing countries.
• WB and IMF to focus more on effective British poverty fighting • Ensure that the developing
poorest and on green growth, groups which do not currently world is prepared to deal with
both becoming more inclusive, qualify for government funding; the consequences of a changing
IMF to focus more on stability • explore ways to help the very climate. We will ensure that
• Radical UN reform, overhaul of poorest developing countries adaptation and mitigation
agencies, new sec council, take part in international measures are financed by
budget reform climate change negotiations, industrialised nations on top of
• Make a case for the enduring and work to make our aid existing aid commitments.
role for the commonwealth ‘climate-smart’; • Prioritise health and education
• Reform of NATO, strengthen • end Labour’s use of the Export programmes which aim to
capacity of regional security Credit Guarantee Department promote gender equality,
organisations such as the to support investment in dirty reduce maternal and infant
African Union fossil fuel power stations, and mortality, and restrict the
• International commitments and instead use it to help spread spread of major diseases like
a voice for Britain in new green energy technology HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. We
international affairs not an to developing countries will focus effort on supplying
option extra -- central to our • encourage the establishment of basic needs like clean water.
vision of a better Britain a Pan-African Free Trade Area, • Support a global fund for social
• Strengthen alliances in a way which has the potential to protection to help developing
that speaks to values transform that continent’s countries build viable welfare
economies. systems.
• Push for a renewed
international effort on debt and
support 100 per cent
cancellation of the unpayable
debts of the world’s poorest
countries. We will also take
measures against ‘vulture
funds’ and lobby for similar
action at international level