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: Muhammad Khusairi Bin Robiin

I/C Number : 930401-10-5219


: PISMP BI 2113
: January 2013

Semester : 5

: No 10, Jalan Delima 5, Taman Arked,

08000 Sg Petani,
Contact number : 013-458 9292


Professional Statement

(Before Practicum)
Written by: Muhammad Khusairi Bin Robiin
Education is everywhere but the quality is different and measured by the expertise of the
educationists. Wortham (2003) pointed out that learning takes place in many settings, but
educational institutions foster both breadths and depths of learning. I am aware that there is a
clear purpose why I am require to be trained at IPG Kampus Tun Abdul Razak for 5 years and a
Coming from a family where my father is a teacher himself, has been brought up
continuously aware of not only the good but sometimes difficult aspects of teaching profession. I
felt this has allowed me to achieve an objective view of education as a career and therefore I
am able to make an informed decision that this is the path that I prefer. The idea of having a job
that would develop over the years, allowing for progression and development really excites me.
I am always willing to listen to new ideas and welcome a challenge. Having my own class,
getting to know each pupils as individual and witnessing them advance through their primary
education, I believe, teaching would undoubtedly be a worthwhile career.
Furthermore, pursuing my study at IPGKTAR helps me to have a better understanding of
the essence and depth of teaching profession. I learnt lots of theories in education. I also learnt
teaching and learning styles, writing lesson plans, constructing teaching aids, and carrying out
microteachings. However, all the knowledge and experiences I gained in during lectures and
simulated teachings were only in theoretical aspect. Thus, I am fully aware that this practicum is
compulsory to properly prepare me in the real teaching profession that is coming ahead.
Hence, I will do all the tasks as a real teacher to excel in this first practicum phase by
doing my best to be a teacher in SK Tambay, Samarahan. This opportunity given, I will not put to
waste by planning my lessons properly, providing my students with undividable affection and
love of education, and living up to my lecturers and mentors expectation. Therefore, I hope that
this two months of teaching practice will equip me with the good qualities that are needed by
someone to be called a certified trained teacher.

Journal 1

Week One ( 13 17 April 2015)

The long awaited week has finally come. The practicum week has at long last
commenced. This is the first week of my practicum at my school, Sekolah Kebangsaan
Tambay, Samarahan.
I cannot stop but feeling a strong apprehension in my mind whenever I come to
think about my duty during practicum and the observation that will be done by my
lecturer, Mr Tay Nguong Yong and my mentor teacher, Mr Dennis Nur Amin Abdullah.
Will I be able to carry out what I have planned successfully? How will the students react
to my teaching and learning activity? I was so worried and keep thinking whether or not
I could balance my time to carry out the never-ending school workload that I am
shouldering and to execute my practicum duty. Having a good rest can no longer fits
into my tight schedule. Honestly, it is hard. The pressure is intensifying.
The problem may arise due to the lack of mental and physical preparation in
facing all obstacles to meet my vision of becoming a great teacher with exceptional
personality. With little experience that I have, I knew that I need to make a lot of effort to
uncover my myriad of knowledge in this wide world. I could learn from the dedicated
and enthusiastic lecturers of IPGKTAR or from the senior English teachers in Sk
Tambay who are always ready to lend their hands, or just from anybody or any sources
that could assist me in strengthening my journey towards building my career as a
teacher. The preparation in term of theoretical knowledge and a little bit of pedagogy
application that I gone through at my times in IPGKTAR is sufficient but more is needed
for me to meet the standard of becoming a great teacher in the future. Nevertheless, I
have to admit that my lecturers at IPGKTAR have been a great mind opener by working
diligently to relay and to share their knowledge in making a skillful teacher out of their
students including me. They have also been a remarkable source of motivation. Hence,
it is up to us to never giving up our effort by applying what have been learnt using our
own creativity to uphold the teaching and learning method devised by the Ministry of

Education. What is more, sincerity is the number one essence in carrying out my duty
as a teacher.
Suggestion for Improvement
There are several ways that could be done to overcome the problem mentioned
a) I must make a proper mental and physical preparation by reading a lot of
materials related to motivation and pedagogical approaches in education.
b) I need to seek help and support from my supervising lecturer, my mentor teacher,
the senior teachers on those who are more experienced, to discuss on the best
way to overcome my problems and anxieties. I need to have faith in myself.
c) I have to learn to cope with the new atmosphere by taking it positively to ensure
that I can manage my core business successfully even though I undergo loads of
obstacles and have too many commitments to meet. I have to be strong and
persevere despite of having tones of school workload and time constraint due to
the lack of opportunity to focus on my practicum duty.
d) I need to re-schedule my time management in order to carry out my
responsibilities efficiently. If I cannot do my work during the day, then I will do it
the middle of the night. Even if I will not get enough sleep and rest. I will put
aside the less urgent school workload as to give more room for my practicum.
I will try to overcome my problems soonest possible; that is prior to week two of
practicum. I realize that if I am unable to manage the major problems that I am facing
this week, it could jeopardize my capability of performing my practicum duty and
delivering the teaching and learning activity effectively. The problems can also interrupt
other crucial tasks that I need to carry out in school.

Assessment of Success

I will need the assistance from my cooperating teacher and colleagues to access
the effectiveness and success of my handling the problems. I will also need to do some
self-assessment to solve these matters.
Further action
I will think of ways to deal with my problems from time to time. I will always seek
guidance and help from my supervising lecturer and cooperating teacher who have
been wonderful assistance so far. I will also ask for advice and support from other
teachers, and not forgetting my beloved family; to make sure that my problems can be
Conclusion / Reflection
Every cloud has a silver lining. It means that every difficult situation has a bright
side. This idiom is closely referred to my current situation. Even though my problems
make me somewhat apprehensive, it is actually a gift from God. This situation has really
put my capability and potential to the test. I just want to take them positively and I will
endure all difficulties with Gods help. I will grab every opportunity that permits me to
give more focus on the teaching and learning activity. After all, that is the core business
of a teacher. According to Joshua J. Marine, Challenges are what make life interesting;
overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.