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Mineral (Carbon based)
Sometimes I feel like Im in a fog, like a beached whale, Im not sure I can do my job
Simple, basic, earthy, peasant and unrefined patients
Graph will be honest, tell it all * I deserve this state * Passive, yielding reaction
Work * Feeling of responsibility or duty
Natural Humility * These people feel low to the earth, lowly
About Performance (Work)
Doubting Themselves * Can I really do my job? (Similar to Sil but w/o hiding)
(Can be functional or not at all)
Slow thinking, irresolution, poor concentration * Weak Memory
Cowardliness, fretful, nervous, restless, anxious at night * Excitability
Yet has a sensitive side to them (Puls)
Weeping from music (dull, heavy-set people) * Depression & causeless weeping

Considered part of mineral kingdom (by Eric)

Main Organs: Stomach, skin, nervous system
Carbon Remedies: Metabolism affected (Obesity), abnormal calluses and nail formation and growths
Generally left-sided complaints, l-s headaches
Chilly, Heat flushes, More often chilly, may have flushes of heat, in bed at night
Obesity, weakness in robust looking people
Generally worse in morning on waking (sad anxious, dull, vertigo)
General aggravation from suppressed discharges
Skin, thick skin, chronic problems, slow to heal
Fissures/cracks, (skin and mucus membranes meet) corners mouth, nipples, eyes, acne
Eruptions (any all) scalp, behind ears, around eyes, cracks of mouth, under arms, on genitalia, hemorrhoids,
blisters, eczema, herpes, etc...
Oozing yellow or honey-like fluid
Thickening of skin, calluses (elbows, knees), nails (deformed), keloids
Eyes (lots), cracking, red, eyelids stuff, herpes, styes, conjunctivitis (esp chronic!)
Food aversions/cravings quite strong *
aversion, sweets, salt, fish, meat, fish, soup. desires chicken, beer, sweets, bland food, Thirsty cold drinks
Chronic indigestion; better eating, from milk, warm drinks
often gall bladder problems
Headache with numb or empty, intoxicated, heavy sensation (Cocc, Plat)
Ears & Nose, chronic thick discharges (l-s), Ear ringing, hearing loss, colds
Tumors, Growths, breast malignancy, ovarian tumors, uterine malignancy, cervical HPV
Excessive sexual drive (early sex devl), later aversion or impotence
Cold/heat extremities, swelling toes, hot feet, numb forearms, cold extr.
Constipation with large hard stool

Graphites Psoric

Mineral (Carbon based)


Headache with numb or empty sensation (Cocc,

Empty feeling in the head, intoxicated feeling in
Main Organs: Stomach, skin, nervous system
Carbon Remedies: Metabolism affected (Obesity),

Left-sided headaches
abnormal calluses and nail formation and growths
Hair loss at the temples, alopecia
Sever acne
Simple, basic, earthy and unrefined patients
Eruptions on the scalp, esp the occipital

Slow thinking, irresolution, poor concentration

Psoriasis of the scalp
Weeping from music (esp in dull, heavy-set
Cobweb sensation on face (Alum)
Cracks behind the ears, eruptions behind the ears
Anxiety and dullness in morning on waking
Restless, agitated anxiety, restlessness and anxiety Lots of eye symptoms
Cracking, herpes, styes
at night
Depression and causeless weeping
Acute or chronic conjunctivitis
Memory weak for recent events
Keratitis. (ulcerations on the edge of the cornea)
Blepharitis (Blepharitis refers to a family of inflammaGenerals
tory disease processes of the eyelid)
More often chilly than warm- blooded, may have Redness at the margins of the eyelids. Eyelids agflushes of heat
Cracks of the eyelids and canthi. Styes
Generally worse in morning on waking (sad anx- Ears
Eruptions of cracks behind ears
ious, dull)
General aggravation from suppressed discharges Chronic discharges from the ears, esp left ear,
general aggravation from suppression of otorrhea
Fissures, esp where scin and mucus membranes

Otitis extrena, otitis media

Hearing loss, better from background noise such
Sudden episodes of weakness, in robust looking
as when riding ina strain
Tinnitus (ear ringing) esp the left ear, worse at
Generally has left-sided complaints
General aggravation form heat of the bed
ear discharges
Vertigo, worse in morning, worse rising, worse
Allergic rhinitis (Inflammation of mucus memCombined symptoms
branes of nose and sinuses, throat), polyps
Recurring colds
Aversion to meat, salt and sweets as a combinaCracks at nasolabial folds (along line running from
nose to corner of mouth)
The aversions and cravings can be quite strong
Cracks of the lips and corners of the mouth
desires chicken, beer, sweets, bland food
Fever blisters
aversion, sweets, salt, fish, meat, fish, soup
Halitosis, breath with odor of urine
gastritis or ulcers with pains better by eating o
beter from drinking milk (Ars) or from warm
Eruptions in axilla, under breasts (in arm pit)
Cracks of the nipples
Thirsty cold drinks
asthma from suppressed eruptions
sensation of trapped gas

Graphites Psoric

Mineral (Carbon based)

Thickened nails, vary hard. Deformed nails
Callosities of elbows, knees, hands
Toes swell during the menstrual period
feet hot, offensive, and puts them out of the covers
cold extremities
numbness of forearms
Things on skin, dont heal, constitutionally
thick skin, often with cracks
skin unhealthy easy infections, abscesses, slow
to heal
eczema, psoriasis, scales, tinea, Urticaria, Herpes
eruptions itch, worse from heat of the bed,
scratches to the point of bleeding
eruptions ooze a thick, yellow or honey-like fluid
which drives into golden crystals on the skin
keloids, poison oak, erysipelas
Constipation with large hard stool, stool stays in
rectum with no urge to expel it
rectal itching
eruptions of genitalia
eruptions on upper, inner thigh
excessive sexual drive (early sex devl)
decreased sexual desire or performance, aversion
to sex in later stages
loses the erection during intercourse
ovarian tumors, uterine malignancy, cervical
often gall bladder problems
Chronic indigestion from food problems
Intense food cravings
Carbons can grab a hold of fibroids, and often take a care
of them
Can see flooding
Eris thinks Psoric, yet cancer thing

Case: Graphites
Woman, 41
Heavy set lives w/sister
Both are in ministry, but different churches
Up in front of people all the time
She ahs a lot of guilt about things
Has dumb fiberoids
Gets bloated
Has spotting
Sister has dumb tumors cut out years ago
I feel like mac truck hit me
Feel exhausted, crummy
Im a sleepy type of person
I feel like Im in a fog all day
She had nine big tumors removed nine years ago
I feel heavy in my head
Not clear thinking
Like a beached whale (would have a carbon issue
lack of oxygen)
Was perky when got first parish
But then fibroids started to grow
Had hemorrhoids
Had surgery, was traumatic (surgeries can put you in
Carbon state)
Heavier periods now
Had Rosatia (common in Carb)
Gets very nervous when speaking in front of congregation
Its her duty to do this job, but really stressed about it
Im a detail person
Things are well thought out
Stress of working with people
I think Ill never get married
Introvert, quiet and shy
Hard to getup in front of people, I love people but I
have to get away from them
I have awesome respect for Gods word
She did say she felt persecuted, in parish (although not
a Graphites thing)
Thyroid problems
Was happy in family
Gets dreams of college and big term papers, and missing class
(Probably Cancer miasm)
Terrified of grade and term papers and of flunking
Every year it was something
I felt I got mentally striped by these people
(they work themselves into the ground)
She says her sister kills herself

Graphites Psoric

Mineral (Carbon based)

(trouble choosing very good words so may get misled)

I wish I could level out these emotions
I cry a lot
Im a mush for babies
There just arent many good Christian guys
Worse heat and humidity, better open air
But inclined to be chilly
Craves spicy (Graph)
Has dream: holding a baby, baby was unfinished
Has been jealous of co-worker who does more baptisms
Case: Woman (Sankaran T30)
Ugly skin problem on face and body
Rash worse due to grief and shock of father-inlaws death
My plant died 20 year old Bonsai plant
I was very attached to it
I was depressed
I felt I must have a son because no one reacted
to me in good way
To divert myself, I did Bonsai
Skin problem I do not go out of the house
Nervous and odd, for first time I was doing something new
Nervous, hesitant to do anything new
Facing something new makes me nervous
My father-in-law is absent, hes now dead, I am
nervous, Can I do it on my own?
I cannot go out of the house
Therefore staying inside the house
Rem: Graphites