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Terms of Reference: Operations Support Intern

Reports to:

Operations Support Officer

Action Against Hunger USA (New York City office)
Spring 2016

Action Against Hunger | ACF International is a humanitarian nonprofit

organization operating in over 45 countries worldwide in the sectors of
nutrition, health, water/hygiene/sanitation, and food security.
ACF-USA, an independent NGO, currently manages operations in seven
countries the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, South Sudan,
Nigeria, Pakistan, Uganda, and Cambodia with programs run by
approximately 55 permanent staf headquartered in New York City, 100
expatriate employees, and approximately 1,200 local staf.
Summary of Position, Essential Functions and Responsibilities
Recently, the ACF-US Headquarters moved offices within New York City
and is undergoing a number of major changes. In particular, the ACF
Network decided to take on a new internal database system called
Sharepoint. The software will allow all ACF Headquarters and field offices
to be connected to the same information system, making the exchange of
documents more effective, time efficient and transparent. In parallel, ACFUS is also moving forward with the installation of a grant management
software called Precio. The Operations Support Intern will be responsible
for the migration of documents from ACF-US former database to
Sharepoint and Precio. They will gain knowledge about the two softwares
and will become familiar with the different documents required to manage
an NGO.
ACF-US country offices (Cambodia, DRC, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, South
Sudan, Uganda) have a library of different documents that need updating
on an annual basis. The Operations Support Intern will be responsible for
doing research relevant to the documents needing updates and will be
required to provide new and innovative ways to present the information.
The intern will gain knowledge about each of ACF-US countries and will
lead the development of a number of these documents.
Other responsibilities include re-organizing the technical library of hard
copy documents in the office as well as providing support to the Gender
Working Group through research and conducting some small analyses.
Key Activities
Action Against Hunger USA

Migrate documents from G-drive to Sharepoint and Precio

Organize technical library
Research for each of ACF-US countries to update country-specific
Support Country teams in producing project summary documents
Support Gender Working Group with analysis of gender in current
Provide recommendations on ways to improve layout of documents
Support Operations department with various projects as they arise

Required Skills and Experience

Genuine interest in and commitment to the humanitarian principles

of Action Against Hunger
Previous experience in an office (non-profit experience preferred)
Excellent research, writing and editing skills required
Strong computer skills and an ability to learn new software quickly
Strong organizational skills
Great attention to detail, enthusiasm, and desire to be a team player
Excellent written and spoken English

Action Against Hunger USA