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Blossoming SEEDs of Phoenix

MARCH 2016
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Executive Directors Comments
March 2016

Everyone is starting to get Spring Fever here in Phoenix, and it is

no exception here at SEEDs as well. We have plenty of spring
events coming up these next couple of months like: taking our
mobile boutique to the plaza at Tempe Diablo Stadium Saturday
March 12th for the Angels vs. Giants spring training game. This
will be our first time using our boutique so we are excited to get it
out in the community. Speaking of baseball, this is also our first
time that SEEDs will be pulling a double hitter, as we will be at two
events on the same day! Saturday March 12th, we will be selling
products at the Master Gardeners Garden Tour: "Real Gardens
for Real People". You can find details to both of these events on
our Facebook site. If these aren't opportunities to come and visit
us, we will also be selling our products Saturday March 19th, at
the Autism Expo held at the Ability360 Center.

This issue is a great one, chalked full of very interesting articles. It

was a pleasure to proof it and see all the information come to life,
after watching and hearing everyone talk about them while they
were doing their research. These articles add so much to what
goes on here at SEEDs, and Carly, our newsletter instructor has
worked hard to put together a tremendously structured class in the
process. It is a big deal to our participants to have the
opportunity to write them, and we hope you enjoy them as much as
we do.

On a final note, so you can get past this and start reading the fun
stuff, don't forget to mark your calendars for Saturday May 7th
for our Annual Art Jam Open House. We can't thank you enough for your support.

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Unusual Place of the Month: the Fremont Troll

By Jeff
The statues history started with a contest
sponsored by the Fremont Arts Council in 1990
to rehabilitate the area under the bridge, which
was turning into an unofficial garbage dump and
spot for drug dealing. Inspired by that famous
fairy-tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff and built
by for different, talented artists together, this big
lug ended up crawling under to scare away the
drug dealers from Seattles most colorful
neighborhood. (In fact, Fremont could be labeled
as an Unusual Place in its own right, but I would
have too much to write about however, so look it
up on your own). Luckily all goats have nothing
to fear from him as he is already stone.

Roaming in the Fremont neighborhood of

Seattle, Washington, by the Puget Sound inlet on

the Pacific near Canada, is a great and terrible
creature of legend. Terrorizing the good people
under the George Washington Memorial Bridge,
the monster grabs cars and devours the drivers
and other pedestrians by swallowing them whole
by the handful in...No, I am not talking about
Bigfoot! That big ape is famous enough already.
This monstrosity is the one and only Fremont

The Troll continues to be an icon of Fremont. He

appeared in the movie, 10 Things I Hate About
You, a smaller version of him on wheels road in
the 2007
Red Bull
Race in
31 the
people of
the Trolls
with a
Trollaween celebration. He has appeared in
numerous merchandise including t-shirts,
postcards and even his own chia pet! He can be
found under his bridge for visitors at all hours
between North 34th and North 36th at Aurora
Ave. North, renamed in 2005 to Troll Ave. North.
He also has a Facebook account but he doesn't
seem to do any Internet trolling. I wonder where
he keeps his giant laptop

OK, Now that I got your attention, I can start this

article properly. Also known as the Troll Under
the Bridge, this mixed media statue, made of
steel rebar, wire and concrete, lurched his way
under the bridge and into the hearts of locals and
visitors, on Halloween of 1990. The
Scandinavian behemoth interactive with visitors
and has often been decorated with chalk
drawings and even a Santa hat during the
holidays. You may also climb up and down the
Troll and punch him in his good eye made from a
hubcap. In his mighty left hand is a real
Volkswagen Beetle covered in cement. The volks
was at one point also a time capsule for some
Elvis merchandise as well but the collection was
removed due to vandals.
Pictures from and

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By Camille
In this article Im going to talk about my
adventures at an amusement park next to the Metrocenter
Mall, Castles n Coasters. At Castles n Coasters, you can
find all these wonderful attractions inside the most beloved
theme park of Arizona. The reason why Im writing this

The roller coasters are Patriot and Desert Storm

and the drop zone towers are Skydiver and Free Fall. At the
entrance, they have the Bumper Boats, Sky Wire, On the
Ropes, and the Lil Indy go-karts. The other rides Castles
n Coasters have included are the Carousel, the Sea
Dragon, Magic Carpet, Splashdown, and the Bumper Cars
known as Ram Rods. The kiddie rides that the park has are
Flying Bugs, Spinning Tops, and the Dixie Jr. Wheel. The
latest addition to Castles n Coasters is located inside the
arcade building, it is the one and only dark ride in Arizona,
I first went to the Castles n Coasters amusement
park when I was a child in the 1990s. There was some
nostalgic stuff that used to be featured in the park while I
grew up with that. I love Castles n Coasters because it has

article is because it is a place to go and have fun together.

Castles n Coasters first opened in the year 1976,
which was formerly called Golf n Stuff until 1992. It
started to add rides and changed to Castles n Coasters.
Some features at the park are a Miniature Golf Course,
Classic old school arcade gaming, two roller coasters and
more rides. The general opening hours the park has is from
10am-10 pm. For a more detailed description, visit the
website. The Castles n Coasters amusement park is
located on 9445 North Metro Parkway East in Phoenix,

great action-packed fun that you can fill your day up with.
Castles n Coasters is also affordable. This month
they have a Valentines Day special where you get
unlimited rides, miniature golf, pizza, and two small drinks
at $39.99.
When we go to Castles n Coasters together, we
can ask our parents permission and for them to join the
fun with us and have a great day at the theme park. It has
been great sharing with you about Castles n Coasters
theme park.


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Celestial Information Issue #12 by your Space Man Justin

Hello there readers. I have chosen a change of course. I have

decided to shift from talking about events in the night sky of Earth
to telling you more about deep space. I will be talking about black
holes and other cosmic events and news.
Also this issue marks the 1 year anniversary of start of this Cosmic
news and information!
-The 9th planetA few days ago my mom told me the Scientists have found a 9th
planet, well, 10th if you still count Pluto.
It is about 20 times the mass of Earth and 4 times the diameter of
Earth, It's about the size of Neptune if not a bit bigger.
It will take the new planet about 10,000 20,000 years to orbit once
around the sun.

-Black holesThese to me are fun to talk about, but they are extremely terrifying
as well. Black holes are formed after a Star like our sun dies. It
explodes in an event called a supernova. The core collapses under
intense gravity and after it explodes it leaves behind a monster black
hole in its place. Our sun will not go supernova because its too
small. It will become a red giant. Black holes are monsters and eat
planets, suns, and other star systems. Anything that passes into the
horizon of a black hole is doomed. Not even light can escape.
-The planets aligned.This year started off with a show. Mercury, Venus, the moon, Mars,
Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus were all visible to the naked
eye which lasted until February 15th.

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How to Actively Listen

By Megan
The subject I want to talk about is how to actively listen to someone. When youre engaged with
someone, you have to give your full attention to them and ignore anything else that is a distraction.
Its important to actively listen to someone to show your respect to that person. I want to give you 4
steps to help you be an active listener.
There are four steps to actively listen to someone:
The first step in actively listening is to prepare yourself mentally. That means all current thoughts
must be gone in order to be ready for the information that youre about to take in.
The second step is to pay attention. Dont allow any distractions to get in the way of you and the
person talking. Active listening requires your full attention. Here at SEEDs we are learning about
actively listening to someone when theyre talking. We learn that you have to ask questions to clarify
any information you dont understand. Also use small nods and positive gestures like, I got you or
I see, that can boost the speakers confidence that you are paying attention. Dont fidget or fiddle
around because it can distract the speaker, shows youre not listening and not respecting that person.
Step three is to allow that person to speak without interruption until theyre finished. Actively
listening is critical to people who are in a conversation together. You give and take information that
needs to be said and also what is important to either you or that person.

The last step is to give that person feedback and allow time to pass while you think about what youre
going to say to them. Its necessary give feedback to the other person if they either say your name or
nod for your input.
Actively listening is a key part in having a conversation with someone. It shows you want to listen to
that person even when there are other people talking outside of your conversation. I hope you have
learned a lesson on how to actively listen to someone.

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My Job at Frys
By Nate

I have been going to SEEDs for about


6 years now, but I have also been

working at Fry's for almost 7 years now.
I want to tell you all how being at
SEEDs has affected my job at Fry's. My
position at Fry's is a courtesy clerk. My
job consists of me bagging people's
groceries, pushing in carts, putting
items away, and helping people put
groceries in their car. The following
skills at SEEDs have helped me at work

SEEDs has taught me a lot of skills that have helped me in the workplace. I will tell you
some of the skills that have helped me. One skill that I have learned here at SEEDs is to
stay calm in stressful situations. Another skill is to have a good attitude at work. I have also
learned to be more assertive. The skills that I have learned at SEEDs have made me a much
better employee than I used to be.
For those reading this article and that want a job, here is some advice that might help you:
The first is be on time to work. Managers do not like it when you are late on a consistent
basis. The second is to pay attention and do what the managers tell you to do and do it well.
Another important skill is to have a good
attitude when coming into work. If you
have a bad attitude, it can affect not only
your work, but everyone else at work.
If you take my advice and apply these
skills I have talked about in the
workplace, you can be very successful at
work. I know these skills have helped me
be a better employee and I hope they can
help you too!

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Our Volunteer Lenny

By Sydney
The people who work here at SEEDS are very
skilled at what they do. Much of what we do here is hands
on, meaning we use our hands a lot for classes on
weaving, jewelry, woodworking, metalworking, ceramics,
sewing, and computer skills. There are many volunteers
who come to SEEDS to work hard to teach us these skills
and give back to the community. SEEDS For Autism is a
nonprofit group that relies on the public for financial support
and in return, we sell products to them to earn the money.

One of our volunteers here is Lenny. Lenny met Mary Ann

long before she started SEEDS, when she worked for Bill
Calloway as a blacksmith. Lenny joined SEEDS four years
ago. He works as a blacksmith here at SEEDS. He works
with students who are eager to learn blacksmithing. He
enjoys working as a blacksmith outside of SEEDs as well.
He works with a forge using steel which at 1600 degrees
turns yellow, then he
hammers it into
shapes on an anvil.
He then turns the shaped metal into fireplace screens and
tools, hand railings, decorative pieces, and door grills.

In the SEEDs metal department, we mainly make things for the

garden such as small and large garden stakes, tools, soil
probes, hanging decorations, etc. We also make cheese
cutters in the metal department! We recently held a sale in
which we sold our products, offered food, and held
demonstrations. We will be having another sale coming May

Our volunteers help us at our shows as well as day to day

activities and teaching classes. The volunteers who come to
help out at SEEDS do so on their own because they want to
help out their community. Supporting SEEDS For Autism is
easy and fun to do. I recommend you call first so that you can
come to the SEEDS building and talk to Mary Ann about
working at SEEDS and get a grand tour of the building.

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We Love our Supporters!

Each month, we like to give special thanks to our
contributors to SEEDs For Autism helping make
become reality:

Bonnie Stout for Ruth

Amazon Smiles
Randy & Mary Ann LaRoche
Terri Beardsley
Carlton & Jeanne Woodruff
Steve & Ann LaRoche
Marcia L. Nation
In Memory of
Ruth Helene Centos

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