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EI Pick up

Transducer pickup, there is a common misconception that it is useful only when used with
musical devices. Digital devices that use vibration of air to generate music in principle, is one of
the numerous areas of application for transducer device pickups. However, it is the basic
principle of operation that matters. A pickup makes use of the vibration of air and sound waves to
create an electrical charge.

Another obvious application of this pick up is in industrial settings where it can be used to
monitor extent of vibration of machinery. Car manufacturers make use of these transducers to
ensure that the vibration level of the automobile does not go beyond a specific level. If it does,
the transducer can be configured to sound an alarm and cease operation of the vehicle to compel
the driver to take remedial action.
Expensive industry machinery can be damaged by excessive vibrations. The vibrations
might take place due to lack of lubrication or even electrical disturbances. A transducer that is
fitted to the machinery and which measures the vibration on a constant basis can easily activate
failsafe measures that will stop the machinery before the damage caused becomes permanent. Of
course, the use of transducer pickups in guitars and other musical instruments will continue to
remain popular. One advantage of buying such a device is that it is configured and calibrated for

musical purposes. The range of the device is known well in advance. In fact, going in for a
reputed brand is sufficient and one need not even bother about frequency and other such aspects.
However, going in for a transducer for industrial application is different. Installation or use of the
wrong transducer can lead to severe damage and may even lead to threat to safety of all those
who are working in and around the machine.
There are different types of transducers available in market generating electrical charge based on
different principles. Magnetic transducers are the oldest and the simplest version. The latest and
the most advanced versions include piezoelectric material. The device consists of crystals and
ceramics that create an electrical charge which passes over from one surface to another when
pressure is applied on the same.
Since sound waves are generated by vibration, they create pressure; the transducer will
automatically operate and create a proportional charge in relation with the vibrations produced.
The internet is the best place to buy transducers irrespective of whether it is to be used in a major
concert or in an industry.