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Chapter 5

Our study was conducted to be able to see how the study habits of our peers affe
ct their academic performance, and also to know which study habits are most effe
ctive and if a particular habit may be applied to all academic tasks. Partly, th
is may als be of help to parents to know which habit is the most effective for t
heir child.
In chapter one, we stated that while some have unhealthy study habits, this is a
lso directly related to the hard work of the students, and this study is to dete
rmine or examine the most effective approach to studying so that the students ma
y apply it to themselves.
In chapter two, it was cited through Neil Fleming that the students learn throug
h all kinds of different learning techniques. It was found that talking to one's
self as he studies to better understand the topics is a better resort than read
ing for some students.
In chapter three, we stated how we could conduct this survey to our peers and ho
w it is designed to gather better information from our respondents, which are fi
rst year Legal Management students,
It is a descriptive study in which the respondents are to be chosen via purposiv
e random sampling, to more than half of the total population of the chosen demog
The written survey consists of both multiple choice and essay questions, to get
a more detailed and concise answer from the respondents.

In conclusion, we have found that majority of the respondents meet their academi
c standards using their study habits but less students agree that their study ha
bits are effective for all their academic tasks. This causes a need for inconsis
tency of use of one's own study habits.
Moreover, most students agreed that their habits have helped them improve their
academic standing and that a majority of these respondents study for 2-4 hours a
day, having a solid amount of time set aside for academic purposes.
Most respondents prefer to rely on physical reading materials such as books and
memory aids rather than anything else, and mostly prefer to read and write as a
study method above everything else.
Majority of the respondents see the internet as their biggest distraction from s
And lastly, 73% or majority of the respondents answered affirmatively when asked
if technology has been a great help in doing their academic tasks.
For further research, we suggest that they broaden the study by using more open
ended questions and more specific questions in further conduction of this study
and also broaden the number of respondents for more data to be gathered.