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Tammy R Story

April 14, 2008

ITEC 7132
Dr. Allen
As the School Library Media Specialist I
have been awarded a technology fund of
$3,500, in order to support classroom
instruction at my school. The instructional
area I have chosen to support is Special
Education. I have selected this area
because it would provide an opportunity for
students with special needs to be able to
interact and enjoy the school library
Universal Access believes that all Media Centers
should be accessible to ALL Students, in addition,
all Media Centers should provide instructional
resources that will aid All students in their academic
journey to become successful. Universal Access states
that “Media centers should serve ALL students
including students with the following disabilities:
visual, speech, hearing and mobility impairments.”
(Netherton, 1999)

Netherton, L. (1999, May). Universal Access: Tools for
Schools - Enabling Technologies.
Retrieved April 8, 2008, from Universal Access:
Assist Vision Slider Portable Video
(High Magnification – USB)
MonoMouse: $473
Braille Embosser
Romeo Attaché Pro: $2,217
Braille Translator
Duxbury Braille Translator: $575
Talking Book for students with
Selected Vendor: EnableMart
BookWorm: $181
Subtotal: $3,446
Shipping: $30.01 (Ground)
Total: $3,476.01
Amount left in budget: $23.99
 Description:
◦ Ergonomic hand held
magnifier in the shape of
a mouse.
◦ Ideal for magnifying text
books, documents,
magazines and
◦ Connects to a USB port.
◦ Displays large sharp black
and white images and a
clear crisp image. ◦ Scrolls smoothly across
ble-Magnifiers/MonoMouse text.
 Description:
◦ Transportable Braille
◦ Innovative Speech System
for automatic speech
◦ Embosses up to 22 lines
on 11 inch non – tractor
◦ Braille Scaling for
different Braille sizes
og/Braille-Embossers/Romeo- ◦ Prints 15 characters per
Attache second, and prints 32
characters with Library of
Congress spacing.
 Description:
◦ Required component
for Romeo Attaché Pro
to emboss instructional
◦ Allow Educators to
create accurate Braille
for instructional
materials that is compliant to the
talog/Braille- standards of the
Translation/Duxbury-Braille- Americans with
Disabilities Act.
 Description:
◦ Inclusion tool that will
turn any school library
book into a “talking
◦ Gives students with
disabilities the
opportunity to participate
in reading aloud.
◦ Offers the capability of 8
minute recordable
Hardware/BookWorm modules and the ability to
record up to 32 pages.
 Product: MonoMouse
 Vendor: GX Optical
 Price: UK£ 323.13 = 636.824604 U.S. dollars

 Product: Romeo Attaché Pro

 Vendor: Enabling Technologies
 Price: $2,195 + $70 = $2,265
 Product: Duxbury Braille Translator
 Vendor: Duxbury Systems Inc.
 Price:
Single license = $595
5 user license = $2595

 Product: BookWorm
 Vendor: Key Technologies, Inc.
 Price: $175
I reviewed the list for Georgia State Contracts and I could
not locate a state contract for Assistive Technology.
Link for State Purchasing – Department of Administrative

However, I conducted a research and located a site that

provides links to purchase Assistive Technology equipment.
Is a resource database that provides information on assistive
technology products.

 Adaptive Computer Products:

Is a resource website that provides a list of assistive
technology computer products, and links to vendors that
specialize in Assistive Technology. One of the vendors is
EnableMart, which is one of the vendors I selected to
purchase the assistive technology that is required for the
school media center.
As a School Media Specialist, I will select the
vendor EnableMart to purchase the instructional
materials that is needed to assist my students who
have special needs.
Choosing EnableMart as my vendor will allow me to
purchase these instructional materials in one
location, therefore the shipping and handling
charges will be lower and I will remain within my
technology budget of $3,500.