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Submitted by:
Roman D. Herrera

Submitted to:
Gina Mendones
Human population keeps on increasing. Different methods have been
proposed and made. Some are relatively effective and some are very

effective. Couples choose what method suits them or which they are
comfortable to use. One of these methods is abstinence.
Abstinence means avoiding sexual intercourse may it be oral sex,
vaginal sex, anal sex and any activity that involves skin-to-skin contact in the
genital area. It is also a self-enforced restraint from indulging in bodily
activities that are widely experienced as giving pleasure. Most frequently,
the term refers to sexual abstinence. Abstinence is 100% effective in
preventing pregnancy & sexual transmission of STIs.
There are different reasons why people abstain from indulging to sex.
First is to avoid pregnancy. The second is to avoid STIs. Third is because of
the moral/religious beliefs. Fourth is because of psychological/emotional
reasons. And lastly is for the reason that abstaining is a test of love.
To know more about abstinence, an interview is conducted. I have
interviewed a couple to know the reasons why they abstain from indulging to
sex and if it as effects in their relationship. The questionnaires and the
answers are shown below.


Do you know what abstinence is?

Do you abstain from indulging to
Does both of you decided to abstain?
How many children do you have?
Do you plan your first child?
How many years is the gap between your first child and the second
2 years.
What is your reason in abstaining from indulging to sex?
To prevent pregnancy and so that we can focus first in our first child.
Is abstinence effective in preventing pregnancy?
Does abstinence affect your relationship?
What is the effect of abstinence in your relationship?
Abstinence has no effect in our relationship because we both decided to do

As a requirement in my subject, I have been tasked to interview a

couple regarding my report in Social Science. My topic is about abstinence.
The purpose of this interview is know the reason of why people abstain from
indulging to sex and if it has an effect in their relationship.
The first thing I did is to formulate the questions to be asked to the
interviewee/s. After I formulated the questions, I decided who would be my
interviewee/s. The couple that I decided to interview was in our barangay.
The first question that I asked was if they knew what abstinence was. They
quickly answered me yes. So I asked them the second question. The second
question was if they abstain from indulging to sex. At first they laughed at
me but then they answered yes. The third question that I have asked them
was if how many children they had. They response was 3. The fourth
question was if they planned their first child. They answered me no. The fifth
question that I asked them was how many years was the gap between their
first and second child. They said 2 years. The sixth question that I asked
them was if abstinence was effective in preventing sex. They answered me
that it was very effective because there was no sexual intercourse that
happened. The seventh question that I asked them was their reason in
abstaining from indulging to sex. The first one who answered me was the
female who said that its because they wanted to focus first in their first
child. The male said that its to prevent pregnancy. The ninth question that I
asked them was if abstinence affect their relationship. They both answered
me no. the last question that I asked them was the effect/s of abstinence in
their relationship. At first, the male tried to crack a joke who said that the
effect of abstinence was it gave him reason to find another girl. The female
just pouted but they said that there was no effect in their relationship
because they both decided to do it. After the interview, I thanked them for
having an interview with me. I also asked them to take a picture with me for
the documentation. After it, I encoded the interview