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Keep your dreams alive.

Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard
work, determination, and dedication. All the things are possible for those who believe. But never, ever forget
where you came from. That is what my parents taught me when I was a child. Resourcefulness and
creativeness are the most two important skills I have gained from my parents. My Name is Kyven Duwany
Herran Lizalda, an Interactive media designer from Cali-Colombia, I am passionate about animation, filming
and videogame creation. In terms of extracurricular activities, I love learning new languages, playing
volleyball, dancing and traveling.
During my studies from junior school to university, I have been using my creativity to come up with different
ideas to persuade my dream of becoming a professional animator. In 2009, I started my undergraduate career
at Icesi University. I chose to study Interactive Media Design because I wanted to help and develop my
country into the Interactive Media industry through animation. Over the period of five years in the Media
Design Department, I was exposed to a stimulating, competitive, entrepreneurship and academic environment.
As an example. Each semester, the Entrepreneurship development center, hosts a business competition
between the students. 4 categories are evaluated: Best company, Most innovative business idea, best business
presentation and best social responsibility. In 2013 I had the chance to participate and win the award to the
most innovate business idea with my classmates. We created a videogame called Last Pong where I worked as
art director and animator, leading the visual success of the video game with my design team. The Interactive
Media Design program can be divided into 2 principal roots. Media Design and Engineering, and one of my
biggest challenges was all the programing part. At that time programming was very difficult to me, but thanks
to the hard work and effort I could surpass all this obstacle. Despite the difficulties encountered in some
semesters in university, I have achieved social competences like leadership, communication, teamwork,
observation, orientation to reach goals and professional skills like projects management, character animation,
3d modeling, media production, and many others, with the help of respected professors in every field which
has induced me to get the Bachelor's Degree and pursue a Master's in Interactive Media trough Animation and
My experience at work started in 2011 when I helps as a volunteer at a Jujitsu world championship, I worked
as a translator and helped the athletes to communicate. In 2014 I volunteered again but this time I did it with
at the museo libre de arte pblico of Cali helping the artist to communicate. After my graduation I worked as
an intern at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana as a game developer, Our challenge was to create a video game
that could help the students with low performance to improve their methodology of study. During the
development of this project I gained a lot of experience. I joined into a very small team of developers thinking
I was only going to animate characters and ended up being an Art Director, a concept artist, an illustrator and
an animator. That was the moment where I applied everything I learned from university. I took leading roles
into this project being the person in charge of every character design.
My motivation to apply to this program is the burning desire and great determination to continue my
academic and professional career in the interactive media design field, my willingness to continue learning
the Korean language and a new culture.
I can thank the previous Soth Korean ambassador in Colombia Mr Hong Seong Hoa that revealed me the
reason to study in South Korea. A country that kept old tradition and culture, preserving the cultural heritage
and traditions. Various tangible and intangible culture made by thousands of years pervade in every corner of
the society and continued until now. The study in Korea where long tradition and dynamic modern culture are
developed with harmony is very attractive, and receiving education in this environment, will help me to
develop my current skills and learning new ones.