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Defeat for the forces of darkness and materialistic conservatism,

as the USA Health Bill is signed into power on the 23 march 2010

By Leoni Hodgson, April 2010

PMAFA, PhD Esotericism,

In 2008 I wrote a paper “Pluto in Capricorn”, in which I highlighted the fact that the universal force called “the
arrow of death”, had entered the sign which represents corporate and government power - Capricorn.

This combination predicts the purging of corruption and greed from governments, corporations, and all
large institutions which wield power and influence, so that they can serve the masses better. Pluto is
also a ruler of the field of finance in the sense that it rules the 8th house - “other people’s money.” So its
effect is especially felt in this area as well.

This brings the attention to unregulated capitalism, an economic system which has evolved into one
which perpetuates greed. The evil of unregulated capitalism from the spiritual point of view, is that man
and his labour has been placed into the market place as another commodity to be bartered over. Due to
“over-supply”, his value has been determined by materialists to be zero, and he is treated accordingly –
like a slave to be discarded. This has set the standard of measure in the capitalist world – if you have
money you are somebody to be respected and admired; if you don’t, you are an unworthy human being.
This violates spiritual law which holds that all are children of God, and are deserving of all the bounties
of the earth.

So when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, the battle began - between the forces of materialism working
through greedy corporations and executives, and the New Group of World Servers - people of goodwill in all
fields who work for the betterment of humanity.

This is a follow-up to the first article.

The effect of Uranus - the force of rapid and unexpected change

The motive for change in the first decade of the new millennium, came about in an unexpected fashion -
through climate change. As the shocking realisation of the adverse effects which were happening on earth
dawned in the public’s awareness - such as the melting polar caps and rising sea levels, it brought
governments and groups together in an unprecedented way to debate and look for solutions. The results to
date may fall far short of that which is required to bring about essential and necessary change, but the shake-
up has been good, and has prepared man for deeper change.

This is Uranus at work, the ruler of Aquarius - the sign of universal brotherhood.

Uranus has been moving through Pisces, which esoterically is considered to be a very materialistic sign when
its lower forces dominate. The Sun which in the greater zodiac is now moving into Aquarius, was previously
stationed in Pisces for two and a half thousand years, and in this period patriarchal and government control,
and selfish materialism grew.

Pisces is the ocean wherein (man) is "the fish," controlled by the laws of substance or material
existence. 1

Words for the personality in Pisces: “Go forth into matter.” 2

Now two and a half thousand years of Aquarius inclusive brotherliness is possible if man can overcome his
gross materialism. And this is what the Forces of Light - working primarily through Uranus and Jupiter, and
utilising the destructive power of Pluto, are endeavouring to bring about.

A definition of “climate” is the situation or atmosphere that prevails at a particular time or place. The
atmosphere of humanity, the collective biosphere in which it lives, is undergoing a Uranian cleansing, of which
the rising water is just the exoteric symbol.

Pisces + Uranus = unusual and unexpected oceanic movements.

On the higher level, Uranian lightning has shattered man’s illusions about the ability of Nature to maintain
climatic balance in the face of his abuse and misuse of the earth and its resources. Greater initiative,
cooperative action, and change is required to help Nature restore itself.

An amazing parallel between events which occurred eighty four years ago.

Uranus enters Aries - the first sign of the zodiac, in April 2011. The last time this happened was in the
“roaring” twenties of the 20th century, when mankind really emerged from the lingering hangover of the
Victorian era.
But there is an eerie political parallel between events which occurred then and which are unfolding now. Then,
Wall Street crashed, the great depression hit, and liberal Democrat Roosevelt came to power bringing
sweeping changes to USA law, in an attempt to reign in the rich and greedy, and protect the rights of all

As Uranus comes to the same range in the zodiac 84 years later, we have another world financial meltdown, a
depression as many lose their homes and businesses, and liberal Democrat Obama comes to power with a
promise to change laws in order to reign in the rich and greedy, and protect the rights of all Americans.

In esoteric astrology, Uranus is considered to be a very sacred planet, and it distributes high vibrational forces
which shatter crystallised forces and forms which entrap the human spirit. The crystallised forms of moment
are the financial and economic systems.

Roosevelt was an Aquarian (Age) man, and so is Obama.

The health bill was the first major test of Obama’s presidency. The battle to get the bill written into law
was governed by the Uranus - Saturn opposition.

Failure in getting the Health Bill passed would have tainted Obama’s administration as lame-duck, one which
would be seen as weak and unable to achieve vital goals or deliver promises. It would have been a win for
greed and corporate interests which are concerned with maximising their own profits and interests, and which
are unconcerned with the struggle and plight of ordinary man. Failure for the Obama administration at this
stage would have made it easier to amass opposition for future administrative goals such as finding a
settlement in the Middle East.

So it was a very important and vital victory for Obama and his team, and the bill was signed into effect on the
23rd March 2010 at 11.56 am.

The battle to get the bill written into law is a result of the Uranus - Saturn opposition.

This dynamic interchange of cosmic energy triggered a battle between the forces of conservatism (Saturn),
and the forces of change and brotherliness (Uranus) The process began in September of 2008 and will end
July 2010. The main “hits” between these two planets are Nov 08, Jan 09, Sep 09, May 2010, July 10.

September 2008. Saturn and Uranus are within orb of influence, and are now working together. The US
government intervened to shore up several US banks, but let Lehman’s crash on September 14. This initiated
the domino-like effect which saw the market become chaotic, and financial institutions fall. Through October,
dramatic changes take place as the US and UK virtually nationalise banks, and experts declare “capitalism”
dead. Positive action is seen as governments unite to find a common solution.

November 2008. The US election was held, and Obama was elected upon the wave of change and renewal
which Uranus brought in. Obama has Aquarius rising. It is highly likely that he has been selected to be the
spear-head of radical change - both within his own country and within the world, which will found the spiritual
values of fairness and brotherhood, which the Water-Bearer of Aquarius (Aquarian Christ) demands.

January 2009. Obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the USA; and the Expanded and Improved
Medicare for All Act, is introduced.
September 2009. Republicans mount a massive public campaign against the Health Bill, and it fails to find
passage through congress at Obama’s August deadline. The expected debate in September is delayed.
Obama’s inspirational power (Uranus) turned retrograde in July - and Saturn (Grand Old Party - Republicans),
gained a temporary ascendency. Obama goes back to ‘grass roots’ to ramp up the campaign.

In January 2010 Saturn goes retrograde, and Uranus turns direct.

The power of the Republicans begins to weaken, and Obama’s influence begins to grow again.

March 22/ 23: USA House of Representatives approves a sweeping overhaul of the $2.5 trillion healthcare
system and sends along for Senate approval a package of changes made to the Senate bill.

Astrology: Uranus - Obama’s political power is in the position of power - at the top of the chart
conjunct the Sun which is in its exaltation - its most powerful placement.

The Sabian Symbol for Uranus (27 degrees Pisces) is: “The harvest moon rises in
transcendental autumnal skies”. Interpretation - complete dominance of circumstances.

This is a blaze of spiritual power and might, a win for spiritual interests over materialistic
forces - and Obama was the channel. It is highly unlikely the bill will ever be stopped from full
enactment. The public are sick of the business. The Sabian Symbol of the Sun (4 degrees of
Aries) interpreted is satiation, the closing of a cycle.

Defeat of the materialistic forces is shown by Saturn retrograde - in a weak position, at the
bottom of the chart. This opens the door for future beneficial changes in law - Saturn is in the
sign of legislation.

Cancer which rules the masses is also in a place of power - in the east. This was a win for all

The materialistic forces which hold mankind imprisoned - represented by the Moon, have been
dealt a death blow from Pluto (Moon - Pluto opposition), and have symbolically been locked up
- the 12th house.

Neptune (the esoteric ruler of Cancer and of the chart is in Aquarius 8th house) is using its
divine and spiritual influence to purify man’s consciousness, it is dissolving individual
selfishness and enhancing a sense of universal connectedness and brotherliness.

May 2010: This should see another important victory for Obama as direct Uranus powers ahead, and Saturn
continues in its retrograde and weaker position.

July 2010: The Saturn - Uranus opposition meets and separates for the final time - as momentously - Saturn
passes into Libra, the sign it rules on the highest spiritual (hierarchy level), while Uranus passes into Aries -
the sign it also rules on the highest spiritual level, beginning a new 84 year cycle of change).

The true ramifications of this bill are yet to be revealed in terms of what it could lead to in the future.
Potentially, the overhauling of policies and institutions so that the greater public good and need are served.

Jupiter’s Beneficial Influence

When its higher force is released, Jupiter’s force represents the ultimate spiritual blessing. Its conjunction with
Uranus from April 2010 to Jan 2011, is one of those periods. The first exact conjunction is 11 June 2010 and
all things of a higher and finer nature around this period are possible. But during this whole period, Obama’s
influence should be maximised. Especially from April 2010 to July 2010, and then in December 2010 and
January 2011 - when the two planets are direct and therefore at maximum power.

A new battlefront emerges as Pluto comes into prominence again

During the Saturn - Uranus interchange, Pluto’s influence has not been prominent. That changes in the
coming months as the major planets move into a confrontational T-square pattern - perhaps a potential or real
terrorist threat, or inhumane laws or actions will trigger events. Whatever, people’s attitudes will harden and
conservative - liberal battle lines will once again be drawn.

But now Saturn’s force will have more beneficial results. Saturn’s higher influence is more pronounced
whenever it is in Libra - the sign of legislation, so its occupation of this sign until XXX is important for the
greater good. It will encourage conservative politicians to join their more liberal fellows, and to bring in higher
and fairer laws and policies. However, this will not occur without a tremendous fight. Pluto is a “non-sacred
planet” and it tends to galvanise and bring forward man’s dark side. Destruction cannot occur until a target
reveals itself.

In recent days a bill has been introduced in the state of Arizona which harshly targets Latinos as if they were
criminals. This could ignite a battle over human rights in the coming months, and if so, one hopes that
Americans will seize the opportunity and ensure that human rights are protected from the reactionary fear of
misguided or even evil people.

Uranus is the planet which brings sudden and radical change, and all three planets are in cardinal signs which
also promote activity and rapid movement forward. So the period around August 2010 will be a significant
period, an opportunity, when major activity is to be expected

In Summary: The Uranus - Jupiter conjunction opens up a channel for beneficial divine interference in
the affairs of man. We can maximise the potential of this period which lasts until January 2011, by
throwing all our weight on the side of goodness, by visualising and meditating upon good things for
man and the planet.

Neptune in the sign of Aquarius, and its message for man contained in the Sabian Symbol of
Neptune’s degree at 28 Aquarius, is a good note to finish on. “Huge pile of sawed-up wood insures
heat for the winter.” Interpretation: A rich contribution of nature to all who work with foresight
(Obama and all who supported the bill). Intelligent preparation (would bring win the day). Calm yet
potent faith in Providence (would enable Divine forces to intercede, and implement an important
step in the Divine Plan for the upliftment of humanity).

There is no doubt that the battle to get the Health Bill through the USA House of Representatives was
a major victory for the Forces of Light over the Forces of Materialistic Darkness.
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