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Activity 4 : Gay Lussacs Law

Objective :
Investigate the relationship between temperature and pressure at
constant volume.
Materials :

110C thermometer
Erlenmeyer flash/bottle
Cork or rubber stopper
Denatured alcohol
Liquid dropper

Procedure :
1. Insert the thermometer into the stopper,
2. Put 5 drops of denatured alcohol in the Erlenmeyer flask
3. Cover the Erlenmeyer flask with the stopper that you prepared in
procedure 1. The size of the stopper should fit the mouth of the
Erlenmeyer flask. Wait for 2 minutes before measuring the
4. Shake the Erlenmeyer flask for 2 minutes and take the temperature
5. Perform the three trials and record the data.

Before Shaking

After Shaking

Guide Question.
Q1. What happens to the drop of denatured alcohol after 2 minutes? After
another 2 minutes.

Q2. Compare the pressure exerted by the denatured alcohol molecules

before and after shaking.

Q3. How is the temperature of gas molecule affected by pressure or vice


Activity 5: Combined Gas Laws

Objective: Determine the relationship among temperature, pressure and
volume of gases at constant number of moles.

Liquid Dropper
Cylindrical Container
Denatured alcohol

1. Get a cylindrical container made of hard carton and bore a hole near its
2. Remove the cover of the cylindrical container and put 5 drops of
denatured alcohol.
3. Cover and hold the cylindrical container in such a way that your thumb
is covering the hole near these base
4. Shake the container vigorously for 1 minute.
5. Place the container on the table or arm rest. As quickly as possible
place a lighted match/candle near the hole. Observe what will happen.
Guide Question:
Q1. What happen to the cylindrical container when a source of heat is place
near the hole?

Q2. Why do you need to shake the container after putting 5 drops of
denatured alcohol?

Q3. How is the volume of the gases related to its temperature and pressure?

Activity 6: Squashing the bottle

Show the relationship among volume, temperature and pressure and number
of moles.

Two empty plastic 1.5 liter bottles with cover

Hot water
Ice tubes
Plastic bag

Procedure for Activity A

1. Put some ice tubes in a plastic bag. Crush the cubes with a hammer.
2. Put the crushed ice in the bottle and put the cover at once.
Q1. What happen when you cover the bottle?

Q2. What cause it to happen?

Procedure for Activity B

1. Put some ice cubes in a plastic bag. Crush the cube ice with the
2. Put the crushed ice cubes in the bottle. Put the cover on.
3. Shake the bottle so that the inner portion is thoroughly chilled.
Observe the bottle.
Q3. What happened to the bottle?

Q4. Explain the phenomenon.

Activity 7 : A Gaseous Outlook

Determine the application of gas laws in daily occurrences.

Activity A.
Sticky Tape
Medium Sized
Drinking Straw

Activity B.
Glass Bottle
Medium Size
Sink With Hot and

Cold Water

Activity C.
Drinking Glass


1. Threat a string through the straw and tie its ends tightly between two
points at equal heights in the room
2. Inflate the balloon and keep the neck closed between your fingers
3. Fix the balloon underneath the drinking straw with a sticky tape and
pull the balloon along to one end of the string.
4. Pull your fingers against the mouth of the balloon then let go.
Q1. Explain why the balloon shoots along the thread at a speed using the
concept of the gas laws?

Q2. What does this prove regarding the compressibility of gases.