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This check List must be submitted to FCSD STA before submitting a PPAP package.

PPAP Element



Select Status



Design change level should match on all documents.


Part description in the engineering change column should be the same as on authorized Engineering Change Documents/WERS.


All print requirements, e.g. dimensions, material specs, performance specs and notes, should be numbered for traceability to measurements.


Design Record

Drawings shall be reviewed with Ford Eng. for customer attachment points and other critical dimensional call outs.


CCs () shall precede part number for all inverted delta parts.


Compliance to Restricted Substance Management standards (WSS- M99P9999-A1) and Ford Eng. Material Specification shall be noted on the drawing.


Copy of B.O.M.


Reporting of Part Material Composition and Marking of Polymeric

The part does not contain any restricted or reportable substance (IMDS).


Verify if plastic parts are marked with appropriate ISO marking codes per ISO 11469 (plastic > 100g) or ISO 1629 (rubber > 200g)


Authorized Engineering Change Document

Include copies of Ford Engineering Release Notice.


Ford Engineering may waive the SREA.

Design Change/s (suffix bump) shall have an approved notice.


All change/s shall have an approved SREA.


Customer Engineering Approval

If required by print note, Ford Engineering approval of a sample part must be included.



Severity 9 or 10 shall have YC classification; All 9's and 10's shall have a



recommended action plan.

2. Severity = 5-8 AND Occurrence = 4-10 shall have YS classification


3. A “YC/YS Matrix” summarizing these characteristics is recommended.


Process flow shall cover dock to dock process steps.


Process Flow

Operation numbers among PF, PFMEA and Control Plan should be aligned.


Process flow to include FCSD order filling process(Service Part Picking, packaging, labeling, auditing, and shipping)


All CC/SC's identified in the YC/YS Matrix shall be captured in either Tier 1 or Tier 2 PFMEA.


PFMEA classification shall include CC if severity = 9 or 10, or SC if severity = 5-8 & occurrence = 4-10.



PFMEA Severity levels must not be below DFMEA levels (May be higher in certain circumstances). When DFMEA is not available the PFMEA should be review by Ford engineering for approval.


All Inverted Delta () characteristics identified on PFMEA shall be reviewed and agreed by Ford Engineering and approved by PD/STA.


All Inverted Delta () parts shall have Control Plans reviewed and approved by PD and STA.


Control Plan

All CC/SC identified in the PFMEA shall be cascaded to the Control Plan and special controls identified with appropriate Reaction Plan.


Reaction Plan must contain specific instructions on how to contain defects and correct any process issues.


Studies required for all new or modified gages, measurement and test equipment.


Calibration traceable to NIST. Software validated by standard data sets.


Measurement Systems Analysis

Variable Gage R&R studies shall have a minimum of 5 distinct categories, Gage R&R as a % of contribution < 10%, % of study variation should be < 10% but <30% may be accepted.


Operator-part interaction should be accounted for by using the ANOVA method.


Dimensional results traceable to ballooned drawing, including reference dimensions.


5 Samples minimum


Tier 2 PPAP’s, including any deviations, shall be made available upon request.


Material, Performance Test Results (Per Engineering and Material Specification)

DVP&R and PVP&R shall contain actual test results, indicate PASS, and be reviewed and signed off by Ford Eng. Any PV waivers must be in writing and part of the PPAP file.


Ford Engineering may approve deviations. Include data and approval with the PPAP submission.

Material certificates, if any, shall be no less than a year old.


Where no CC/SC identified, supplier shall designate control characteristics on Control Plan and conduct studies (no out-of-control processes)


125 pieces min. = 25 subgroups of 5 Only required for SCs.

PPAP Element


Select Status


Initial Process Study

Analysis should be completed with Minitab, and data should be checked for normality. If non-normal, data should be transformed (P value >.05)


Suppliers shall use the Ppk process capability index (Ppk >1.67)


125 pc capability study (25 sub groups, 5 parts per sub group) is required, but you may discuss deviation from this requirement with your STA.


Qualified Lab

Lab certified to ISO/TEC-17025.




Include AAR record when applicable.


When applicable


Representative part samples shall be sent to the approving STA


3 minimum

Sample Part

it is not feasible to ship a sample part, multiple detailed pictures of the part(s) with distinctive features among parts within the same part family identified and highlighted.


Master Sample

Master Sample identified, approved and preserved in suitable location. Also establish approved boundary samples for appearance attributes. Picture of Matser Sample to be included in PPAP package or submitted to approving STA before final PPAP approval may be granted. Master Sample is also required for interim PPAP and STA is not permitted to provide waivers for this requirement without discussing with management.


Checking Aids

Include location where Checking Aids are found. Must include certification frequency. Service Part visual aid should include Master Part Record with photo, Label, and packaging requirements.



Supplier shall become aware of all of FCSD specific requirements and


consult STA as needed.

2. For total suppliers, include component bar code labels.

3. Include sample job aid illustrating type of instructions provided to



If shipping in bulk, show how the process allows for successful QR


FCSD Specific


5. PD signature is required for inverted delta parts.

6. Include a summary report of the PCS claims and historical rejects.

Supplier shall become aware of all of FCSD specific requirements and consult STA as needed.


For total suppliers, include component bar code labels.


Include sample job aid illustrating type of instructions provided to operators.



shipping in bulk, show how the process allows for successful QR dispute


PD signature is required for inverted delta parts.


Include a summary report of the PCS claims and historical rejects.


Include Engineering as well as Service part number


Verify Part Numbers, especially suffixes and colors.


Include a copy of the GPMA screen


Include all component parts signed PSW forms approved by the tier-1 supplier.


Make sure all blanks are filled.


Report average weight of 10 pieces in Kg to 4 decimal places - must match weight reported on IMDS screen.



Photographic evidence of proper tool tagging (tools post 5-Jan-2009)


a. Line 1: “Property of Ford Motor Company”

b. Line 2: <Tool Order #>-<Amendment #>-<Line Item #>

Compliance to part branding directive E108 or a valid waiver or exemption number.


Applicable to all parts

manufcatured after August



Copy of IMDS Screen


Total Service suppliers must have completed a Packaging Spec and submitted into FCSD packaging web site.


Bulk Material Requirements Checklist

No packaging specifications approval by FCSD required for bulk shipping to packagers.


When applicable

is the Manufacturing supplier's responsibility to deliver the parts to the packager is saleable conditions - rust and damage free.



FCSD Miscellaneous Items

An approved WERS alert is required to authorize shipment of parts without PPAP approval.



PPAP for Service is not required if the same exact part has an approved


PPAP from Ford Production.