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March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016 Irmo Middle School 6051 Wescott Road Columbia, SC 29212 (803) 476-3600 School

Irmo Middle School 6051 Wescott Road Columbia, SC 29212 (803) 476-3600

School Hours:

8:20 a.m.3:35 p.m.

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Registration 16-17


Safety Request


Camp Catch Your Breathe


Student Led Conferences


Individual Graduation Plans 5

Dates to Remember:

MAP Testing this week Monday 3/14

Spring Hill Reg. forms are due to Crew teacher

Irmo Middle Reg. forms are due Tues 3/15

G40 Mtg. 7:45-8:10 Media Center

SIC mtg. 5:30

PTSO mtg. 6:30 Thurs 3/17

C Team Track Meet @ Irmo High 5 PM Fri 3/18

FCA Mtg. 7:40-8:10 AM Room 904

If you have news for the Buzz, email Allison Redick at

The Buzz at Irmo Middle School

at The Buzz at Irmo Middle School “ Creating successful students for the challenges of

Creating successful students for the challenges of tomorrow”

Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S., Principal Course Registration Materials for Irmo Middle School Dear

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

We had an amazing turnout last night for our Course Fair Exhibition. Well over 300 families attended, lis- tened to the overview presentation, visited exhibits, asked questions, and discussed with their children their elective course choices for 2016-17. We realize that some families had conflicts that prevented their attendance. In an attempt to make sure all families get the information needed to make decisions on elec- tive course selections for next year, we are including all the materials from last night. Please take a moment to review these materials, discuss options with your child, fill out the appropriate forms, and send back to the school.

Sheila Inabinet (A-E) - James Fanning (F-M) -

Tina Stevens (N-Z) -

Tina Stevens (N-Z) - Course Fair Exhibition Presentation - Course Fair 3816 PDF

Course Fair Exhibition Presentation - Course Fair 3816 PDF

Course Guide 2016-17 - 16-17 Course Book FINAL

Course Registration Forms

If you have any specific course questions, contact Mr. Glenn Hutto, Assistant Principal for Instruction at or 476-3612.


Early Dismissal and Change Transportation Cut-off is

3:00 pm

The cut off for early dismissal and change transportation for

students is 3:00 pm.

This is a safety issue and will be enforced.

off for early dismissal and change transportation for students is 3:00 pm. This is a safety

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The Buzz

at Irmo Middle. Over the past few weeks, we have noticed an increase in the number children (not attending Irmo Middle School) being allowed out of their parents auto-

that everyone immediately discontinue this practice as it is a safety issue and disrupts

keep their small children in their vehicles where they can be properly supervised.




at Irmo Middle

at Irmo Middle lo- adjacent to Wescott running in front of
at Irmo Middle lo- adjacent to Wescott running in front of


adjacent to Wescott running in front of

Registration 2016-17

We have been busy this last week with our registration 2016-17 process. Spring Hill School and Irmo High School counselors met with 8th grade students to conduct

School Registration. Irmo Middle’s rising 6th, 7th and 8th graders received a registration

guided lesson to help them select exploratory electives and prepare for the next school year.

Please be sure to check with your student to view their course form and discuss the op- tions they selected. We encourage students to make course choices that will set them on their path of being a productive citizen and prepared to solve tomorrow’s global challenges.

Please make sure you and your student are aware of the registration deadlines:

Spring Hill forms and are to be turned in by Monday, March 14 to the Crew Teacher.

Irmo Middle forms are due back to school by Monday, March 14, 2016.

Irmo High forms are to be turned in by March 22, 2016 to the student’s Math teacher.

Registration for IMS Core Courses will occur in April, 2016.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We need your help with a few observed safety concerns relating to arrival and dismis-



mobiles as they wait for dismissal. These children have been observed playing, running

between vehicles, entering the building to get water, and disrupting classes. We have to


classroom instruction at the end of the school day. We are asking all parents at dismissal


Also, we continue to observe parents dropping off children in the bus loading zone and staff parking lot in the

morning. To ensure that our students are safe at all times, we have designated separate drop-off and pick up

cations for buses and vehicular traffic. Parents and guardians who bring and pick up students from school are

asked to use the designed car rider lines (adjacent to subway for 6th and 7th graders and Acres Pet Resort). Utilizing these car rider locations will enable us to keep students from buses to get into the buildings.

Finally, we are noticing that some parents are using the staff parking lot and bus lane to turn left, to avoid circling


car rider line at arrival and dismissal. Vehicles are being observed speeding through our lot and endangering

staff members who are arriving to or departing from campus. Again, we are asking that this practice be discon- tinued immediately.

We are hopeful that we can garner your support as we strive to keep all students, parents, and staff members safe at Irmo Middle. By utilizing the designated drop off and pick up locations along with established vehicular traffic patterns, you will do your part to help us keep everyone safe.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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at Irmo Middle

Page 3 at Irmo Middle The Buzz

The Buzz

Page 3 at Irmo Middle The Buzz
Page 3 at Irmo Middle The Buzz

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The Buzz

at Irmo Middle

are pleased to announce that this year we will be facilitating student-led confer-

Scholarship. SLC's are research-based and used in many exemplary middle

of their classes.

believe that the student-led conference process allows students to take ownership

thank you for working with them in this journey. Below we have included some frequently asked questions

a sample of how these work, take a moment to watch the video at the following URL:


to the not mentor, and advocate. It re- of their learning and pos- 14 - 18



mentor, and advocate.



of their learning and pos-



slot the week of their stu-



14 - 18 slot the week of their stu- https:// for success. We are pleased with

success. We are pleased with the learning that is happening at Irmo Middle School's International Academic


ences (SLC's). For those of you who may be new to this procedure, the student-led

conference process empowers the student to direct and report on his/her progress at school that specifically addresses certain learning targets and our school-wide Habits


schools. Our Crew leaders have been trained to assist, direct, and support our stu- dents throughout the preparation process. They have coached, critiqued, and evalu- ated their students in order to have them ready to present to their parents and guardi- ans. In short, the students will be leading the conference while reflecting on their pro-

gress and setting goals for advancement.

During the conference process students will report on academic progress, articulate goals, report on assessment data when appropriate, and share examples of their course work. They will present samples of schoolwork from


The student-led conference process is much different from the traditional parent teacher conference in which teacher does most of the talking and the parent does the listening. Often in such conferences, the student is

even present. The role of the Crew leader in a student-led conference is one of coach,


leader will circulate and be present for specific questions related to the process and support students as they

likely that there will be several conferences will be taking place at one time within the same room. The Crew

flect on their work. If a parent wants a parent teacher conference with any particular teacher, they may request one at any time.


sess the responsibility for creating goals and identifying support structures needed to achieve their desired level


Magnet and know that our students are eager to present their progress to their parents.


and answers.

Why are we doing them at Irmo Middle School? How does it impact student achievement? When students


a vital component of student-led conferences, they have more ownership in the learning process with oppor-

tunities for increased student success. Students have an opportunity to present their work, reflect on learning,

revise goals, and determine specific strategies for continued growth.

When: Student-led Conferences will take place in March 2016 for all IMS students. 6th Grade March 7-11, 7th Grade March 21-24, 8th Grade March

Where: Crew leader’s classroom, or another location decided upon by the Crew leader. *Parent/guardian(s) will be given different times (20 minute time slots) during that week that they can sign up attend.

What Should Parents Expect: Parents will be welcomed, and then invited to sit with their student as their child communicates their progress towards academic learning targets and Habits of Scholarship.

How can parents assist: Please support your child by signing up for a 20 minute time

dent-led conference. Your attendance at their student-led conference will mean so much to them! Our goal is 100% of parents to attend. Sign up information will be sent home the first week in February.


this time, you will select a cluster of study as you map out courses to take in high school. A career cluster

Start young. Develop career awareness by discuss- ing career opportunities when reading books and newspapers, watching television and observing worksites. Support you child’s efforts to assess his or her own interests, aptitudes, values and work styles. Share your job experiences. A child delights in hearing about his or her parents’ jobs. Encourage participation in job shadowing and internship opportunities. Help your child understand the value and importance of his or her academic courses


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The Buzz

your parents/guardians

will review your IGP with a

at Irmo Middle


is a

for success in a future

a at Irmo Middle Dur- is a for success in a future What are Individual Graduation

What are Individual Graduation Plans (IGP)?

The Economic Development Act (EEDA) was passed in 2005. The implementation of this law was designed to

better prepare yourself for what you want to do after high school and to help you and

make informed decisions about your education and future. The core of this law is the idea of planning. You,

along with your parent, will begin to create an IGP in the 8 th grade as you prepare to enter the high school.


way of organizing classes around an occupational group. Each year in high school, you guidance counselor and changes can be made based on your interest.

The Guidance Department will be scheduling the IGP meetings for 8 th graders. You will receive a letter in the

mail over the next few of months which will have a scheduled appointment time.

This meeting will allow your

student to choose a cluster of study. This plan can be changed and will be re-visited each year during registra-


If you have a conflict or unable to attend the assigned appointment time, please contact Allison Redick at

803-476-3668 or email at

Tips for Parents In helping your child chose a Career path:



In helping your child chose a Career path:      6. Advise your





Advise your child that there is more than one education pathway to a good job. More than 50% of the fast- est growing jobs require an associate’s degree. There are a variety of routes to success: on the job training, technical college, four year college, apprenticeships or the military.

variety of routes to success: on the job training, technical college, four year college, apprenticeships or