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Gainesville, Texas 76240

Efficient production foreman with more than 20 years of experience contributing to all phases of production
as well as managing field operations for leading oil and gas companies. Progressive leader who builds
skilled project teams and implements training programs to improve processes and work environment.
Proven ability to maximize health and safety by ensuring compliance of standards and procedures while
achieving zero accidents during production.
Field Operations Production Project Management Team Leadership
Safety Compliance / Regulations Relationship Development Maintenance / Repairs
Contractor Management Cost Reductions Goal Achievement RCC Relations
MERIT ENERGY COMPANY, Abilene, Texas 2012-present
One of the largest privately held US-based oil and gas companies with $2.1 billion in revenue.
Production Foreman
Define project scope and collaborate with operations manager to assess and assign workload. Prepare daily
rig operation report and evaluate production. Manage field operations by implementing maintenance and
repairs and resolving failures and leaks. Coordinate with contractors including pumpers assigned to project
and collaborate with engineer for filed workovers. Schedule rig and regular maintenance projects. Maintain
relationship with RRC.
Maximized safety while achieving no accidents on rigs.
Decreased costs year after year while increasing production.
CIMAREX ENERGY COMPANY, Gainesville, Texas 2005-2012
Leading oil and gas exploration and production company.
Production Foreman
Oversaw field operations. Initiated scheduling for rig maintenance as well as regular maintenance and
repairs of equipment. Implemented resolutions to failures and leaks. Identified project scope and assigned
work load. Managed contractors assigned to projects. Assessed project production and developed daily rig
operation report. Ensured compliance of all safety standards and regulations.
Achieved established goals and benchmarks to cut lifting costs.
Accomplished significant increase in production.
Oil and gas company.
Production Foreman / Lease Operator
Scheduled rig and routine maintenance and repairs of equipment. Led projects by establishing project
scope, assign workload, and managing assigned contractors. Coordinated field operations and evaluated
production. Implemented safety standards and procedures.
Continuously meet and exceed goals established by executive management.
Streamlined safety while achieving no fatalities during employment.
Maximized professional development of employees by implementing training programs.
Engineering Coursework
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma


Gainesville, Texas 76240

Dear Sir / Dear Madam:

With more than 20 years of experience leading teams and streamlining work processes through all phases
of production, I am confident my expertise as a production foreman would make an exceptional asset to your
company. By ensuring compliance of all health and safety regulations and standards and implementing
effective team trainings, I have enhanced overall site safety while achieving zero accidents and fatalities.
A sample of my achievements includes:

Accomplishing increase in production while decreasing costs year after year.

Meeting company goals to lower lifting costs and achieving benchmarks established by executive
Spearheading professional development to improve processes and production efficiency by
implementing training programs for employees.

Please review the enclosed resume and contact me at your earliest convenience to further discuss how my
professional experience can benefit your team. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to
speaking with you soon.

Jerry L. Crawford