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Governing blackout, the control of lighting and radio, the

movement of vehicles and other conveyances, and activities
of persons during periods of blackout and air raid, test
blackouts and test of Citizens Defense Corps, and
related matters, within the State of Indiana.

April 1, 1943

Tm: INDIANA Sum Dnmmsz Cormcu.

Clarence A. Jackson, Director
300 Board of Trade Bldg.

Indianapolis, Indiana

The Indiana Defense Council together with the Defense Coun

cils of Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, the United States Army
Fifth Service Command and the Fifth Regional Oilice of Civilian
Defense have agreed on the regulations to be in effect within the
United States Army Fifth Service Command, comprising the above
mentioned states, after April 1, 1943.

Adherence to these regulations in the State of Indiana is vol

untary unless they are incorporated in the ordinances of cities
and towns. It is, however, considered necessary that all counties
and cities follow the recommendations of the regulations, for the
reason that, in the event this area is activated by the Army and
put under Army orders, these regulations will then probably be

All members of the United States Citizens Defense Corps and

the public should be made acquainted with these regulations as
soon as possible.

Restricted publication for use by, and distribution only to, Civilian Defense
Directors (County, City and Local) and to responsible Citizens Defense
Corps Staff Oflicers. Not for general distribution or use.

Section I


Period of Blackout. The period of

legislation, regulation or order to ad

time beginning with the blackout

minister matters pertinent to the sub

(BLUE) signal, (or the air raid

ject matter of these regulations.

(RED) signal if there has been no

a. Citizens Defense Corps. The local

preceding blackout (BLUE) signal)

organization of certified members

and continuing during hours of dark

of the protective services engaged

ness or until the all clear (WHITE)

in civilian protection and under the

command of the local Commander.

signal. (See also pars. 19, 20 and 21.)

Period of Air Raid. The period of

Service Command. The Command

time beginning with the air raid

ing General of the U. S. Army Fifth

(RED) signal and ending with the

Service Command, Columbus, Ohio,

blackout (BLUE) signal, following

which comprises the States of In

the air raid (RED) signal. (See also

diana, Ohio, Kentucky and West Vir

pars. 19 and 20.)

ginia, or his legal representative.

Sub Area Warning District. The

Director of Civilian Defense. The

basic territorial division of an air de

Director of Civilian Defense ap
fense region for the issuance of air
pointed by the Governor of Indiana
Warning signals.

on recommendation of the State De

Area of Blackout or Air Raid Alarm.

fense Advisory Council, or his au

The warning district or districts in

thorized representative.

and for which a period of blackout

Persons. Individuals (including offi

(BLUE) signal or air raid (RED)

cials and employees of the United

signal is in effect.

States, or of any state or territory,

Hours of Darkness. The time from

or of any political subdivision

a half hour after sunset to a half

thereof), partnerships, associations,

hour before sunrise the following

corporations (municipal, public, or

morning between October 1 and April

private), or any organized groups of

30, inclusive, and from one hour after

individuals whether incorporated or


sunset until one-half hour before sun

rise the following morning between


Persons in Control of Lighting.

May 1 and September 30, inclusive.

a. With respect to light sources at
Civilian Defense Authorities. Offi

tached to publicly or privately owned

cials or bodies of a state or political

real property of any character, the

subdivision thereof authorized by

persons entitled, as owners or ten

ants, to occupy or cuter such property

public thoroughfares, but not includ

or parts thereof;

ing sidewalks or other ways for use

primarily by pedestrians.

b. With respect to light sources at

tached to road vehic1es,* boats,* rail
road trains,* street cars,* and air

Road Vehicle. Every device in, upon,

or by which any person or property

craft, the persons in control of the

is or may be transported or drawn

operation of such conveyances;

upon a public way, not operated on

c. With respect to light sources not

rails, including all such devices mo

attached to real property or to the

tivated by mechanical means, or by

conveyances described in the forego

animal or human power.

ing paragraph b, the persons in pos

session or entitled to possession



Motor Vehicle. Any road vehicle

which is self-propelled.

d. With respect to all light sources,

individuals Who, by reason of rela

Boat. Any means of transportation

by water.

tionship as licensee or guest, may

light or extinguish lights; and
e. Employees, agents and represen

Railroad Train. Any means of trans

portation by rail, except street cars.

tatives of the persons described in the

foregoing paragraphs a to d, inclu


Street Car. Any vehicle or train of

sive, whose duties include the light

vehicles operating on rails at or above

ing or extinguishing of lights, and

ground level (including elevated

all persons having authority to su

trains and subway trains while oper

pervise or direct such employees,

ating in the open), primarily for the

agents or representatives.

purpose of transporting persons,

principally on or over public ways

11. Public Way. Streets, highways, ave

nues, boulevards, alleys, and other
* See paragraphs 12 to 16, inclusive.

lying within one municipality or met

ropolitan area as defined by the
United States Bureau of Census.

Section II





17. Transmission of Signals. The air

in such warning district as such au

warning signals described in para

thorities deem essential to initiate

graphs 18, 19, 20 and 21 shall be is

proper steps to insure timely black

sued, sounded, or announced only

out or air raid precautions.

upon the order or the authorization

of the fighter command or the Re- 19. Mobilization and Blackout (BLUE)
gion Controller to the sub-area Warn

Signal. This is an audible Warning

ing center which is operated by civil

signal indicating the PROBABILITY

ian defense authorities. The fighter

of an air raid in the warning dis

command or Regional Controller, is

trict so warned. This signal will be

responsible only that the sub-area

a long note (approximately two min

warning center receives the order or

utes) at steady pitch of sirens, horns,

authorization for the giving of such

or whistles. Upon the sounding of

signals. Civilian defense authorities

this signal, within such warning dis

are responsible for the transmission

trict, civilian defense forces will mo

of such signals from the sub-area

bilize or remain mobilized; if during

warning center through their alarm

hours of darkness, lighting will be

warning systems to the public.* In

extinguished or obscured except as

the case of practice blackouts, such

permitted by paragraphs 24 to 37, in

air warning signals shall be issued,

clusive, and pedestrians and trafiic

sounded or announced only upon

may continue or resume movement.

authorization of the service command

to civilian defense authorities.

20. Air Raid (RED) Signal. This is an

audible public warning signal indi

18. Yellow Warning. This is a confiden

tial preliminary caution warning not

cating the PROXIMITY of enemy

aircraft and the IMMINENCE of an

to be given by audible public alarm.

air raid in the warning district so

It indicates the POSSIBILITY of an

warned. This signal (approximately

air raid in the warning district so

warned. This warning shall be trans

two minutes) will be a series of short

blast of horns or whistles or a warb

mitted by civilian defense authorities

ling or fluctuating sound of varying

only to such key persons, essential

pitch of a siren. Upon the sounding

industries, railroads, and places with

of this signal, in addition to the ac

tions required by the mobilization

* See Section II hereof supersedes certain provisions

of O. C. D. pamphlet, "Aid Raid Warning System}
* Local civilian defense authorities should maintain
records of the time of beginning and ending of all air
warning signals.

and blackout (BLUE) signal, as con

tained in paragraph 19 above, within
such warning district blackout shall

be completed by extinguishing or ob
scuring all lights, except as permitted
by paragraphs 24 to 35 inclusive, and
pedestrians, vehicles and other con
veyances shall comply with the re
quirements of paragraphs 38 to 42,

21. All Clear (WHITE). This is a pub

lic notice indicating All Clear, and the
return to normal conditions in the
area so notified. This may be trans
mitted by turning on street lights
which have been extinguished, by au
thorized local radio announcements,
by notice from the Control Center to
the police and fire stations, and area
air raid wardens who will directly
notify the public in their respective
areas, or by means as directed by
the Director of Civilian Defense.

NOTE.-Ordinarily, a Yellow Warning shall precede

a Blue Signal and a Blue Signal shall precede a Red
Signal. However, if sufficient time is not available for
these signals to be separated by at least five (5)
minutes, the Yellow Warning and/or the Blue Signal
may be omitted, so that a Blue Signal may be given
without a prior Yellow Warning and a Red Signal may
be given without a prior Yellow and/or Blue Signal.
A Blue Signal shall follow every Red Signal, after an
interval of not less than five (5) minutes and may in
turn be followed by a White Signal or by another Red
Signal. Upon the sounding of a Blue Signal, pedes
trians and vehicles should give consideration to move
ment to places of safety in anticipation of an air raid
(Red) Signal. The same action shall be required upon
a Blue Signal whethe1 it precedes or follows a Red
Signal, that is, a return to a status of blackout rather
than a condition of air raid; this will permit traiiic and
pedestrians to resume movement but maintains the
blackout condition indicating that raiders have passed
the a1ea so warned but that a condition of blackout is
still required in anticipation of another Red Signal upon
the approach of a new wave of raiders or a return of
the original raiders. The sequence of signals in such
case would be Blue, Red, Blue, Red, Blue. A White All
Clear may follow a Yellow (Warning) or a Blue Signal,
but will not follow a Red Signal without an intermediate
Blue Signal. A White Signal shall not be given within
ten (10) minutes of a preceding Blue Signal. The All
Clear (White) will not be given until the probability of
attack no longer exists.

Section III



22. Prohibited Lighting. During the pe- 23. Unattended Lighting. At all times
riod and in the area of blackout oc
during hours of darkness, occupants
curring during hours of darkness,

of premises and operators of road

persons in control of lighting shall

vehicles and other conveyances shall

cause all lights* visible from the out

not have any unattended lighting, ex

side to be extinguished or blacked

cept as permitted in paragraphs 24

out as promptly as possible, except as

to 35. Lighting shall be considered

permitted in paragraphs 24 to 37, in


unattended unless a competent indi

a. All blackout measures shall be

or guest of the household or business

completed within as near {ive (5)

minutes as possible.

vidual, who is a member, employee,

establishment of the occupier, or who

is the operator or occupant of a road
vehicle or other conveyance, or who,

* This prohibition applies to lights of every descrip

tion, electrical, gas, oil, or any other source, including
matches, cigarette lighters, etc. It prohibits lights that

vidual has undertaken responsibility

igglue or any other color except as specifically per

for said lighting, can black out as

by arrangement with any such indi

provided in paragraph 22 ab0ve.

violations of lighting regulations.

The responsibility of the Citizens De

However, where special arrange

fense Corps is limited to reporting

ments have been made, a member of

the Citizens Defense Corps may as'

* It is to be noted that the provisions of this para

Sume the duty 0f turning nf? lights

?%Z}5 ?}l Y3} 2``$}3$t}f%$?t " S a














24. General. During the periods and in

(b) Bulb coating - opaque ex

the areas of blackout or air raid, dur

cept for circular aperture on

ing hours of darkness, whether at

bulb end;

tended or not, lighting is permitted

(c) Circular aperture maxi

as provided in paragraphs 25 to 35,


mum diameter of one (1)

(d) Color of aperture orange

25. Lights in Buildings and Residences.

or orangered,* or

a. In building interiors a s m all

amount of controlled illumination,

(3) Conform to the following re

suiiicient to permit reasonable facil


ity of movement without necessitat

(tt) Wattsnot more than twen

ing complete obstruction of doors and

ty-five (25);

windows, is permitted only when the

indoor incandescent lamps or lighting

Circuit23O volt bulb used

on 115 volt circuit;

units are installed in accordance with

the directions contained in subpara

(C) Bulb coating - opaque ex

cept for circular aperture on

graph b below and which:

end of bulb;
(1) Are marked "Indoor Blackout


War Department Standard" (See

Circular aperture maxi

mum diameter of one (1)

W.D. Specifications - Blackout


of Buildings) or
(2) Conform to the following re

(e) Color of apertureclear or


b. All indoor blackout lights, permit
(a) Watts not more than {if
teen (15);
Blue is permitted for blackout lights.

ted as above, shall be installed in ac

cordance with the following direc

(1) In any room, only one unit: is

shielded as to screen direct light from

permitted to each two hundred

falling on windows or doors, and that

square feet of floor area or a

it shall be equipped with one lamp of

fraction thereof;

not more than 15 watts.

(2) Units shall be spaced not less


than ten feet apart in any direc

Emergency Motor Vehicles. Emer

gency motor vehicles, as defined in


paragraph 41, may move during pe

(3) In corridors, one row of units is

riods stated in paragraph 24 above,

permitted at a spacing of not

using only headlights on low or de

less than fifteen feet;

pressed beam (city driving lights)

(4) Units shall be placed at least

and normal tail lights and license

three feet from any window, ex

plate lights.
terior door, or other opening;
(5) Units shall not be pointed to


ward any window, exterior door,

Traffic Signals and Traffic Signs.

Traffic signals, traffic signs, fire and

or other opening;

police box markers and other illumi

(6) Units may be installed at any

nated signal devices, are to be turned

height when openings are cov

off unless in their operation they com

ered in the usual manner with

ply with War Department Specifica

drawn window shades, drapes,

tion "Traffic Control During Black

blinds, or one thickness of news

outs," during periods stated in para

graph 24 above.

paper, or whenever each unit has

a shade which screens the unit
from outside observation above


the horizontal;

Street Lighting. Street lighting will

be turned 0H during period of the

(7) Units shall be located above the

Blue signal preceding the Red signal

tops of such openings, when ex

and until the All Clear has been given

terior openings are not covered

unless they comply with War Depart

and when units are not otherwise

ment Specifications "Street Lighting

shaded from outside observation

During Blackouts.

above the horizontal.


Flashlights, Lanterns and Flares.

c. Interior colored, other than blue

Flashlights, lanterns and flares com
exit lights, are permitted in all pub
plying with War Department Speci
lic buildings, with the restriction that

fication "Blackout Flashlights, Lan

terns and Flares," are permitted dur

* It is anticipated that the provisions of this para

graph will be superseded when standard blackout light
ing equipment meeting War Department Specifications
or substitute equipment as approved by proper military
authority is available and is provided for all the emer
gency motor vehicles in any specified city or metro
politan area.
* See also War Department Specification "Lumines
cent Materials.
** * See also paragraph 34 for street lighting per
mitted during periods of blackout (BLUE) but pro
hibited during periods of air raid (RED).

ing periods stated in paragraph 24

above. Pending the availability of
specified filters or automatic cut-offs,
flashlights not so equipped may be
used provided the light is filtered
through (a) three thicknesses of
newspaper, or (b) one thickness of

newspaper and one sheet of red cel

ply with the provisions of paragraph

lophane. Flashlights shall not be


pointed above the horizontal. Pend


ing the availability of lanterns com

Thermal Processes. During the pe

plying with the above specihcations,

riods specified in paragraph 24, light

lanterns equipped with red or orange

emitted from industrial processes,

gloves may be used to mark excava

such as furnace glow in glass, pottery

tions or other dangerous obstruc


and cement works, iron foundries,

steel mills and coke works, is permit
ted, provided however, that such light
shall be shielded, obscured, reduced

30. Water Navigation Lights. During

in intensity or otherwise treated to
the periods as stated in paragraph
as great an extent as may be prac
24, the following water navigation

ticable in order to reduce to a mini

lights are permitted:

mum the light visible from the out
a. Lights on fixed or floating struc

side. Steam or smoke shall be reduced

tures except such as are specified by

to the minimum. Provisions for

the United States Navy or Army, as

not essential to indicate safe chan

blacking out or reducing visible ex

terior lighting of the previously men

nels of navigation.

tioned industrial processes shall be

b. Lights on boats to the extent re


approved by local defense authori

quired by the United States Navy.

Railroad Lights. During the periods

31. Aeronautical Lights. During the pe

as specified in paragraph 24 above, all

riods as stated in paragraph 24, the

railroad lights on rolling stock and

following aeronautical lights are per


fixed installations are permitted pro

a. Flood lights and runway approach

partment Specifications Blackout of


vided they comply with "War De

lights only at those fields and only to

the extent necessary to expedite


Lighting of Military Necessity. All

clearing the air of flights.

b. Position lights on aircraft in iiight

lights of the armed forces necessarily

used in active defense measures are

as required by the Civil Aeronautics

permitted during the periods stated


in paragraph 24.

c. Obstruction lights, except such as


Specially Authorized Lights. Any

are specified by the service command

lights specifically authorized by the

as not essential.

State Defense Council and/or the

d. Beacon lights as specifically au

service command are permitted dur

thorized by the service command.

ing such period and to such extent

(Otherwise, beacon lights shall com

as they may deem appropriate.















36. Special Permitted Lights. During

air raid (RED) signal when such

the period and in the area of black

signal follows a blackout (BLUE)

out (BLUE), but not during the pe


riod of air raid (RED), (1) street

and traiiic Signals other than those 37. Lights on Road Vehicm and other
described in paragraph 27, (2) lights

Conveyances. During the period and

in military and naval installations,

in the area of blackout (BLUE), but

utility plants and manufacturing

not during the period of air raid

plants or other facilities essential to


the war eifort, and (3) lights in rail

a. All moving motor vehicles are per

road classification yards, are permit

mitted to use only headlights on low

ted, provided such three classes of

or depressed beam, (city driving

lights comply with the following con


lights) and normal tail lights and

license plate lights.

a. That such lights comply with reg

ulations in effect in such area, or in

b. Street cars, elevated trains and

the absence of such regulations, if

s u b w a y trains operating above

they do not contribute materially to

ground level are permitted to use nor

skyglow; and

mal exterior and interior lights.

b. That such lights shall be extin

c. Road vehicles other than motor

guished or blacked out within one

vehicles are permitted to use normal

(1) minute from the sounding of the











38. General. During the period and in

graph 41, shall be im m Q dig, t, Q 1 y

the &Y'3 of ai? reid (RED) eiermr

stopped (except as provided in para

a. All road vehicles, except emer

graphs 39 and 40) and parked so that

gency vehicles as defined in para

roadway space shall be left for the


passage of trafiic, and all lights shall

with, where possible, to a place more

be extinguished. Occupants shall

than one hundred (100) feet from

leave said vehicles as soon as parked

the nearest habitation or business

and shall take shelter, except that 0c

premises and there park as provided

cupants of road vehicles carrying

in paragraph 38 a. Vehicles 'so pro

property which must be guarded may

ceeding shall use headlights (low or

remain in said parked vehicles.

depressed beam, or city driving

lights), normal tail lights and license

b. Street cars shall be stopped at

plate lights.

loading points or other safe and con

,il.i?.?3EL .a.i1,dr.IiiSi?.IiiI;S 41- Emergency Vehicles. T h e t e rm
nuau uc u1Uu.1`gUu anu bank: 511C1L.t:1'.
"Emergency Vehicles" shall mean the
All exterior and interior lights shall
following road vehicles:
be extinguished.
a. Vehicles of, or acting under orders

c. Ridden or herded animals shall

of, or traveling with the express per

clear the public way for the passage

of traflic.

mission of, the armed forces of the

United States and her Allies.

d. Boats shall comply with regula

b. Vehicles of fire departments and

tions issued by the United States

governmental police agencies.


c. Ambulances and oiiicial rescue

e. Movement of railroad trains and

cars and other vehicles converted to

personnel shall be in accordance with
such use in emergency service.
the provisions of "War Department
Specifications Blackout of Rail

d. Public Utility repair vehicles op


erating in emergency service.

e. Vehicles in emergency service

39. Bridges and Tunnels. During the

identified by insignia prescribed by

the State Director of Civilian De

period and in the area of air raid

(RED) alarm, road vehicles, other

fense. In exceptional cases vehicles

than emergency vehicles, and street

without such identifying insignia

cars shall not enter bridges, viaducts,

will be permitted to move as emer

or tunnels and, if already there, shall

gency vehicles provided the appro

proceed to the end or exit thereof and

priate civilian defense authorities

as far beyond as necessary to park

are satisfied that the use of such ve

in accordance with the preceding

hicle is necessary in the performance

paragraph 38 a.

of emergency duties.

40. Vehicles Transporting Dangerous 42. Pedestrians. Upon the signal for an
Materials. Vehicles transporting ex

air raid (RED), all persons shall im

plosives, gasoline, or other dangerous

mediately take shelter in the nearest

combustiles shall, upon the signal

building in which they are legally

for an air raid (RED),proceed forth

permitted to enter or in the desig


nated shelter area most convenient to

c. Persons as authorized by civilian

them, except those required for the

defense authorities, Wearing Office

performance of their oflicial duties

as follows:

of Civilian Defense armbands and/or

carrying identification cards pre
scribed by the Director of Civilian

a. Uniformed members of the armed

Defense, or persons wearing arm

forces of the United States and her

bands authorized for the Aircraft

allies, the Civil Air Patrol, and of the

State Guards.

Warning Service; provided all such

persons are required to move in the

b. Members of fire departments and

performance of their emergency

governmental police agencies.




43. Radio Stations will be silenced at

silenced when the tactical situation

such times and for such_ periods as

warrants, except as follows:

may be ordered by the fighter com

mand* as follows:

(1) During periods of blackout and

air raid, special broadcast mes

a. Radio stations operating on fre

sages on selected frequencies

quencies between three thousand

may be made under the specihc

(3,000) and thirty thousand (30,000)

kilocycles will not be silenced.

direction and control of the serv


ice command.

b. Radio stations operating onlfre

(2) Army and Navy stations may

quencies below t h r e e thousand

operate to a necessary minimum

(3,000) and above thirty thousand

when necessity dictates as deter

(30,000) kilocycles Will be ordered

mined by the local commander.

(3) Police, fire, utility and other spe

Consideration is given to visibility prior to impos- `

ing radio silences.
The selected frequencies will be announced by the
service command. Persons having radio receivers
should keep them turned toe one of the selected fre
quencies during periods of blackout or air raid. No
broadcasts on any frequency are authorized during pe
riods of blackout or air raid except as authorized by the
service command on the selected frequencies.

cial emergency radio stations

may remain in operation- upon
the basis as prescribed- by the
Federal Communications Com






44. Practice Blackouts may be conducted

may determine, any military or naval

by State and Local authorities in such

installation, manufacturing plant,

area, at such times, and to such ex

utility plant or other facility essential

tent as may be authorized by the

to the war effort, provided the State

service command. The State Defense

Defense Director has ascertained

Director, on recommendation from
that such installation, plant or facil

the County and City Defense Direc

tors, may excuse from such practice

ity is prepared to and is proiicient

blackouts or practice air raids, for

in blackout, or for such other rea

such periods and to such extent as he

sons ashe may deem appropriate.







45. False Blackouts or Air Raids. No

tice blackouts or practice air raids,

person ..shall order, utter, publish,

sound or otherwise simulate or cause

as authorized by the service command

to be ordered, uttered, published,

of air raid warning equipment on

sounded, or otherwisesimulated, any

Saturdays between twelve (12)

air raid warning signal unless or

oclock noon and (10) minutes fol

dered or authorized todo so by the

lowing, as authorized by the civilian

defense authorities.

or State Director, or for the testing

Hghter command, or in case of prac






46. Illegal Use of Insignia. No person

ing the insignia prescribed by the di

shall wear, exhibit, display, use, man

rector of civilian defense or pre

ufacture, sell or offer for sale for any

scribed for the aircraft warning

purpose, or cause to be worn, exhib

service or any simulation or adapta
ited, displayed, used, manufactured,
tion of such insignia, except in ac

sold, or offered for sale for any pur

pose, any armbands, badges, emblem,

cordance with rules and regulations

uniform, pennant, card, or other

of the director of Civilian Defense or

identification or credential embody

the aircraft warning service.




AIR RAID IS I I D All building. lll Pedestrian; I3) Prepare
HEAR SMMmh | stun
and vehicle to seek
PROBABLE home, store
J or whis for 1 nlnutn.
and street
movement shelter.
lights black
permitted. Civilian
out. Keep
radio on.










(Z) Vehicles (31 Every

Warbllng nah of shun for 1 aninutoa, or, RAIDERS (Il All Iights
blacked out.
steo. body
_ _ _ _ Q OVERHEAD Keep radio
discharge take
passengers. cover.
Chowy Mash f shan wth for 2 oninuhx.
home, store
Shun noh ol slr nr whhl he I n|t. RETURN and shoot
lights stay
out. Keep
radio on.

(21 Pedestrians (3) Resume

may leave pedes
shelter. triae

Strat Ilghh 30 on. no RAIDERS II) Resume all

normal ac
by wardms. pIip. dc., possible HAVE
ada \|nemn|.
PASSED tivities. All
lights may