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Pantaloons analysis at city center mallPresentation Transcript


2. Road map Introduction Vision mission Product
Price Place Promotion Personal Presentation Visual merchandising Visual communication
SWOT Conclusion
3. Introduction Pantaloons Retail India Ltd. is one of Indias largest organized
modern-format retailers promoted by Mr. Kishore Biyani. the company operates over 7
million square feet of retail space has over 1000 stores across 53 cities in India and employs over
25,000 people. Pantaloons is among India's largest chains of fashion stores. Pantaloons Fresh
Fashion, with its focus on 'fresh look, feel and attitude' offers, trendy and hip collections that are
in sync with the hopes and aspirations of discerning young and 'young-at-heart' consumers.
Pantaloons is a department store
4. Vision mission VISION: Future Group shall deliver Everything, Every where Every
time for Every Indian Consumer in the most profitable manner. MISSION: We shall be
efficient, cost- conscious and committed to quality in whatever we do. CORE VALUES:
Rewrite rules. Retain values.
5. Product PANTALOONS Mens Formals Casuals John Miller Urbana Scullers Indigo
Nation Lombard Suites n blazers Womens Ethnic RIG F Factor UMM Ajile Bare denim JM
Sports Lee Copper formals Annabelle Scullers Casuals Jealous 21 Bare denim RIG UMM Lee
Copper Honey Ajile 109 F Biba Kids Ethnic Rang Manch Aakriti Chalk Bare kids Lee copper
juniors Rig umm
6. Private labels John Miller Lombard Suites n blazers RIG UMM
Bare JM Sports Chalk Annabelle Jealous 21 Honey Ajile Rangmanch
7. Leased department SIA Sarah Zaveri pearls
8. Place Store Location The location of a retail store occupies an important place in
retail strategy. Store location- city center mall Mumbai center. It is located in the centre of
the city. The traffic Accessibility of the market Visibility
9. Layout
10. Price High turnover Low Margin High Margin Low turnover Since Pantaloons
provides products to a potentially large number of customers at affordable prices, it falls in the
High Turnover Low Margin Category.

11. Price strategy of pantaloons Multiple unit pricing Markdown One-price

policy Odd pricing Private label Brand pricing

12. Promotion Pantaloons is the first company to promote their products through
movies like 3 Idiots , Kya kool hai hum , Na tum jaano na hum , jail. Sponsor events which
are watched by the youth like the Pantaloons Femina Miss India which they relate to or is liked
by the youth. Talk 24 seam card

13. Youth icons

14. Green Card 1 star 3 star 5 star 7 star

15. Personal Recruitment and Selection In-house data bank Walk-in

advertisement Internal Referral Training Retention Strategy

16. Presentation store exterior Storefront Marquee Entrances Door type

17. Store exterior Display window Colors and material

18. Store interiors Managing space Value of space Allocating space Back
room Office and other functional space The aisles Service areas Non selling areas of
the sales floor Wall space and the floor space

19. Visual merchandising Color presentation Vertical merchandising

20. Style/ Item oriented Presentation Price lining

21. Feature areas Straight Rack Rounder Four-way

22. Gondolas Closed sell Open cell

23. Store Atmospherics Visual communication Lighting Colors Music

24. Store security Customer theft. Employee theft.

25. Assortment and Variety High variety Low Assortment High Assortment Low variety

26. Supply chain Factory Mother Distribution Center Regional Distribution Center
Warehouse 1 Store 1 Store 2 Warehouse 2 Store 3 Store 4 Warehouse 3 Store 5 Store 6
Pantaloons use ARS ( automatic replenishment system). They keep stock for 3 months.

27. SWOT Strength: Pioneer in the industry, largest market share and capitalization.
Strong supply chain mechanism. Higher bargaining power due to maximum number of
stores, higher customer footfalls and covering most types of formats. Human Capital
attracting the most talented pool from best business schools across India. Understanding of
Fashion Unique Discounting/ Markdown Private label brands

28. Weakness: Low employee retention levels at shop floor level due to
better pay package by competitors. Since Pantaloons Retail India Ltd sell products across many
sectors, it may not have the flexibility of some of its more focused competitors. Pantaloons does
not function internationally, which has an effect on success, as they do not reach consumers in
overseas markets. Its focused only in the middle and upper middle class.

29. Opportunities: Geographical Expansion: Untapped market in terms of tier II and

tier III cities. Untapped segments such as ethnic wear, Organic cotton wear etc. Luxury
segment with brands like Gucci, Tommy, Armani etc. Stand alone stores of other brands like
Bare, UMM etc. Getting license agreement of smaller regional brands. More effective
online shopping for garments.

30. Threats Competitive rivalry in the industry Pantaloon is facing competition from
Westside (Trent), Shoppers Stop, Reliance Trends, Lifestyle, Globus etc. Foreign players like
Carrefour, Tesco, and WalMart lined for their Indian operations. Increasing cost of raw
material, power and transportation. Delay in store delivery