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Planning date: 23/ 2/ 2013

Teaching date :...................

Per 77 : Unit 12 :Sport and past time
Lesson 4: B5- C1,5
A/ The aims and objectives:
1-The aims:
- At the end of the lesson , Sts will be able to talk about what they do
in their free time using the present simple tense and some activity verbs, use
How often questions and answers once/ twice/ three times.a week
to talk about frequency activities.
2- Objectives:
a. Language focus
* Vocab : - Review: read, listen to music, go fishing, play video
- New: always, usually, often, sometimes, never, How often,
once / twice/ three times
* Grammar : How often do you read ? - I read once a week.
How often does she read ? - She reads once a week.
b. Skills: Listening Speaking Writing Reading.
B/ Preparations:
1/ Teacher: Text-book, lesson plan, radio, sub- board, ....
2/Students: Text-books, notebooks, exercise books...
C/ Procedures:
I/ Organization: (1-2') - Greeting
- Checking attendance
II/ Warm-up: (4-5')
* Ask 3 ss to write two examples for each beginning with: In my free time,
Ss: write
Example: In my free time, I go to the museum.
III/ New lesson(31-35')
Teachers & Students activities


10- I/ New words :
T : Shows a table:adverbs of 12 - always (adv) : lun lun
- usually(adv) : thng xuyn
Ps : Remark
- often (adv): thng hay

T : Asks Ps to give the meaning of

Ps : Give the meaning
T : Introduces part B5
- Play tape twice
Ps : Listen
T : Introduces words and structure
Ps : Write
T : Reads words twice
Ps : Listen and repeat after teacher
(choral ind )
T : Plays tape twice
Ps : Listen and repeat (choral)
- Practice in pairs to read the
T : Corrects
T: Show Lys diary and introduce.
- Ask sts to look at Lys diary and
name some activities
Look at Lys diary and name some
activities ( one by one)
-T: Do a model first. (go to school)
Ss: Practice examples.
- T:Get sts to do pairswork.
Ss: Work in pairs to ask and
answer about her activities in a
week following the model given
-T: Call on some pairs to practice
Ss: Practice speaking about Lys
activities based on her diary.
- T: Listen and correct their doing
* Pre - listening
- Ask sts to do matching.( subboard)
->key: 1- d, 2- c, 3-b, 4-a,5-e.
- Show 5 pictures about Lan and
Nga and ask Ss to tell what they

- sometimes (adv) : thnh thong

- never(adv) : khng bao gi
Once : 1 ln
Twice : 2 ln
Three times: 3 ln
How often...? c thng xuyn khng
II/ Structure :
Ex : How often do you go to school ?
I go to school five times a week
How often does she go to the movie ?
She goes to the movies twice a month
* Form:How often + do/ does + S + V ?
S + V(s,es) once a week / a month
Twice a week / a month
=> Hi ai thng hay lm g vi tn sut
13- nh th no.
III/ Practice:
1/B5- How often...? Ly`s diary
*Example :
P1- How often does Ly go to school?
P2- She goes to school six times a week
P1: How often does Ly play badminton?
P2- She plays badminton twice a week


2/C5- Listen:
*How often do Lan and Nga do these things
vvv vvv vv
v x

Go camping

do in their free time.

Go to the zoo
- Can you guess how often they do

Go jogging
these things ( sub- board)
Play soccer
*While - listening
Have a picnic
- Play the tape to check their
- Listen to the tape twice
* Post - listening
- Ask sts to repeat sentence by
IV/ Consolidation:(2-6' )
-T: Ask ss to retell the adverds of frequences.
Ss: Answer
* For class 6A: Ask ss to make sentences using adverbs of frequency
Ex: I never go to school on Sunday.
She usually does aerobics in the morning.
V/ Homework:(2- 3')
- Learn by heart new words and structure
- Do exercise B4,5- P105,106 in the workbook.
-Prepare: Unit 12: C2,3,4,6.