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Other Europes:

2325 June 2016

Cover image by Carschten, CC BY-SA 3.0 de,

Other Europes:
Migrations, Translations,
Dsseldorf, Germany, 2325 June 2016

Symposium Program

Thursday, 23 June
1. Subjects in Translation (Plenary)
4:005:30 p.m., Theatersaal + Appendix,
Chair: Gabriele Schwab, Univ. of California,
Thinking in Film, Dreaming in a Foreign
Language, Mieke Bal, Univ. of Amsterdam
Migrants: Subjects in Translation: A Few
European Examples, Siri Nergaard,
Universities of Bologna and Florence
Transnationalizing Turkish Studies in
Europe, Kader Konuk, Universitt Duisburg
Strangers and Foreigners, Susan Suleiman,
Harvard Univ.
Discussant: TBD
2. Dialogue on Cosmopolitanism (Plenary)
6:007:30 p.m., Theatersaal + Appendix,
Chair: Roland Greene, Stanford Univ.
Participants: K. Anthony Appiah, New York
Univ.; Susan Neiman, Einstein Forum,
3. Reception 1
8:009:30 p.m., Theatersaal + Appendix,

Friday, 24 June
4. Literarisches bersetzen:
Wechselwirkungen von Theorie und Praxis
9:0010:30 a.m., Appendix, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
Das Scheitern der Transparenz: Methodische
Erwartungen versus Performanz des
bersetzens, Albrecht Buschmann,
Universitt Rostock
Die Hilflosigkeit von bersetzungstheorie
und-praxis, Henri Bloemen, KU Leuven

Wider die sklavische Treue: Valery

Larbauds Pldoyer fr die Freiheit des
bersetzerischen Handelns, Vera Elisabeth
Gerling, Heinrich Heine Universitt
Lawrence Venuti Revisited: How Visible
Should Translators Be?, Martina Nicklaus,
Heinrich Heine Universitt Dsseldorf
Zum Verhltnis von bersetzungsreflexion
und bersetzungspraxis bei Yves
Bonnefoy, Angela Sanmann, Universitt
bersetzungstheorie aus der Praxis:
Swetlana Geier und Miguel Senz im
Vergleich, Beln Santana, Universitt
bersetzungstheorie und -praxis bei
Walter Benjamin und Gershom Scholem,
Caroline Sauter, Zentrum fr Literatur- und
Kulturforschung Berlin
Hermeneutik der bersetzung: Franz
Kafkas Kurzegeschichten in franzsischer
bersetzung, Arvi Sepp, Universitt
Antwerpen/Freie Universitt Brssel
Der Essay als Diskursivierungsform von
bersetzungstheorie: Esther Kinskys
Fremdsprechen: Gedanken zum bersetzen,
Beate Sommerfeld, Instytut Filologii
Germaskiej, Adam Mickiewicz Univ. in
Discussant: TBD
5. Translating Theory
9:0010:30 a.m., Goethezimmer, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
European Theory as Convergent Media
Culture: Heidegger, Deleuze, Sloterdijk,
and the Transformations of Philosophical
Textuality, Katherine Arens, Univ. of Texas,
Sigmund Freud: Good European, Martina
Kolb, Susquehanna Univ.
Translating Walter Benjamins The Task
of the Translator, Vivian Liska, Univ. of

Friday, 24 June
Contemporary Theories on Europes
Cultural Foundations, Paul Michael
Ltzeler, Washington Univ. in St. Louis
Discussant: TBD
6. Thinking Precariously
9:0010:30 a.m., Hrsaal, Haus der
Chair: TBD
Memory/Starved: Food and Forgetting in W
ou le souvenir denfance by Georges Perec,
Priya Wadhera, Columbia Univ.
Falling into Nonexperience: Ida: A Novel,
Mnire Sevgi Sen, Bilkent Univ.
Humanism and the European Tribe in
Liquid Times: Reading Caryl Philips with
Zygmunt Bauman and Levinas, Catalina
Botez, Universitt Konstanz
The Political Virtue of Agambenian Nudity
versus Bare Life, Frances L. Restuccia, Boston
Eine Frage des Rechts: Giorgio Agambens
Pldoyer fr ein anderes Europa, Angela
Discussant: TBD
7. Figuring Translation
9:0010:30 a.m., Room 2 (2nd floor), Haus
der Universitt
Chair: TBD
Translation as Distanciacion in the Migrant
Writer Ornela Vorpsi, Michela Baldo, Univ.
of Leicester
The Prophet and Me: Thomas Carlyle in
Egypt, Maya Kesrouany, New York Univ.,
Abu Dhabi
Albania mon amour: Tales of Female Love
and Duty in the Writings of Bessa Myftiu
and Elvira Dones, Lidia Radi, Univ. of
Translational Border Spaces in Central and
Eastern Europe, Irene Sywenky, Univ. of
Translating Other Europes: The Migrant
Emergency, Stefania Taviano, Universit

degli Studi di Messina

Discussant: TBD
8. Exposing Religion
9:0010:30 a.m., Room 4b, Haus der
Chair: TBD
Translating Blasphemy: Discrepancies
between Secular and Orthodox Ways of
Seeing Blasphemy in the Work of Russian
Political Performance Art, Darja Filippova,
independent scholar
Mind the Gap: The Relation between the
Religious Cartography of Europe and the
Mental Map(s) of European Religiousness,
Florian Groetsch, Heinrich Heine Universitt
Dsseldorf; Annette Schnabel, Heinrich
Heine Universitt Dsseldorf
Muslim Modernity as a Jewish Question
in Muhammad Asads The Road to Mecca,
Abraham Rubin
Immigrant Genres and Poetic Conversions:
Hebrew Psalms and Italian Sonnets in
Nineteenth-Century British Theological
Poetics, Cynthia Scheinberg, Mills Coll.
Discussant: TBD
9. Writing Memory (Romania)
9:0010:30 a.m., Room 3, Haus der
Chair: TBD
Romanias Children: The Voices of
Transatlantic Adoption in Memoir, Holly
Teresa Baker, Univ. of South Dakota
Fictions of Trauma and Displacement: The
Eastern Homelands of Herta Mller and
Catalin Dorian Florescu, Gabriela Glavan,
West Univ. of Timioara
Remembering Other Europes: Language
and Memory in Lena Constantes The Silent
Escape, Three Thousand Days in Romanian
Prisons (1995), Szidonia Haragos, Zayed
Univ., United Arab Emirates
Discussant: TBD

Friday, 24 June
10. Greece: Genres of Crisis
9:0010:30 a.m., Jacobzimmer, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
Grexit Stage Right: Debt, Antidote, and the
Tragedy of Greece, Jennifer R. Ballengee,
Towson Univ.
Beware Those Bearing Metaphors: Classical
Tropes and the Greek Debt Crisis, Matthew
Gumpert, Boazii niversitesi
The Transferal of Literariness: How to Read
the Greek Crisis on Social Media, Eleni
Papargyriou, Kings Coll. London
European Identity and the Transformation
of Philhellenism in the Unfolding of the
Greek Crisis, Elena Pnevmonidou, Univ. of
Victoria, Canada
Discussant: TBD
11. Latin American Women Writers
Imagining Europe, Judaism, and Identity
9:0010:30 a.m., Room 4a (3rd floor), Haus
der Universitt
Chair: TBD
Of Fate and Words, Marjorie Agosn,
Wellesley Coll.
Gabriela Mistral and Her Jewish Circle of
Friends, Elizabeth Horan, Arizona State
The Imaginary Jewish Europe of Angelina
Muiz-Huberman, Naomi Lindstrom, Univ.
of Texas, Austin
Latin American Jewish Writers in Paris:
The Texts of Luisa Futoransky and Ingrid
Tempel, Rene S. Scott, Univ. of North
Discussant: TBD
12. European Solidarities: East/West/South/
9:0010:30 a.m., Theatersaal, Malkasten
Chair: Kerry Bystrom, Bard Coll.; Monica
Popescu, McGill Univ.
Eurafrican Assemblies: Patterns of Solidarity
and Coloniality across the Mediterranean
Divide, Stefan Jonsson, Linkping Univ.

Solidarity from the Margins of Europe:

Afro-Scandinavian Literary Events, Monica
Popescu, McGill Univ.
(West) Germany, South Africa, and
Contested Solidarities, Kerry Bystrom,
Bard Coll.; Florian Becker, Bard Coll. Berlin
Solidarity Narratives in the Third-World
Novel, Rossen Djagalov, New York Univ.
Another West or Another East? Arab
Intellectual Life in Soviet Student
Dormitories, Margaret Litvin, Boston Univ.
Indian-Romanian Solidarities during
the Cold War: Indira Gandhi and
Nicolae Ceausescu, Maria-Sabina Draga
Alexandru, Univ. of Bucharest, Romania
From Soviet Solidarity to Post-Soviet
Empathy: Building a Community on the
Wreckages of an Era, Odette CasamayorCisneros, Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs
Discussant: TBD
13. Mind in Exile: Becketts Othering of
European Traditions
9:0010:30 a.m., Bibliothek, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
Is There a European Brain? Beckett and the
Invention of Contemporary Neurological
Language, Catherine Malabou, Kingston
Univ., England
Becketts French Exile of the Mind:
Displacements, Potentialities, and the
Emergence of a New French Aesthetics,
Vittoria Borso, Heinrich Heine Universitt
Apocalyptic Endgames of the Mind: Ecology,
Body, and Affect in Becketts Happy Days,
Gabriele Schwab, Univ. of California, Irvine
Discussant: TBD
14. (Re)constructions mmorielles dans
les fictions postcoloniales algriennes et
9:0010:30 a.m., Shadowzimmer, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
Le cheminement et le resurgissement de la

Friday, 24 June
mmoire de la guerre dAlgrie partir de
la nouvelle Lhte dAlbert Camus, Dsire
Schyns, Ghent Univ., Belgium
Je les avais vus mais ne les avais pas
regards: Voir, savoir et mmoire harkie
dans Retour Saint-Laurent des Arabes
de Daniel Blancou, Evelyne LedouxBeaugrand, Universit de Gand
Passs entrecroiss dans le roman franais
actuel, Claudia Jnke, Univ. of Osnabrck
Discussant: TBD
15. Secret Police Files from the Eastern Bloc:
Between Surveillance and Life Writing
11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m., Appendix, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
The Stasi Files on Center Stage: Life Writing,
Witnessing, and Memory in Recent
Performance, Ulrike Garde, Macquarie
Youll Never Make a Spy out of Me: The File
Story of Fink Susanne, Valentina Glajar,
Texas State Univ.
The Secret Lives and Files of Stasi
Collaborators: Reading Secret Police Files
for Identity and Habitus, Alison Lewis,
Univ. of Melbourne
Witness for the Prosecution: Eginald
Schlattner in the Files of the Securitate,
Corina Liliana Petrescu, Univ. of Mississippi
Discussant: TBD
16. Translating Revolutions
11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m., Jacobzimmer,
Chair: TBD
American Feminist Literature in the PostVelvet Czech Republic: A New Translation,
Miriam Sahatdjian Gogol, Mercy Coll.
The Other Europe: The Revolution of the
Other, Xingbo Li, Norwich Univ.
The Arab Spring in Art between Europe
and North Africa, Siobhn Shilton, Bristol
Bhne des Politischen: Der italienische

Theaterfrhling im Kontext der

europischen Social Movements, Laura
Discussant: TBD
17. Spain: Other Pasts Migrating
11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m., Room 4a (3rd floor),
Haus der Universitt
Chair: TBD
Spains Migrating Memories, Daniela
Omlor, Univ. of Lincoln, UK
Trajectoire de la mmoire rpublicaine et
transmission intergnrationnelle dans Pas
pleurer, de Lydie Salvayre, Julie Samit, Univ.
of Miami
The Ethical Controversy in the
Representation of the Campaign against
Moriscos in Guerras Civiles de Granada and
the Refugee Crisis in the Contemporary
Spanish Newspapers, Svetlana V. Tyutina,
Florida International Univ.
Spain, Immigration, and the Game of
Mirrors, Mary S. Vsquez, Davidson Coll.
La vuelta al viejo casern: Repatriating
Spains Sephardic Jews in Emilia Pardo
Bazns El becerro de metal (1906), Margot
Versteeg, Univ. of Kansas
Treasures of the Alhambra: Spanish
Encounters with the Muslim Past in
Nineteenth-Century Short Stories, Nettah
Yoeli-Rimmer, Ghent Univ., Belgium
Discussant: TBD
18. Performing Other Europes
11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m., Goethezimmer,
Chair: TBD
Realizing Migration on Stage: Angelica
Liddells Y los peces salieron a combatir
contra los hombres and Edgar Chass
Ternura Suite, Bernardo Antonio Gonzlez,
Wesleyan Univ.
An Eastern European Alternative to a
Colonial View of India in Postwar Polish

Friday, 24 June
Reportage, Agnieszka Sadecka, Jawaharlal
Nehru Univ.
Translation and Interpreting across the
Mediterranean, Annarita Taronna,
Universit degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro
We Accuse Europe: Staging Justice for
Refugees, Migrants, and Asylum Seekers in
Europe, Jamie H. Trnka, Univ. of Scranton
Traveling Europe, Katrin Ullmann, Heinrich
Heine Universitt Dsseldorf
Performing Statelessness, Stephen Wilmer,
Trinity Coll. Dublin
Discussant: TBD
19. Film: Displacing Stereotypes Migrating
11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m., Theatersaal, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
Constructing Outsides: The East in
Contemporary German, Nora Gortcheva,
Jacobs Univ. Bremen
Disciplining Migrations, Dana Samuel,
Concordia Univ., Canada
Isaac Juliens European Elsewheres, Louise
Yelin, State Univ. of New York, Purchase
Locating Intimacy in Postcolonial French
Cinema, Laila Amine, Univ. of North Texas
Why Does Every City Have to Be in the
Rain?, Elena Furlanetto, Universitt
Discussant: TBD
20. Anachronistic Europe
11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m., Room 4b, Haus der
Chair: TBD
Thoroughly European, Perennially an
Outsider: The Hebrew Writer David Vogel
(18911994), Nehama Aschkenasy, Univ. of
Stefan Zweig and the Meaning of Europe
in the Early Twenty-First Century, Bella
Brodzki, Sarah Lawrence Coll.
Mirroring Empires Decline: Stefan Zweigs
The World of Yesterday and Miks Bnffys

Transylvanian Trilogy, Amanda Cornwall,

Univ. of Oregon
The Face Translated: Sight and Affectivity
in Concepts, Mona Krte, Zentrum fr
Literatur- und Kulturforschung Berlin
Exile in Translation: Legacies of a Disrupted
Century, Azade Seyhan, Bryn Mawr Coll.
Discussant: TBD
21. Queer Trajectories
11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m., Room 2 (2nd floor),
Haus der Universitt
Chair: TBD
Other Europes, Other Sexualities: From
Homoerotic Ottoman Poetry to Queer
Modernism, Joseph A. Boone, Univ. of
Southern California
Rethinking Europe: Translation, Diaspora,
and Queer Politics in Contemporary North
African Writing, William J. Spurlin, Brunel
Univ. London
Cartographies of Otherness: Shifting
Borders and the Gay Migrant, Walter S.
Temple, Oakland Univ.
Discussant: TBD
22. Greek Crisis Is Europes Crisis Is Global
Crisis (Roundtable)
11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m., Hrsaal, Haus der
Chair: TBD
Participants: Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan,
Univ. of California, Irvine; David Lloyd,
Univ. of California, Riverside; Mina
Karavanta, National and Kapodistrian Univ.
of Athens; Giovanna Covi, Universit di
Discussant: TBD
23. Transatlantic Europes: The 1936 Pen
Club Congress in Buenos Aires
11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m., Shadowzimmer,
Chair: TBD
Public and Private Activism: Emil Ludwig

Friday, 24 June
and Stefan Zweig at the 1936 PEN Clubs in
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Robert Kelz, Univ.
of Memphis
Yiddish Modernism, Minority Writing, and
the Problem of Europe, Allison Schachter,
Vanderbilt Univ.
Those Bookish Jews: Welcoming the
1936 Pen Club to Buenos Aires, Mnica
Szurmuk, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Latin Americanism, Cosmopolitism,
Transnationalism, Fernando Degiovanni,
Graduate Center, City Univ. of New York
Discussant: Leo Spitzer, Dartmouth Coll.,
Columbia Univ.
24. Holocaust Memory in Europe and the
Exclusion of Racialized Minorities
11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m., Bibliothek, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
Philo-Semitism, Us, and Them: On the
Performance of Holocaust Memory in
Germany, Irit Dekel, Bard Coll. Berlin
Fear Rather Than Remorse: Emotional
Performance of Citizenship and Turkishand Arab-German Engagements with the
Holocaust, Esra Ozyurek, London School of
Monumental Memory, Moral Superiority,
and Contemporary Disconnects: Racisms
and Noncitizens in Europe, Then and Now,
Damani Patridge, Univ. of Michigan
Holocaust Memory and Racial Amnesia,
Fatima El-Tayeb, Univ. of California, San
Discussant: TBD
25. Periodizing Europe: The Time of Literary
History in the Work of Erich Auerbach
11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m., Room 3, Haus der
Chair: TBD
Racines Modernity or, Auerbachs Untiming
of French Classicism, Jane Newman, Univ.
of California, Irvine
The Coy Critic, Christopher Warley, Univ.

of Toronto
Auerbach in Africa, D.Vance Smith,
Princeton Univ.
Discussant: Yael Almog, Zentrum fr Literaturund Kulturforschung Berlin
26. Transl(oc)ating Knowledge
2:003:30 p.m., Goethezimmer, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
Merging American and French Scholarship
on Eighteenth-Century French Literature,
Laurence Daubercies, Universit de Lige
Narrating the Nation through Translation
in Eighteenth-Century Encyclopedias,
Clorinda Donato, California State Univ.,
Long Beach
Killing Off the Enlightenment: The
Intellectual Retreat from the Public Sphere
in Eighteenth-Century Germany, Jonathan
Blake Fine, Dahlem Humanities Center at
Freie Universitt Berlin
The Social Effects of Postcolonial French
Influence in Moroccan Higher Education,
Sarah Ruth Jacobs, Graduate Center, City
Univ. of New York
Between Philosophical Continents: British
Idealisms Missed Encounter with the
Life Sciences in the Work of John Hunter
(172893), Tilottama Rajan, Western Univ.,
Discussant: TBD
27. The Francophone as Polyphonic?
Multidirectional Migrations and
2:003:30 p.m., Appendix, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
Contesting the Authority of Maps:
Theorizing Migrants without Borders
in Tahar Ben Jellouns Migrant Writing,
Richard Oko Ajah, Univ. of Uyo, Nigeria
Genres, Genders, and Translation in the
Works of Francophone (Despentes, Angot,
and Darrieussecq), Nadia Louar, Univ. of
Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Friday, 24 June
Beyond France: New Destinations in French
Immigrant Narratives, Alexandra Perisic,
Univ. of Miami
When Prizes Make Literature: Immigration,
Institutions, and the Literary, Oana Sabo,
Tulane Univ.
Translation/Interpretation within the
Context of Francophone African Literature:
An Investigation, Ramonu Sanusi, Univ. of
Ibadan, Nigeria
Imaginary Migration: Toward a Newly
Imagined France in Works by Fatou Diome,
Marie NDiaye, and Yanick Lahens, Helen
Williams-Ginsberg, Pacific Lutheran Univ.
Discussant: TBD
28. Questions of Englishness
2:003:30 p.m., Bibliothek, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
Legal Others: Law as Imagined Community
in Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Geoffrey
Baker, Yale-NUS Coll., Singapore
A Variety of Menial Things: Representing
London Servitude, Undeclared Work, and
the Black Market, Rebecca Dyer, RoseHulman Inst. of Tech.
To Be a Citizen of the World: Exile and
Englishness in Wilkie Collinss The Woman
in White, Chelsea Miya, Univ. of Alberta,
Elizabeth Gaskells Accursed Race: The
Cagots, Race, and the Other West, Daniel
A. Novak, Univ. of Mississippi
In the Land of the Free: England as the
Place of Longing for Eighteenth-Century
Black Writers, Stephanie Siewert, Univ. of
Discussant: TBD
29. Migrating Theater
2:003:30 p.m., Theatersaal, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
Staging New Europe in David Edgars
Pentecost, Avishek Ganguly, Rhode Island
School of Design

Staging Despotism: India Theater and

British Melodrama in the Age of Empires,
Nida Sajid, Rutgers Univ.
Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are
Here: Contemporary Translations and
Adaptations of Shakespeare in Ireland and
the Middle East, Katherine Hennessey, Univ.
of Warwick
An Italian-Angolian Facebookian Novel:
Transforming/Translating Yesterdays
Romeo and Giulietta, Araceli HernndezLaroche, Univ. of South Carolina Upstate
Transnational Europe in Performance: A
Convergence of Continents in the 1936
Voodoo Macbeth, Marguerite Rippy,
Marymount Univ.
Discussant: TBD
30. Queering Europe
2:003:30 p.m., Room 2 (2nd floor), Haus der
Chair: TBD
Oscar Wilde, Homonationalism, and
Contagion, Mike Frangos, Sdertrn Univ.,
The Child and the Homoerotic Subject in
Alberto Nin Frass Sordello Andrea, Carla
Giaudrone, Rutgers Univ.
Born Foreigners: Queer Cosmopolitanism
in the Expatriate Literature of Weimar
Berlin, Benjamin Robbins, Graduate School
of North American Studies, Freie Universitt
They Went By Locking Doors behind Them
and Throwing the Keys Away: Nation,
Daro Snchez Gonzlez, Gustavus Adolphus
Bowie the Berliner: An Immigrant SelfFashions a New European Canon, 197678,
John McCombe, Univ. of Dayton
Discussant: TBD
31. Translation and Othering: The Ethics and
Politics of Translation in Late-Eighteenthand Early-Nineteenth-Century Europe

Friday, 24 June
2:003:30 p.m., Room 4b, Haus der
Chair: TBD
Political Translations of Goethes Stella
and Die Geschwister to English-Speaking
Audiences, Susan Gustafson, Univ. of
Translating the Haitian Revolution for
Europeans: Kleists Die Verlobung in Santo
Domingo, Gail K. Hart, Univ. of California,
Translating Don Giovanni into German:
E. T. A. Hoffmanns Don Juan, Eleanor ter
Horst, Univ. of Southern Alabama
Discussant: TBD
32. From Roma Studies to Roma Inclusion:
Can Academics Make a Difference?
2:003:30 p.m., Room 4a (3rd floor), Haus der
Chair: TBD
Roma Slavery in Radu Judes Aferim!
(2015), Valentina Glajar, Texas State Univ.
Critical Knowledge-Making from the
Margin: Can Roma Contribute to Academic
and Policy Discourses?, Angla Kcz,
Wake Forest Univ.
Bridging the Gap between Romani Studies
and Roma Integration Policies: A Case
Study, Tina Magazzini, Univ. of Deusto,
Basque Country, Spain
Policies for the Future, Studies of the Past:
The Synergies, Philip Landon, General
Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of the
European Union in Brussels
Poverty Tourism and Appropriations of
Roma Cultural Artifacts: The Case of
Andaluca, Spain, Domnica Radulescu,
Washington and Lee Univ.
The (Mis)Inclusion of the Bulgarian Roma:
Another Decade of Exclusion, Stoyan V.
Tchaprazov, Iowa State Univ.
Discussant: TBD
33. Writing Europe, Writing Justice: Herta

Mller, Transnationalism in Microcosm

2:003:30 p.m., Shadowzimmer, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
The Duplicity of Heimat, Language, and
Silence in Herta Mllers Narratives, Michel
Mallet, Universit de Moncton
The Mouth of a Shark: Migration and
Displacement in the Work of Herta Mller,
Brigid Haines, Swansea Univ., UK
The Pressure of the European Past: Memory,
Ethics, and Recognition in Herta Mllers
Writing Life, Jenny Watson, Swansea Univ.,
Metaphorical Conceptualization of Voice
in Herta Mllers Texts, Pavlo Shopin,
Cambridge Univ.
Discussant: TBD
34. Transeuropean Textures: Products
of Cultural Exchange between Europe,
America, and Asia
2:003:30 p.m., Jacobzimmer, Malkasten
Chair: Birgit Capelle, Heinrich Heine
Universitt Dsseldorf
Translation and the Global Reach of
Contemporary German Culture,
Christopher Lupke, Washington State Univ.
Language Ideologies in Gao Xingjians
Literature: A Linguistic Anthropological
Study of Chinese Diaspora Literature in
Europe, Lijing Peng, National Univ. of
Ireland, Maynooth
Asian-European Cultural Mediation in the
Works of Galsan Tschinag, Richard Hacken,
Brigham Young Univ.
Between Emperors and Patriarchs:
Reinterpreting Early Chinese History in
Terms of Genesis in the Seventeenth and
Eighteenth Centuries, Philipp Reisner
Langston Hughes, Paris, and Shanghai,
Selina Lai-Henderson, Univ. of Hong Kong
Discussant: Carrie Khou, Universitt
35. Unreconciled Memories: Beyond

Saturday, 25 June
Memory, Counter-Memory, and Consensus
2:003:30 p.m., Room 3, Haus der Universitt
Chair: TBD
The Politics of Amnesia: Forgetting
Differences after the French Wars of
Religion, Andrea Frisch, Univ. of Maryland,
Coll. Park
Divided by Shared Memories: Germanys
Colonial Legacy, Aurlia Kalisky, Zentrum
fr Literatur- und Kulturforschung Berlin
The Refugee Crisis and Holocaust Memory
in Contemporary French Film, Debarati
Sanyal, Univ. of California, Berkeley
Discussant: Michael Rothberg, Univ. of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign

Art of the Impossible, Athena Athanasiou,

Univ. of Athens
Wandering Phantoms of Europe, Franoise
Verges, Collge dtudes mondiales
From Ethnocracy to Democracy:
Reinventing Germanys Demos in the Age
of Migration, Aleida Assmann, Universitt
Discussant: TBD
38. Mayors Reception
8:009:30 p.m., Off site, TBD

Saturday, 25 June

36. Literature, Migration, Translation: Post1989 Discourse on Europe

2:003:30 p.m., Hrsaal, Haus der Universitt
Chair: David T. Pan, Univ. of California, Irvine
Future Affects, Heterolingual Histories, and
Transformative Narration: E.S. zdamars
Literary Challenges to a Transcultural
Poetics of European Migration, Leslie A.
Adelson, Cornell Univ.
Post-1989 Geographies in Terzia Moras
Der einzige Mann auf dem Kontinent and
Das Ungeheuer, Katharina Gerstenberger,
Univ. of Utah
Trauma after Theory in Transnational
Writing: The Anxiety of Provisional
Permanence in Trezia Moras Alle Tage,
Lynda K. Nyota, North Carolina State Univ.
Money, Consumption, and Europe in
Julya Rabinowichs Die Erdfresserin, Anke
Biendarra, Univ. of California, Irvine
Discussant: TBD

39. Film: Mediating Experience

9:0010:30 a.m., Seminar 4, Oeconomicum,
Chair: TBD
Transnational Constructivism and the
Figure of the Migrant in Lszl MoholyNagys Films, Robin Curtis, Heinrich Heine
Universitt Dsseldorf
Auschwitz Revisited: Trauma, Memories,
and Ethical Storytelling, Friederike B.
Emonds, Univ. of Toledo
Where Is Asian Germany? Of Model
Minorities, Assige Asiaten, and Ways
of Belonging, Feng-Mei Heberer,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Performing Other Europes: Memory,
Trauma, and Migration in Contemporary
Decolonial Dance, Layla Zami Zuckerman,
Columbia Univ.
Discussant: TBD

37. Wandering Phantoms (Plenary)

4:005:30 p.m., Theatersaal, Malkasten
Chair: TBD
Literary Routes: Migration and the Creative
Economy, Franoise Lionnet, Univ. of
California, Los Angeles
The Icy Waters of Europe or, Politics as the

40. European Polyphonies

9:0010:30 a.m., room 46A, building 23.01,
Chair: TBD
Where Does Europe Really Lie? Europe in
Turkey, Turkey in Europe, Metin Bonak,
International Univ. of Sarajevo


Saturday, 25 June
European Balkans, Post-Yugoslav Pop-Folk,
Marijana Mitrovic, Humboldt-Universitt
zu Berlin
Maria Stepanovas Multilingual Songs of
Mourning, Eva Rottmann, Universitt
Language, Music, and the Experience of
Exile: Ingolf Dahl as Mediator, Translator,
and Performer, Isabell Woelfel, Univ. of
Discussant: TBD
41. Constructions of Europe in African
American Literature and Thought
9:0010:30 a.m., Seminar 3, Oeconomicum,
Chair: TBD
Black American Berlin: The Political Satire
of Ollie Harrington and Paul Beatty,
Aliyyah I. Abdur-Rahman, Brandeis Univ.
Transatlantic Connections, Memory,
Postmemory, and Memoirs of the Black
German Postwar Generation, Marion
Kraft, Georg-August-Universitt Gttingen
A Raisin in the Midnight Sun: Blackness,
Swedish Style, Monica L. Miller, Barnard
Someday I Will Go Back to Germany:
Transnational Cosmopolitanism and
and William Gardner Smiths Last of the
Conquerors, Jiann-Chyng Tu, HumboldtUniversitt zu Berlin
Discussant: TBD
42. Feeling Precarious: Affect, Marginality,
and Feminine Performance
9:0010:30 a.m., room 44B, building 23.01,
Chair: TBD
Public Feelings: The Affective Archive of
Jean Rhys, Erica Johnson, Pace Univ.
Affective Disorder, Narrative Identity, and
Antonia Whites Stories of Self, Patricia
Moran, Univ. of Limerick
Affect and Agency on Stage: Transnational

Performance and the Case of Katherine

Dunham, Rishona Zimring, Lewis and
Clark Coll.
Discussant: TBD
43. Across Barriers: Contemporary
Translingual Literature(s) by Migrants from
Eastern and Southeastern Europe
9:0010:30 a.m., Seminar 2, Oeconomicum,
Chair: TBD
Languages of Europe: A Model Case of
Trans: An Interexilic Dialogue between
Ivan Blatn and Ji Grua, Alfrun Kliems,
Humboldt-Universitt zu Berlin
The Critical Reception of Saa Staniis Wie
der Soldat das Grammofon repariert (How
the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone) and
the Role of Storytelling in the Novel, Iga
Nowicz, Kings Coll. London
We Are the Self-Made Slaves of the TwentyFirst Century: Self-Proletarianisation in
Prose by Polish Migrants to Germany,
Ireland, and the United Kingdom, Dirk
Uffelmann, Univ. of Passau
Memory and History Narratives in
Contemporary Russian-German and
Russian-French Fiction, Miriam
Finkelstein, Univ. of Passau
Discussant: TBD
44. Political Identity and Bildung
9:0010:30 a.m., Seminar 5, Oeconomicum,
Chair: David T. Pan, Univ. of California,
Irvine; John H. Smith, Univ. of California,
Mue und Politik in Schillers sthetischem
Erziehungsprojekt, Manuel Clemens,
Leuphana Univ., Germany
Naturalizing the Capitalist Subject: The
European Denial of the Political in Goethes
Wilhelm Meister, David T. Pan, Univ. of
California, Irvine
Engendering Contemporaneity: Dadas

Saturday, 25 June
Aesthetic Education, Patrizia McBride,
Cornell Univ.
Freedom through Bildung: Rhetoric,
Second Nature, and Ethical Life in Hegels
Political Theory, John H. Smith, Univ. of
California, Irvine
Bildung, Kultur, and the Proletarian
Moment in Nineteenth-Century Social
Democracy, Sabine Hake, Univ. of Texas,
Bildungspolitik: Educational Practice and
Political Identity in Germany since the
1960s, Ulrich Kinzel, Institut fr Neuere
deutsche Literatur und Medien, Kiel
Discussant: TBD
45. Wide Space and Deep Time:
Reconceptualizing Europe and Its Literary
9:0010:30 a.m., Kleiner Vortragsraum,
Library, Heinrich-Heine-Universitt
Chair: David Wallace, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Reconceptualizing Medieval Europe:
The East Slavic Perspective, David M.
Goldfrank, Georgetown Univ.
On the Borders of Europe and Asia: The
Troy Legend in Medieval Britain and
Ireland, Helen Fulton, Univ. of Bristol
The Case of the Early Middle Ages: Culture
without Europe?, Clare A. Lees, Kings Coll.
Discussant: TBD
46. Yoko Tawadas New Maps and New
Worlds: Moving across Place, Identity, and
9:0010:30 a.m., Grosser Vortragsraum,
Library, Heinrich-Heine-Universitt
Chair: TBD
Yoko Tawadas Works on Paper, Bettina
Brandt, Penn State Univ.
On the Northpole of Dreams in Yoko
Tawadas Etden im Schnee, Hiltrud Arens,
Univ. of Montana
Subjunctivity and the Synecdoches of

Sovereignty: Yoko Tawada, Byron Kim, and

Carl Schmitt, John Namjun Kim, Univ. of
California, Riverside
Yoko Tawada: Crossing out of Europe into
a Radiation Nation, Doug Slaymaker, Univ.
of Kentucky
Text Hybridity and Translational Identity in
Yoko Tawadas berseezungen, Madalina
Meirosu, Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst
Yoko Tawada and Marica Bodroi as
Migrant Writers in Germany, eljko
Uvanovi, Josip Juraj Strossmayer Univ. of
Discussant: TBD
47. Writers/Artists Plenary
11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m., Hrsaal 3A, HeinrichHeine-Universitt
Chair: TBD
Participants: Aminatta Forna, Georgetown
Univ./Bath Spa Univ.; Eva Hoffman, Kingston
Univ. London; Yoko Tawada
48. Transatlantic Negotiations
2:003:30 p.m., Seminar 2, Oeconomicum,
Chair: TBD
Europe and Latin American Identity: Jos
Carlos Maritegui Visits Italy, Juan E De
Castro, New School
Globalization and American Ethnic Fiction:
Place as Space in a New Geography of
European-American Imaginaries, Josephine
Gattuso Hendin, New York Univ.
F. O. Matthiessens Renaissance
Translations, Jay Grossman, Northwestern
The Aesthetics of Displacement: Hannes
Meyer in Mexico (193949), Ryan Long,
Univ. of Maryland
Ral Ruizs Three Crowns of the Sailor:
A Transatlantic Allegory of Exchange,
Andreea Marinescu, Colorado Coll.
United States Values as an Example and
Warning for a Better Europe, Nadine Milde,

Saturday, 25 June
Heinrich Heine Universitt Dsseldorf
Discussant: TBD
49. Spaces of Hos(ti)pitality
2:003:30 p.m., Seminar 4, Oeconomicum,
Chair: TBD
An Other Europe / The Other of Europe:
Children of Men and the Infinite Task
of Hospitality, J. Jesse Ramrez, GoetheUniversitt Frankfurt
The Geospatial Politics of Asylum, Joshua
Synenko, Trent Univ.
Schuld ist eine persnliche Frage: Call
for European Hospitality and Personal
Responsibility in Senocaks Two Novels,
Emel Tastekin, Yaar Univ.
Migrations Unbound, Images, and Ethics of
Hospitality, Jolle Vitiello, Macalester Coll.
Migrations of the Figure of the Wandering
Jew in the Pan-European Imagination,
William E. Engel, Sewanee Univ.
Discussant: TBD
50. Politics of Fairy Tale
2:003:30 p.m., room 46A, building 23.01,
Chair: TBD
Postcommunist Nationalism and the
Romanian Superhero: Harap Alb continuas
Paradoxical Comic Book Aesthetics,
Dragos Manea, Univ. of Bucharest, Romania
Nationalist Texts with International Appeal
or, The Strange Tale of Childrens World
Literature at the Extended Fin de Sicle,
Melek Ortabasi, Simon Fraser Univ.
Perrault Revisited: The Grimm Brothers,
Tegan Raleigh, Univ. of California, Santa
Fairy Tales and Prison Cells: The Birth of
the Czech Republic, Marcela Sulak, BarIlan Univ.
Discussant: TBD
51. Images of Migration

2:003:30 p.m., Seminar 1, Oeconomicum,

Chair: TBD
Migration as Translation, Doris BachmannMedick, Justus-Liebig-Univ. Giessen
Cityzenship: Rightful Presence and
the Urban Commons, Smaran Dayal,
Humboldt Univ. Berlin; Wanda Vrasti,
Humboldt Universitt zu Berlin
Lupe Prez Garcas Diario argentino:
Metaphor in the Discourse on
Transnational Mobility, Agata Grzelczak,
Univ. of Kentucky
Migration and Immigration in
Contemporary Bulgarian Cinema,
Temenuga Trifonova, York Univ., Canada
A Hazard Mapping of Globalized Literature
of Catastrophes in the Twenty-First
Century, Masami Usui, Donisha Univ.
Testimony by Proxy, Nicoletta Vallorani,
Univ. of Milan
Discussant: TBD
52. Contingencies of Belonging
2:003:30 p.m., Kleiner Vortragsraum,
Library, Heinrich-Heine-Universitt
Chair: TBD
Kurban Said: A Post-World War I Refugee
Reimagining Europe, H. Esra Almas, Hali
Andrei Tarkovskys Nostalgia and
the Narrative of (Pre)Exile, Aurelia
Klimkiewicz, York Univ., Canada
Images of Europe in Russian Imperial
Conservative Journalism, George
Prokhorov, Moscow State Regional Institute
of Humanities and Social Studies
Nazm Hikmet: Trans-Bosporus Modernist,
Paul Munn, Saginaw Valley State Univ.
Discussant: TBD
53. Terror
2:003:30 p.m., Hrsaal 3A, Heinrich-HeineUniversitt
Chair: TBD

Saturday, 25 June
A European Iconoclast: Poetry as Metareality in Russian Nights by Vladimir
Odoevsky, Tatiana V. Barnett
Northern Ireland: The Lyric and Society,
Anthony Bradley, Univ. of Vermont
Passages of Terror: Literature and Terrorism
following the Algerian War, Cory Browning,
Univ. of Oregon
Graphic Ghosts: Representing Personal
and National Memory in Nina Bunjevacs
Fatherland, Mihaela Precup, Univ. of
Europes Management of Terror, David
Simpson, Univ. of California, Davis
Discussant: TBD
54. Translation and Meaning within
Transnational Afro-futures: Memory, Sense
Making, and Collective Re-membering
2:003:30 p.m., Seminar 3, Oeconomicum,
Chair: TBD
Contested Memories and Claims of
Belonging and Identity: Rethinking
Memory, Covery, and Re-covery in EuroAfrican Futures through Translation and
Traducture, Wangui wa-Goro, London
Metropolitan Univ.
Reflections on the Stranger in the Village
Experience in Gothenburg, Phoebe Boswell
Canonizing the Story Will Never Dismantle
the Canon: The Power of Collective
Narratives in Writing New Afro-Futures,
Peggy Piesche, Bayreuth Univ.
Re-imagining Afro-Europeans within
Cultural Translation in France and
Germany, Tomi Adeaga, Univ. of Vienna
Discussant: TBD
55. The Global Imaginary in Medieval
European Literature (Roundtable)
2:003:30 p.m., room 44B, building 23.01,
Chair: Stephen Nichols, Johns Hopkins Univ.
Participants: Joachim Kpper, Freie

Universitt Berlin; Andreas Kablitz,

Albertus-Magnus-Universitt zu Kln;
Jacqueline Cerquiglini-Toulet, Universit
Paris-Sorbonne; Howard Bloch, Yale Univ.
Discussant: TBD
56. Alteritt in Ost(mittel)europa:
Begegnung, Austausch, Abgrenzung
2:003:30 p.m., Seminar 5, Oeconomicum,
Chair: Annegret Pelz, Univ. of Vienna
Peripherie als Zentrum - Grenze als
Verbindung? Postgalizische Reisen als
Kontaktzonen zwischen Gegenwart und
Vergangenheit, Magdalena Baran-Szoltys,
Univ. of Vienna
Verschieden oder doch hnlich? Darstellung
konfessioneller Konflikte zwischen rmisch
katholischer und griechisch-katholischer
Bevlkerung im Schaffen galizischer
Schriftsteller, Lyubomir Borakovskyy
Soma Morgenstern, ein galizischer Autor
im Spannungsfeld von Judentum und
Christentum, Gerhard Langer, Univ. of
Europa und der Erste Weltkrieg: Anskis
Tagebuchaufzeichnungen zu Ereignis,
Gerchten und Schuld, Olaf Terpitz,
Universitt Wien, Institut fr Slawistik / DK
Discussant: Marianne Windsperger
57. European Intellectuals and Their Others
2:003:30 p.m., Grosser Vortragsraum,
Library, Heinrich-Heine-Universitt
Chair: TBD
(De)Bordering the European Intellectual:
Resonances of the Common in the Global
Age, Sandro Mezzadra, Univ. of Bologna
Aki Kaurismki as European Intellectual:
Intertextuality and Transcultural
Intervention in Le Havre, Guido Rings,
Ruskin Univ.
The Secular, the Subaltern, and the

Saturday, 25 June
Postcolonial: Decolonizing Theory or
Theoretical Practice without Guarantees,
Miguel Mellino, Universit Napoli
Afropolitan Intellectuals, New
Cosmopolitanism, and African Refugees,
Brigit Neumann, Heinrich-Heine-Universitt
Juan Villoro: Founding a Civil Movement
for Juridical Changes in Mexico, Verena
Dolle, Univ. of Gieen
A Tricky Question: Talking about European
Intellectuals, Dario Azzellini, Johannes
Kepler Univ.
Adorno and the European Intellectual
Tradition, Deepika Bahri, Emory Univ.
The Poet and the Refugee: Responding
to the Pain of Others, Filippo Menozzi,
Liverpool John Moores Univ.
Discussant: TBD
58. From Current Media Representations to
Spaces of Self-Representation of Roma in
4:005:30 p.m., room 46A, building 23.01,
Chair: Friederike B. Emonds, Univ. of Toledo
Self-RepresentationA Challenge: Romani
Literatures and the Exhibition Romane
Thana: Orte der Roma und Sinti (Places of
Roma and Sinti), Beate Eder-Jordan, Univ.
of Innsbruck
The Rise and Fall of Gypsy Reality TV,
Annabel Tremlett, Univ. of Portsmouth
The Threat of a Roma Migration:
Discriminating Patterns in TV News and
Documentary Formats, Markus End,
Stiftung Universitt Hildesheim
Romani Writings as Multidimensional
Self-Representations, Lorely French, Pacific
A Look at Romani Theater as a Model for
Transcultural Exchange, Michaela Grobbel,
Sonoma State Univ.
Recent European Film Productions

Representing Roma, Habiba Hadziavdic,

Univ. of Saint Thomas, Minnesota; Hilde
Hoffmann, Ruhr-Universitt Bochum
Discussant: TBD
59. Translating Classics
4:005:30 p.m., Grosser Vortragsraum,
Library, Heinrich-Heine-Universitt
Chair: TBD
Translating Milton, Miltons Translation:
Aeneas and Dido in Paradise Lost (1667),
Hyunyoung Cho, George Mason Univ.
Cyclopean Translations: Homer, Virgil,
Gavin Douglas, Antony J. Hasler, Saint
Louis Univ.
Re-imagining Modes of Resistance, Maria
Schoina, Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki
In Knowing the White to Safeguard the
Black: A Translation Study on Keywords
and Cultures in Heideggers First Chapter
of Being and Time, Wendy Sun, Loyola
Marymount Univ.
Translations of Marco Polos Book: From
Europe to Asia, Gang Zhou, Louisana State
Discussant: TBD
60. Precarious (Hi)Stories
4:005:30 p.m., Seminar 5, Oeconomicum,
Chair: TBD
Bringing the War Home: Juan Goytisolo
and the Translation of Sarajevo, Anna
Botta, Smith Coll.; Jim Hicks, Univ. of
Massachusetts, Amherst
A Dark Threshold: Marking the
Contemporary in the Narratives of 1979,
Alla Ivanchikova, Hobart and William Smith
Cartographies of Shifting Strategies: The
Writing of Yad Kara and Seyran Ate, Luz
Anglica Kirschner, Universitt Bielefeld
Two Approaches to Narrating Migration in
German Literature, Stephen P. Naumann,
Hillsdale Coll.

Saturday, 25 June
The Body of Representation and Its Limits,
Galina Rylkova, Univ. of Florida
Discussant: TBD

Discussant: TBD

61. Mediating Flight / Precarious

4:005:30 p.m., room 44B, building 23.01,
Chair: TBD
Between Supranational Center and Europes
Southern Peripheries, Harry Karahalios,
Duke Univ.
The Refugee Debate as the Playing Field
for the Construction of Germany as a New
Nation, Petra Landfester, Colorado State
Precarious Archipelago: Constructing
Refugee Citizenship through the Visual in
Eastern Europe, Asimina Ino Nikolopoulou,
Northeastern Univ.
Regarding the Drowning of Others:
Precarious Lives in Elalamys Les clandestins
and Joness Hand Me Down World, Liedeke
Plate, Radboud Universiteit
The Representation of Immigrants to
Italy in the Media, Mahmoud N. Zidan,
Binghamton Univ., State Univ. of New York
Discussant: TBD

63. Europe by Implication

4:005:30 p.m., Seminar 1, Oeconomicum,
Chair: TBD
Ghostly Encounters, Imaginary
Homelands, and Transcultural Identities
in Contemporary Anglophone Fictions of
Europe, Janine Hauthal, Vrije Universiteit
Rewriting Africa in Europe: Narratives to
Vanquish Female Genital Mutilation, by
Alice Walker, Khady (Koita), Nura Abdi,
and Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko, Tobe Levin
von Gleichen, Harvard Univ.
The New African Diaspora Writer and His/
Her Publics, Lokangaka Losambe, Univ. of
Black is COOL in Britannia: The Realities
of Race and Global Capital in Nineties
England, Demetrios V. Kapetanakos,
LaGuardia Community Coll., NY
Postcolonial and Postcommunist Contact
Zones in Mike Phillipss A Shadow of
Myself, Nataa Kovacevic, Eastern Michigan
Discussant: TBD

62. Intertextualities
4:005:30 p.m., Seminar 3, Oeconomicum,
Chair: TBD
Vertlibs Poetics of In-Betweenness, Nadja
Berkovich, Univ. of Arkansas
From Austerlitz to Open City: Tracing the
Traumatic Past in Urban and Intertextual
Palimpsests, Katherine V. Snyder, Univ. of
California, Berkeley
Paradigms of Space, Time, and Identity in
Kurt Schwitterss Post-World War I Collage,
Susan L. Solomon, Brown Univ.
Narratives of Fugue: Abbas Khiders Der
falsche Inder and Teju Coles Open City,
Betiel Wasihun, Univ. of Oxford

64. Memory Matters

4:005:30 p.m., Seminar 4, Oeconomicum,
Chair: TBD
Narrating Bygone Places: Memorial Books
and the Post-World War II Jewish Quest for
Collective Identity, Gali Drucker Bar-Am,
The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem
European Traumas and the Arts, Dorota
Golanska, Univ. of d
Precarious Postmemory and Transatlantic
Connections, Hana Waisserova, Univ. of
Nebraska, Lincoln
Home Reminds Me of Pogroms: Migrant
Women Writers Trace Heritage between
Eastern Europe and Germany, Yvonne


Saturday, 25 June
Zivkovic, Columbia Univ.
Discussant: TBD
65. Zirkulation und Beweglichkeit
kultureller Formen
4:005:30 p.m., Hrsaal 3A, Heinrich-HeineUniversitt
Chair: TBD
Dichterkrnung: Zur Verknpfung von
Dichtung und Universitt in der Frhen
Neuzeit, Thomas Assinger, Univ. of Vienna
Siegfried Kracauers MomentphotographieMetapher, Birgit R. Erdle, Hebrew Univ. of
Do It Yourself: Ein textuelles
Beweglichkeitsmodell abseits der
Funktion Autor, mit Beispielen religiser,
medizinischer und pornographischer
Bcher des 18. Jahrhunderts, Franz M.
Eybl, Univ. of Vienna
Die Jungfrau im Druck, Wolfgang
Fuhrmann, Humboldt Universitt zu Berlin
Dinge an der Grenze zur kulturellen Form:
Transfer- und Transformationsprozesse von
Mll,Lis Hansen, Universitt Mnster
Auf dem Wege: Transformationen
brgerlicher Mobilitt in deutschsprachigen
Erzhltexten des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts,
Roman Kabelik, Univ. of Vienna
Momentaufnahmen: Kleine bewegliche
Form, Annegret Pelz, Univ. of Vienna
Georges-Arthur Goldschmidts deutschfranzsische Passagen, Anne-Kathrin
Reulecke, Zentrum fr Literatur- und
Kulturforschung Berlin
Briefverkehr, Ulrike Vedder, Humboldt
Universitt zu Berlin
Zeitreisetagebcher und Spurensuchen:
Other Europes aus dem Familienarchiv,
Marianne Windsperger, Universitt Wien
Discussant: TBD
66. Medieval Europe, Elsewhere:
Perspectives from Polyglot North America
4:005:30 p.m., Kleiner Vortragsraum,

Library, Heinrich-Heine-Universitt
Chair: TBD
Gwendolyn Brookss The Anniad and PreRaphaelite Medievalisms Dream Vision,
Candace Barrington, Central Connecticut
State Univ.
Wayde Comptons Afro-Saxon Poetics,
Irina Alexandra Dumitrescu, Univ. of Bonn
Michael Chabon, Yiddish, Old Norse, Denis
Ferhatovi, Connecticut Coll.
Native, Norse, North: Dreams of the
Medieval Atlantic, Jonathan Hsy, George
Washington Univ.
Borderlands/La Frontera, Alien Abductions,
Critical Race Theory, and Medieval Studies,
Dorothy Kim, Vassar Coll.
Discussant: TBD
67. Knocking on Heavens Door: Agonistic
Cosmopolitanism in Postcolonial Europe
4:005:30 p.m., Seminar 2, Oeconomicum,
Chair: TBD
Three Is a Crowd: Identity Triangulation
and Cultural Trauma in Postcolonial
Eastern Europe, Bogdan tefnescu, Univ. of
Bucharest, Romania
New European Traumascapes: Agonistic
Identity Formation(s) in Postsecular,
Postcommunist Europe, Cristina Sandru,
independent scholar
Between Being Cool and Being Mohair.
Antinomies of Contemporary Polish Public
Discourse as the Lagging Effects of (Post)
Colonial Self-Perception(s), Dariusz
Skrczewski, John Paul II Catholic Univ. of
Its All about the Silk: Balkan Utopias and
Dystopias in Postmodern Postcolonial
Europe, Domnica Radulescu, Washington
and Lee Univ.
Postcolonial Europe and the Function of
Allegory: Narrating/Performing Exile in
Domnica Radulescus Black Sea Twilight
and Exile Is My Home, Maria-Sabina Draga

Saturday, 25 June
Alexandru, Univ. of Bucharest, Romania
Interrogating Identity through Otherness:
Literary Representations of the New Polish
Diaspora in the British Isles, Tomasz
Dobrogoszcz, Univ. of d, Poland
Cosmopolitan Interactions: The Impact
of Polish Migrations on British and Irish
Fiction, Joanna Kosmalska, Univ. of d,
Comparative Displacements: The
Cosmopolitics of Eastern European
Migration Writing, Dorota Koodziejczyk,
Wrocaw Univ., Poland
Discussant: TBD
68. Dreams and Nightmares (Plenary)
6:007:30 p.m., Hrsaal 3A, Heinrich-HeineUniversitt
Chair: Marianne Hirsch, Columbia Univ.;
Susan Winnett, Heinrich Heine Universitt
Magical Historicism: A Russian Response to
the National and Global Crisis, Alexander
Etkind, European Univ. Inst.
European Dreams and Magical Thinking,
Andreas Huyssen, Columbia Univ.
Europe and the Utopian Concept of
Common Property, Margaret Ferguson,
Univ. of California, Davis
Othering and Whitening in Times of
Vanishing Sameness, Nacira Gunif,
Columbia Univ.
Documenting the Undocumented: Transient
Archives of Migration, Deniz Gktrk,
Univ. of California, Berkeley
Discussant: TBD


Addresses of Symposium Venues

Thursday, 23 June, and Friday, 24 June:

Weinkellerei Malkasten
Jacobistrae 6
40211 Dsseldorf, Germany

Haus der Universitt

Schadowplatz 14
40212 Dsseldorf, Germany

Saturday, 25 June:

Heinrich-Heine-Universitt Dsseldorf
Universitaetsstr 1
40225 Dsseldorf, Germany

Events will be held in the following campus buildings:

Oeconomicum, Library, and building 23.01, and Hrsaal 3A (building 23.01)

Symposium Map
For more detailed information on conference
venues, hotels, and transportation, consult the
symposium map.

* Note: both Weinkellerei Malkasten and Haus der Universitt are located in the city
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