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Friday 15 th November, 2013

Time: 13:00 – 15:00 PM


Chiang San 1


Chiang San 2

Chiang San 3


1: Industrial Engineering I

2: Mechanical Engineering I

3: Robotics and Control Theory


MIER003 : A Conceptual Design for Resilient Perishable Food Supply Chain : A Topological Property’s Perspective Siravat Teerasoponpong and Apichat Sopadang

MIER002 : 3D Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop for Laminar Flow in Oval Fin-Tube with 60° V-ribs Vortex Generators Withada Jedsadaratanachai, Kietwatcharit Jantravipas and Watanyu Piroj, Pongjet Promvonge

MIER027 : Control Development for A Resizable Cobot Jommutta Jumpaluang and Witaya Wannasuphoprasit


MIER006 : A Review of The Analysis of Thai Gems and Jewelry Industrial Supply Chain :

MIER055 : DEM Analysis on Powder Behavior Passing Through an Orifice that Consists of Course Particles Masahiro FUKUDA, Jun Suzuki, Hiroshi NOGAMI, Hideki KAWAI

MIER045 : A Four-Legged Mobile Robot with Prismatic Joints on Spiral Footholds - Conceptual Design and Motion - Naohiko Hanajima, Taiki Hamaura, Huhe Manda and Yuuki Monoi


Preparations Towards An ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Jirarak Kongkaew , Poti Chao and Apichart Sopadang


MIER009 : Establishing Framework for Logistics Cost Structure of Tourism Business in Chiang Mai Pratchaporn Setsathien, Korrakot Yaibuathet Tippayawong and Apichat Sopadang

MIER015 : Heat Transfer Augmentation in Square Duct Fitted 30° V–finned Tape Inserts Chayodom Hinthao, Suriya Chokphoemphun, Pongjet Promvonge, Chinaruk Thianpong, Sompol Skullong ,Witoon Chingtoaytong, Teerapat Chompookham

MIER046 : A Four-Legged Mobile Robot with Prismatic Joints on Spiral Footholds - Detection of Spiral for Positioning of Legs - Manda HUHE, Naohiko HANAJIMA, Taiki HAMAURA,Yuki MONOI and Qunpo LIU


MIER020 : Parboiled Rice Product Development: Voice of Consumer Surveying Nopparat Kumpong and Chompoonoot Kasemset

MIER021 : On frequency-selection Mechanism of Vortex Street Behind 2-D Airfoil Hiroyuki Ohtateme

MIER050 : Rebound Amount of the Variously Shaped Internal Mirror Model of SLR Camera Hiroki Matsumoto and Masaki Hirashima


MIER056 : Ceramics Production Cost Reduction with Material Flow Cost Accounting Wimalin S. Laosiritaworn and Attapol Bhuapirom

MIER014 : Laminar Periodic Flow and Heat Transfer in Rectangular Channel with V-Shaped Semi- Circular Ribs Ratsak Poomsalood, Pongjet Promvonge, Withada Jedsadaratanachai, Thitipat Limkul, Panuwat Hoonpong and Sompol Skullong

MIER018 : Robotics & Abenomics for AEC & ASIA Sustainability NOBUTAKA ITO


MIER062 : Process Efficiency Improvement After Material Flow Cost Accounting Analysis Wasawat Nakkiew and Chuwong Supalaksanakorn

MIER051 : Numerical Analysis of a Taylor-Couette Vortex Flow at High Reynolds Number Yuta AKAZAWA and Hideki KAWAI

MIER070: A Study on Kurtosis in Applying Independent Component Analysis to Mixture Control Chart Patterns Recognition Trasapong Thaiupathump and Rungchat Chompu-inwai


MIER064 : Estimation of Labor Work Activity Based Defect Rate in Part Per Million Process Nantawan Chairatanathrongporn and Pornthep Anussornntisarn


MIER022 : Predictive Maintenance for Gearbox Using Vibration Analysis Chonakan Wuttiwarakup and Worapod Sereerat


MIER066 : Process Improvement of Wooden Musical Box Using Motion and Time Study Technique Wiaunya Klawarangkoon and Chonnnanath Kritworakarn


Friday 15 th November, 2013

Time: 15:15 – 17:30 PM


1: Industrial Engineering II

2: Mechanical Engineering II

3: Manufacturing


MIER024 : Risk Factors of Electronics Industry in Thailand Kittiya Kerdphon and Apichat Sopadang

MIER010 : Effect of Twisted-tapes on Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Tube Withada Jedsadaratanachai, Pitak Promthaisong, Natvipa Jayranaiwachira and Pongjet Promvonge

MIER004 : Plasma Assisted Dry Reforming of Biomethane into Synthetic Gas Ekkarin Chaiya, Parin Khongkrapan and Nakorn Tippayawong


MIER033 : A Literature Review of Attributes for Selection of a New Hub Airport Supaporn Kamtaeja and Apichat Sopadang

MIER052 : Heat Storage Characteristics in Direct-Contact Latent-Heat Small Storage Bath Masahisa Ota, Yuki Nishizaka, Syun Tsuzuki, Hiroshi Nogami and Hideki Kawai

MIER005 : Utilization of Producer Gas as an Alternative Fuel for Domestic Cooking Stoves Itthipon Tinjun, Poramate Sitthisun and Nakorn Tippayawong


MIER012 : A Review on Used Shoes Supply Chain Jureerut Somboon, Korrakot Yaibuathet Tippayawong and Apichat Sopadang

MIER016 : Heat Transfer Improvement in a Square Channel with Oblique Grooves Ratsak Poomsalood, Pongjet Promvonge , Withada Jedsadaratanachai, Panuwat Hoonpong, and Sompol Skullong

MIER019 : Mechanical Properties and Optimal Design of 6-liter PET Bottle Using Finite Element Method Thanwit Naemsai and Kunlapat Thongkeaw


MIER065 : Application of Material Flow Cost Accounting in Ceramic Production Anirut CHAIJARUWANICH, Suriyong TAWONG and Pansak JUNTIMA

MIER053 : Flow Characteristics in Heat Exchanger with Double Boundary Layer Scraping Kenichiro SATO, Daisuke TACHIYA, Jun SUZUKI Hiroshi NOGAMI, Hideki KAWAI

MIER032 : Numerical Study of Bonding Model Effect on Stress Distribution in Anchored Refractory Savithree Wongasa, Apidech Janthaphan and Monsak Pimsarn


MIER017 : The Application of MFCA Analysis in Defect Reduction: A Case Study of Electronics Manufacturer in Thailand

MIER011 : Numerical Investigation of Flow Characteristics and Heat Transfer in Square Duct with Incline ribbed Amnart boonloi , Jaray

MIER047 : Modeling of Workpiece Dynamic Behavior in Elastomer End-milling Yutaro FURUYA and Koji TERAMOTO


Chompoonoot Kasemset and Chaninart Sriphen

Wongpueng,Withada Jedsadaratanachai and Pongjet Promvonge



MIER026 : Solving Multi-objective Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problems by Multi-objective PSO Warisa Wisittipanich and Voratas Kachitvichyanukul

MIER044 : Basic Characteristics of Viscosity-Controlled Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings Toshiharu KAZAMA, Keisuke SAITO, Yukihito NARITA and Naohiko HANAJIMA

MIER063 : A Review of Affected Residual Stresses on Corrosion Fatigue for Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Multi-pass Process Somsak Limwongsakorn and Wasawat Nakkiew


MIER025 : Integration of AHP & Fuzzy Logic for Decision Making Under the Conflict DFMA Sakkarin Choodoung and Uttapol Smutkupt


MIER067 : Preparation and Evaluation of Electrostatic Sprayed HA-PEEK Coating Teerawat Sangkas and Wassanai Wattanutchariya


MIER069: An application of Internal Benchmarking for multi- product process monitoring Pakorn Jinorose and Pornthep Anussornntisarn


MIER023 : Analysis of the Knee Prosthesis by Finite Element Method Suwattanarwong Phanphet , Sermkiat Jomjanyong and Surangsee Dechjarern



Saturday 16 th November, 2013

Time: 09:00 – 10:45 PM


1: Industrial Engineering III

2: Mechanical Engineering III

3: Material


MIER068: Impact of Machine Workload on Due Date Calculation based MRP Framework for Job Shop Environment Sirilux Thongphan and Pornthep Anussornntisarn

MIER040 : Meso Scale Power Systems and their Applications James Moran and Axel Andujar

MIER001 : Effect of Carbon Content on Microstructure and Shrinkage of Thin-walled Ductile Cast Iron Qiang WANG, Yasuhiro OSAFUNE and Tadashi MOMONO


MIER007 : Operations Improvement in Goods Transportation : A Case study Chawis Boonmee and Chompoonoot Kasemset

MIER008 : Effect of Run and Branch Pipe Lengths on Flexibility Factors Sodsai Lamtharn and Monsak Pimsarn

MIER042 : Preparation and Evaluation of Hydroxyapatite Compact Scaffold Prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering Process Jidapah Ruennareenard, Wassanai Wattanutchariya, Osamu Yamaguchi and Kei Ameyama


MIER061 : Application of Electropolishing Technique in Hard Disk Actuator Arm Cleaning Process Uttapol Smutkupt and Supaluk Kamrungsee

MIER048 : Evaluation of Mechanical Property for Flexible Tube Yuta MAKABE, Hiroyuki FUJIKI and Masashi DAIMARUYA

MIER059 : Effect of Sintering Temperature on Hydroxyapatite Compact Scaffold Characteristics Jidapah Ruennareenard and Wassanai Wattanutchariya


MIER038 : A framework for the Impact of Lean Management on Innovation Capability Denis Daus

MIER034 : Turbulent Heat Transfer in a Round Tube Fitted with V- baffled Tapes Teerapat Chompookham, Supattarachai Suwannapan and Pongjet Promvonge

MIER054 : Hydrothermal Decomposition of Polyvinyl Chloride and Its Observation Hiroki Fukui, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Yuji Nikaido, Kyouhei Yumiba Jun Suzuki, Hiroshi Nogami, Hideki Kawai


MIER013 : Study on Life – Cycle Assessment of Lighting Lamps :

MIER049 : Effect of Non-elastic Taping Procedures on the Range of Ankle Motion

MIER058 : Comparative Investigation of Ferromagnetic Hysteresis Properties of Ising and

Approach in Greenhouse Gas


Effects Saroj Pullteap and Chantima Lapsongphon

Kanthika KINGSAKKLANG, Noriyuki CHIBA and Hiroyuki FUJIKI

Heisenberg Thin-Films : The Mean- Field Analysis Chumpol Supatutkul and Yongyut Laosiritaworn


MIER028: A Framework for Evaluating Sustainable Logistics Activities by Applying a Scorecard Model Tim Christiansen-Lenger


MIER043 : Effect of Fibroin :Hydroxyapatite ratio on Fibroin- Chitosan-Hydroxyapatite porous scaffold characteristics Tarin Sukhachiradet and Wassanai Wattanutchariya


MIER036 : Supply Chain Comparative Study of Knee Prosthesis by Using SCOR Model Suwattanarwong Phanphet, Sermkiat Jomjanyong, Apichat Sopadang, Patcharatong Innumphan and Suchada Potichuntachinda