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Liver Transplantation with two lobes of liver from different donor

was performed by Dr. Naimish N. Mehta and 35 Doctors

Dr. Naimish N. Mehta and his team of 35 doctors have made use liver lobes from two donors,
for successful liver transplantation of very obese patient, Sameer Mitra.
Two liver lobes, which were donated by the family members of patients, are used by the team of
liver transplantation specialists and other 35 doctors, for performing a rare and very complex
liver transplantation procedures, which took about 18 hours to complete.
A native of West Bengal, Sameer Mitra, suffering from a life treating liver disorder, cryptogenic
cirrhosis was successfully treated through complex liver transplantation procedures performed by
a team of doctors, for a period of 18 hours. He visited different reputed hospitals and consulted
many doctors but they dont perform the transplantation procedures owing to lack of liver donor.
In order to make the betters very rare and complex, the weight of the patient was very high,
which was about ninety kilograms at the
time of surgical procedures.
One of the fellow doctors of Sir Ganga
Ram Hospital, said, Dr. Naimish N.
Mehta along with a team of 35 doctors
have conducted a liver transplantation
surgical procedures for the treatment of
chronic liver disorder for saving a life of a
very obese patients.
Total time taken to complete the liver
transplantation procedures took nearly 18
hours by a team of liver transplants
experts. Dr. Naimish N. Mehta has vast
experience of supervising and performing liver transplantation procedures for more than 725
patients at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, where he works as Consultant Surgeon, liver transplantation
& surgical gastroenterology. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is counted as the best Liver Transplant
Hospital in Delhi.
Patients suffering from chronic or acute liver diseases can avail the consultancy and treatment
from reputed liver transplant surgeons and specialists in Delhi. With experience of more than
treatment of 725 liver transplantations in Delhi, Dr. Naimish N. Mehta provide clients with
effective liver transplantation and consultancy services at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

About the Company:Common liver diseases can be effectively treated through different liver transplantation
procedures provided by reputed liver transplantation specialists and doctors. Dr. Naimish N.
Mehta is known for providing effective treatment of different liver complications and liver
chronic diseases through liver transplantation procedures conducted in Delhi. First among the
best Liver Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Naimish N. Mehta holds expertise for performing and
supervision of more than 725 liver transplantations at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. He has
undergone many fellowships in reputed hospitals in United Kingdom for enhancing his liver
transplantation skills.
Company Details:Dr. Naimish N. Mehta,
HPB & Liver Transplant Surgeon
R. No. 2222, Department of Surgical GI & Liver Transplant Unit I
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,
New Delhi 110060
Phone Number: - 9811350626 and 11-42252222
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