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GATE BT 2013
Question Paper with Answer Key
Learn the Questions asked in the GATE BT 2013 Paper with Answer key and
explanations via the Reference Links. Go through the Questions and analyze your
attempt on the 2013 exam.

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GATE BT -2013 Question Set 1.0

1. 1st Monoclonal antibody produced for Human Breast Cancer is
a) Rituximab
b) Cetuximab
c) Bevacizumab
d) Herceptin.
Answer: Herceptin
2. Match the following RNA types with their function: ( Right combination is given
1 snRNA
RNA splicing
2 RNAase H
RNA:DNA hybrid
3 RNAase P
Cleavage stimulation factor
Reference: Molecular Biology of the Gene - Watson: Chapter 12
3 . During DNA replication, which of the following removes RNA primer?
a) Ligase
b) Gyrase
c) DNA polymerse I
d) DNA polymerase II
Answer: DNA polymerase I
4. Endogenous mRNA is found in
The question is incomplete
5. Lim x infinity x.tan1/x
Answer: 1
Solution: Let 1/x = n, if x = infinity, then 1/x = 0
limit n0 [1/n tan n]
= limit n0 [1/n sin n/cos n]
= limit n0 [sin n/n * 1/cos n]
cos 0 = 1
1/cos 0 = 1
limit n0 (sin n/n * 1)
(as limit x0 (sin x / x = 1)

6 Which of the following modification is common to both DNA and Proteins?

a) Somylation
b) Nitosylation
c) Methylation
d) Ubiquitination
Answer: Methylation
7 Endogenous Ag are presented by
a) MHC-class I
b) MHC class II
c) XC gamma
d) Complementation
Answer: MHC class I
Reference: Kuby chapter 1 Page number 14
8 Anitibiotics : Erythromycin
The question is incomplete
9 Read the statement and provide the correct inference:
All professors are Researchers
All Researches are Scientists
a) All scientists are researchers
b) All scientists are Professors
c) All professors are ______
d) None of the above
Explanation: From the given option, the correct relation would be: All professors are
10The head master ____ to meet you ? Pick the wrong option
a) is wanting
b) want
c) wants
d) was wanting
Answer: Want
11. Size of DNA isolate is 5000bp. The size of entire genome is 4.6 x 10^16 Kb.
What is the probability of getting minimum restriction clones
a) 1.2 x 10^13
b) 8x 10^12

c) 16 x 10^10
d) 12 x 10^12
Answer: b) 8 x 10^12
Explanation: From the given values of genome size and DNA fragment size, we get
the answer as 9 x 10^12 as most probable one. We assumed the restriction enzyme
used could have 6 base pair recognition site. So from the given option, answer b) is
most nearest.
12. What is the role of adjuvants in immune response?
Answer: An adjuvant alerts the host immune system through a mechanism similar to
that of an infection by a pathogen, which involves interaction with a TLR followed by a
signal to the immune system
13. The suitable substitution matrix to align closely related question is....
The question is incomplete
14. Determinant of -2x + 9 = 3, then possible values of deteminant of ( -x +x^2) is
a. 30
b. -30
c. 42
d. -42
Answer: b) -30
Probable Solution (have to cross check):
Squaring 1st equation on both sides (-2x+9)2 = 32
4x2 + 2(-2x)(9) + 81 = 9
4x2 - 36x + 81 = 9
4x2 - 36x + 72 = 0
4 (x2 - 9x + 18) = 0
(x2 - 9x + 18) = 0
(x2 - 6x 3x + 18) = 0
x(x-6) 3(x-6) = 0
(x-6)(x-3) = 0
x = 6 or x = 3
Substituting in -x-x2
Case 1 If x = 6, -x-x2 = 6 (6*6) = 6 36 = -30
Case 2 If x = 3, -x-x2 = 3 (3*3) = 3 9 = -6
Since -6 is not one of the options, -30 is the right answer

15. Which of the following inhibition is depicted in the Graph below?

Answer: Competitive inhibition
16. Phyllum proteobacter is classified as alpha, beta, gamma, delta is based on?
Answer: 16s rRNA sequences
17. Nucleotide used in DNA sequenceing by sangar method is
Answer: 23 dideoxy ribose sugar
Explanation: lacks both OH groups, thus blocks the Amplification process
18. There were a graph plotted between r/c and c where r is the moles of bound
receptor/receptor moles and c is the concentration of free ligands and only the
ligand conc was changing while the receptor made const.and the slope is
r1>r2>r3>r4 den tell highest binding affinity??
Answer: r1 highest binding affinity
Explanation: In a Scatchard plot, r/c is plotted v/s r. where r = the ratio of the
concentration of bound ligand to total antibody concentration, c = concentration of free
ligand.If the Abs are homogenous, the plot yields a straight line with slope of -Ka. More
the value of Ka, more is the binding affinity. Since r1 has the max. slope, it has the
highest binding affinity
Reference: Kuby Chapter 6 Antigen Antibody interactions, Page number 140
19. Why in alkaline condition DNA is more stable than RNA?
a) RNA is single stranded
b) RNA contain uracil on place of thymin
c) RNA can undergo hydroxylation easily
d) RNA forms secondary structures
Answer: RNA can undergo hydroxylation easily
Explanation: As it has 2-OH group, this undergoes cross linking with Alkaline
solution, undergoing cleavage. But DNA with 2H group does not undergo cleavage
20. No. of population has increased 10^3 - 10^9 after 10 hrs. How many
generations /hr
a) 10

b) 2
c) 20
d) 4
Answer: b) 2
Explanation: Generation time G = Log ( final number) -Log (Initial number)/ log 2
G= 10g (10^9)- log (10^3)/log 2
= 19.93
Generation time per hour = 19.93/10 = 2
21. Radius spherical coccus = 0.8 micrometer. What is the Surface area/ Volume in
micro meter inverse =
a) 7.5
b) 4.05
c) 3.75
d) 0.85
The question is incomplete
22. dx/dy +ycot x = cosec x. Find the value of y
Answer: Solving the above equation which is first order non linear ordinary
differential equation for y we will get
x(t) = -cos-1 ( ety-c1y + 1/ y)
23. The catalytic efficiency of an enzyme is defined by
a) kcat
b) vmax/kcat
c) kcat/km
d) Kcat / Vmax
Answer: - Kcat/ km
Source- Lehninger, chapter 6, Enzymes
24. In nature, horizontal mode of gene transfer in bacteria occurs via
Answer: Conjugation
25. If hypophosphatemia is X linked dominant disease what is the number of
affected children if affected heterozygous female married to normal man?
Answer: of the sons and of the daughter will be affected
Explanation: X linked dominant condition, Carrier female has XA Xa condition.
Normal male Xa Y condition. So when they have 2 girls one will get XA chromosome
and the other girl gets Xa . Only the one got XA will show the disease.

26. Dry weight of initial cell biomass is 5 g. it has increased by 1.5 fold. What is
growth index?
The question is incomplete
27. Scaling up: In a stirred tank bioreactor. V1=10L, V2= 10000L, D2 is twice as D1.
N1=450rpm what is N2 in rpm?
The question is incomplete
28. Eigen value of matrix

A= 10 -4
18 -12

Answer: Eigen value for the given 2 x 2 matrix is = lambda 1 =18 and lambda 2 = -6
29. rate of product formation=0.25g/h, rate of substrate utilization=0.25g/h
What is yield coefficient of product formation per substrate?
The question is incomplete
30. ABC transporter is:
Multidrug resistance protein
ATP synthase
The question is incomplete
31. find % seq identity of following: HELLO_ YELLOW
The question is incomplete
32. design of melting=12.56
Design of cooling = 7.48
Find design of hold up?
Time for hold up if k=3.83?
The question is incomplete
33. 3<=x<=5
The question is incomplete
34. How many fragments are generated if it is degraded by trypsin followed by

Answer: 5
Explanation: For the given question, 5 is the right answer. Trypsin cleaves at
Carboxy termini of Lysine and Arginine. The CNBr cleaves at Carboxy termini of
35. In a fed batch bioreactor glucose is added 200ml/h
Ks=0.3g/l, mu9max0=0.4 /h, D=0.1 /h Find limiting substrate conc in the reactor?
Q.f(x)=2t+6 find laplas
The question is incomplete
36. 1% of cars are defective. What is the probability that more than 2 cars are
defective in 100 cars.
The question is incomplete
37. Common data Q.
100mg of protein X is present in 100ml of water.
MW of X= 15000Da avegadros no: 6.022* 10^23
1) What is the molarity of solution in micromole?
Answer: Molarity = Moles/ liter
Moles = given weight / molecula weight
= 100 x 10^-3 / 15000
=0.0666 x 10^-9
2) How many molecules are present in given solution?
Answer: I mole = 6.023x 10^23
= 0.00666x10^-3 x 6.023x 10^23
= 4.01x 10^-19
38. x + 2y+ 3z=20,
7x+3y+z=13, find the value x, y, and z?
Answer: X= 4.3: y= -3.16: z=7.34
Explanation: Multiply equation 3 , by 2 and then solving equation 2 and 3 , we
get the value of x= 4.3 ; Mulptiply eq1 by -6 and eq 2 by 2 and then solving and
substituting the value of X will give you Z = 7.34 . By substituting X and Z value in any
equation, will give you Y = -3.16

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