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Student Name: Sami Richmond

Title of Lesson: Summarizing text using QAR

Grade(s): 10th grade (using 8th grade text)

Total Lesson Time: 30 minutes

Subject Area: Reading/Literacy (special education)

Curriculum Standard(s)
Employ the full range of research-based comprehension strategies, including making
connections, determining importance, questioning, visualizing, making inferences,
summarizing, and monitoring for comprehension.
Determine a central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text,
including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details; provide an objective
summary of the text.
Learning Objectives (Benchmark) and Assessment:
Learning Objective(s)
1. Students will be able to write a
comprehensive summary on informational text
1. Passage Summary
using the QAR strategy.
2. Students will be able to identify what they
have learned in this lesson through selfreflection.

2. Self-Reflection sheet

Materials Needed:
We Dared To Lead (an article by Bryan Brown)
Meeting Nelson Mandela (an article by Rebecca Leon)
Questioning Worksheet
Self Reflection Worksheet
Lesson Procedures:
1. Ask students to share what they remember about QAR.
Follow up by asking students how this can help them
summarize text. (1 minute
2. Explain that today we will be reviewing how to
summarize using the QAR strategy. Explain how
summarizing requires comprehension, which QAR can help
enhance. Present QAR question types and how to use them
(3 minutes)
3. Guide students to the article We Dared To Lead by Bryan

Differentiation (Adaptations for

Diverse Learners, ELL, Gifted)
This entire lesson can be
modified for students of varying
needs by increasing or
decreasing grade level text.
Additionally, these steps can be
broken down to be presented
slower or quicker. More time
can be spent on identifying
types of questions or on
comprehension strategies alone.

Brown. Tell students they should read it carefully and take

notes on what is important. Model with using the given
article. Next ask students for suggestions that they found
important using QAR questions and how this could create a
summary. Write a summary as a class. (5 minutes)
4. Have students complete the same activity independently
with a different article. They will turn this in as assessment.
(5 minutes)
5. Have students complete a self reflection (1 minute)

References Used:
Literacy snapshot: Question answer relationshipidentifying question types. Kentucky
Department of Education. 1-6.
Question-answer relationship. (2015). Retrieved June 25, 2015, from
Raphael, T. E., & Au, K. H. (2005). QAR: Enhancing comprehension and test taking across
grades and content areas. Reading Teacher, 59(3), 206-221.

Pre-Teach Written Statement on Outcome (What are your goals for this lesson?)
I intend for students to independently write a summary of informational text through
understanding effective types of questioning presented by QAR as a comprehension strategy.
Students should summarize using a step-by-step procedure learned in this lesson.

Classroom Management Strategy (How will you foster engagement and positive behavior?)
I will guide students through the first part of this lesson by working whole class. While
students are working independently, I will walk around the classroom and prompt students
who need help. I will encourage students to ask questions throughout the lesson.

Reflection on Student Learning (How did it go? Does anything need to be changed?)
I think overall, my presentation went pretty well. I appreciated the opportunity to explain how
to differentiate for students with special education needs. I also really like the resources I
found, and will definitely utilize these in my future teaching. There were definitely a few
hiccups in the lesson though, but I can see where they occurred and how to fix them.

First, I think I was cramming too much into a short lesson. Given this lesson in real life, I
would have slowed it down significantly and broken it into various steps. I felt like there were
certain aspects of the lesson where I rushed significantly more than I would have liked to
specifically the part of writing a summary whole class. Overall, I thought the summary writing
part of the lesson could have been improved and elaborated. I would have ideally liked more
participation from the class in this section. I could tell that students werent exactly
understanding the connection between QAR and summarizing at this point, but they were not
volunteering to ask questions aloud. I believe in a special education setting, students would be
more likely to speak out, as they would be in smaller groups.
Also, my instructions on taking notes on important ideas prior to summarizing were not clear.
Having to teach this lesson again, I would have listed specific steps for students to take on this
assignment before joining whole class.
Lastly, I would have made the review section of this lesson more interactive. I would have
asked students to share specific applications of QAR questions to make the lesson more
applicable. I think I avoided this step in the interest of time, but looking back, it would have
been a very valuable piece of this lesson.