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The Story of Chyavana Muni from

Bhagavata Purana

[ Transcribed from a lecture given by Radhanath Swami. ]

In Srimad Bhagavatam in ninth canto, there is a story of Chyavana muni. He
was very powerful yogi. Millions of time more powerful than any materialist
today in his ability to fulfill his material desires. He had attained very great
mystic powers. And of course when one becomes very powerful spiritually or
materially, the tendency is to become very proud and in pride the greatest
danger is that we can offend saintly persons.

So Chyavana muni , as it is described, somehow offended the great devotee

Garuda. By doing this, although he was very respected for his very high
position, if Krishna does not protect us then nobody however great we are ,
however advanced spiritually we are, we cannot control our senses even
from the grossest activities. It is not possible. The greatest illusion even in
spiritual life is to think that by spiritual advancement we can protect
ourselves from falling into clutches of Maya, but the fact is:
rga-dvea-vimuktais tu
viayn indriyai caran
tma-vayair vidheytm
prasdam adhigacchati
Bhagavad Gita 2.64
It is only by the mercy of Krishna that we can maintain any spiritual position
at all. It is only by the mercy of Krishna that we can control our senses, even
from the slightest temptation of illusory energy. It is not by our own power.
Of course we must follow the rules and regulations of Krishna Consciousness
in spiritual life according to our capacity and when Krishna sees that we are
sincere and we are humbly attempting and trying, He will give us the power
to control our senses and overcome the temptations of illusion. But without
Krishnas help, we cannot do anything.
So Chayavan muni, although was very advanced in the yogic process,
because of this pride he offended a great devotee and therefore Krishna
simply withdrew His mercy and if Krishna can withdraw His mercy from a
great spiritualist like this then what to speak of the gross materialist who is
trying to look for pleasures in this world. Such a powerful yogi he was. He
was in the Yamuna under the water for thousands of years performing
meditations. Who of us could do that? Such power of control that he even
had the power to control his breath. He did not even have to breathe air for
thousands of years. This is the power he had to control his senses.

While he was living under the water one day, he saw a male and female fish
enjoying the pleasures of sex together. Now what is our position in
comparison to his as far as the ability to control our senses. And when we
see birds or insects or fish having sexual pleasure together, does it disturb
our minds? We just go on walking, doesnt mean anything to us, but illusory
energy of the Lord is so powerful, that if one is not protected by the lord
then even something so insignificant as that, can completely infatuate ones
attention. So Chayavan muni was thinking when he saw all this that Oh! the
pleasures of sex are so wonderful. Look at how these fish are enjoying. He
thought I must have this facility. He came out of the water, simply hunting
for a consort to enjoy material pleasures with and he came across some
beautiful damsels who were princesses. He approached their father who
said, You are an old man and my daughters are not attracted to you.
Besides being very old and having long-matted grey hair, and because he
was under water for so long, his skin was all wrinkled from too much
exposure to water. They were not at all attracted. After all young ladies do
not wish to have a husband who is an old sadhu. They like someone who is
very strong, handsome and wealthy. So by his mystic power he transformed
his form into the most young beautiful, handsome prince. Who of us could
do that? Then when he came, all the princesses wanted him. So he
expanded himself to satisfy each and every one of them. In this way he
married, he enjoyed like anything. He was given tremendous wealth ,
tremendous powers. By his mysticism, he was able to create beautiful
kingdoms, wonderful wonderful facilities to enjoy. He had literally at his
control everything he wanted by his mystic powers and by the inheritance of
what he had been given by his father -in- law. With these beautiful
princesses, to the extent that anyone could imagine, he was enjoying
material life. But after a short time of doing like this, he realized that no
matter in how many forms I expand myself, no matter how much wealth I
create by my mystic powers, no matter how beautiful these young girls are,
he is frustrated and they were frustrated. He could understand what a great
mistake he had made and he realized that this is because I had offended this
great devotee of the Lord that I lost all my intelligence completely.

Ultimately he and his wives all renounced everything and accepted the
renounced order. So what is there to be learnt from this story. First of all
whoever we are, however great we are, unless we are humbly taking shelter
of the lotus feet of the Lord it is not possible for us ultimately to control our
senses because we are all under His power. He can take away our
intelligence. He can cover us by Maya. He can cover us by yoga maya. He
can do anything He wants. We are eternally His servitors.
Story of Vishvamitra muni
We read a similar story in the life of Vishvamitra muni. He was such a great
powerful yogi that he was able to sit in meditation in the winter in the peaks
of the Himalayas with breaking ice and keeping his body up to his neck in
the ice for 6 months at a time. Sometimes we are afraid of a cold bath which
lasts about 15 or 20 seconds. He spent 6 months in ice without being
disturbed, such was his power. But by the power of the illusory energy, just
the tinkling of the ankle bells of Menaka was able to bewilder his mind and
cast him deeply into the abyss of the material sense enjoyment. But it is
described that Srila Haridas Thakur, even the personification of Maya with all
of her potencies came before him to try to dissuade him from his wows.
Because with great humility he was taking shelter of Krishna through His
name, ultimately Maya became his disciple. Ultimately she surrendered to
him. So the conclusion is that the devotee of the Lord understands that it is
only by the power of God, it is only by the power of Krishna that we can do
anything. It is only by power of Krishna that we can be protected and
therefore, the devotee with all humility is always seeking shelter of the lord.
Therefore such a devotee is never vanquished by the material energy. But
those foolish materialistic people and even those less intelligent spiritualists
who are dependent on their own powers, on their own abilities, on their own
opulence, they are birth after birth after birth frustrated , frustrated by the
inflictions of the modes of material nature.
Depending on Krishna

The greatest, most powerful materialistic heroes in the world throughout

history- where are they now? They have all succumbed to death. They have
all succumbed to old age. They have all been defeated. Material nature
defeats every one and this is the essential principle in the 11th chapter of
the Gita, where Krishna manifests His universal form to show that I am
devouring everyone, I am consuming everyone. In my form of time,
everyone is completely under my control and nobody can escape it even for
a second and the greatest illusion it is to think that we have escaped it. The
difference between the sura or the asura, the demoniac and the devotee is
simply that. And therefore I will act independent of Krishnas will. In the
universal form of God He showed that He is devouring every living being
from the greatest most powerful heroes to the insignificant insects in His
form of time. Devotee accepts it. Devotee admits it ,Yes , KRISHNA You are
in control. You have created, You are maintaining and you will annihilate. I
surrender to you. Srila Prabhupada used the example that a cat keeps a rat
in her mouth holding with her teeth and the when rat looks when she looks
upon that cat in great fear and horror, the rat is seeing this cat as death
personified. The same cat when she is holding her kittens with the same
mouth, the kitten sees the cat as the most protective loving mother. What is
the difference? This is difference of perception. Because the rat is trying to
act independent of the will of the cat. What is that saying, when cat is away
the rats will play? Because the rat has a separate interest trying to enjoy
separate therefore sees that cat as death personified and ultilmately is killed
by the cat. But the kitten , because the kitten has learned to take shelter, to
surrender to the cat, the same cat appears to the kitten as the most loved,
blessed, protected mother. So similarly this human society is called rat race.
What does rat race mean? That means when the cat is away the mice and
rats will play. We are thinking there is no God. We are thinking that God is
not in control therefore either the God doesnt exist or He is somewhere else
and therefore we are all doing our own thing. We are all trying to make our
arrangements, our own grand plans for material enjoyment, for progress and
civilization. Therefore when death comes, we view death as the most cruel,
terrible cheater taking everything away. Krishna says, I am death

personified. For a devotee , but because a devotee is conscious that I can

do nothing without Krishna , Krishna is everything, I can only be His servant.
Let me just serve His will and whatever the result is. We are not attached to
the results of our activities. We understand that the results are in the control
of Krishna This is the teaching of karmay evdhikras te m phaleu
kadcana(BG 2.47). A devotee simply does his service for the pleasure of
the Lord and is not at all attached to the fruits of his actions because he
knows ultimately Krishna is in control. Whether I am a success or a failure, it
is not in my hands. It is in Gods hand. I simple have to try my best. Such a
devotee who is always absorbed in loving , humility in devotional service,
such a devotee understands that death is but my Lord so kindly taking me
back to His eternal abode. Devotee is not afraid of death. Devotee sees
Krishna in life and sees Krishna in death because the devotee is taking
shelter of Krishna.
bhajah re mana r-nanda-nandana
n ravinda re
My dear mind, please take shelter of the lotus feet of the Lord. Surrender to
Him. Be His servant. Only in this way you will be free from fear, anxiety,
frustration and suffering. But any other arrangement we try to make be it on
any various spiritual or material path, ultimately we will end in frustration
and anxiety unless we learn to take shelter in all humility of the service of
the Lord. Whoever we are, whether we are bramhacharis, grahasthas,
vanprasthas,or sanyasis we must know that we do not have the power to
control the mind, our senses even for a moment without the help of God,
without the grace of God. Krishnas illusory energy is so powerful. Even lord
Shiva, the greatest of all vaishnavas and expansion of Lord Himself was
completely mad after Mohini murti. Chasing after a young woman, even so
intoxicated by this that Mohini Murti ran by his own disciples great sanyasis
who were saying Om Namah Shivaya and performing great tapasya, giving
up all forms of sensual experiences and here the lord they were worshipping
comes by them running after a young woman, what is this? Lord Shiva what

are you doing? We have given up all these things for you and you are doing.
They could not understand. Ultimately lord Shiva became so completely
intoxicated by the beauty of Mohini murti and finally in the end when he
came back to his senses he was not even ashamed. He was proud. He was
proud that my Lord is so great, that if He wants to take away my intelligence
and make me into a complete sense enjoyer that is His glory. He was not
ashamed thinking, oh I have lost my reputation. He was thinking no no if My
lord wants to do like this, this is His power. I am completely subordinate to
Him. So what to speak of us, our position. If Krishna wants to protect us
nothing came disturb us and if Krishna wants to disturb us nothing can
protect us. So therefore we simply have to try to please Krishna. Devotee
has no other ambition. He doesnt want to be great spiritualist. He doesnt
want to be powerful. He doesnt want to attain mystic power. He doesnt
want to perform tremendous tapasya. He simply wants to please Krishna. If
Krishna is pleased with our humble service nothing can harm us. If Krishna
is not pleased then it is just the matter of time till through His illusiory
energy we must succumb. So therefore this is the difference between the
material consciousness and spiritual consciousness. One surrenders
understanding our complete dependence on the Lord.
Real meaning of Independence
Recently we were at the rainbow gathering and the 4th of July came and we
were discussing this idea that throughout America this is a very holy day. It
is the day of independence. I think the 4th of July was the day when first the
American politicians wrote the declaration of independence. They wanted to
declare their independence from the British. Then there was a great war, the
revolutionary war and ultimately the American colonies were victorious and
they gained independence. Every year on 4th of July there is this great
celebration, Independence Day. They are blowing off the fireworks, and all
sorts of speeches and celebration. But what type of independence. First of all
we came here and we took away the independence of American Indians.
What is this? First, some Europeans came and then they fought war with the
American Indians to take away their independence. Then the British came

and took away our independence. Then we fought against them and took our
independence. But the fact is that of all those people who signed the
declaration of independence, is anyone of them here today to tell us about
their independence. They have all succumbed to the repetition of birth and
death. They have all attained what every materialist must attain old age,
disease and death. Therefore what sort of independence. Real independence
comes when we declare from the core of our hearts that we are utterly and
completely dependent on Krishna, dependent on God. The greatest illusion,
an obstacle for real happiness and joy in this entire existence is that we are
independent. Therefore every day devotees celebrate beginning at 3 or 4 in
the morning, we are to celebrate that we are 100% , 24 hours a day,
dependent on the mercy of Krishna. And in that dependence we recognize
that dependence and glorify who we are depending on in everything we do
and everything we say and potentially in everything we think.
Krishna is everything. We are His insignificant parts. He is nityo nityn
cetana cetannm eko bahn yo vidadhti kmn (Kaha
2.2.13). That one Supreme Creator and controller of all that exists is
completely masterminding this entire creation and all living beings are
utterly dependent on His control. That is bhakti, to recognize that and to
surrender. Bhagavad Gita gives this message. Arjuna wanted to act
independently and what was the result. With all of his good qualities he was
utterly frustrated but then he simply admitted that Krishna, You are my
Lord, You are my Master, You are the creator, You are the maintainer, You are
the destroyer, I surrender to You. What is Your will? Let me please You. Let
me serve You. In that we are independent of all the material miseries. In
total dependence on Krishna, on total dependence on the words of Guru we
are completely independent of the illusions and frustration of this world. To
the extent we are not surrendered, to that extent we must suffer the
illusions of this world. So therefore a devotee sees only in these terms. He
does not see that all I need is this and this and only if this happens and only
if that happens then everything will be alright. The devotee understands that

to the degree I am suffering it means to that degree I am not surrendering

my will.
Sarva dharma parityajam mam ekam sarva vraja. Krishna says abandon all
other occupations , all other dharmas, all other religions, just surrender with
utter dependence on me. I will protect you from all sinful reaction, do not