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London Symphonic Strings USER GUIDE 1.

By Aria Sounds

Thank you for purchasing Aria Sounds' London Symphonic Strings. Congratulations! You
now have, at your fingertips, a vast, diverse collection of sounds and techniques, as well as
one of the most raw, human-sounding libraries available as of yet. The London Symphonic
Strings were recorded with a total of four main mic positions that you can mix in the Kontakt
interface - Close, Main (conductor position), Rigs (outriggers), and Room mics...

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This continually updating user guide will aim to highlight and explain all the features
included with the LSS (London Symphonic Strings), as well as help you, the user, to
use the library to it's fullest.

London Symphonic Strings comes with a huge variety of different playable articulations.
See below for a breakdown of what is included.
Legato Patches
All patches come with multiple true legato patches, meaning that when you play a line, real
pre-recorded transitions are inserted between notes in a musical line, to add extra realism
and conviction to the sound of the instrument.
The following patches have two types of legato interval included in one .nki. You can switch
between the two during playback via velocity - a heavier/higher velocity will trigger one, and
a lower value will trigger the other. Conveniently, the type of legato being played is displayed
on the interface during playback.

Vln I Sustain Legato

Vln II Sustain Legato
Vla Sustain Legato
VC Sustain Legato
Bass Sustain Legato

Other patches with normal legato intervals/transitions include the following:

Vln I Sordino Legato

Vln I Sul Pont Sustains Legato
Vln II Sordino Sustains Legato
Vln II Sul Pont Sustains Legato
Vln II Sul Tast Sustains Legato
Vla Sordino Sustains Legato

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Vla Sul Pont Sustains Legato

Vla Sul Tast Sustains Legato
VC Sordino Sustains Legato
VC Sul Pont Sustains Legato
VC Sul Tast Sustains Legato
Bass Sordino Sustains Legato
Bass Sul Pont Sustains Legato
Bass Sul Tast Sustains Legato

Each legato patch has two switches on the interface, one allowing you to choose whether
the expression/MIDI CC11, or mod wheel/MIDI CC1, controls dynamic crossfading. The
other, either "mono" or "poly", allows you to turn legato off, if you want to play multiple notes
at a time, or/and chords. When "poly" is selected, transitional legato samples will not sound,
and you will be able to play polyphonically.
A tip on using this feature, would be to consider the purpose, or desired results, i.e. if you
are creating a mock up with some fairly intricate counterpoint, the best method would be to
load multiple instances/tracks with legato turned on, and write out, or play in, each line
separately. This will give the most realistic result, as this is how players play the music.
On the other hand, if you want to get something down quickly, or want that sort of keyboard
string sound, use the poly mode. Most serious composers will write the lines out separately
using the legato patch, as this ultimately is a representation of what is played by real
musicians in a real orchestra.
Notes about what the names of the patches/techniques mean:

Sordino - When players bow normally with mutes on the instrument. Often creates a
softer, sweeter, and warm sound.
Sul Pont - "Sul Ponticello", means when players play with the bow close to the
bridge. It brings out very little, if not none, of the fundamental frequency of a note,
and enhances its harmonics. This creates a very scratchy, hollow, and sharp sound.
Sul Tast - "Sul Tasto" - the opposite of "Sul Ponticello", when players play with the
bow more towards/over the fingerboard, leading to a more lush, warm tone.

Short Note Patches

There are a variety of different short note patches, which contain different dynamic levels,
controlled by velocity. As is usually the standard, it is most convenient if you are using a
keyboard controller, to be able to play harder, to trigger the louder samples, and softer to
trigger the softer ones.
Below is a list of short note articulations, some with quick notes about the particular patch:

Col Legno
The sound made when players use the back (wooden part) of their bow to
strike the strings.

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Colle, Martele, Spiccato

All variations of bowed short/detached notes. Colle starts on the string and
"flicks" off, martele is much more of a powerful, forceful sound, and spiccato is a
short detached note caused by bouncing the bow on the string.
This is when the players pluck the string with their fingers. NOTE: The highest
velocity/dynamic of this patch includes the technique "Bartok Pizzicato". Bartok pizz
is when the string is plucked so forcefully that the string flicks back and snaps against
the fingerboard. As these are essentially different dynamics of the same motion, we
have included them in the same patch, to align with how players play, however they
are often, and rightfully, considered different techniques. Ensure that if you want a
normal pizzicato sound, you stay below the top velocity threshold, otherwise you will
notice a snapping sound over the pizzicato sound you want in your music!
Sordino Spiccato
This is simply spiccato played with mutes on.

True Glissando
This patch allows you to perform a glissando (slide) from any note, to any other note. Simply
play the note you would like to slide from, and then press the one you want to slide to, before
releasing the first, and you will trigger the slide. Higher velocity equals a faster slide.

Violin Concerto
The violin concerto patch is the sound of the orchestra leader playing as if they were a
soloist, loud above the ensemble, and the rest of the violins play the same note underneath
with mutes on lightly. Played as chords, you can get a beautiful chamber ensemble sound,
with gentle orchestral colour behind.

String FX/SFX
Included with the violins and double basses are various string sound effects and
experimental techniques, including different glissandos, tremolo glissandos, clusters, chops
and other percussive sounds. We will be releasing more SFX for the other sections as free
updates in the near future!

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