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123 Rainbow Avenue

Windowville, PA 32432
Cellular: (623)231-2311/ Home: (232)343-2131
TITLE: IT Specialist
Hardware: Verizon DSL wireless router, Cable Motorola modem, Mobile phone,
Tablet, Linksys, Dlink, PC X86, SUN 4100 & 4600, CISCO 2960 & 4948
, SPARC workstation, Astaro Firewall and Powerware UPS 9125.

Dell Open Manager, Virtual Client Management, SUN StorageTek

Common Array manager, Sun Integrated Out Light Manager (ILOM),
Sun Ray Administration, Harris Stat Scan, Hyena, Symantec,
MS Office 2010, Ghost, Easy Data Recovery, Emergency Recovery Disk,
Netsign, Tumbleweed, Masterkey Universal Image Utility,
Veritas Backup, WinSCP, Putty, VPN, TCP/IP, Novell Netware.
Spector 360, KERI Door System. Telrad Phone.

Operating : Windows 2008 server, Email Exchange server, Windows 7, Windows

Vista, Windows XP, Linux, Solaris, Unix, VMware and CISCO IOS
QUALIFICATIONS: Company A (01/2013 to 01/2014)
Configured and setup automatic daily incremental and full user data. Server and
email backed up locally and offsite for redundancy. Email and system data from
backup of user data was reviewed and recovered as need.
Installed updates and patches to all software application, server, email, laptop and
desktop. Managed and controlled all office staff to enter and leave building using
magnetic doors badges with KERI door system. .
Monitor users activity using Spector 360 software. The software monitors and
records user and user group activity including email sent and received, chat/IM,
websites visited, applications/programs accessed, web searches, file transfers, and
data printed/saved to removable devices.
Installed, configured and updated anti-spam and anti-virus to email, server,
desktop and laptop.
Support in-house training by setting up laptop, desktop and projector and
provided technical assistance.
Respond and resolved to users email and phone call trouble tickets. Configured
and controlled all in house phone system using Z Phone system. Budgeted and
purchased all required software and hardware for the LAN.
Company 1 (01/1986 to 01/2011)

Over twenty years of service and experience with various computer systems,
networks and peripherals, problem solving. Worked as Sr. System
Administration /Network Engineer, supporting Company 1.
Managing a super-mini computer system, responsibilities included daily operation
and maintenance of the thin-clients workstations, five ESX servers and two
CISCO routers and two switches, users account management and prepared virtual
test floor for testing. These involved using a latest technology VMware to create
required virtual machines that represent all X systems that needed to be tested
with real data each time when receiving a new data product. All testing results
will forward to CTSF for further verification and validation prior to company
deployment or training.
Experienced as a System Administrator/Network Engineer and Information
Security Officer, managed daily operation Business and Lab LANs PC, servers,
Cisco routers/switches printer and PDA to assure fully functional and operational.
Supported over 350 different levels of users hardware/software problems
including Email, internet, PC, server, laptop, PDA, printer, fax, hub and router.
Trouble-shooted and resolved any hardware/software issue or problems. Provided
over the phone, email and on-the-site support to users. Maintained and assured
data integrity by automatically backup all user and system data.
Administer a MS Windows Active Directory software program to manage users
computer accounts including add, delete and change of users and computers
account in a domain environment.
Deployed and maintained a security CAC (Common Access Card) system for all
PC, laptop and blackberry users. Deployed and maintained antivirus software with
automatic update to latest patches and virus updates.
Successfully upgraded over 350 customer PCs from Window 2000 to Windows
XP with individual customer data migration.
Successfully implemented a Windows XP client and Windows 2003 server
domain migration that involved four servers, 350 PCs and 50 laptops.
Installed and managed a Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) to deploy the
latest Microsoft security, critical updates, hot fixes and patches to all computers
running MS Server 2003 and Windows XP. Generated WSUS updates report to
analysis and keeps track of the computers synchronization with the latest MS
updates and security implementation.

Installed and configured X Scanner software. This will help support overall
development lab and operational objectives of securing the network from all
threats. Used X Scanner to scan all network PC, servers, laptops, printers and
routers for security vulnerability daily. Identified weakness in security area and
malicious code; apply appropriated security patches and fixes, and sometime
manually fixed the problems. Generated various vulnerability reports for
analysis and tracking records.
Responded to Company 1 HQs security tasks. Deployed and installed any OS or
vendor applications security, critical updates, hot fixes or patches. Inspected and
assured computers in the lab complied with latest company security requirements.
Collected and input data to X database system to keep track of system
vulnerability status. Acknowledge requirement in X database system as well.
. Implement and configured a Virtual Private Network (VPN) betweenY lab and
contractor office site. Established a VPN between Y lab (ARL) and 2D
development lab. This data encryption LAN connection will ensure secure
communication channel over the public internet.
B.E. and Applied Maths & Statics (double majors), Johnville, John Doe University.