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Anthony S.


210 Sunset Ave. Petoskey, MI 49770



Alma College: Alma, MI

Bachelor of Arts: 2016

Major: Music Education

2016 (Jan-June)

Alma High School and Middle School-Alma, MI

Student Teaching
Bands under the direction of Tim Newman
Development of teaching within the field.
Shadowing and observing Mr. Newmans program.
Preparation for Concert Band, Jazz Band, Solo and Ensemble, Marching
Band, Percussion Ensemble.

2015 (Sept-Dec) Alma High School and Middle School Alma, MI

Percussion Intern
Bands under the direction of Tim Newman
One on one clinician work with percussionist grades 6-12.
Development of 6th grade percussion program.
Master class in December summarizing percussion unit.
2014 (Sept-present)
Alma Middle School Alma, MI
Assistant Teaching-8 Hour Observation
Bands under the direction of Tim Newman
Individual work with percussion, brass, and woodwinds on phrasing,
proper technique, expression, musicality, and group dynamics.
Individual work with students of special needs and/or learning disabilities.
2014 (Jan-Apr)

Republic Adult and Alternative High School Alma, MI

10-Hour Observation
Worked with students who struggle studying in the Gratiot County school
system. These students have difficulty staying motivated, keeping up their
grades, and having a stable life outside of school.
Taught a chemistry lesson to examine chemical reactions. Made ice-cream
to give students a hands on example of how salt changes the freezing
point of ice.

2014 (Jan-Mar)

Director of Alma High School Percussion Ensemble Alma, MI

Awarded Grade 1 at State Solo and Ensemble.
Worked with students to learn and perform music as a percussion
Conductor of ensemble, communicating musical ideas, phasing, and
performance at a professional level.

2013 (Sept-Nov) Alma Middle School Alma, MI

30-Hour Observation
Bands under the direction of Tim Newman

Worked with Middle School students (Grades 6-8) on show music for
concert band.
Observed Mr. Newmans instruction and classroom management.

Anthony S. Audia
210 Sunset Ave. Petoskey, MI 49770
2012-2013 (June)
Alma College Percussion, Drum Major, and Color Guard Camp
Clinician and Camp Counselor
Group and individual work with ensembles and campers.
Directed clinics on performance and technical development of percussion
Preparation for large group teaching.
2013 (Jan-April) Breckenridge High School - Breckenridge, MI
40-Hour Observation
Bands under the direction of Joe Radtke
Observed Mr. Radtkes instruction and classroom management.
Worked with High School jazz band rhythm section on musical style and
2012-2014 (July)

Petoskey Band Camp - Ferris State University- Big Rapids, MI

Battery/Sideline Instructor
Direct students on music for the upcoming marching season. The whole
show is learned during the 5-day camp.
Development of large group teaching.

2012 (Sept-Nov)

Fulton High School Fulton, MI

40-Hour Observation
Bands under the direction of Phil Baker
Worked with Fulton Elementary students (grades K-5). The experience
with the younger students helped with future work in an elementary
Observed Mr. Bakers instruction and classroom management.


Private Percussion Lessons

One on one work with students in the percussive arts and music theory.
Ages of students range from 7-45 yrs.
Individual work with students on technique and musicality, giving them
their own opportunity to explore percussion.


Caro Band Camp Instructor

Charlie Millard Trio (Music Performance)
Alma College Kiltie Band Manager
Care taker for two boys, ages 5 and 9


Petoskey Band Camp Instructor

Petoskey Steel Drum Quartet (Music Performance &
Freelance Musician (Music Performance)
Private Percussion and Theory Instructor


TLC (Training Leaders for Christ)
Camp Counselor performing services for:
Manna Food Pantry
Little Traverse Conservancy
Local Soup Kitchens
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Habitat for Humanity
Camp Daggett

Bliss Gardens Farm and

Community Kitchen
Total hours of community
service per week: 90
Training students to take on
leadership roles individually
and in group settings within
a community

Band Section Leader for:
Alma College Kiltie Marching Band Percussion
Principal Percussionist for Alma College Wind Ensemble
Principal Timpanist for Alma College Symphony Band
Principal Timpanist for Alma College Symphony Orchestra
Petoskey Steel Drum Quartet Management

David Zerbe
Associate Professor of Music
Director of Bands and Percussion Studies
Alma College
Department of Music #127
614 W. Superior
Alma, MI 48801
(989) 463-7213
Barry Bennett
High School Band Director
Petoskey High School
(231) 348-2279
Tim Newman
High School & Middle School Band Director
Alma Public Schools
(989) 763-3804