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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sulphur Black Dyeing

Sulphur Black
Dyeing in cotton and polyester
cotton blend quality in different Dyeing
Sulphur dyeing is used for dyeing of cotton and in market it is available in powder
and liquid form also. In exhaust dyeing maximum powder form is used in dyeing of
cotton material. In sulphur black dye main advantages it can cover immature cotton
available in fabric portion and get lot of fashion shade. Even in Fabric
Dyeing general fashion is there if shade wise any major problem is there convert it
sulphur black shade. Here in this article we are going to show the sulphur dye used
in different machinery.

Drumming machine:

For garment micro garment quality was used (50% polyester and 50% cotton blend
quality) one trail was observed in 50 kg lot.
Quality:-micro garment quality (50% polyester and 50% cotton blend
Quantity:-50 kg M; L:-1/15
M/c used:-Drumming m/c Order:-For local quality.
Process used:
I) Desizing agent (Enzyme) =200 gram Lubricant =500 gram OT =200 gram (Run at
55 degree Celsius, 20 minute holding time.)--------Washing--------II) Lubricant = 500 gram Sulphur Black =4.500 kg Sodium Sulphide=4.500 kg
Common Salt =10 kg Soda ash =700 gram (65-70 degree Celsius, holding time 30
minute)----Washing---III) Hydrogen peroxide=700 gram Acetic Acid=400 gram (10 minute holding, cold)
IV) Bio-polishing:- Bio-SL (Enzyme) =400 gram Lubricant=500 gram Acetic
Acid=800 gram (Holding time 30 minute, at 50 degree Celsius)----Washing--washing----unloading for finishing section.
Note: Acetic Acid quantity was taken more because water PH is alkaline coming
range 8.0-8.5. From above it was observed three processes was involved .
Desize----sulphur dyeing---oxidation---bio-polishingwashing---washing .
The above lot within 2 hours was taken out. Result was satisfactory for local quality
within short time getting result.

Continuous Dyeing machine:

For Cotton Twill quality (Drill quality) Order:-Export Quality.
I) Sulphur Black dye=95 gpl Crypto-anionic wetting agent=2 gpl Antimigrating
agent=10 gpl Padding----drying-----Chemical padding
II) Chemical Padding:- Soda ash=20 gpl Sodium Sulphide=95 gpl Padding
steamingcold wash-oxidation
III) Oxidation:- Potassium dichromate=5 gpl Acetic acid=2 gpl (50-55 Degree

IV) Soaping;- Soap=0.5 gpl Soda ash=0.5 gpl (85-90 Degree Celsius)--------hot wash
hot washcold washdrying.
Final process:Dye Paddingdrying in hot flue drier---chemical padding---steamingcold
washoxidationsoapinghot wash-hot wash cold washdrying and
batching for finishing.
(For Fabric neutral PH if required slight acetic acid can be taken in last washing

Jigger Dyeing machine:For Drill cotton Quality (For 100 kg lot). Order:-Local Quality
I) Sulphur Black dye (Powder) =6-8% Sodium Sulphide=1.5 part of dye quantity.
Common salt=10 kg Soda ash=2 kg First Dye-2 Turn (Room Temp) Sodium
sulphide=2Turn (Room Temp) +4Turn (Boil) + Common salt=4Turn (Boil) (Salt
Addition in two installment) + Soda ash=4Turn (Boil) (Soda Addition in two
II) Oxidation:- Hydrogen Peroxide=2 gpl Acetic acid=1 gpl (50-55 degree Celsius,
4Turn running drain)
III) Soaping:- Soap:-0.5 gpl Soda ash=0.5 gpl (80-85 degree Celsius, 4turn running
drain) Hot wash2Turn---Hot wash=2Turn (Fresh water) ---cold washunloaded.
Final process: Dye drain---cold wash---oxidation---soapinghot washhot washcold

Soft Flow Machine sulphur black recipe:For Knitting Single Jersey Cotton Fabric (GSM=100):- For 150 Kg lot
I) Dyeing Recipe:- Sulphur Dye=14.700 kg Sodium Sulphide=14.700 kg Common
salt=7.5 kg Soda ash=1.5 Kg (Dyeing at boil)
II) Oxidation Recipe:- Hydrogen Perioxide:-1 liter Acetic acid:-2.5 Kg (55-60 Degree

III) Soaping Soap =0.5 gpl Soda ash=0.5 gpl (Boil)

IV) Hot washhot washcold washhydro exacterdrying.
Final Process:Dyeing---cold wash---oxidationsoaping---hot wash---hot washcold wash
hydro exactor---drying. (Washing can be increased if color bleeding is
First lab trail has to taken then go for bulk trail. This article has been written in good
faith just sharing our experience in production area in different machinery section.