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The Profile

Cherrylabs Technology Pvt Ltd,
No.3, Maruthi Corner , Banaswadi,,Bangalore ‐ 560043 . Telephone: 080–41313329

Key characters of our Products and Services would include : Ø  Faster Enablement of Customer Services Ø  Secured Ø  Near-Zero Maintenance Ø  Affordable .Executive Summary is an innovative Information Technology services company with unique services and solutions characterized to equip customers for a safe and scalable business.

in ConsulCng  Services     •  Monitoring   pla5orm  on   cloud  (  Maas)   •  DR  as  service   (  DRaaS)   •  Service  Desk  on   cloud     •  Core  Banking   so=ware    on   Cloud   Cloud  Products   Cloud  Services   Line of Business •  Design  ConsulCng   •  OpCmizaCon   service   •  Service   Engineering  (  Re-­‐ Engineering    &   Command  Center)   •  Cloud  MigraCon   Services   •  ApplicaCon  Load   tesCng  service   •  ApplicaCon   Security  ConsulCng   .•  Business   Dashboard   •  Mobile   TransacCon   Pla5orm   •  SparrowDesk   *     * Under Beta More details www.cherrylabs.

  enterprise-­‐grade  monitoring  pla5orm  that’s   delivered  through  a  fully  managed  Cloud  service.cherrylabs.  it’s  designed   to  adapt  to  specific  customer  environments  and   challenges.cherrylabs.  applicaCons  as  well   as  transacCon  monitoring.  The  upside  is.­‐ service-­‐desk-­‐as-­‐a-­‐service/   .       Built  on  the  ITILv3  framework  and  a  Pink  Verify   cerCfied  technology.Services : Cloud Services Track Services     Descrip+on   More  details   Monitoring  pla5orm  on  cloud   (  Maas)   Cherrylabs  Monitoring-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service  is  a  unified.cherrylabs.     hTp://www.     hTp://­‐ monitoring-­‐as-­‐a-­‐service/   DR  as  service  (  DRaaS)     This  Cloud  based  business  recovery  soluCon  is   built  on  a  tried-­‐and-­‐tested  technology  pla5orm   that  has  performed  and  yielded  outstanding   results  in  numerous  sectors.     hTp://www.  it  takes  scalability  of  your   business  operaCons  to  the  next  level.  while  complying  with  global   enterprise  regulatory  requirements.  all  into­‐DR-­‐as-­‐ a-­‐service/   Service  Desk  on  cloud       Cherrylabs  Cloud-­‐based  Service  Desk  is  a  fully   funcConal  IT  service  management  framework   that  helps  you  enable  processes  and  easily   automate  business  operaCons.   It  can  efficiently  manage  today’s  enterprise  IT   landscape  spanning  servers.  it  rolls   funcCon  and  technology  specific  tools  like  server   monitoring  and  applicaCon  monitoring.

 you   get  up-­‐to-­‐the-­‐second  updates  on  the  status  of  your  IT­‐ CckeCng-­‐system/   .  IT  heads  and  team  leads   of  organizaCons  who  are  in  charge  of  mission-­‐criCcal  operaCons   as  well  as  for  NOC  or  Command  Centres.cherrylabs.Services : Cloud Products Track Services     Descrip+on   More  details   Business  Availability   Dashboard  on  Cloud   Most  applicaCons  available  today  only  let  you  monitor  your  IT   environment  through  a  network  or  a  server.   so  that  you  can  cut  off  the  downCme.  you’re  always  in  business  no  maTer  where  you  are.  easier  and  highly  cost-­‐ efficient  to  stay  in  touch  with  your  customers.  With  Cherrylabs  Business  Availability  Dashboard.  and  the  dashboard   never  provides  you  with  an  updated  status  of  the  running  of  your   business.  Stay  with  us  to  know  what’s  coming.  An   effecCve  tool  used  by  people  like  CTOs.     hTp://www.  in  no  Cme.  One  that  breaks   away  from  the  convenConal  grievance  addressing  systems   available  today.  And  as  it  runs  on­‐ business-­‐availability-­‐dashboard/   Public  Grievance   System  on  Cloud     Cherrylabs  is  in  the  process  of  enabling  a  new  Cloud-­‐based   Grievance  System  that  makes  it  simpler.     hTp://www.

Service Description : Consulting Services Track Services     Descrip+on   More  details   Design  ConsulCng   The  Infrastructure  Design  team  at  Cherrylabs  considers  all  these   factors  and  a  lot  more  that  come  into­‐ IT-­‐design/   Service  Engineering   Cherrylabs  Service  Engineering  is  the  systemaCc  design  of  IT   business  services  or  support/operaCon  services  that  are  based  on   tried-­‐and-­‐tested  industry  processes  and  frameworks.  rather   than  be  person-­‐dependent  as  well  as  understand  the  RISK  and  RISK   MiCgaCon.  In  other  words.     hTp://www.       Our  SystemaCc  Service  Design  helps  organizaCons  to  idenCfy  and   arrest  duplicate  elements  that  lead  to  cost  opCmizaCon.   convert  Service  OperaCons  into  self-­‐sufficient  processes.       •  Enterprise  Network  Architecture  (LAN  &  WAN)   •  Servers  &  storage  design   •  Enterprise  IP  Address  planning   •  IT  Infrastructure  security  design   •  Data  Center  Non-­‐IT  design     •  Backup  Policy  &  Design   •  DR  policy  &  Design   •  Infrastructure  applicaCon  design  (LDAP/DNS/Email  etc)   hTp://www.  In­‐ service-­‐engineering/     .cherrylabs.  simulates  the   challenges  your  business  might  face  and  even  foresees  what  you   might  need  when  your  business  progresses.  bring   maturity  to  the  operaCons  by  applying  technology  advantages.  IT   infrastructure  that  fetches  tangible  results  for  your  business.cherrylabs.  we   assist  organizaCons  in  developing  an  efficient  and  sustained  Service   Delivery  environment  to  meet  their  internal  and  external  client-­‐   service  level  expectaCons.

 To  ensure  precise­‐ applicaCon-­‐performance-­‐load-­‐tesCng/   Applica+on   Security  Consul+ng   Security  is  a  criCcal  factor  that  needs  to  be  addressed  across  the  various   phases  of  So=ware  Development  Life  Cycle  (SDLC).  along  with  Resource  Monitoring  Systems  that   keep  track  of  resource  uClizaCon  and  the  behavior  of  the  target  servers  and   networks.  And  the   cost  of  recovering  from  these  security  breaches  goes  way  beyond  what  it   takes  to  recCfy  the  vulnerabiliCes  in  the  so=ware  in  the  early  phases.cherrylabs.  we  have  developed  a   load-­‐tesCng  pla5orm  that  accurately  predicts  system  capabiliCes  to  handle   load  through  its  enCre  lifecycle.       Cherrylabs  ApplicaCon  Security  Assurance  service  is  delivered  in  two   area’s  :       Ø Applica+on  security  consul+ng   Ø Managed  Appsec  services     hTp://www.cherrylabs.  Cherrylabs  offers  a   comprehensive  suite  of  environment  as  well  as  services  to  meet  the  varied   requirements  of  our  clients.       This  is  achieved  by  using  a  Management  Console  that  controls  the  various   load  tesCng  processes.     hTp://www.       Cherrylabs  professionals  experienced  in  mulC-­‐pla5orm  tesCng   environments  monitor  the  process  to  make  the  tesCng  hassle-­‐free  and   cost-­‐effecCve.  as  the  applicaCon  is   accessible  over  the  network  and  vulnerable  to  various­‐ applicaCon-­‐security-­‐assurance/     .Services : Consulting Services Track Services     Descrip+on   More  details   ApplicaCon   Performance  Load   TesCng   Specialized  in  ApplicaCon  Performance  Load  TesCng.  Load  Engines  that  simulate  the  virtual  users  as  per   the  tesCng  requirements.       Most  of  these  security  risks  are  caused  by  so=ware  vulnerability.

Service Catalog: Roadmap AcCvated   Planned   Cloud   Services   Track   Cloud  Services     Cloud  Service   •  Monitoring  as  a   Service  (MaaS)   •  Service  Desk(SDaaS)     •  Core  Banking  on   Cloud     Cloud  Services     Cloud  Product   •  Business  Recovery    Service  –   (DR  as  a  Service)   •   IT  Business   Availability   Dashboard     •  Mobile  TransacCon   Pla5orm   Cloud  Product   •   Grievance   Addressing  System       Cloud   Product   Track       Consul+ng   Consul+ng     •  IT  Design     •  IT  OpCmizaCon   •  Non  IT  -­‐  DC   2012 2013 •  Service     Consul+ng            Engineering  /   •  ApplicaCon  Load          Command  Center    TesCng  Services   •  Cloud  MigraCon   2013 2013 2014 2014 2014 Consul+ng   •  ApplicaCon          Security  service   2016   Consul+ng   Services   Track       .

Major Client Reference ! India Singapore ! 30 Co-Operative Banks .

 Maruthhi  Corner.Geo Coverage Let’s  Keep  In  Touch     INDIA:   Cherrylabs  Technology  (P)  Ltd.     No.3.   Bangalore  -­‐  560043     Telephone:  080–41313329       .  Banaswadi  Main   Road. .Thank You www.