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Time Limit : 60 minutes

Please answer all the questions bellow :
1. What is the definition of HVAC ? Please explain.
2. How many brand of AC in Indonesia that you know ? Please explain with country
3. How many models and types do you know of AC unit ? Please explain.
4. What is the four basic component of refrigeration systems ? Please explain.
5. Capacity of AC unit commonly known as PK, please explain what is PK
means and how many is 1 PK to Btuh ?
6. What is refrigerant means ? How many type of refrigerant do you know for AC
units ?
7. What are the basic reason somebody decided to buy something from you ?
please give at least 3 reason.
8. As a sales person, what will you do first to get an order ?
9. What is a sales person really sold ? and why ? Please explain.
10. Why do you think you can be a sales person ? Please explain.
1. HVAC is heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. HVAC is the indoor
environmental control to make people feel comfort inside the building.
2. Daikin, Sharp, from Japan. LG, from Korea. Changhong, from China. Carrier,
from USA. Robatherm, from Germany.
3. AC models and types:
AC Split Wall, these kind of AC is the most familiar AC in household. This AC
consist of outdoor and indoor units. Usually installed on small room.
AC Cassette, these kind of AC installed on indoor ceiling. This AC usually
used for large room.

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PT Trane Indonesia
Jl. Proklamasi No 79
Jakarta 10320
Phone. 62 21 319 31 188
62 21 398 31 398

AC Split Duct, these kind of AC usually used in office building, mall, or

factory. This AC have central unit, which supply Air for all room in the
4. Compressor, that use for compresses the gas to move the refrigerant around
the loop, so the system would running normally to cooling/heating the air.
Evaporator, that use to change the cooling/heating liquid to air, and then the
cool/heat air would be supplied to compressor. Condenser, is just like the
evaporator, but the function is to reject heat so that the refrigerant gas can
condense back into liquid and do its job again. Refrigerant, the substance that
use for cooling/heating the air.
5. PK is Paard Kracth (in Dutch), or usually we know as Horse Power. PK is
commonly used to measure the strength of the AC. One PK is same as 9000
BTU/h (British Thermal Unit).
6. Refrigerant is substance, usually a liquid, that used for absorb the heat from one
location, and throw away the heat in another location, in other word, refrigerant
is heat exchanger.
7. Price, Quality, and Waranty. There are 3 basic reasons that we must give a best
offer to customer, to get satisfication from them.
8. Collect information from target customer, if it's new customer, try to ask is it any
problem or not or any needs/inquiry and offer solution. If it's possible try to offer
complete solution. Usually customer prefers to deal with one vendor with
complete solution. If it's existing customer try to keep customer satisfications,
and follow up regularly.
9. Customer satisfication, customer experience, and customer loyalty.
10. Because I think I can. But honestly, my favorite position is engineer.