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skills and livelihood

interventions for
poverty alleviation and
rural development

I hold that the highest development of the mind and the soul

is possible through a holistic system of education. Only every

handicraft has to be taught not merely mechanically as is done
today, but scientifically... One imparts ten times as much in this
manner as by reading and writing.

- Mahatma Gandhi
on Rural Development through Vocational Training

rural India...
Millions of Indians still live below the poverty line
and face a number of issues related to health,
education and employment on a daily basis.
Providing meaningful employment and livelihood
opportunities to youth is an absolute necessity to
achieve inclusive and sustainable growth given
our favourable demographics.
Skills Development is essential for empowering
rural communities in India. However, it needs
large scale systemic reforms, quality improvement
and large scale implementation. It is therefore
important to work with stakeholders in a Public
Private Partnership (PPP) mode to ensure
innovative solutions can be implemented to
empower rural India.
IL&FS Clusters works with several communities
including youth, women, school dropouts, SHGs,
persons with disabilities, graduates and artisans
to impart skill development and livelihood services

education | employability | employment

When you support skill development,
you contribute to leveraging the demographic dividend
advantage of the country and create
the workforce to support our booming economy

working with
IL&FS Clusters through its unique delivery
methodology which includes best in class
training content, pedagogy, international
certification and industry linkages creates wage
based as well as self employment opportunities
for rural-urban youth.
Our 355 plus skills training centres impart
training in more than 48 trades including
employment intensive sectors. With a placement
record of upto 95%, for many youth these
programmes are a first time opportunity and
a passport to Education, Employability and
Till date, we have skilled 200,000 plus youth with
a special focus on Below Poverty Line (BPL),
marginalised and minority groups. Our projects
run successfully in many difficult geographies
including LWE affected areas, North-Eastern
regions and J&K.
Currently we are one of the largest skills and
vocational training company in India, delivering
mandates for several Central Ministries and
State Governments to create long term impact.

education | employability | employment

working with
With a strong focus on holistic development, we
transform communities through interventions in
placement linked skills development, livelihood creation,
entrepreneurship and self employment.
IL&FS Clusters is currently working with Ministry of
Rural Development, Government of India to deliver
its flagship programmes aimed at empowering the
marginal and vulnerable groups.

Our presence in over 15 districts of J&K has linked

several Kashmiri youth to jobs in retail, hospitality
and BPO sector companies in metro cities. The
learner centric approach ensures strong skills and
employability foundation and smooth transition into
employment for the trainee.

This unique education and skills upgradation

programme is focused on mainstreaming Muslim youth
and is running successfully in Assam, Bihar, Haryana,
West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. This programme
provides access to both education via NIOS and skills
through IL&FS Institute of Skills linking them to the job

working in
difficult geographies...
Our strong commitment towards taking skills and livelihood opportunities to every corner of
India has helped us set up touch points in some of the most difficult geographies, LWE affected
districts, remote areas and backward regions.
Our centres are offering vocational training and skills programmes which connect young trainees
to jobs and livelihood opportunities. Talented youngsters of these areas often have limited access
to basic skills and education making them economically weak and increasing their vulnerability.
We are one of the first institutions to launch skills programmes in these geographies. In less than
3 years, we have spread our operations in over 15 states including:
Andhra Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh




Jammu & Kashmir



Uttar Pradesh





West Bengal

Total number of centres

: Over 100 IL&FS Skills Development Centres

Key Sectors

: Apparel & Textile, Engineering & Construction, Leather, Retails

Services, Hospitality and IT/ITeS

Impact in numbers till date : Over 56,000 people skilled and placed

education | employability | employment

When you assist livelihoods programmes,
you enable women and the rural poor to generate
additional incomes that sustain their families
and add value to local resources

We develop farm/home to market strategies with strong

delivery mechanisms and institutional structures. This
enables sustainable livelihoods for rural artisans and
producers engaged in handloom, handicraft and other
non-farm economic activities.
We also provide livelihood training to rural women and men
for helping them get a strong start, particularly those who
lack formal education. Using a strong community based
strategy we engage several groups to create community
owned and managed grassroot level institutions. Our
livelihood interventions facilitate linkages with buyers,
financial institution, banks, international and national

The Tripura Bamboo Mission is an initiative which integrates

development of the bamboo sector in the State. The Mission
focuses on creating sustainable livelihood solutions for the
rural artisans and building highly competitive rural clusters
of bamboo-based products ranging from handicrafts,
furniture to sticks & blinds.
The Mission focuses on Concept to Commissioning and
has build a large number of producer owned institutions
engaged in bamboo value added activities, strengthened
the local enterprises and mobilised private investments
and enabled a holistic and inclusive development of the
bamboo sector in the state.

education | employability | employment

about IL&FS Clusters

IL&FS Clusters, was set up under IL&FS in 2005 to apply cluster based approach to address the
competitiveness challenges faced by the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). IL&FS
Clusters provides an array of sustainable and innovative solutions from concept to commissioning
to commercialisation. IL&FS Clusters has extended the model of Public Private Partnership (PPP)
as pioneered by IL&FS into areas relevant for MSMEs and has developed expertise in forging
multistakeholder partnerships critical for the structuring and success of interventions in these

service framework
IL&FS Clusters service framework includes an array of services for cluster enterprises with emphasis
on infrastructure creation/ up gradation, local/ regional economic development, skill development,
livelihood generation/ enhancement and policy advisory services. There is also a strong focus on
holistic development of clusters with special emphasis on promotion of Business Development
Services and capacity building initiatives which are critical for sustainability of collaboration based

IL&FS Clusters current focus has been on sectors dominated by the presence of MSMEs and can
contribute significantly to the employment and exports in the country like textiles & clothing, leather
& leather products, agro & food processing, light engineering, pharmaceuticals and handicrafts.

IL&FS Clusters has worked in close to 130 clusters across manufacturing, natural resource based
and agri/ food processing sectors within India through its offices in 19 States. IL&FS Clusters has
extended its footprints in international arena and is implementing projects in 17 countries of Africa

our methodology
Our skills training is offered through Hub - IL&FS Institute of
Skills (IIS) and Spoke - IL&FS Skills Schools (ISS) model. The
IIS supports ISS through a number of services like : Placement
linkages, Assessment & Certification, Sharing of Best Practices,
Training of Trainers and support through Multimedia Content &
ICT solutions.

We follow a holistic approach towards skills based training with

programmes ranging from 240-600 hours delivered over
6-24 weeks.

use of technology and innovation

In a unique blend of technology and knowledge our programmes
offer a one of its kind learning and training experience:
Multimedia content:

available in over 30 trades our content

helps in standardisation of delivery.
It provides better understanding and
flexibility for slow learners

ICT in skills:

delivered through K-Yan - patented

community computer with high-end
interactivity features - built in collaboration
with IIT Bombay.

English language lab: based on Common European Framework

of Reference for Language (CEFR).
Life skills:

30 hours of compulsory life skills training

including topics such as, motivation,
health, hygiene, time management and
personal finance.

Assessment and
certification partners:

tie up with reputed, sector specific

partners (national and international)

Industry partnerships: 1000 plus companies across various

industries offer placement linkages to the
IIS and ISS students

education | employability | employment

IL&FS Education and Technology Services Limited (IETS) is the social infrastructure arm of
IL&FS group with its specialised services in Education, Skills, Cluster Development and Health.
Established in 1997, IETS is Indias largest social infrastructure company working with multi
stakeholders including Central and State Governments, PSUs, Corporate and other private sector
companies, delivering a holistic development model in a Public Private Community Partnership
(PPCP) mode.
Together with our subsidiary companies IL&FS Skills and IL&FS Clusters we have impacted the lives
of millions living on the Education to Employment highway
Over the years, we have been strongly catalysing the outreach of education, vocational skills training,
cluster development initiatives and healthcare management across Indias demographic dividend.
The diversity of our people is one of our core strengths. IL&FS Education brings people together who
have distinct knowledge, skills and backgrounds, all united by our shared value which includes the
commitment to serve mankind and impact the world.
Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad
Assam, Guwahati
Bihar, Patna
Chattisgarh, Raipur
Delhi, NCR
Gujarat, Ahmedabad
Jammu & Kashmir, Jammu Tawi
Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar
Jharkhand, Ranchi
Karnataka, Bangalore
Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal

Education Employability Employment

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