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Job Title


Responsible to


Accountable to


Job Purpose

To work closely with Lecturers to ensure a fully integrated approach to the teaching of
Access to HE.

To be pro-active, flexible and dynamic in responding to individuals or groups of students as


Key Responsibilities

To take a lead role in developing and maintaining resources to assist teaching in Access
to HE.

Contribute to the planning of teaching and learning for whole classes or individual

Contribute to the planning of lessons and workshops, devising of activities and target

Under the direction of Lecturers follow agreed lesson plans and lead the teaching and
learning of individuals or groups using support strategies appropriate to the needs of
learners, providing feedback and liaising with colleagues.

Prepare, develop, maintain and deploy appropriate learning aids, materials and
equipment, including ICT to assist in teaching and advise on the suitability of such

Co-ordinate the monitoring, recording and assessment of learner progress, arranging

and contributing to specialist assessments as required. Ensure there are detailed and
reliable records of learner progress.

Assist in the evaluation and revision of lesson plans.

Administer and invigilate tests and examinations as required.

Provide study skills support to identified students or groups of students who are
experiencing difficulties meeting the study skills requirements of their learning

Continually provide feedback regarding student progress to Progress Coaches, Senior

Tutors, Curriculum Leaders and Heads of Faculty.

To assist the Head of Faculty in raising standards of performance across Access to HE.

Responsibilities Common to all Staff

To establish, maintain and develop professional working relationships with colleagues.

Follow all agreed Quality Assurance Mechanisms operating within the College and
contribute generally to the establishment and development of a quality provision/service.

The College operates a Performance Management Review Scheme through which

objectives and development plans are agreed. All staff are required to participate in the
scheme and, with their manager, are jointly responsible for the completion of agreed

The College is keen to ensure the health and safety of students, staff and visitors. All staff
are responsible for complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and ensuring
no-one is affected by individual acts or omissions.

The College aims to be a place in which people can work and study free from
discrimination. All staff and students are required to comply with the College's Single
Equality Scheme.

To be aware of, and responsive to the changing nature of the College and adopt a flexible
and proactive approach to work.

All employees are required as part of their duties to accept responsibility for safeguarding
and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults.

Review Arrangements

This job description is not a rigid specification but identifies main responsibilities, which
will be amended in the light of organisational need and in discussion with the postholder.


Preferably educated to degree level.

Possess or be willing to work towards a Certificate in Education or equivalent.
Pro-active, flexible and dynamic.
Commitment to and experience of team working.
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Ability to support students in a learning situation.
Ability to negotiate student action plans.
Ability to assess skills and competences.
Ability to communicate well at all levels.
Ability to work under pressure and to deadlines.
Problem solving ability.
Commitment to equality of opportunity.
To contribute to and maintain College values.


Dyslexia or dyscalculia awareness and/or qualification.

Experience of providing advice and guidance.
Experience of working with vulnerable learners.