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Raja Muhammad Akram & Co


33-C Main Gulberg
Lahore, Pakistan
Tel.: (042) 575-0074 and (042) 575-0208
Fax: (042) 575-0175
Nomaan Akram Raja

Salman Akram Raja

April 2, 2008
Mr. Muhammad Ijaz
House No.490
H1, Johar Town


Dear Sir,
We have been instructed by our client M/s Abacus Consulting Technology (Private)
Limited, Abacus House, 4 Noon Avenue, Muslim Town, Lahore (hereinafter referred
to as our Client) to serve a legal notice upon you in the following terms.
That our Client, through Permanent Employment Contract Letter
No. AC/HRD-554 dated September 28, 2006 (hereinafter referred to as the
Employment Contract), employed you to work in its Information Technology
Solutions (ITS) Practice Area with effect from September 28, 2006. The entire terms
and conditions of your employment are contained in the Employment Contract and
were duly accepted by you on October 3, 2006 as per your signature affixed thereon
on the said date.
In terms of Clause (k) of the Employment Contract, you are expressly
prohibited from taking up employment with any professional or consultancy
organization or our Clients competitors, or from carrying out any advisory work in an
independent capacity, in Pakistan for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of
expiry of the Employment Contract or its termination for whatever reason. Clause (h)
of the Employment Contract imposes an additional obligation upon you to maintain
complete confidentiality, both during the course of your employment and even
thereafter, with respect to such secrets of our Client and its clients or associates as
may have come to your knowledge during your employment with our Client. You are
also under an obligation not to divulge any information related either to our Clients
business or interests or that of its clients and associates to any unauthorized person. In
particular, the aforesaid Clause (h) prohibits you from utilizing any secret or
confidential knowledge or information acquired by you during your employment with
our Client to the detriment or prejudice of our Client or any of its clients or associates.
That you submitted your resignation to our Client on March 18, 2008.
Subsequently, you confirmed to our Client that you would join our Clients competitor
Oracle Corporation after the termination of the Employment Contract. This is in
flagrant violation of the Employment Contract as in terms of Clause (k) thereof you

are restrained from entering into any such employment for a period of twelve (12)
months from the date of termination of the Employment Contract.
It is regrettable to note that you are in breach of your contractual obligation to
our Client which is detrimental and prejudicial to the interests of our Client as well as
its clients and associates.
Accordingly, you are hereby called upon to comply with the terms and
conditions of the Employment Contract and to desist from seeking any involvement or
engagement, whether as a principal, employee, agent, adviser or in any other capacity
in any business or consultancy activities in direct or indirect competition with our
Client in terms of Clause (k) of the Employment Contract.
You are hereby called upon to respond to this notice and act in accordance
with its terms within five (5) days of the receipt hereof, failing which we have clear
instructions from our Client to initiate legal action against you in a court of competent
A copy of this legal notice has been retained at our office for reference and further
necessary action.
Yours truly,

Wasif Majeed
Advocate High Court