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End- User License Agreement (EULA)

Just A Game GmbH

This End-User License Agreement is a legally valid agreement between you (either as a natural or as a legal person) and Just A Game GmbH (JAG).
Please read this License carefully before using the software. By installing or using this software, you agree to be bound by the terms of this EULA.
This original software is protected by copyright and trademark laws and may only be sold and / or distributed by authorized dealers and is intended solely for private use.
Software License
By purchasing this original software you are granted the non exclusive personal right to install, use and display a copy of the software on a single computer (e.g. single
workstation, a single terminal, a single portable PC etc.). Every other use, especially the unauthorized leasing, public display or other demonstration (e.g. in schools or
universities), copying, multiple installation or transfer, and any other process by which this software or parts of it may be made available to the general public (including via
internet or other online systems) without prior written consent of JAG is prohibited, unless explicitly allowed by German copyright law.
JAG does not grant you any right of ownership to the software and this license does not represent a sale of the software. If this software has been physically distribute,
you are the owner of the CD- / DVD ROM or any other storage media on which the software is stored, however JAG and its Licensors remain the sole owners of the
software on the CD - / DVD ROM, and of the pertinent documentation, and remain the proprietor of any and all intellectual and industrial property rights contained herein.
If this software enables you to print pictures containing characters of JAG which are protected by trademark or copyright law, this license only allows you to print the
pictures on paper and to use them as printouts solely for personal, non commercial and non governmental purposes (e.g. you may not publicly display or sell those
pictures), provided that you abide by all copyright instructions contained in the pictures generated by the software.
Storage of data, especially in form of maps edited by using a level editor, or in form of modifications (MODs) created by using a software development kit (sdk), if such
level editor is included in the software, shall be permitted for non commercial purposes only. No further license is granted to copy, distribute or commercially use such
data. You shall not create, use, copy or distribute such maps or MODs having an offensive or illegal content, or in any manner which violates the law or third parties
rights, and you shall not combine such maps or MODs with any such offensive, illegal or violating material.
Your hereby agree, that you are solely responsible for any and all game data MODs and maps. You shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless JAG and its employees and
against any claims, damages, losses, actions and liabilities whatsoever arising out of your creation, use, combination, duplication, distribution or promotion of the modified
game data or maps.
Any editor and all sdk components are supplied as is. JAG grants no warranty on these parts and neither technical support nor customer support is granted for the editor
or any sdk components.
Further Rights and Restrictions
Security Copy
This software product may not be stored in whole or partially for commercial or private use as security or backup copy, unless explicitly allowed by copyright law.
Limited Warranty
With the purchase of this product of JAG you have the statutory warranty for a period of two years from the date of first purchase ( 434 ff. German Civil Code). In the
event of material defects that impair normal use of the software, you can ask for repair or replacement of the software product or even return the product. To provide
evidence of your rights, please keep the sales receipt. Minor defects may be corrected with the next patch, released by JAG, its distribution partner, the licensor or the
software developer. Feel free to notify us of such defects. Information about the latest patches can be obtained from JAGs website Unfortunately,
we cannot furnish any other guarantee in excess of the statutory guarantee. You have no right to submit a warranty claim, if the defect was caused due to improper
handling of the software product by the customer. Other Statutory Rights are not affected
The above warranty is undertaken by JAG as the manufacturer of the software product. This in no way replaces or restricts any other guarantees or protections offered to
you under existing trading laws, form the dealer that you bought your software product from.
Limitation of Liability
To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, JAG will not be liable for any specific, incidental, indirect or consequential damage, arising out of the user or inability to
use this software product. This limitation remains valid even if JAG has previously advised of the possibility of such damage.
This EULA does not give you any rights whatsoever in connection with the trademarks belonging to JAG or its Licensors. All trademarks are the property of their respective
Severability clause
Should any provisions of this agreement be or become invalid or unenforceable, the reminder of this agreement will remain unaffected.
Choice of law
The laws of Germany will be applied to all legal issues arising out of or in connection with this agreement.

Copyright 2011 Just A Game GmbH