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Personal Learning paper (PLP) is an important component of the course that

captures tacit learnings and outcomes of the experiential learning
methodology; and makes them explicit and beneficial to the participant of
the course. PLP will have three components. Your biography, Session-wise
PLP written at the end of every class and a case study written ant the end of
the course based on all the daily PLPs.

Biography of the participant is written between the first and the second
class. It should be written in less than 2000 words. The purpose of the
biography is to understand self in the context one has grown up.
Biography must be written based on what one can remember from
childhood to this day. Certain things can be clarified from your parents
and relatives. Ones own struggles and achievements in life must be
clearly visible in the biography. Biographies must be submitted to on or before July 02, 2014. All submissions will be
treated as confidential and hence must be very frank in writing the


Each of the 20 sessions will have deliberation on a particular behavior and
its impact in the organization. At the end of the class, the participant
based on the class of the day is expected to write a PLP using the
following format.
1. Name and roll number:
2. Session in brief: This serves as an introduction and the same should
not be more than five sentences.
3. What have I learned? This is the body of the paper and must be
elaborated well so that anybody who reads will comprehend what is
written. This should not be more than half the page in single space.
4. Action plan and evidence of behavioral change: What are the
relatively permanent changes in behavior/s that I have strived to
achieve? This is the conclusion of the paper and should not exceed
more than five sentences.

Please note that this is only a suggested format. Participants can work
around this format and bring out papers written in the form of a poem,
essay, role play, skit etc. etc.

Moving from one PLP to another there should be continuity and linkage. The
center of the PLP is the person who is writing it. In the final analysis the way
OB is being experienced by an individual must be seen. Learning is the
process and the final outcome is whether the individual is moving towards
becoming what s/he is capable of becoming.


The final submission is a case study about oneself written in minimum of

5000 words. It can be considered as a bibliographical case study centered
the behaviors one has carefully looked at during the course to shape ones on
managerial behavior before moving into the managerial world. Session-wise
PLPs written at the end of the every class will be appended to the case study
that will give a details account of a students efforts in bringing about desired
changes. The case study will start with the biography (part I) and Part II will
continue with summary and highpoints from the session wise PLPs including
the psychometric tests. The Report may have the following format:
1. Name and roll number:
2. An appropriate case title: The title should be captivating and
capture the case in its entirety in a phrase
3. The biographical sketch: This should begin from the earliest
participant can remember from his/her childhood to the day of joining
XLRI. An overall context of the case writer is crucial in understanding
the case. This section should not be more than 2000 words.
4. My profile: These are instrument based profile done in the class.
4.1My learning styles: (kindly list all the seven multiple intelligence
dimensions and provide your scores)
4.2My attitude Analysis: (Kindly provide a small write up - one paragraph- on
your personal attitude analysis that was done in the class)
4.3Mention your personality profile based on the MBTI test and the scores on
all eight dimensions
4.4List the value system (rank ordered list) that you got from the exercise
the girl and the sailor.
4.5Provide the motivational story that you have wrote in the class keeping in
mind the completion of first end-tem in September
4.6Provide your score on test of imagination on all three dimensions of
achievement, power and affiliation
4.7Indicate your emotional intelligence score
4.8Provide your interpersonal style score on all 12 dimensions indicating the
OEQ scores on all the odd numbers

5. The Reality of my behaviors: This is the body of the case a

careful analysis of your behavior in the context of the class room and
group discussions. The focus of the writings should be what is learned

from the analysis and reflections. The struggles that one may go
through and the successes and failures in experimenting with the
desired behavior also may be outlined.
6. The manager in Me: How am I shaping my individual behavior to
become an effective manager? What are the visible changes that
others or I have observed in me along with the progress of the course?
This is the conclusion of the case and should not exceed more than one
7. Enclosures: All the 20 session-wise PLPs will be enclosed along with
the case. However, the same is not counted for the 2500 minimum
word limit for the Individual written assignment.


1. Midterm submission: The biography along with the session-wise
submission of the first 10 PLPs will be submitted on July 30, 2014 at
4:00 p.m. to Ms. Adline in soft copy.
2. Final submission:
The Final PLP case shall be submitted on
September 08, 2014 at 4: 00 p.m. to the CRs in a soft copy. The PLP
must be written in word format with 12 font size. The CRs will make
available the PLPs on a pen drive at 4:30 p.m. to Ms. Adline

To conclude, a good PLP will have an account of struggles a participant may

have gone through while bringing about desired changes in behavior to
shape oneself to be a good manager. The case must project what the course
has done to the participant in terms of learning and change.