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Group Assignment 1

Session 5
1) What is the company/business strategy of SUNARP? And why they make this decision? How IT
Strategy could be impacted from this business strategy?

SUNARP company/business strategy reflected in their mission and vision:

Mission: To grant juridical security and providing certainty in relation to the ownership
of various rights registered in it, while supporting its development on upgrading,
simplification, integration and specialization of the registry function nationwide, on
behalf of the nation
Vision: To be a highly efficient and effective organization, through a modern and
democratic service coverage to foster the nations economy and to turn it into an
organizational and management model for Perus and Latin Americas public sector.
As with these mission and vision the company decided to be the highly efficient and
effective organization of delivering registration service of ownership of various rights
registered in it
To achieve the mission as pointed by Lenk, Traunmuller & Wimmer, the company should
focus in e-Government Strategy with four perspectives of People, Process, Cooperation
& Knowledge
These 4 perspective should impact IT Strategy in general considering the previous
process do not rely on integrated solution with IT in mind, Digital Divide that computer
system is not widely used by people, separate zones with no integration between regions
makes cooperation and knowledge distribution is not easy to achieve thus several
effective IT strategies should be develop to cater the needs.
2) What is your recommendation for Carlos Noriega to improve SUNARPs SLA in term of servicing
Recommendations for Carlos Noriega to improve SUNARP SLA in pelayanan conditions for the
public is to use the existing Internet access.
Based on case studies, to be able to do the necessary to have access to public Internet services.
And to gain access to these services, the second option is an option that is quite efficient
because Carlos only need to pay via credit card VISA to get the password to access the database
SUNARP in order to improve service to the public.
3) Describe step by step on your plan to do for IT change management of implementing SIR (please
consider the whole stakeholder: Internal IT Personnel, Internal User, Registrar , Executive, and
external party)
To make changes to the management of SIR needs to be done:

1. Analysis of the data necessary purposes ranging from IT, user / users, registration, as well as
external parties
2. Preparation of registration application by displaying the attachement file requested by the
executive and external parties in a database on user pages
3. The application development team verifier if the registration has been sending physical
4. Making the Users page so that users can interact with the IT parties, verifier, Executive and
External Parties. Users can verify by means of the telephone to the verifier, and verify online to
mention a few things, so the user does not have to bother to come. As well as file delivery
services could be through a courier service. Unless the contract signing, the user must come
directly can not be represented
4) Since many of data in SUNARP is using WORM (Write Once Read Many) and require the data to
be stored in long period, please design what backup strategy that fit to this environment? (provide
the reason of your selection)