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Makenzie Beardall
Clint Call
Sam Carr
Jaisha Dart
Gatlin Hurst
Adam Warnick
Merrill Warnick
Rachel Warnick
Amy Wright

If your child made the Honor or the High Honor roll,

please notify Sister Nielsen or Sister Jacobsen.

Jodi Asay has 100 women’s and 100 men’s names ready for the temple. She needs help doing
initiatory, endowments, and sealings. If anyone is going to the temple and would be willing to help,
please call Jodi at 801-794-2902 or 801-592-4906.
Sister Sue Mortensen, Relief Society chorister, received this from a friend and shared it with us last week.

“Why LDS Women Stress”

As Latter-day Saint women, we are practically obsessed with anxiously engaging ourselves in good causes.
Maybe it’s subliminal.

Going through the hymnal last Sunday, I noted that as sisters in Zion, we who are called to serve are all enlisted
to go marching, marching forward because the world has need of willing men to all press on scattering sunshine.
We wonder if we have done any good in the world today because we have been given much and want to do
what is right, keep the commandments, press forward with the saints, choose the right, and put our shoulders to
the wheel going where He wants us to go. However, as the morning breaks high on the mountain top, truth
reflects upon our senses, and while we still believe that sweet is the work, we also realize that we have work
enough to do ere the sun goes down.

And thus we ask Thee ere we part, where can we turn for peace?

Please report your visiting teaching to your supervisor as soon as you have completed your visits.
Sister Call needs to make her report before the 1 Sunday of each month.


Choir Practice every Sunday at 4:15 in the chapel.

YW basketball practices are Thursdays at 4 pm at the Stake Center. For more info call
Stacey Tracy at 801-894-2042.
April 27 Quilt tying 10-12 at the church
April 30-May 1 Priest/Laurel Retreat
April 29-30 BYU Women’s Conference

May 1 Tri-Stake Relief Society Meeting 7 p.m.

May 2 Fast Sunday
May 9 Mothers Day
May 15 Spanish Fork Adopt-a-Planter day
May 18 Budgeting Class taught by Brenda Black
& Potluck lunch at 12 noon at the church
May 23 Seminary Graduation at 7:00 p.m.
May 25 & 26 High School Graduation
May 27 Last day of school
May 31 Memorial Day


Joshua Manley was ordained to the office of a Teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood.

President: Cheryl Call 801-798-7512

1 Counselor: Jodi Asay 801-794-2902
2 Counselor: Angela Oyler 801-794-0388
Secretary: Kirsten Jacobson 801-798-2969

RS Meeting Coordinator: Melanie Wilson 801-380-9678

Visiting Teaching Coordinator: Margie Robbins 801-798-7560
Compassionate Service: Maureen Hurst 801-798-2847

To contact the RS presidency about RS business and non-personal items go to

RS Blog:
(JaNae Lee)

Relief Society News Letter: Contact Norma Nielsen at

Ward Bulletin information: Contact Jenny Lengal at before Thursday evening.

Building Schedulers: Bro. & Sis McManus 801-798-2258

For an appointment with Bishop Hawker, call Brother Ed Silva at 801-794-0570.

APRIL 25, 2010

“Preserving the Heart’s Mighty Change”

Ensign, Nov. 2009
Elder Dale G. Renlund, Of the Seventy

To endure to the end, we need to be eager to please God and worship Him with fervor and
passion. This means that we maintain faith in Jesus Christ by praying, studying the scriptures,
partaking of the sacrament each week, and having the Holy Ghost as a constant companion. We
need to actively help and serve others and share the gospel with them. We need to be perfectly
upright and honest in all things, never compromising our covenants with God or our commitments to
men, regardless of circumstances. In our homes we need to talk of, rejoice in, and preach of Christ so
that our children—and we ourselves—will desire to apply the Atonement in our lives.

27 Kristin Silva
28 Sheila Hansen
28 JaNae Lee
28 Dolores Richardson
30 Melanie Wilson

10 Brooke Hall
10 Anne Mitchell
12 Linda Chipman
14 Kristina Wilkerson
14 Tawnia Glidewell
15 Sue Mortensen
16 Lindsie Noles
19 Evelyn Parry
19 Alyson Tobler
20 Maribel Rees
25 Rebecca Cressman
26 Maureen Hurst
27 Aprel Mendenhall
29 Keeley Wright
31 Lula Brimhall

Opening Hymn # 145
Pray is the Soul’s Sincere Desire

Practice Hymn # 220

Lord, I Would Follow Thee

Today’s Lesson

Teachings for Our Time

“Preserving the Heart’s Mighty Change”

By Elder Dale G. Renlund

Taught by Aprel Mendenhall

Closing Hymn #227

As I Search the Holy Scriptures

Lesson for May 2

Taught by Relief Society Presidency member






Tyson and Starla Hawker Nordgren
Address: 1718 Fairway Lane
Phone: 801-798-1718

Karmel Pehrson and her 5 daughters: Krystal Davidson, Audrey Davidson, Elizabeth Black,
Victoria Black, Jessica Pehrson-Davidson.
Karmel will graduate in May with a Masters Degree in Special Education.
Address: 3053 Canyon Glen Loop
Phone: 801-850-8949

Mark and Rebecca Overall Christensen

Rebecca is manager of Prestwich Farms restaurant.
Mark is a student and works at Macey’s grocery store.
Address: House next to Prestwich Farms, main level
Phone: Rebecca, 801-404-2732
Mark, 801-473-6998
Humanitarian Project: Quilts

We will be tying quilts on Tuesday, April 27 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the church.
We welcome any sisters who would like to come and help. No child class will be

If you get coupons from JoAnne Fabrics, the Relief Presidency would appreciate it if
you would donate them so they can purchase fabric at a discount for the quilt project.