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The international plastics magazine from BASF

plastics 1/2006



Chemistry on four wheels

the polymer world in cars
Luigi Colani
an interview with the design icon
Wood or not wood?
Elastopan Feel Wood

BASF Plastics
key to your success



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Ta b l e o f c o n t e n t s

From the Laboratory to the engine
Faster to the finish lineintelligent solutions for the
automotive industry
Walk of Ideas- Giant shoe made
of Neopor
BASF acquires SAN business from
A new product for
medical technology
Award for BASF in Brasil




Record year


Summer clothes for the snow


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the laboratory

to the

teel is yesterdays news. When it comes to the vehi-

cles of the future, the number one automotive mate-

Clear road ahead

for designer traffic lights


rial is rapidly losing ground: plastics are taking over

more and more tasks that used to be the exclusive domain

The traffic light guy

From a simple sign to a cult figure


of metals. And this is only one example of a much wider

trend: chemistry gives you a better ride

World Cup fever


At times, language really lags behind the times. When people say

Eco? Logical!


gas guzzler, they are still referring to gasoline-powered vehicles.

Explosion of colors


But what about chrome bumpers? The times, they are a-changing. Of course, web search engines still yield millions of hits for
these terms, be it in personal ads, driving reports or repair instruc-

To recandle the imagination of

those down there - interview with
Luigi Colani


So, an old house?


True beauty lies within


Attention! Optical illusion!


tions. Admittedly, our guzzlers still need gas but chrome

bumpers arent around anymore and havent been for several
decades now. Instead of a piece of metal screwed to the front of
the vehicle, nowadays cars cruise the streets sporting a complex
high-tech ensemble of plastics such as polyurethane, polypropylene and polyamide.
And it is no different elsewhere in or on our cars: a fender today

Train station from One Thousand and

One Nights


actually a sidewall is no longer necessarily made of steel, while

the glass of the headlights has long since been replaced by

Knee protection on four wheels


What the heart of the computer

yearns for


Squaring the Circle


Fax response




transparent plastics.

Without chemistr y, cars would not run

What has happened? It is very simple, Cars have always been
high-tech products par excellence, for which state-of-the-art
materials were barely good enough, says
someone who really ought to know,
namely, Raimar Jahn, head of
the automotive steering committee of BASF and a triedand-true expert in everything hav-



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Did you know that

by the year 2020, twenty-five percent
of every new vehicle will consist of
polymeric plastic?
the percentage by weight of plastic
in a typical mid-sized car is between
12% and 14% nowadays?
reducing the vehicle weight by 10%


translates into 5% to 7% less fuel

for every kilogram by which the
weight of a car is reduced, the environment is spared 25.3 kilograms of
carbon dioxide emissions over the
entire service life of the car?



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ing to do with the plastics and chemical

Leather is tanned so as to be soft, dyed

products traveling our highways and

and imparted with a high gloss using reac-

Dear Readers,

byways. So, the best for a car is just barely

tants from the chemical laboratory. Dash-

Would you have known that, despite all

good enough? That has certainly not

boards make use of polyamide and

efforts to the contrary, cars have become

changed at all; today, too, materials that


30 percent heavier on the average over

ensure top-notch performance are

And under the hood, there is an entire

the past thirty years? Even though ever-

employed for luxury cars as well as for

polymer world temperature-resistant

lighter materials are employed, this is

family saloons. With ever greater frequency,

plastics function right next to the engine

more than offset by the installation of

these materials are the brain children of the

block, which keeps getting hotter because

more and more new components such as

think tanks in the chemical industry. They

of the shrinking space available and the

automatic windows, seatbelt tensioners,

help make cars lighter in weight and thus

ever-greater power of engines. Cable

airbags. Ever better, ever smarter, ever

more economical. And better-looking, too.

sheathing, insulating materials, gaskets,

stronger. Finding the right solution for this

They enhance driving comfort and keep

various aggregates ranging from the fuel

dilemma is the task of BASFs Automotive

manufacturers competitive.

pump to the air intake all made of plas-

Steering Committee, which we will be

Coatings normally polyurethanes con-

tic. And they all hold operating fluids

introducing to you in this issue.

taining pigments made by the chemical

coolant, anti-freeze, brake fluid, fuel, lubri-

Some call him a design fanatic, others a

industry, are becoming smarter and

cants which either come completely from

utopian. Luigi Colani and run-of-the-mill?

smarter. There are even coatings that are

the laboratory or else are optimized for

Unthinkable. plastics magazine talked with

capable of healing fine scratches. Door

maximum performance using know-how

the eternally young old master of design

handles, radiator grilles and mirror hous-

from chemistry books. Today, every car on

about BASFs new design factory and

ings are all made of high-strength engi-

the road contains an average of 800 euros

about all the things he still wants to chan-

neering plastics, for instance, from the

worth of chemical products ranging from

ge during his lifetime.

polyamide family. Some cars already con-

adhesives to the catalytic converter.

If you feel so inclined, let yourself be

tain more than 20 kilograms of it. Seats are

Vehicles are now leaving the production

swept away by Colanis revolutionary

made of polyurethane foams which, by

line with a few dozen plastics replacing


the way, can also be found in the inner

considerably heavier metals, in other

workings of some bumper systems. Uphol-

words, helping to save fuel. Experts esti-

Have fun

stery is rendered durable and abrasion-

mate that by 2020, every new vehicle will

The Editors

proof by means of special coatings.

consist of one-fourth polymeric materials.

plastics inside



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A few noteworthy facts about cars

Almost 60 million lightweight vehicles

around 11.7 million vehicles. A surprising

(passenger cars, off-road vehicles, vans

fact is that China saw about 4.1 million

and small trucks, for instance, pickup

vehicles roll off its assembly lines; it is pro-

trucks) were produced in 2004, 43 million

jected that this Asian giant will already

of which were passenger cars. Germany,

catch up with Germany this year. The

the largest producer in Europe, contribu-

potential in the markets of the Far East is

ted 5.1 million vehicles that year (western

enormous. In Europe, just about every

Europe, the worlds most active region

other person owns a car whereas in Asia,

accounted for almost 16.4 million vehi-

the per capita vehicle ownership is lower

cles). The United States manufactured

by a factor of 25.

No wonder that BASF specialists such as

Jahn. In 2005, BASF attained about 10

BASF polyamides can withstand tempera-

Jahn project annual growth rates of eight

percent of its total sales a staggering 42,7

ture peaks of up to 240C (464F), a value

percent or more for polyamide, poly-

billion euros by selling products to the

that is a mere 20C (36F) below the natu-

oxymethylene and polyether sulfone in

automotive industry. In future, this group of

ral melting point of this material, explains

European automotive construction.

products will be offered to the automotive

Raimar Jahn.

industry using the slogan BASF Automotive

The coating also reveals what is high-tech:

Solutions. Performance Passion Success.

Jahn gladly shows his visitors two coated

This is a declaration that all divisions within

metal plates that are the spitting image of

the entire BASF Group support a uniform

each other, except that the coating layer on

market presence in this sector.

one is much thinner than on the other one

All from
a single source
Speaking of BASF, even though at first
glance the above-mentioned areas of application seem to have little in common, they
have not been selected totally at random.

due to the elimination of an entire coating

Pushing materials
to the limit

Materials and chemicals made by BASF are

layer. This translates into significant material

savings when one looks at the whole car.
This year also marks the introduction of

in all of them, says Raimar Jahn. Ultramid,

And if Jahn has his way, this will continue

seats that can be easily put together with

Cellasto, Glysantin, Neopolen,

to be the case. However, the evolution to

three plastic components rather than by

Elastollan, Dyexact, Astacin, Corial,

the chemical car is not a given, warns

tediously welding them together with 23

Lepton, Luran and Terluran in all likeli-

this expert on chemicals. Lets once again

metal parts. How about components that

hood, you car is also driven by BASF. On

look at the example of plastic: wherever

already come out of the injection-molding

top of it all, BASF coatings provide the nec-

metals could be replaced by Ultradur and

machine with permanently built-in electron-

essary touch of color.

the like in a jiffy, this has already long

ics, thus rendering cables superfluous?

The automotive industry occupies a promi-

since happened. Where this has not yet

These exist already. Nanotechnology for

nent place within the broad spectrum of

taken place, some real effort will have to be

plastic parts with particularly thin walls? All

BASF customers. Today, Automotive

invested. However, this is a challenge that

possible. And already on the market.

accounts for our second largest sales vol-

the chemists and engineers at BASF are

And despite all this excellence in the realm

ume, only being surpassed by the General

glad to take on. With an eye towards get-

of chemicals and raw materials, users can

Chemicals sector with its innumerable raw

ting even closer to the engine, they have

only benefit from all of these products if

materials, which a global player in the realm

made their plastics more and more resist-

they have been optimally fine-tuned for

of chemistry like BASF has on tap, explains

ant to the impact of heat. Already now,

their areas of application. This is why the



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motto at BASFs global headquarters in

plastic is UV-stable. BASF supplied not only

customers. For purposes of helping engi-

Ludwigshafen, Germany, is Cooperation as

the Luran S granules but also the know-

neers at Adam Opel GmbH in Rssels-

soon as possible. An example among

how for the clever design of the mold. The

heim, Germany to improve expensive crash

many, many others, is the radiator grille of

outcome of this cooperation: In spite of its

tests, BASF employees worked hard to

the VW Golf R 32. For the black areas on

complex structure, the part can be injection

acquire the material data needed so that

the front of this 250-HP road runner, Volks-

molded without any problem, elaborates

the costly experiments could be transferred

wagen AG and its supplier SLM Kunst-

Thomas Brsch, managing director of SLM.

to computers. The result was better protec-

stofftechnik, located in Oebisfeld, Germany,

We were even able to meet VWs require-

tion for pedestrians since the optimized

have decided on BASFs plastic Luran S:

ment for the easiest possible assembly.

Ultramid part helps to reduce the risk of

plenty of color even without coating and the

And even when things get more abstract,

severe knee injuries in case of a collision

colors stay true for years on end since the

BASF personnel knows how to assist their

with people.

BASFs Automotive Steering Committee

BASFs Automotive Steering Committee,

this objective. All of the members of this

a market approach that is grounded in reali-

also known as GASC, which stands for

body are senior executives and have excel-

ty and, thanks to the interdisciplinary coop-

Global Automotive Steering Committee, has

lent connections to the central manage-

eration among our experts working togeth-

been in existence for more than five years

ment structures of BASF. The regions of

er with the partners of the automotive

now. Its stated goal is to promote and

NAFTA, Europe and Asia are represented

industry, life can then be breathed into the

improve BASFs cooperation with the auto-

here and so are decision makers from R&D

cars of the future.

motive industry. This means not only

as well as from the operating divisions of

showing presence at the OEMs and their

styrenics, engineering plastics,

suppliers but also setting the correct course

polyurethane, coatings and finishing chemi-

Working together rather

than parallel to each other

within the company and steering BASFs

cals. In order to make sure that the GASC

The crux of the matter is that the organiza-

innovation drive.

pursues ideas that are feasible, the steering

tional structure promotes cooperation

The structure and composition of GASC

committee collaborates closely with the

among engineers, chemists and marketing

have been configured with an eye towards

individual operating divisions. This ensures

experts of the individual operating divisions.



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Moments of unlimited freedom

Unrestricted mobility what symbolizes this feeling more
than the automobile? A digital camera could come in handy
to capture this moment of unlimited free-dom. So that you
can record every instant in image and sound, we will be
hold-ing a drawing for a Sony Digi-Cam DSC-T7 among the
first one hundred respondents.

BASF has a lot to offer to car manufactur-

Simply send us the return fax (see the flap at the end of the

ers, summarizes Raimar Jahn. By the way,

magazine) or enter online

this also applies to those who are attempt-

at www.

ing to cure cars of their addiction to gaso-

line for example, by powering them with

Good luck!

fuel cells, natural gas or hydrogen. Who

knows, perhaps one day the expression

Employees of BASF are

gas guzzler will be as obsolete as

not permitted to partici-

chrome bumper.

pate. All decisions are final.

Further information:

This approach means that specialists can

might be able to help them out. In fact,

right time. Once a commitment had been

fully utilize BASFs broad spectrum of prod-

solutions that had not yet been thought of

made, the steering committee itself then

ucts, taking advantage of the synergies cre-

out there can be offered to the cus-

springs into action once again. When a

ated in this process. For a number of years

tomers. Moreover, key account managers

customer has decided to utilize BASFs

now, experts have been networked with

also retain an overview when new materials

sector competence, the GASC makes sure

thirteen key account managers who, in a

for such complex products as automobiles

that this does not remain merely lip service.

manner of speaking, mirror the automotive

are going to make their debut. After all, any-

Its members, all the way to the executive

sector inside BASF. These key account

thing that is going to be a big hit in cars

board level, will see to it that important

managers each one reporting directly to a

tomorrow has to already fit the bill today.

decisions are implemented with the neces-

member of the steering committee are

Very precisely. And right from the start. Oth-

sary staying power, for instance, when a

there to see to the needs of the major

erwise, other materials will win the race

new contract with an automotive manufac-

OEMs and tier-one companies in the sec-

even though they are not necessarily the

turer means that the production of a given

tor; they know which challenges their cus-

best ones from a technical standpoint but

material has to be quadrupled and this, in

tomers face and which BASF developments

just happened to be in the right place at the

fact, has already happened.



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Seite 8


Faster to the finish line

From a technical standpoint, cars are extremely complex products.
Their development has long since become such a demanding undertaking that
success on the market can only be attained if we all pull together, right from the
start. Raimar Jahn, chairman of BASFs Automotive Steering Committee, explains
how BASF offers car manufacturers intelligent solutions for their business.

lastics: Mr. Jahn, BASF has created structures aimed

Do you see the Automotive Steering Committee as the

at better and more effectively cooperating with the

moving force behind innovation?

automotive industry. Does this mean that your cus-

Yes, thats how we see ourselves, and I believe this is also how

tomers will now have to adapt?

our customers perceive us. And this will remain so in the same
manner as the contact persons on the technician level remained

Raimar Jahn: No, on the contrary. We are adapting so that we can

the same for our customers, even after the steering committee

assist our customers even better. After all, the sector is also

has been set up. As one of the largest chemical companies in the

changing. For instance, in recent years, the development cycles in

world and with our uniquely broad product line, we are in a posi-

the automotive industry have become increasingly shorter while

tion to both recognize and offer innovation potentials which can

vehicles are getting more and more individualized and complex.

become a true added value from the vantage point of car manu-

The result is that our know-how as a producer of raw materials

facturers. In this manner, we help our partners to be even more

has become ever more important for car manufacturers since


many of these tasks can only be mastered with highly innovative

materials, which have to be painstakingly adapted to the envis-

How can customers tap into this know-how?

aged applications at the earliest point in time possible so as to

Lets have a look at what we are already doing for our numer-ous

yield optimal performance. Today, innovations are only feasible if

partners. With our strategic orientation, we are endeavoring to

the strong points of all parties involved are already combined well

create a cohesive whole, combining all of the developments that

in advance during the development phase. So, the logical step for

until now were pursued independently of each other. Our global

us was to create precisely the structures that users need to opti-

key account managers are well informed about all of BASFs

mally tap into our knowledge.

ongoing projects with their OEM or tier-one companies, be it in



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Seite 9


Raimer Jahn, chairman

of BASF`s Automotive
Steering Committee.

coating development, textile finishing or innovations under the

Car seats are another example since in this case, the system con-

hood. Such an interdisciplinary approach often reveals that our

cept is particularly relevant. The incredible diversity of materials

customers reach the finish line faster when they take advantage of

that we are in a unique position to offer on the market gives our

BASFs in-house synergies. But we also organize events, Tech

customers the following benefits: seat shells made of engineering

Days as well as innovation workshops at our customers facilities,

plastics make seats lighter and cheaper, textile finishing chemicals

not only to show them on site which concepts and solutions are

make upholstery more durable, and polyurethane foams greatly

already viable today, but also to stimulate new ideas. Last but not

improve sitting comfort.

least, we also want to learn how to better look at our own prod-

It is a well-known fact that the industry has long since been asked

ucts through the eyes of the automotive industry so as to proac-

to come up with such complete solutions; we now can fulfill this

tively come up with new ideas that our partners can then put to

wish to satisfaction since we have tackled this issue from several

good use.


Could you give us a few examples of this?

In other words, BASF not only offers solutions but also

We could not possibly have developed plastics that can be coat-

learns from its customers?

ed online in other words, that can withstand the oven tempera-

Absolutely! Otherwise, none of this would make any sense. We

tures commonly encountered during the coating process if we

want a win-win situation together with our partners. Only when we

had not been able to combine plastics and coating operations

know what our customers want can we help them meet their

under one roof. Here, two operating divisions that otherwise func-

challenges and enhance our partnership in a way that bears fruit

tion completely independently of each other, have complemented

for both parties.

each other to a T.



15:12 Uhr

Seite 10



Walk of Ideas

Giant shoe made of Neopor unveiled in Berlin

BASF is involved in the Land of Ideas, an initiative sponsored by the German government, commerce and industry
in conjunction with the World Cup in
Germany. BASF sculptures made of
Neopor are making a highly visible contribution to the art event titled Walk of
Ideas. Huge sculptures symbolizing
German inventiveness have been set up at
prominent locations throughout Berlin. The
first work of art, a pair of shoes, was
unveiled on March 10 in Spreebogen Park
between the German Chancellery and the
new Berlin Central Station.
The sculpture, titled The Modern Football
Shoe, is meant to commemorate the Miracle of Bern in 1954, when Germany surprisingly won the World Cup in Bern,
Switzerland. Football shoes with screw-in cleats appeared in

After unveiling the sculpture: Dr. Michael Rogowski, Otto Schily,

the early 1950s but the official supplier of the German team

Jrgen R. Thumann, Mike de Vries, Horacio Sevilla-Borja, Oliver

back then, Adolf Dassler, combined them with lightweight

Brggen (from left to right).

materials, so that the shoes gave the German players

greater mobility and speed.
The raw material for the exhibits has to meet special
requirements. It should be lightweight and easy to process.

Ta k e o v e r

This is why BASF used Neopor. Outside companies then

turned this innovative insulating material into modern

challenge and this where BASF Coatings came up with the

BASF acquires SAN business from Lanxess

in Europe and South America

right solution.

BASF is to acquire Lanxess business with styrene-acrylonitrile

Additional information on the production of the shoe can be

(SAN) copolymers in Europe and South America. The deal

found on the Internet under Land of Ideas.

involves a total of approximately 14,000 metric tons SAN per

sculptures. The coating of the works of art posed a special

year. Both companies agreed not to disclose details of the

sales price. The transaction is subject to approval by the relevant authorities.
The transaction involves the transfer of customer lists, licenses
for patents and know-how as well as inventory. The agreement
is not associated with the transfer of production sites or personnel. BASF will serve the acquired business from existing
production capacities at its Ludwigshafen site. Lanxess and
BASF will cooperate closely to ensure the smooth supply of
products and technical services for all customers.



15:12 Uhr

Seite 11



Formulation constancy and much more

A new product joins the service package for medical technology

On February 1 of this year, BASF launched another plastic spe-

dance with international standards as well as technical support

cialty for the field of medical technology. Terluran HD-15 is an

for applications.

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) that is being marketed with

a service package tailor-made for the requirements of medical
technology. This material belongs to the PlasticsPlus product
line of the Styrene Plastics Operating Division. The abbreviation
HD stands for Health Care and Diagnostics.
Up until now, BASF had bundled its service package for medical technology with its transparent plastic Terlux 2802 HD
(MABS). Features of this package are long-term formulation
constancy, product purity and a wide array of basic experiments on chemical compatibility. The service package was
well received by our MABS customers, so we have now
expanded it to include our newly developed Terluran HD-15,
explains Dr. Axel Gottschalk, Business Manager for ABS specialties. An essential difference from a standard ABS also lies in
the guarantee that customers will be informed at least 24
months in advance about any changes to the formulation that
might become necessary. We could not provide this assurance of formulation constancy for a standard ABS, explains Dr.
Gottschalk. Another component of the service package
includes biocompatibility testing for the raw material in accor-

Vision 2015 fulfilled

Award for BASF in Brazil

Jos Vaz, Director of the Thermoplastics Division in South

Vision 2015, which is to create the best team in this industry,

America, has been recognized by Siresp (Trade Union of the

said Vaz after the presentation ceremony.

Brazilian Plastics Industry) with the Funaro Trophy 2005. Upon

Brazil, with a volume of 5 million metric tons annually, is the

the occasion of the 23rd National Plastics Meeting, Jos Vaz

largest plastic producer in South America and ranks eighth in

received this award, named after Brazilian politician Dlson

the world. BASF is of the opinion that the plastics market in

Domingos Funaro. I am honoured to accept this, the most

Brazil still has plenty of room to grow: the annual per capita

prestigious award in the Brazilian plastics sector. It motivates

consumption of plastics in Brazil amounts to 23.2 kg, only

me to continue with my commitment to the plastics industry in

one-fourth that of Europe or the United States, so that the

Brazil. This award demonstrates that BASF has put together

growth potential has by no means been exhausted.

an outstanding and professional team, thus living up to its

Balance Sheet 2005


Inspite of the raw material costs

BASF concludes 2005 successfully

or BASF, 2005 was the most suc-

namely Leuna-Miramid GmbH in Germany

cessful year in the companys 140-

and LATI Inc. in the USA.

year history. It managed to


increase its sales by 14% to 42.7 billion

euros, and plastics made a major contribution to this growth in sales, accounting

The Polyurethanes division increased its

for 11.7 billion euros. Even though the

sales by 22.7 percent and improved its

plastics segment increased its sales and

operating result in comparison to the previ-

also ended the year with better operating

ous year. This good result was influenced

results, not all of the three operating divi-

in particular by the Asia region, which had

sions succeeded in repeating the good

been the main focus of BASF investments

results of the previous year. The Perfor-

in the previous year as well. In addition, the

mance Polymers and Polyurethanes divi-

integrated network site in Antwerp/Belgium

sions ended the year on a high note, but

increased its MDI production by 90,000

Styrenics was unable, despite stable

tons to 450,000 tons. Thanks to these

sales, to repeat the previous years

investments, BASF is well placed to cater


for increased demand over the long term.


Future prospects
Dr. John Feldmann

The weaker Styrenics result was caused

by the high and volatile raw material
costs, which made it necessary to raise

Perfor mance

Our aim for 2006 is to achieve results

which are at least as good as those in
2005. To do this, we will remain committed

prices, leading in turn to a corresponding

In contrast to Styrenics, the Performance

to implementing our business models.

downturn in demand. In spite of these

Polymers division managed to bring its

However, we are particularly eager to work

difficulties, BASF steadfastly continued to

prices into line. This meant that operational

together with our customers even more

realign its business models, combining

income rose enough to allow us to cover

closely than we have done previously to

the specialty styrenics into one global

our capital costs, explains Dr. John Feld-

create greater added value between us.

unit at the start of 2005. At the same

mann, the BASF executive board member

We help our customers to be even more

time, the companys restructuring meas-

with responsibility for plastics, oil and gas. In

successful and in return for this we receive

ures in the North America region also

2005, BASF expanded its manufacturing

a fair share of the added value which we

capacities for engineering plastics in Asia

have created together. To achieve this, we

example, was shifted from South

and built a new PBT plant in Malaysia which

will adopt new approaches to our working

Brunswick in New Jersey to Altamira in

is set to be up and running by the middle of

relationships, find new applications and

Mexico, with the polystyrene business in

2006. With a view to strengthening the

develop new ideas for products, explains

the USA based at Joliet in Illinois being

companys market position, two companies

John Feldmann in outlining the strategy for


were purchased in Germany and the USA,

BASFs plastics segment.



production, for



15:12 Uhr

Seite 13


Markets and Products

Training on snow of days gone by

Training on snow in autumn? Styropor makes it possible
t is hard to believe that back in the 18th

up 8,000 cubic meters of snow to create a

meantime, Styropor has not only become

and 19th centuries, the small community

seven meter-high mound that was then

synonymous with expanded foam, but it

of Pradelles Cabards became very

covered with Styropor panels and white,

has also been the basis for numerous

prosperous thanks to the snow and ice

light-repellent and moisture-repellent

refinements. There are two reasons why

that was stored every winter in under-

sheeting. All in all, it took 500 cubic

Styropor is the right choice for helping

ground pits in the Montagne Noire. In the

meters of the 20 cm-thick Styropor panels

snow survive the summer: first of all, this

summer, this white gold was then trans-

to completely cover the mound.

material offers a good cost-benefit ratio

ported to the surrounding towns. With the

It has been 55 years since BASF created

and secondly, it is also highly resistant to

advent of ice machines in the middle of

Styropor out of

moisture, says Dr. Riethues, who is

the 19th century, followed later by the

polystyrene. In the

responsible at BASF for all of the Styropor

invention of the refrigerator, this market

technical services and product develop-

niche that had benefited the citizens of


Pradelles Cabards for so long dried up.

5000 cubic meters

of snow

Back then,
nobody would
have thought that 100
years later, the idea of preserving

From April to the end of October, the ice

snow and ice during the summer

hill remained untouched. Only at the end

months would make a comeback.

of October of last year was the Styropor

Today, the snow is no longer preserved

cover removed. Of the 8,000 cubic meters

so that food can be cooled in the sum-

hauled in, almost 5,000 cubic meters of

mer, but rather, so that winter sports ath-

high-quality snow were still there, which

letes can already train on snow in the

was a surprise since the organizers had

autumn. If athletes want to do well in the

expected that up to 50 percent of the

first races of the season, they have to start

snow would have melted. This meant that

training on snow as early as possible. This

enough snow had managed to make it

is why many winter sports athletes sched-

through the summer and could then be

ule their first training sessions in the Scan-

used to prepare the cross country ski

dinavian countries or in places where there

tracks and rifle range at the biathlon

is eternal ice.

Summer clothes
for the snow
An idea from Finland has now allowed the

Thanks to its


resistance to

In view of the success of this project,

moisure Stropor

organizers in Ruhpolding are now toy-

is ideal for

ing with the idea of repeating the

helping snow

summer snow storage and even

survive summer.

expanding the concept by stockpil-

athletes who live in Ruhpolding, Germany,

ing 15,000 cubic meters of snow.

to get an early start, training right at their

This would allow them to put

own door step. Last spring, the operators

of the biathlon center in Ruhpolding piled

snow on the ski jump already

in late autumn.



15:12 Uhr

Markets and Products

Seite 14


The first traffic light in the world was the

one set up on August 5, 1914 in Cleveland,
Ohio, in the United States. It had only two
lights, a red one and a green one. The first
tricolor traffic lights were only introduced
six years later in Detroit and New York.
Europe saw its first traffic lights in 1922,
initially only in metropolises such as Paris,
Hamburg or Berlin. Smaller cities such as
Helsinki and Lucerne, did not get their first
traffic lights until the 1950s.



15:12 Uhr

Seite 15


Markets and Products

Clear road ahead

for designer traffic lights
Vialis uses BASF specialty plastics
in traffic signals

ait, look, listen, walk, this

BASF's LuranS for the ViaLina traffic sig-

is the way kindergarten

nal the winner of the iF Gold Award

children in Switzerland

2005.. This material provides the high-

learn how to cross the street. The children

quality appearance and stability demand-

are practicing the right behaviour in traffic

ed, alongside good weathering resistance.

with this exercise, but this does not nec-

Luran S is an acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate

essarily make crossing streets any less

(ASA) copolymer part of the

Hans Dirkze, Head of Traffic Engineering at

dangerous. This is why the notion of regu-

PlasticsPlusTM line from BASFs styrenics.


lating traffic using traffic lights has existed

since the middle of the 19th century: the
first traffic light was installed outside the

Functionality and energy


British Houses of Parliament in London in

designed for conventional incandescent

lamps, but new-design traffic signals have
energy-saving LED lamps which need

1868. It was operated with gas but it

"Design of traffic signals hasn't changed

slimmer, less bulky housings. "This hous-

exploded soon afterwards. Only when it

in the last 40 years, so the time had come

ing uses a flame-retardant grade of Luran

became possible to use electric light with-

to modernize the appearance of our prod-

S with V-0 classification. Its guaranteed

out problems did traffic lights experience

ucts, explains Hans Dirkze, who heads

minimum performance level is that all

a rebirth, first in America and later on in

traffic engineering at Vialis. Dutch proces-

flame is extinguished within 10 seconds

Europe. Vialis, a Dutch manufacturer of

sor HSV searched for a material that com-

after outbreak of any fire," says Ronald

traffic systems, has been part and parcel

bined design freedom with good process-

Kersten from Research and Development

of this development almost from the very

ability and the necessary mechanical

at processor HSV.

beginning. For 80 years now, this compa-

properties. "Test programs showed that

Another motivator for using plastics was

ny has been producing traffic lights and

Luran S has substantially better flow

the energy balance study carried out by

has in the meantime become the market

properties than conventional materials

Intron institute in the Netherlands on traf-

leader in traffic technology in the Benelux

such as ABS and polystyrene and is more

fic signals made from plastics and from


suitable for ViaLina's complex shape,

aluminum. Taking into account the costs

Greater design freedom and better energy

says Luc Gysels from market develop-

of raw materials, production, and trans-

balance for Netherlands-based traffic

ment at BASF Specialty Polymers. The

port, together with recycling factors, plas-

systems manufacturer Vialis these are

material also met every requirement relat-

tics have significantly better energy effi-

excellent reasons to use plastic housings

ing to UV resistance, paintability, and


instead of conventional aluminum hous-

impact resistance.

ings. Development staff at Vialis selected

Previous traffic signal housings were

Your contact: Luc Gysels,

Tel. +32-5-625-3068



15:12 Uhr

Seite 16

Markets and Products


From a simple sign to a cult figure

How the little traffic light guys grew in stature




ho hasnt seen them, those

was hard for children to remember the

never-tiring little green and

meaning of the different colors. So, traffic

red guys who discretely regu-

psychologists thought about what could

late traffic? Those little fellows on the

enhance the effect of the traffic lights and

pedestrian crossing lights are already a

came up with the idea of the human figure.

permanent fixture on our street corners

The birth
of a star

and they are here to stay. And now a

clever designer has turned them into cult

In the former East Germany, Karl Peglau


created the little traffic light guys in 1961

that are still used in the part of the country east of the Elbe River. Who would ever

The first lights for pedestrians were simple

have thought back then that Peglaus fig-

colored circles that switched back and

ures would rise to the status of cult stars

forth between green and red. However, it


in the new millennium? In fact, these traf-



15:12 Uhr

Seite 17




Markets and Products


fic guys had already displayed their star

dy bears in this shape in the trendy neigh-

potential in East Germany where, sporting

borhood around Hackesche Hfe, a true

their typical flat hats, they appeared on

tourist attraction.

the popular Sandman kids TV program

Traffic light guys can be found almost

and taught children about traffic rules.

everywhere in the world, in completely dif-

Now designer Markus Heckhausen in

ferent designs: gangly in Slovakia and

Berlin has founded Ampelmnnchen

with a fat head in Poland, as a cowboy in

GmbH a company whose German

Boston or as one of many different digital

name means little traffic light guys and

stick figures in France everywhere the

is showcasing the little stars with great

little guys have their own character. And

fanfare. He explains, Especially the

not all of them are guys: Belgium has

cross-shaped red light fellow is an incred-

introduced a traffic light couple on a trial

ibly powerful symbol. For a designer, this

basis; in Bolivia, it is an entire family with

was a true find. Since its founding in

father, mother and child while the German

1997, the company has been selling more

and more mugs, ice cube trays and can-


cities of Dresden and Zwickau (Saxony)

now also have traffic light girls.



15:13 Uhr

Seite 18

Markets and Products


Little helper for huge success

All the work that BASF plastics have to perform during the World Cup 2006

hereas the coaching staff was

on the ball, being used for the delicate

action. The spectators jump to their feet

still hotly debating which play-

plug-in connectors at the end of DSL lines

and cheer. When 66,000 people jump up at

ers would make the World

and phone cables. Many football fans owe

the same time, the structure of the stands

Cup team up until the very last minute, the

it to Ultradur components that they were

BASF team had already long since been

able to get their hands on tickets since

decided on. BASF plastics and finishing

these connectors ensure smooth data

construction material that

products, which have become indispensa-

traffic on the Internet.

compensates for the vibra-

ble in our daily lives, will also be with us

during the World Cup. What would we do
without them? Well, of course, the World

is subjected to extreme
loads. This calls for a

tions thus generated and that

And now onto

the field!

Cup could be held without them but why

is also as stable as steel or concrete. It is at this point that a member

of the BASF team steps in a Sandwich-

shouldnt we accept their help when they

June 9, 2006. The Zero

Plate-System (SPS) developed by BASFs

are so eager to join the game? Not only will

Hour. Kick-off to the 2006 World Cup. In

subsidiary, Elastogran, together with its

the nerves of legions of football fans be on

the completely sold-out Allianz Stadium,

partner, Intelligent Engineering Ltd. SPS

edge by the time of the kick-off to the

fans are cheering the national teams of Ger-

plates consist of two steel plates surroun-

World Cup, but BASFs plastics will also

many and Cost Rica as they take to the

ding an elastomeric core made of PUR.

have to prove what they can do.

field. The jerseys worn by the German team

Another plus point of the SPS plates is their

shine under the spotlights. This effect is

low weight. In comparison to concrete,

achieved thanks to the optical brightener

structures made with SPS weigh almost 70

Ultraphor. Its blue-violet shimmer empha-

percent less.

The most important test match already

sizes the striking contrast between the

The score is 1 to 0. Who scored the goal?

took place 16 months before the World

black and white.

How many minutes into the match? Wasnt

Cup. Lotteries in several sales phases gave

Now comes the friendly handshake with the

he offside ? Now, the technicians and

people the opportunity to buy tickets for

opponent and the referees, after which the

reporters have their hands full in the stadi-

the World Cup matches. Anyone who was

match can start, also for BASF. Kick-off! By

ums recording studio. Millions of fans all

not online was already offside. This was

the way, the whistles could also be made of

over the globe sit in front of their radios and

also a time when BASF plastics were put

BASF plastics. As soon as the first goal is

TV sets, eagerly awaiting the commentaries

to the test. Ultradur HighSpeed was right

scored, the next BASF helpers spring into

and images. Since the human ear can alre-




15:13 Uhr

Seite 19


Markets and Products

BASF plastics also

Fritz-dein-Sitz a

go into the cards

The soles and cle-

seat cushion made

and whistles used

ats are made of

of Neopor

by the referees


ady perceive even the smallest distortions

of Neopor, a true all-rounder. These seat

very low, with the result that spectators can

or acoustic reflections as noise, the press

cushions have circular depressions that

sit on soft cushions and stay warm until the

boxes have to have particularly good sound

function as cup holders in the bottom of the

end of the match. And speaking of which,

insulation. This is a job for Basotect, a spe-

cushion, so that up to six drinks cups can

the work of the BASF team is far from over

cialty foam made by BASF. This routined

be carried securely. And this provides the

after the 90-minute game. The end of one

pro has already proven its capabilities in

answer to that all-too-often asked question

match marks the beginning of others. After

professional sound-recording studios time

known to every football match spectator

all, now it is the turn of the young genera-

after time.

during half-time: can you bring one for me,

tion of players. BASF still has in its ranks

The ball is on the move again and BASF is


several young, talented players eagerly

part of the dribbling maneuver. Elastollan

The fifteen minutes are over. In the stadium,

awaiting their debut. One particularly promi-

is the name of the polyurethane plastic

the fans are once again seated and

made by BASF Group company Elastogran

anxiously watching the match. In the

The artificial grass,

that goes into the manufacture of the soles

meantime, the sun has disappeared

XL Turf, made by the

and studs of many football shoes. This

behind the stadium. The temperatu-

Swiss company XL

material is not only lightweight and sturdy,

re drops. An unpleasant chill creeps

Generation, contains

but it also protects the joints of players and

into the plastic seats on the

Neopolen P as its

is non-skid. In this manner, Elastollan

stands. This is when the Fritz-

underbase and it has

ensures that players dont slip at the decisi-

dein-Sitz seat cushion made of

already been tested in a

ve moment.

Neopor gets to play in its

pilot project of UEFA, the

favorite position.

European football associ-

Thanks to its

ation. It has been officially

The all-rounder


sing candidate is Neopolen P foam.

approved for European

Half-time. Take a deep breath. Now fans


matches since the 2005-2006 playing sea-

need something to calm their frazzled ner-

and infra-

son. Neopolen is extremely durable and

ves. While the players retreat to the locker

red reflec-

requires little maintenance. In particular, it

rooms, fans swarm around the drinks con-

tors, the

absorbs shocks, thus reducing the risk of

cessions. What are those silver trays? They

heat conducti-

injury to players. We are really looking for-

are the Fritz-dein-Sitz seat cushions made

vity of Neopor is

ward to its debut on the field.



15:13 Uhr

Seite 20

Markets and Products


Eco? Logical!
Ultradur High Speed likely to be a
record breaker
Employees discuss the test results: Ultradur High Speed flows
twice as fast as conventional Ultradur.

he English main editorial office of the Guinness World

Processors benefit from the flowability of Ultradur High Speed,

Records annually registers 5000 applications for absurd,

which has been markedly improved by incorporating a nano addi-

funny or amazing world records. For 50 years now, this is

tive, since the processing temperature as well as the injection and

the place where all kinds of world records have been centrally com-

holding pressures in the injection-molding machine can be lowered.

piled and published. The tallest person, the oldest dance instructor

Energy savings of up to 20 percent can be realized here. As an

or the most people brushing their teeth, all of these world records

alternative, the cycle time can be reduced by up to 30 percent. The

are included in the Guinness Book of Records. Another likely candi-

mold can have a simpler design and new parts can have thinner

date for a world record, although without being entered in the Guin-

walls, thus saving a considerable amount of material. The number of

ness Book, is the engineering plastic Ultradur High Speed, thanks

rejects also drops since it is now easier to fill the mold with this

to its properties. This PBT (polybutylene tereph-thalate) flows twice

easy-flowing plastic. All in all, this makes Ultradur High Speed the

as fast as conventional Ultradur and has now become the first

favourable product, both in terms of cost and environmental impact.

engineering plastic to receive BASFs eco-efficiency label.

In 2005, BASF augmented the eco-efficiency analysis by developing

Studies have demonstrated that products made of Ultradur High

a computer program with which the customer can calculate pre-

Speed are considerably more eco-efficient than products made of a

cisely the advantage that results from a substitution of standard PBT

standard PBT. The good flowability of this new material not only

against Ultradur High Speed under his specific production condi-

makes the production of injection-molded plastic components

tions. This tool is called the eco-efficiency manager and it allows

cheaper but also helps to save energy, thus protecting the environ-

BASF sales personnel to go directly to the customers premises and


perform this calculation.

The eco-efficiency label is awarded to products or methods that

Further information:

perform better from an environmental and financial standpoint than

comparable products or methods. With an eye towards this, the
product undergoes an eco-efficiency analysis certified by the German Technical Control Board (TV) of Rhineland/Brandenburg in


accordance with specified guidelines. The analysis is subsequently

accordance with DIN ISO 14040 to 14043. In the case of Ultradur

High Speed, it was Professor Hungerbhler of the Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland, who wrote the
expert opinion. The eco-efficiency label is then valid for the products
examined in the analysis and applies to the customer benefit as
defined in the eco-efficiency analysis. The results have to be
reviewed again after three years since the market situation and other
boundary conditions might have changed.

Ultradur High
environmental impact

submitted for a critical review by an independent third party in

Speed cost-


effective and




costs ( standardised)

Ultradur High Speed



15:13 Uhr

Seite 21


Markets and Products

Explosion of colors
BASF inaugurates new designfabrik

ASF launched PlasticsPlus

specialists use PlasticsPlus design to

to create samples showing the colors

design, a new service package

assist in the choice of the right color,

requested by the customers.

for product and industrial desi-

using a color library containing approxi-

gners. The core of this exclusive new ser-

mately 20,000 samples in various colors.

BASF needs to intensify the activities of its

vice in the Styrenics Operating Divisions

They advise on the selection of the opti-

design factory. This is where young desi-

PlasticsPlus range, is designfabrik,

mal production process, on the design

gners in particular can acquire knowledge

the design factory. The former plastics

that is appropriate for plastics, and on

that they cannot get anywhere else, says

color laboratory has been transformed

the pre-selection of a suitable material.

Prof. Dr. Dieter Rams, commenting on

into a stately place where designers can

obtain advice about the design and coloring of their plastic products. The key-

BASFs new service. The service package

One million
color impressions

note speaker at the opening of the

also includes the issuing of color certificates as well as the guarantee of uniform
color standards world-wide. This is a servi-

design factory was Dieter Rams, former

A color competence center is integrated

ce for which BASF already received the

chief designer of the Braun company,

into the design factory. Up to 50 different

Gillette Omnimark Award in 2004.

Samples with various surface textures.

whose understated visual language left its

surface textures can be produced here.

imprint on industrial design.

Surface characteristics play a crucial role in

Further cooperation with

industrial designers

the color effect. For instance, a color on a

Faster conversion of designer

ideas into actual products

glossy surface looks different from the

The collaboration between BASF plastic

same color on a matt or corrugated surfa-

specialists and industrial designers, howe-

ce. With 20,000 samples and 50 different

ver, goes well beyond the design factory.

To an ever greater extent, design is

surfaces, we can create up to one million

For example, workshops are held in early

becoming an integral part of the corpora-

color impressions, explains Norbert Mos-

summer, where industrial designers get

te policies of our customers. Our packa-

bach, head of the color competence cen-

together with BASF experts and work out

ge is aimed at helping our customers to

ter. We also have light booths that show

new areas of application for engineering

convert their ideas more quickly into

how color tones appear under all kinds of


actual products, explains Dr. Christian

light. Together with the customers, it takes

Bonten, head of the design factory. BASF

BASF color experts just one working day

Further information:,

Dr. Christian Bonten: Tel. +49 621 60 59349



15:13 Uhr

Seite 22



Color library in the design factory.

To rekindle the imagination of those

down there
Design virtuoso Luigi Colani discusses form philosophy,
dreary design and Chinese roofs

design trouble maker? A grey eminence of the

hands, so to speak, and give it a new shape? In an out-of-the-

bio-form? A highly gifted and consistent observer

ordinary interview, plastics magazine attempts to see what

or a driven, shape fanatic who could not leave his

makes this revolutionary tick. See for yourself the opinions held

fingers off anything, from cigarette lighters to an almost

by a man who can be accused of many things but certainly not

monstrous passenger jet, and who has rubbed almost

of being ordinary.

everyone the wrong way at one time or another? A force

for good or a utopian? A philosopher? A loud-mouth? A

Here we are, in 2006, and certainly there are those who

pop star?

look back with nostalgia at the design of the 60s and 70s
as the zenith of plastic-based design. How does Luigi

One thing is for sure though: what Berlin-born Colani clearly is

Colani see plastics in 2006?

not, an industrial designer of the classic stamp who is willing to

Plastic went through its discovery phase in the fifties and sixties,

bow to the constraints of flat surfaces in order not to rock the

at a time when the plastics industry experienced a boom and

boat of handed-down product notions. Where did it come from,

designers sprout out of the ground like wild mushrooms. Such

this drive to make the world fit his mold, to take the world in his

uncontrolled growth is the kiss of death for creativity. In this vein,



15:13 Uhr

Seite 23



The maestro Colani playing with one of the 20.000 color samples.

I feel that recent years have been marked

actually find a use, it needs us designers

ating a breed of young designers who

by stagnation. The path that you are now

and not only engineers.

know how to describe form-philosophical

pursuing at BASF with PlasticsPlus design

processes that has to be the goal of the

is absolutely the right approach. The trou-

Now that you have complimented

schooling, since 99 percent of designers

ble is, now you have some catching up to

BASF, please tell us what the best

cannot do this. They might have a vague

do 50 years worth. Let me spell this

consulting service for industrial

idea but they dont have a clue about

out for you: build your design factory and

designers should look like.

turning it into reality because they lose

put an end to the creative vacuum

The problem lies in a lack of vision.

their way in colors and angles of inci-

brought about by the success of plastic

Visionary thinking is not taught in the hal-

dence. When a car is built, it looks like a

as a material. Plastics manufacturers now

lowed halls of academia. The designers

sip of lukewarm water. People like me will

have to rediscover the creativity of the

being spewed forth out of these places

still have to rave and rant for another 20

50s and 60s. Go back to go forward, is

are all would-be engineers. They fill their

years to force the designer crowd to

all I have to say about this.

portfolios with sketches and technical

make their corners round.

descriptions but they cant even model a

For you, plastic is really the material

cone out of clay. Any designer without a

What should designers be able to do

of choice. With your furniture collec-

background in sculpture will always have

in the near future?

tion, you were the first to make plas-

trouble with the third dimension. Its as

Young designers have to be able to play

tic accepted in the better circles. If

simple as that. Designers go to their

to the tune of what BASF is offering them.

you were to engage in wishful think-

drawing boards, take the right angle and

The point is to combine knowledge about

ing, what properties would you like to

pull up the drawbridge. In one fell swoop

engineering science, color and plastics

see in todays plastics?

they have annihilated 50 percent of their

technology with mold-construction

Stored in my archives. I have plastic


finesse. Just look at all the mediocre

developments that would make your hair

You know, the problem is this: designers

design that surrounds us; we are worlds

stand on end. Ultra-light compound pan-

pick a color and then do their thing over

away from ergonomic shapes. I have just

els that can be extruded in a single

and over again. What is missing here is

signed a contract to design new bath-

process step. Mind-boggling technology.

teaching them about shape. Imparting

room fixtures. Let me tell you, Ive seen

However, this is the starting point for the

them with knowledge about shape, color

tubs I wouldnt dream of undressing and

thinking process. But for the plastic to

and the right processing techniques, cre-

getting into, those boxes with all those



15:13 Uhr

Seite 24



Build your design factory and put an end

straight edges! But we are creating an

and that is all I am willing to say. There

houses and compare it to the roofs of Euro-

ergonomic shape that conforms to the

are a few products in nature that come

pean houses. Any moron could draw a roof

body and we dont shy away from contro-

close to perfection, for instance, an egg

here. In China, however, the roofs are

versy, even if I am labeled a grouch who

or a seashell. Hats off to such magnifi-

curved. They have elevated intricacy almost

gets into arguments with the people who

cence in nature, it is just great! Over 95

to an art. And they build temples that have

hire me. Today, as a young designer, you

percent of designers dont know the first

withstood earthquakes for millennia. Their

have to work for peanuts when you first

thing about nature and even avoid it like

craftsmanship is vastly superior to ours. Not

start. That is horrendously bad for the

the plague.

because they are more intelligent but

image of design. Design is going down

You have had several teaching

because they have a different ancient struc-

the drain in Europe. I recently headed up

assignments in China. What knowl-

ture that they have preserved for thousands

a jury in a competition sponsored by

edge is Professor Colani imparting to

of years. Over the course of 5000 years of

Hyundai in Seoul and saw the designs

his students? What fundamentals of

recorded cultural history, the Chinese held

submitted by young Korean designers. I

design do you teach?

on to the top position for 4800 years. Sim-

was shocked, there is no other way to say

None. I merely answer their floundering

ply because they were there before us. They

this. They are so much better than our

questions. China is a country where just

were already bathing in perfumed baths,

young European designers. There are cre-

ten years ago design was forbidden as a

weaving silk and painting porcelain and they

ative forces at work in this Asian region

capitalist indulgence. Naturally, they ask

also invented the compass. That is high-

that should scare the living daylights out

all kinds of questions and are constantly

tech stuff. They had rocket aircraft. The

of us. I have to summon up all of my

inviting me to head up juries where I have

large dynasties waged war with 10 meter-

knowledge in order to be able to keep

to judge cars, airplanes and ships. They

long kites that towed rockets. A scout sat

pace with them. They are outstanding,

still lack international flair; Europeans will

on the top of them, flew over enemy lines

there is no other way to put it.

need to show much greater presence

and back again 2000 years ago. Brilliant!

there. The next 10 to 20 years will see an

Now let me ask you something else.

unparalleled boom in that country.

Who does Colani admire or for which

Let us talk about your beginnings, the

automobile. Even though the accepted

product would Colani say, yes, that

What makes the Asians so strong?

wisdom says, Design differentiates,


They come from a different cultural back-

cars are increasingly losing their indi-

Oh, now I have to think long and hard;

ground. Just look at the roofs of Chinese

viduality. Why?



15:13 Uhr

Seite 25



to the creative vacuum brought about by the success of plastic

I am of the opinion that automotive devel-

Where have we ended up with our think-

they have a Colani shape, and they are

opment has become impoverished. The

ing? Germany used to be the land of poets

light since they weigh a mere 350 kg. But

problem is that the thought processes that

and thinkers. Perhaps we are still poets but

the important aspect is that they guzzle

should be the domain of creative people

thinkers? Alas, no longer.

only 1.2 liters of fuel per 100 km. That is

are actually implemented by engineers.

really good stuff.

Thats is why the automobile industry is

1953: Colani develops the first automo-

sick and continues to make ever bigger

bile with a body made completely of

Colani has never been an evolutionary

cars, even in the face of dwindling energy

plastic. How come it was never serially

but rather a revolutionary. Where did

reserves. If I were to organize a car show


this urge come from not to develop the

and switch the brand names of the cars,

Because we were stonewalled by the steel

world but to change it instead?

then even I as an expert and I know

industry. Today, companies like yours are

What makes a person like me become a

every car make in the world would get

the youngsters in the production of materi-

revolutionary? I will tell you. The lame suc-

some wrong. I wouldnt know whether it

als that can be shaped. But just keep one

cession of step-by-step developments.

was a Ford, a Skoda or something else.

thing in mind: your basic material is oil so

Yeah, so I build a sand castle up there that

Why? Thirty, forty years ago, you could tell

you are faced with the immense challenge

is actually feasible. But I only do that in

the difference between an American car, an

of reinventing your product.

order to rekindle the imagination of those

Italian car, a Russian car, a French car or a

down there, to kick them back into action.

German car from a mile away. These were

Colani once said, A car has to be

Preserving continuity is the big mistake

automobiles with character made by cre-

slow, silent, fun and lightweight. What

nowadays. Just look at the way things are

ative people, like me. Today, they all look

does that mean?

today: this country is stinking rich and

equally uncreative, it couldnt be any

This is a formula for the future that no one

everybody says we dont have money and

worse. We are too quick to be satisfied

has yet managed to turn into reality. I have

of course, this has an impact on young

with too little. When I read the magazines,

such cars. Your people came to my place

designers who just build normal things in

they already get excited about a piece of

and saw these cars. Vehicles made of two

hopes of selling anything at all. That is a

decorative trim or about the oval exhaust

plastic halves into which we stick a hybrid

huge mistake!

pipe of a car. And they do not see the

engine that is just the size of a shoe box.

machine as such, as the glutton it is in

These cars are slow, reaching a mere 145

view of the vanishing fossil fuel reserves.

km per hour, they are certainly fun since

Further information:

Markets and Products


The residents of American suburbs love

wood. Decks, stairs and siding they are
all made of wood. Unfortunately, this material has one major drawback: it is not very
durable and it does not offer many color
choices. An intelligent alternative came
from the neighbors to the north, from



15:14 Uhr

Seite 27


Markets and Products

So, an old house?

Luran S makes wooden houses colorful and durable
ouses in American suburbs are

their color choices. Thanks to Luran S

International Builders Show in Orlando,

traditionally made of wood and

acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate (ASA) from

Fla., at the booths of both BASF and Com-

so are decks, stairs, siding and

BASF, Composatron Composite Technol-


railings. This is the image that stays with

ogy of Toronto, Canada, can now offer

Composatron selected BASFs Luran S

visitors from all over the world when they

homebuilders, contractors and their cus-

ASA, a specialty plastic that provides long-

think back of their vacation in the United

tomers a choice of six colors that deliver

term color stability in a wide range of colors

States. Even though wood looks good, it

the look, feel and beauty of natural wood,

in railing, siding and fencing applications as

has one major drawback: it is not very

but with minimal maintenance. The new

a capstock over vinyl and vinyl-wood com-

durable and requires considerably more

colors include cedar, sand, mahogany,

posites. Luran S ASA is part of BASFs

upkeep than, for instance, plastic ele-

light grey, slate grey and redwood.

PlasticsPlus specialty plastics portfolio.


Composite railings last longer and are

Like all of the specialty plastics in our

easier to maintain than wood, but for

PlasticsPlus portfolio, Luran S ASA has

years it was difficult to produce color rail-

unique features that enable our customers

ings that would not fade. Given the

to bring innovative products to market.

strong reputation that our white railings

Luran S ASA is tough and resistant to

Now the Canadian manufacturer Com-

have achieved in the marketplace, we

chemicals, and has proven to be colorfast

posatron Composite Technology has

knew that any extensions to our product

in a wide range of applications, said Her-

come up with a solution to this problem:

line would have to meet our stringent

man Savenije, Business Director of BASFs

in a co-extrusion process, the core mate-

standards for quality and durability. We

Styrenic Copolymers in North America.

rial made of vinyl or a vinyl-wood mixture

needed a capstock that delivered out-

Composatrons Premier composite color

is coated with Luran S, BASFs acryloni-

standing weathering performance, with-

railing is manufactured with an exclusive

trile-styrene-acrylate polymer. The com-

out fading or chalking, said Jim Pratt,

technology called Strandex. Similar to the

posite material thus extruded not only

head of research and development and

individual strands that make a rope

looks like wood but also reduces mainte-

product technology for Composatron.

stronger, Strandex technology makes com-

More color,

nance to a minimum. The railings made

of this composite material last longer and
are easier to care for than wood.

High performance

posite-extruded products stronger. Composatron backs its railing systems with a

20-year warranty against warping, rotting,

Homeowners who wanted weatherproof

The color composite railings part of

splintering, and peeling.

composite railings to match their decks,

Composatrons Premier-brand product line

docks and porches were once limited in

have been displayed this January at the

Further information:



True beauty lies within

ELASTOGRAN has set new standards in car interiors
with its fine PU molded skin.

he Mercedes SLK-Class

side-door panelling and the glove com-

system, explains that in contrast to the nor-

already has it, the S-Class is

partment. The new Mercedes S-Class is a

mal spray process, the molding process

just going into production with

great example, making good use of PU

facilitates defined constancy of wall densi-

it, and other manufacturers are cast-

and the expertise behind it. Together with

ties. This, together with the materials abili-

ing envious looks its way. The new

Faurecia Interior Systems, ELASTOGRAN

ty to take on the exact contours required,

molded skin from the polyurethane

developers worked quickly to prepare the

allows greater scope from a design point of

molded skin for production. For the first

view. Gaps can be left for integrating ele-

town. Even though some purists are

time, the car will have a molded skin

ments or other synthetic parts and, as

finding it hard to turn their back on

construction for the whole control panel.

valves can easily be laser-drawn into the

leather, the use of PU for car interiors

The new polyurethane technology has two

molding, airbags can be incorporated

is a growing trend. As well as being

distinct advantages in its top-quality look

seamlessly. Because the material can be

ultra-light, incredibly versatile, and

and smooth, appealing texture.

molded so precisely, the finished result is



is the talk of the

low in emissions during production,

a high-quality surface that even experts

the molded skin also boasts a high-

Think leather, see PU

quality finish.

The material has even more to offer. ELAS-

The beauty of the new material is that it

TOGRANs Hermann Vlker, who is

The new S-Class: behind the scenes

can be used for the instrument panel,

responsible for marketing this innovative

A total of 120 staff work on the produc-

find difficult to distinguish from leather.



The new cast skin

is employed for
instrument panels
and other things.

tion of molded skin parts for Faurecia at


the Wrth site. Precision is the big priority

here. For Eckhard Keese, works manager

How the molded skin is fitted in the S-Class:

at Faurecia Interior Systems, production

of the molded skin is a unique chal-

Every PU molded skin is built up in

compartment. A transfer system is

lenge. After all, the process is unlike any-

two layers. First a varnish component is

used to produce three components

thing attempted before. But Faurecia and

used to determine color. Then the liquid

and a roundtable facility for back-foam-

ELASTOGRANs joint experience in pro-

polyurethane is added into the closed

ing. At Faurecia in Wrth, this process

cessing polyurethane quickly led to effi-

mold tool. The gap in the mold

is used to produce 1,300 molded skin

cient, integrated production sequences,

determines the thickness of the skin,

parts every day, while the door-

and the results speak for themselves. In

which can range between 0.8 and

cladding parts are produced at the

fact, next time you encounter the

20mm. After a hardening period, the

Scheuerfeld plant. The end result?

Stuttgart flagship you will probably need

skin is back-foamed with the semi-hard

Each day 360 to 400 vehicles leave the

to rub your eyes hard to see and even

Elastoflex polyurethane system. The

Daimler-Chrysler site sporting PU

then wont be sure whether the S-Class

instrument panel consists of three sep-

molded interiors.

in front of you is furnished with PU or with

arate parts: upper, lower and the glove




15:14 Uhr

Seite 30



"Lets talk about wood, baby ..."

Attention! Optical illusion. The new shoe fashion for 2006 is all about wood that
is not even real wood, but rather, Elastopan S Feel Wood. Any questions?

lack, clack, clack the new

But the

summer clogs coming out of

best is yet to

Italy, the shoe country par

come: Elasto-

excellence, have all the makings of

pan Feel Wood

becoming the latest fad: original

displays uniform qua-

designs, cool details, colors and mate-

lity and fewer fluctua-

rials. For example, the soles and heels

tions in its material proper-

are made of wood that is not real

ties than natural wood, so PUR

wood, but rather a material that is

is miles ahead of the original mate-

even better, namely, Elastopan S Feel

rial. By using the wood-like soles


made of Elastogran, manufacturers

have clear-cut production advantages

It looks like wood, it feels like wood, it

and all eyes will certainly be on those

sounds like wood, it is hard like wood

wearing the shoes in the evening. Poly-

among the latest developments of Elasto-

urethane offers the assurance of con-

gran Italia in Villanova dAsti are shoe soles

stant quality, making it part and parcel

with a realistic wood grain. They look like

of the trendy scene. A thin outsole

they are made of a piece of genuine wood

made of PUR, TPU or rubber under the

and they are just as hard. These new soles

imitation wood is sufficient to safe-

made of Elastopan S Feel Wood are incre-

guard against skidding.

dibly strong and, as mentioned above,

hard. At the same time, this material exhibits a tailor-made elasticity, which is why
nails and screws can be used in these

Wearing Elastopan under your

feet gives you an unexpected
lightness in your step

soles without any problems, just like real

wood. This is how customers are offered a

Elastopan S Feel Wood is an environmen-

harmonious design and a processing

tally friendly, water-expanded shoe system


based on a novel comnination of raw



15:14 Uhr

Seite 31



Elastopan S can
fulfill all shape and
color requirements.

materials. These sophisticated soles are

produced in a closed mold like other shoe
systems are. The grain is imprinted into the
sole by the mold, thus creating the typical
wood look. Once the sole has been
manufactured, the surface structure
can easily be further processed
and finished. Polyurethane
can be dyed without
any problem. The

when the soles are subsequently coated.

wood, they also sound like it with every

special wood

Color tones, nuances, special color effects

step. But they are also much more com-

grain is

and, if so desired, other design elements,

fortable and durable. So there you are. If

can all be easily realized. Be it elegant

you spot something quite exciting in the

cherry wood or beech, anything that cur-

form of sandals, high heels or clogs with a

rent tastes dictate can be made. The spe-

sophisticated wood design this summer,

cial advantage is that this system adheres

you will certainly wonder, Is this wood that


well to other materials, particularly to

coatings. In the final analysis, the
result is better than the

I hear clacking there, or is it perhaps Elastopan S?

In any case, feel good, feel wood..

original. The
soles not only

Further information:

feel like


Feel Wood Facts


Elastopan S shoe
sole systems


shoe soles made of

imitation wood

Wood or not wood?

Elastopan S!


degree of hardness
comparable to that of
wood, good adhesion
to surface coating,
can be used with nails



15:14 Uhr

Seite 32



Harmonious down to the last detail

Ultramid products in the Hundertwasser train station in Uelzen

hen travelers pass through

fiti on the walls, travelers are greeted by

the heather fields of the

well-lit, friendly halls, colorful, ornamented

Lneburger Heide and arrive

columns and turrets with shiny golden

at the Uelzen train station, they can expect

cupolas. From 1999 to 2001, this train sta-

to find anything but a gray, dismal, con-

tion which dates back to the time of

crete building. Instead of the dark, drafty

Emperor Wilhelm II and which used to be

passages, neglected architecture and graf-

the most important railroad junction

between the German cities of Hamburg
and Hannover was extensively renovated
on the basis of drawings by Friedensreich
Hundertwasser (1928-2000). In the famous
style of Hundertwasser, architects deliberately avoided corners, replacing them with
organic forms, and the planners made sure
there was no shortage of color either. They
boldly created a blend of esthetics and
functionality: the train station was intended
to be an artistic attraction and, at the same
time, make travelers passing through feel
as comfortable as possible.

Ultramid B3S
in Use
Thus, for instance, the entire building was
created without barriers. This architecture
provides easy access to senior citizens and
the handicapped, in part through the use of
products made by Hewi, a company headquartered in Bad Arolsen in the German
state of Hesse which, for 75 years, has
been adorning buildings with contemporary,
architecturally harmonious details, ranging
The Hundertwasser train station in Uelzen like something from One Thousand and One

from signs and electronic locking systems


to bathroom fixtures, all the way to door



15:15 Uhr

Seite 33



was very fond of
soft and round

and window fittings. Hewi makes use of the

advantages offered by the BASF plastic
Ultramid. Thus, all of the sanitary installations of the Hundertwasser station, including grab bars, handrails, armatures and
door handles are made of Ultramid B3S, an
engineering plastic based on polyamide 6.
The special features of Ultramid are its positive properties when employed for articles

Photos: Engineering Office Breidenbach & Eggers

of daily use: Ultramid is particularly wellsuited for mechanically stressed parts

Columns in a riot of

which entail high demands in terms of their

colors not two

resistance to breakage. This plastic also


stands out for its very good thermal characteristics as well as its resistance to light and
its favorable hygienic values, all properties
that account for the long service life of
these fixtures made of Ultramid.

Sturdy, reliable and good-looking in addition to the functional plus points of this
BASF plastic, the Hewi company also takes
advantage of the option of using colored
Ultramid. For their new design of the Uelzen
train station, the architects chose colorful

round shapes of the Hewi products

door handles and armatures from among a

employed also reflect the soft organic shap-

palette of twelve vivid colors. The barrier-

ing of the newly designed mosaics,

free grab bars and handrails are deep black

columns and curved walls. So, it is no won-

so they could be precisely incorporated into

der that this station in Lower Saxony, once

Hundertwassers differentiated color con-

a starting point and hub for travelers, has

cept: he used mosaics in black and white,

long since become a popular destination in

interspersed with red and blue stones. The

its own right.



15:15 Uhr

Seite 34



Knee protection on four wheels

A bumper stiffener made of Ultramid enhances the protection
of pedestrians in traffic

t is black, curved, one meter long, it

tion requirements of the European

weighs one kilogram and it is one

Union directive and it also meets the

of those inconspicuous parts of a

complex technical demands made of

car of which only an expert knows

the front end by automobile manufac-

how important they are for safety in

turers, namely, sturdiness in case of

traffic. The lower bumper support,

impact against an obstruction, the

engineers refer to it as the lower

lowest possible weight and ease of

bumper stiffener (LBS), is located

installation. The Opel engineers made

behind the front bumper and it can

this bumper support out of Ultramid

reduce the risk of severe knee injuries

B3WG6 CR, the fiberglass-reinforced

in case a car collides with a pedestri-

polyamide 6 developed by BASF for

an. When a pedestrian is struck by a

crash-relevant parts. In developing the

vehicle, this specially designed vehicle

LBS, BASF turned to its new method

structure yields in a defined manner,

of integrative simulation. The combina-

the impact energy is absorbed and

tion of computer-aided simulation and

this contributes to reducing the severi-

experimental data considerably

ty of the injuries to the legs of the

improves the virtual development of


vehicles since integrative simulation

Together with Opel in Rsselsheim,

can image the behavior of short fiber-

BASF developed this novel part made

glass-reinforced plastic parts much

of a thermoplastic. First and foremost,

more realistically than any other

it complies with the pedestrian-protec-

known method.



15:15 Uhr

Seite 35





Fast, Competitive,

More safety for pedestrians in accidents with cars has become an inte-

The special feature of integrative simula-

Without having to perform all too many costly

gral part of the type-approval certifica-

tion is that it takes into consideration all of

tests, this refined simulation method succeed-

tion for automobiles in Europe since

the essential material parameters of the

ed in designing the lower bumper stiffener in

October 1, 2005. After conducting

pure plastic. At the same time, the prop-

such a way that it meets the requirements of

crash tests, consumer protection

erties of the plastic fibers in the finished

the European Union directive pertaining to

organizations such as EuroNCAP

part also enter into the computations.

pedestrian protection. At the same time, Opel

(European New Car Assessment Pro-

This yields both the desired shape of the

and BASF constructed the bumper support

gramme) incorporate the results of the

plastic and the optimum design of the

in such a way that it fails if the vehicle crashes

pedestrian impact tests into the final

mold with which the lower bumper stiffen-

against a solid obstacle, for example, a wall.

assessment of the safety of the vehi-

er is produced. Once the BASF method

This means that the bumper support cannot

cles. Moreover, the requirements set

had been seamlessly integrated into the

damage any other parts located in the front

forth in the rating tests of underwriters

development process and into the simula-

end of the car. This lowers repair costs and

also have to be fulfilled. In the quest to

tion software at Opel, it became possible

the car is classified in a more favorable dam-

meet all of these conditions, the entire

to model the LBS in detail and to

age category for insurance purposes. In the

design concept of the front end of the

describe its crash behavior with an

final analysis, the lower bumper stiffener pro-

vehicle is put to the test. These

unprecedented degree of precision,

tects both pedestrians and drivers at the

requirements are evaluated by means

explains Dr. Steffen Frik, group leader for

same time, inconspicuously but with conspic-

of the so-called impactor component

Simulation Passive Safety at Opel in Rs-

uous success.

test, which simulates the impact of a


Further information:

human leg against the front of a car.



15:15 Uhr

Seite 36

Markets and Products


What the heart of the computer yearns for

For concealed, exacting applications:
Fiberglass-reinforced Luran (SAN) in the inner workings of computer hardware

henever plastics processors

stability and a low coefficient of thermal

think of Luran BASFs

expansion are particularly sought-after

SAN they are very likely to

because the technical components are

think, Yes, a good-looking, transparent

veritable precision parts and the printing

plastic with a high-quality surface, high

and scanning have to keep functioning

level of stiffness. And they would be

smoothly even after years of operation.

right about that. But Luran is more

Kehr says, A plastic that would uncon-

than just good-looking. When this SAN

trollably expand or warp at a high tem-

is reinforced with fiberglass (Luran GF),

perature cannot be used here.

the result is a material with an extraordi-

Another plus point of Luran GF is that it

nary property profile that has often been

causes less wear and tear on the molds

overlooked by plastic experts up until

and machines than many other fiber-

now. SAN is making its way into new

glass-reinforced plastics. Moreover,

areas of application, moving, so to

according to this expert, Luran GF can

speak, from the outside to the inside of

be processed very well. It offers good

applications such as the electric & elec-

flow properties and as a rule requires

tronic areas in computer hardware.

lower processing temperatures than, for

BASF offers Luran GF in a wide array

example, polycarbonate. A wide pro-

of grades: with 20% and 35% fiberglass

cessing range makes it easier to handle

content, natural-colored, dyed black and

than competitive products, some of

white, or with UV-stabilization.

which are known to be problematic. For

Fiberglass-reinforced Luran is increas-

Now also inside the hardware: Luran GF.

ingly replacing fiberglass-reinforced poly-

most suppliers in the electronics industry, environmental friendliness and ease

carbonate for technical parts used inside

Luran still has a decisive advantage

of recycling of the plastics are also

printers and scanners, for instance, in

according to Kehr: it is up to 25 percent

issues both of which pose no problem

the body and in other functional parts of

cheaper than a comparable polycarbon-

for Luran GF.

printers and scanners, reports Gnter

ate and also cheaper than PPE/HIPS.

Kehr, responsible for plastics applications in the electronics industry at the

BASF Corporation in California. The reason for this switch to a new material is

The inner workings

of a printer

that Luran GF offers a comparable

A good
alter native
The cost pressure on device manufacturers and plastics processors is becoming

dimensional stability along with a higher

A high degree of chemical resistance is

ever greater. This is why, according to

level of stiffness and better chemical

required inside printers wherever plastic

Kehr, developers are constantly asking

resistance than a material such as fiber-

parts come into contact with printing

themselves which material properties are

glass-reinforced polycarbonate. But

inks and solvents. Good dimensional

really necessary for a given application.



15:15 Uhr

Seite 37


Markets and Products

Today, there is no more room for costly
over-engineering in the hotly contested
market of computer hardware. So why

Three questions for Gnter Kehr

should developers use a relatively expen-

Mr. Kehr, you are a specialist for

our daily lives, they should no longer

sive plastic like PC or PPE/HIPS when

plastics in computer applications.

look like work equipment.

they do not need properties such as an

What trends can be observed in the

excessively high dimensional stability

computer industry?

What do these trends mean for

under heat or a fire-retardant finish that

Equipment is becoming more and more


could, in fact, even become a source of

compact, with an increasing integration

Approximately two million tons of plastics

problems? In such cases, the dimension-

of ever-more functions. Color and

were processed worldwide in 2005 for

ally stable and stiff fiberglass-reinforced

design will acquire greater importance

devices employed in information technol-

Luran is a good alternative.

for manufacturers in the future in their

ogy and entertainment electronics. The

Other interesting applications for Luran

quest to stand out among the competi-

fact that many devices continue to get

GF that have actually been realized in

tion. And it goes without saying that the

smaller naturally also means that less

some cases are in the realm of automo-

cost pressure will grow unabatedly.

plastic is used. But this is more than

tive interiors and instrumentation, in

compensated for by the growing produc-

mechanical engineering, conveyance

As far as appearance is concerned,

tion figures. The design trends are con-

technology and precision mechanics for a

what is the wave of the future?

ducive to our products. With Terluran,

variety of functional elements, also in

At the moment, there is clear move-

we have an ABS that yields elegant and

solar technology, for instance, as the

ment towards elegant, high-gloss sur-

high-gloss surfaces, and it can also be

frame and mounting parts of solar panels,

faces, for example, in black or white.

coated well and even metallized. We offer

in the construction sector, among other

Over the long haul, matt computer grey

a wide selection of transparent plastics,

things, as spacers (thermo struts) used in

is on its way out. The metallic look also

ranging from Terlux (MABS) to Luran

windows, fan impellers in heat exchang-

remains a hot item and many plastics

(SAN) all the way to polystyrene (GPPS)

ers and air-conditioning systems and

are now being coated, sometimes at

and Styrolux (SBS). Fiberglass-reinforced

many more. Fiberglass-reinforced Luran

great effort, and even metallized, in

Luran (SAN-GF) fiberglass-reinforced

is a product with great potential, summa-

order to impart a high-quality impres-

Terluran (ABS-GF) and our entire range

rizes Kehr. It is managing to make

sion. Another tendency is the so-called

of engineering thermoplastics Ultramid

inroads into sectors that so far had been

customization, in other words, individual

(PA), Ultradur (PBT), Ultraform (POM) and

the exclusive province of engineering

adaptation of the design to certain buy-

Ultrason (PSU, PES) can be used to

plastics, and besides, SAN-GF can also

er groups, which includes coating,

prduce technical parts.

be a good alternative to diecast zinc, alu-

imprinting, applying films or replacing

For the computer industry, BASF still has

minum and magnesium.

entire housing parts or faceplates.

a number products in the research

Since computers, cell phones and TVs

pipeline that are sure to surprise the

are occupying an ever-greater space in


Further information:



15:15 Uhr

Seite 38



Squaring the Circle

First thermoset foam that can be thermoformed
ith an innovative formulation

sional automotive parts. This costly

ments of the automotive industry, it is

and process, BASF has

impregnation step is a thing of the past

offered in the color grey.

now succeeded in squaring

for the new Basotect TG; now it can be

this circle: the new Basotect TG is the

directly compression-molded under the

first thermoset foam that can be ther-

usual processing conditions, so that

moformed. The impregnating step that

making molded parts is easier and more

Basotect lends itself for acoustic insulation

used to be indispensable for thermo-

efficient. Calculations have shown that

in automobiles wherever high continuous

forming this material is now gone, vastly

production costs can be cut by as much

working temperatures prevail, such as in

simplifying its processing. The first vehi-

as 20 percent, depending on the

covers for engine hoods, partition walls

cle parts have already gone into serial

throughput rate. This foam is of interest

between the engine and the passenger


not only in automotive construction but

compartments, transmission tunnels as well

also in other industries that make use of

as in engine proximity shells. No products

compression-molding methods for shap-

with a comparable performance profile exist

ing. Basotects familiar properties have

for the engine area, explains Bernhard Vath,

been retained in the TG variant: this foam

in charge of marketing and sales of Baso-

Unlike thermoplastics, thermoset materi-

on the basis of melamine resin is light-

tect. Thanks to its low weight, this material

als such as Basotect cannot be shaped

weight (approximately 9 kg/m2) and

has also found its way into airplane seats

or melted under heat. This is why until

flame-resistant, it can be employed at

and acoustic insulation in buildings. Baso-

now, Basotect had to be impregnated

temperatures of up to 200C [392F] and

tect belongs to BASFs PlasticsPlus prod-

with adhesives, pressed and then dried

displays an extraordinary sound-absorp-

uct line.

in order to form complex, three-dimen-

tion capacity. In tune with the require-

Further information:

No more

Basotect TG, the first thermoset foam that can be shaped under heat.




15:15 Uhr

Seite 39




Ultrason capacity

BASF specialty plastic for

motorcycle fairing


BASF is doubling the production

British motorcycle manufacturer Tri-

Editorial Team:

capacity for its engineering plastic

umph is using BASFs specialty plastic

Ultrason in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Terblend N for the fairing of its new

Waldemar Oldenburger,
BASF Aktiengesellschaft (responsible)

The expansion to 12,000 metric tons

sports model, the Daytona 675. The

per year will be completed by the end

use of this new material allows the fair-

of 2007. Plastics bearing the brand

ing to be thinner, thus reducing the

name Ultrason are particularly well-

weight of the motorcycle. This products

Chris Wilson/BASF UK

suited for use at high temperatures.

high dimensional stability under heat

Karen Kling/BASF Aktiengesellschaft

Some of their uses include reflectors in

allowed Triumph designers to install the

Dr. Sylvia Kaufmann/Elastogran

the headlights of cars, components in

fairing close to the engine and to the

the coolant and oil circulation systems

exhaust pipe, giving the motorcycle a

of engines, in a number of electrical

very compact and sleek look. John

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Lilian Hoh/BASF South East Asia

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