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UNIT OF STUDY: Bushrangers YEAR LEVEL: Stage2/3
Multiple Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Levels
Intelligences Knowing Understanding Applying Analysing Creating Evaluating
Verbal List as many names of Write a report telling Design a wanted poster for Write a letter to the Create a police file on your Review the Kelly files
I enjoy reading, writing bushrangers as you can what Life was like in one of the bushrangers editor about Ned Kelly’s chosen bushranger
Australia in the 1850’s to trial
& speaking
the 1880’s
Mathematical Find out about the Prepare a time line Design a bushranger board PMI on the police forces Bushrangers had no choice.
I enjoy working with amount of money showing when game *** at the time They were victims of a
travelling through the bushrangers first cruel legal system. Debate
numbers & science colony during the appeared adding
goldrushes bushrangers as you find
out more
Visual Make a time line of Illustrate your time line On a map of Victoria and Compare and contrast Design a mural on the Evaluate 2 of Sydney
I enjoy painting your selected with pictures NSW, mark the territories crime and punishment in siege at Glenrowan Nolan’s paintings of Ned
bushranger’s life of the bushrangers using the 1800’s compared to Kelly
drawing & visualising illustrations today

Kinaesthetic Act out a court scene Draw then Construct a diorama of the siege at Write a short skit about Write a poem about the Play and evaluate one of
I enjoy doing hands-on from the Kelly trial Glenrowan ( Pairs or small groups) an event in your chosen cemetery at Beechworth or the bushranger board games
bushrangers life Ned Kelly’s last stand at

Musical Learn the ‘Wild Find any songs you can Write a bushranger jingle Compare and contrast Create a percussion score Present your song at
I enjoy making & Colonial Boy’ about bushrangers or RAP two songs about for one of the bushranger assembly
bushrangers songs
listening to music

Interpersonal Present your report on In your group gather Board game *** Design a questionnaire Carry out an X chart on Report your group
I enjoy working with your excursion event to enough information from and Interview other bushrangers interview finding to the
the class your assigned excursion students about justice in class
others event to present a report the 1800’s
to the class
Intrapersonal Research 3 bushrangers Visualise that you are a How do you think your Prepare a mind map of You are a bushranger. Carry out a SWOT analysis
I enjoy working by and rank them in order captured bushranger. chosen bushranger felt everything you know Justify your lifestyle on your chosen bushranger
of interest How do you feel? about his life about bushrangers choice

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