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Citizenship, Attitude, Responsibility, Excellence
The mission of Oregon Middle School is to develop conscientious citizens, foster positive
attitudes, respect and appreciate individuals, and achieve academic excellence.
OMS 2009-2010 Goals (4Cs)
Increase parent feeling of Maintain or increase student, Maintain or increase student, By the end of the 2009-2010
involvement through the staff, and parent ratings in staff, and parent ratings in school year, 100% of our
continued development of the student safety, meeting academic students, staff and parents students will read at grade level
5-to-8 Group. Maintain or needs, and student achievement reporting a respectful school and or make at least one year’s
improve communication with through relationships between environment growth and /or meet their
parents and community students and teachers. individual learning plan (IEP,
members 504, etc.) goals.

Panther “props” to: “Sharpening Your Skill Saw”

Educational Leadership
Pang Vang April 2006 | Volume 63 | Number 7
Continous hard work to build Teaching the Tweens   
and maintain our Tutoring Pages 14-19
Program for our students
Differentiating for Tweens
Lynn & Jeri Rick Wormeli
MAP testing set up and trouble Teaching tweens requires special skills—
shooting and the willingness to do whatever it takes
BOE to ensure student success.
Approving 2 FTEs for OMS Effective instruction for 12-year-olds looks
Next Year different from effective instruction for 8-
year-olds or 17-year-olds. Combine the
developmental needs of typical tweens and
the wildly varying needs of individuals within PLP Group (Kevin) Presenting
IN THIS ISSUE e-Portfolios OMS Inservice Apr 22
this age group, and you can see that
Goals Vision Mission p.1 & 2 flourishing as a middle-grades teacher
“Sharpening your Skill Saw” - Teaching requires special skills.
the Tweens - Rick Wormeli
Panther “props” p.1 It's not as overwhelming as it sounds,
Upcoming Events p.2 however. There are some commonsense
Reminders p.2 basics that serve students well. The five
Did You Know? p.2 strategies described here revolve around the
Resource Links p.2 principles of differentiated instruction,
PBIS Data p.3
which does not always involve
individualized instruction. Teachers who
I am looking for a lot of differentiate instruction simply do what's
men who have an infinite fair and developmentally appropriate for
capacity to not know what students when the “regular” instruction
can't be done. doesn't meet their needs.
Strategy 1: Teach to Developmental
Needs PBIS Committee Facilitated Discussions
Henry Ford (1863 - 1947) OMS Inservice Apr 22
Reports from the Carnegie Corporation

OMS Weekly Staff E-Newsletter 2010_05_03


Upcoming Events
April 2010 - CARE Review General (Jackson & Davis, 2000) and the National
CARE Expectations - treating people with
Middle School Association (2003), as well
respect and compassion
MAP TESTING as the expertise of veteran middle school
teachers, point to seven conditions that
3 Black Day young adolescents crave: competence and
Everyone Reads Homebase achievement; opportunities for self-
Yahara River Writer’s Workshop definition; creative expression; physical
Day 12 Chap 17 Three Cups of Tea
BUS-Dale*, Heather R., Deb V activity; positive social interactions with
4 Orange Day - adults and peers; structure and clear limits;
Introduction to Pennies for Peace and meaningful participation in family,
New 7th Grade Parent Orientation school, and community. No matter how
6-7:30pm OMS creatively we teach—and no matter how
BUS-Dale*, Heather R., Deb V
earnestly we engage in differentiated
5 Black Day - Staff Mtg on 5/19/10
EXT HB Intervention Day instruction, authentic assessment, and
BUS-Dale*, Heather R., Deb V character education—the effects will be
6 Orange Day - significantly muted if we don't create an
Combined Orchestra Rehearsal environment that responds to students'
BUS-Dale*, Jen, Stephanie developmental needs. Different students
7 Black Day
Early Release/Morning Assembly will require different degrees of attention
BUS-Dale*, Jen, Stephanie regarding each of these factors.
OMS Weekly Update (Bus Duty, Take tweens' need for physical movement.
Co-Curricular) It's not enough for tweens to move between
classes every 50 minutes (or every 80
minutes on a block schedule). Effective tween FARSIDE
instruction incorporates movement every 10 to 15
Reminders minutes. So we ask all students to get up and
Be sure to have students take walk across the room to turn in their papers, not Did you Know?
the Student Climate Survey just have one student collect the papers while the You can review the OMS Goal Report with all
rest of them sit passively. We let students process types of data for your enjoyment?
Student Climate Survey Link information physically from time to time: for Go to the OMS Moodle Site to view them
example, by using the ceiling as a massive, OMS 0910 Committee Membership***
OMS Belief Statements
organizer matrix and asking students to hold
OREGON MIDDLE SCHOOL cards with information for each matrix cell and OMS Vision
BELIEF STATEMENTS stand under the proper location as indicated on
We believe students will develop respect the ceiling. We use flexible grouping, which
for their community, environment, and allows students to move about the room to work SCHOOL VISION
themselves. with different partners. Individualizing learning for parents, students
We believe all staff, students, and and staff
(read the rest of the article to see the rest,
community will foster a positive attitude Navigating toward excellence
and outlook. including Strategy 2: Treat Academic Struggle Sharing responsibility for success of all
We believe all staff, students and as Strength; Strategy 3: Provide Multiple students
community will be respectful and Pathways to Standards; Strategy 4: Give Producing positive, collaborative energy
responsible. Formative Feedback; Strategy 5: Dare to Be Including ALL
We believe all staff will model life-long Unconventional; Navigating the Tween River) Reflecting and collaborating for continuous
learning and engage students in high improvement
levels of academic excellence. Engaging students in rigorous learning

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