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wire cutting technology entry
the first part: YH Line cutting control system manual
1, System Introduction
YH wire cutting control system is the use of advanced computer graphics and
numerical control technology, set control, programming as one of the brisk
walking thread cutting high-level programming control systems.
YH system has the following characteristics:
upper and lower shaped face, big taper workpiece. Taper cutting up to 90
( 45 gradient) can be arbitrarily variable cone cutting, and
cut-off point with the guide pulley offset the real-time compensation, in theory,
compensate for accuracy is up to 6um.
Dual-CPU architecture, programming control of the integration, processing
can be programmed on the same plane.
Discharge status waveform display, automatic tracking without frequency
control of the international standard ISO code. processing path
real-time tracking shows that the workpiece contour three-dimensional
unique screen console mode, all operations are achieved with the mouse for
easy and intuitive (can be configured multimedia touch-screen).
field data memory power failure, power restored, no maintenance.
coupled with the domestic first-class-style wire cutting YH graphics
programming system.
2, the system according to installation and start
(1) hardware, according to the basic hardware installation
486 or above IBM PC or compatible, single or dual floppy drive, VGA color
monitor (or VGA single significant), 4M or more memory, mouse (MOUSE
SYSTEM pattern)
Electronic order matching and control panel installed
system by three circuit boards: electronic disk, the main control board and the
opto-coupler interface board.
electronic disk, the master board, interface board plugged into a separate
expansion tank, interface boards of various signals from the DB25 and DB15
leads to two sockets (pin definitions see Appendix A).
(2) open a console system startup
, electronic disc will automatically boot DOS system. System startup, the Flash
Disk as the D drive, C drive for the RAM disk. (The hard-drive system, drive
letter changed after the order)
Warning: E-disk are not free to rub written documents, but can not save
data to an electronic disk, otherwise the system may cause paralysis.
(3) YH system startup
system boots, the YH system interface automatically.

Note: (1) If the systematic long-term need, or circuit boards, chip plug, the
startup screen will appear the following prompt:
At this point, just press Y button, the system can automatically be restored.
(2) mouse button on the left-most named for the command keys.
(3) described in this manual to take the cursor point is: Operation mouse, so
that the on-screen cursor to the specified location, and then click the command
Figure 1 Y H control of the screen
into the system, the screen displayed on the cover of the main screen, the
system of relations and entry conditions of the screen shown in Figure 2.
3, the control screen Description:
the operation of the system all the buttons, status, graphical display all in the
screen to achieve. A variety of operation commands can be used to complete
the mouse or the corresponding buttons. Mouse operation, mobile mouse, so
that the arrow on the screen like the screen cursor pointing to the selected
button or position; and then click the left mouse button. The following notes
refer to where the light punctuation to take the mouse operation. Now a
variety of screen control functions described below (see Figure 1).
[Display Window] The next window displays: graphics workpiece contour,
processing path or relative coordinates, and processing code. Point taken with
the mouse (or press F10 key) to switch the display window signs, the red
[YH], can change the contents of the display window. System access, the first
display graphics, after every point to take time the sign, followed by relative
coordinates, processing code, graphics, . The relative coordinates of
which way to large font to display the current process is the relative
coordinates of the code.
[Gap-voltage direct] shows the average discharge gap voltage waveform (also
can be set to Analog voltage meter mode, see Parameter Settings section).
In the waveform display mode, the indicator 10 equal portions on each side of
a line segment, no-load gap voltage is set at 100% (ie full amplitude), are
equally the bottom of the yellow line segment segment directed gap shortcircuit voltage of position. Waveform display of the top of the two signs: shortcircuit back-off sign BACK, the sign change red, indicating short-circuit; shortcircuit the rate of instruction SC, said the gap voltage is below the set value of
the percentage of short-circuit.
return to DOS by function
CTRL + Q keys
single-stage processing
Simulation (validation)
cursor to select back-off (manual)
window switch window switch flag logo position ( right, the fixed-end)
read the disk (code reading)
YH - CON [YH] Check
or the ESC key or the ESC key to extension unit jog control

machine parameter screen set up

back DOS File menu [Exit] key or press CTRL + Q keys
Figure 2 Schematic diagram of the screen functional shift
[electrical switch state] the right of a status symbol in the motor signs ON
(red) or OFF (yellow). ON state, said the electric power lock (feed); OFF state
of the release of the motor. Run out of punctuation marks can be changed to
take the motor state (or numeric keypad of the Home button).
[high-frequency switch state] in the pulse-shape icons on the right are highfrequency voltage of directional signs. ON (red), said high-frequency open, OFF
(yellow), said high-frequency closed; run out of punctuation marks can be
changed to take the high-frequency state (or the numeric keypad area PgUp
key). In the high-frequency open state, the gap-voltage direct shows gap
voltage waveform.
[Table jog button] screen right down the middle are left to the four arrow
buttons can be used to control the machine tool standard jog run. Each point
move, the machine can run a few steps to the first set (see Preferences
section). In the motor for the ON state, the point of taking more than four
buttons, can control the machine tool table of the point of moving operation;
the upper and lower left represent the four directions + Y / + V, -Y/-V, -X/-U, +
X / + U. X Y or U V shaft selection can be set ( Preferences section).
[origin INIT] run out of punctuation check the button (or press the I key) to
enter back to the origin function. If the motor for the ON state, the system will
control the wire frame back to the nearest processing point (including the U
V coordinates), return to take the shortest path; if the motor for the OFF state,
the cursor return to the origin of coordinate system, graphics redrawn.
[Processing WORK] run out of punctuation check the button (or press the W
key) into the processing mode (automatic). First of all open automatically
motor and high-frequency power, and then interpolation processing.
[pause STOP] run out of punctuation to take the button (or press the P key or
the numeric keypad area of the Del key), the system will suspend the current
functions (such as processing, single-stage, control, positioning, back to
back) .
[Reset RESET] run out of punctuation check the button (or press R button)
will terminate the current all the work, clear the data, close the high-frequency
and motor (Note: The processing state, the reset function is invalid).
[Single-stage STEP] run out of punctuation check the button (or press the S
key), the system automatically open motor, high frequency, enter the working
state interpolation processing to the current code segment at the end of autostop running, turn off high-frequency .
[Check TEST] run out of punctuation check the button (or press the T key),
the system to run interpolation step, if the motor in the ON state, machine
extension units will make the corresponding action step. This feature is mainly
used for professional and technical personnel inspection system.
[analog DRAW] run out of punctuation check the button (or press the D key),
the system in order to run the current effective interpolation code indicating
the window draw the trajectory of its operation; if motor for the ON state,
machine extension units will vary the movement.
[Positioning LOCA] run out of punctuation check the button (or press C key),

the system may go against the center, scheduled to face action.

[read the disks LOAD] run out of punctuation check the button (or press the L
key), read into the data disk or 3B on the ISO code files, fast draw graphics.
[rollback BACK] run out of punctuation check the button (or press the B
button), the system for back to back runs to the current segment when the
back end stops; if press the button to continue to retreat back to the previous
paragraph. This feature does not automatically open the motor and high
frequency can be set in advance as required by the user.
[tracking regulator] is used to adjust the regulator to track the speed and
stability of the middle of the red pointer regulator, said the size of Adjustment;
shift to the left to track the strengthening of (acceleration), the right move
for the track weakened (deceleration). Instruction sheet on both sides there
are two buttons, + button (or End key) to accelerate, - button (or PgDn
key) to slow down; regulator at the top of the English alphabet JOB SPEED / S
said that the back of digital processing of instantaneous speed of the unit as
follows: the number of steps / sec.
[segment number is displayed] here to display the current code segment for
processing numbers, can also be used to take the cursor point where, in the
pop-up screen, keypad, type need to be removed from paragraph numbers.
(Note: The taper cutting, we can not arbitrarily set the paragraph numbers)
[partial viewing window] The button (or F1 key, see Figure 4) can be in the
display window at the top left open a local window, which will show the current
ten times larger interpolation trajectory; re-press the button, the partially
closed window.
[graphical display adjustment button] This 6 button has a dual function (see
Figure 4), in the graphics state, followed by its function:
+ or the F2 key to zoom 1.2 times
- or the F3 key graphics narrow 0.8-fold
graphic to the left or the F4 key to move 20 units
graphic to the right or the F5 key to move 20 units
or the F6 key to move up 20 units of graphics _ xxx_1_br> or the F7
key to move down 20 units of graphics
[coordinates indicating the] bottom of the screen coordinates section shows
X, Y, U, V absolute coordinate values.
[efficiency] here show the efficiency of processing, unit: mm / s; system every
processing finished a code that is used by automatic statistics time and find
the efficiency. The value multiplied by the thickness of the workpiece, namely,
the actual processing efficiency.
[Window Switch logo] cursor points, check that the sign or press ESC key,
the system converts YH graphics programming screen.
If the system is processing, single-stage or analog state, the control and
programming of the switch, or in the DOS environment (Press CTRL + Q to
return to DOS state) and other operations, shall not affect the control system
4, the operation instance:
1 read into the code files
code files will be kept (in the programming through the code stored Save) data
set (available random disc) into drive A, press [Read Disk] button, select the

ISO code, the screen appears on the data plate on the ISO code for the file
name all the parameters window, the Arrow cursor to the selected file name
(for example: DEMO), according to a command button on the mouse later, the
file name changed yellow. Parameters window of the top left corner and then
press the [Undo] button to , the system reads the code file, and chart its
graphics on the screen.
2 Simulation validation
by [analog] (or D key), the system quickly and mapped by interpolation
processing path, as verifiable code correctness.
3 machine function test
( 1) run out of punctuation top of the screen to take the motor status flag (or
press the small keypad of the Home key), making the signs red ON. Check the
machine handle, all-phase motor to be locked. Marked with the cursor then
points to the resume for the OFF, should be lost electrical power.
(2) run out of punctuation marks to take high-frequency top of the screen (or
press the small keypad of the PgUp key), making the sign into the red ON, the
screen should be directed gap voltage waveform full-wave amplitude increase
(if dissatisfied with increase should be adjusted gap voltage sampling part of
the relevant parameter when the factory has been set, the user should not be
arbitrarily adjusted). Machine tool parts, molybdenum wire should collide,
sparks occurring at the same time trough voltage waveform appears that part
of the normal high-frequency control.
(3) close the high-frequency OFF, open the motor ON, then [simulation]
button, the machine tool should be space walk in order to test whether the
machine-of-step and the control precision and so on.
4 Processing
The systems main part of the screen to adjust the tracking regulator has two
adjustments on both sides of the table buttons, +, said track to strengthen, -
indicates less tracking. Before the official cut should be moved to centerright position.
machine tools, the workpiece is ready, press the [process], or W key (if
need to calculate the processing time should be cleared first time card - run
out of time card or by check punctuation F9 key), that is, into the processing
state (the system automatically open electrical and high frequency).
into the processing state, the general has the following situations:
non-tracking state gap voltage of full rate, processing current is zero or
very small, the screen coordinates of the bottom of the processing unchanged.
deal: According to tracking to enhance button + (or End key), hands left,
until the gap waveform (voltage) there peak and valley, coordinate start
processed due to track the state of current is too small, and the swing.
deal: According to tracking to enhance button + (or End key), until the
processing of current, speed (tracking regulator at the top of the instantaneous
velocity values) and stability.
been tracking often short-circuit state rollback.
treatment: According to tracking weakened button - (or PgDn key), making
processing of current just stabilized.
If you need to suspend the process can pause button or press P or Del

key; and click the processing button to resume processing.

5 machining process parameters displayed
Coordinate bottom of the screen display processing XYUV absolute
display window with the cursor select the display to switch [YH] flag (or F10
key), display window showing the program segment relative coordinates.
partial trace trajectories show display window according to the bottom
of [] button (or F1 key), the screen appeared an enlarged window, the
window dynamically displays the current track the trajectory. Re-mortgage []
button, the local window disappears.
gap voltage observed for the gap voltage of the top right of the screen
display window, there are two equal portions on both sides of the window line
(10 cells), the lower is yellow, its height is set short-circuit voltage value (this
value can be based on the actual high - frequency and machine parameter
processing speed tracking regulator displayed at the top speed of
machine tools, real-time interpolation (available only XY-axis), in units of steps
/ sec.
5, the system Answer Center
5 1 processing code to read
will keep a file processing code into a data disk floppy disk drive (usually drive
A), run out of punctuation to take [to read the disk] button (or the L key),
select the code, after standard (Note: The code can be ISO or 3B format, the
code file name extension must be. ISO or. 3B), the screen will appear all the
code on the disk storage data in the file name window. With the cursor pointing
to the need to read the file name, click the command button, the file names
into a yellow background; and then run out of punctuation to take the top left
corner of the data window [] (Undo) button, the system automatically read
selected set of code files , and quickly draw the graph.
the data window on the right are of two triangular flags button, and can be
used to move backward or forward, when the code file is not the first page is
displayed, can be used to select next page.
Note: If the data disk drive read failure (example: driver door is not closed, the
data plate placed improperly, the number of
Figure 3 file selection window was damaged disk, data disk inappropriate path
selection, etc.), the screen will appear a alarm window, displays device error
prompt. At this point may inspect discs, drives, or data disc settings,
troubleshooting, the point of taking alarm window, YES button, alarm window
disappears. And then re-operation.
5 2 analog Check
simulation check function can test the correctness of code and interpolation.
Under the power loss in the motor state (OFF state), the system 2500 steps
per second as fast as interpolation, on the screen and the coordinates of its
trajectory. If the motor locked state (ON state), machine tools space walk
interpolation, can check the accuracy of machine tool control linkage and
accuracy. Analog method of operation: (1) read into the processing
procedures, (2) According to the need to select the motor status, according to

[simulate] button (or D key), that is, into the simulation check status.
bottom of the screen shows the current interpolation of the X-Y, U-V
coordinates (absolute coordinates), if the need to observe the relative
coordinates of the cursor point can be used to take the upper right corner of
the display window [Display Switch logo] (or F10 key), system will be large
fonts to display the current interpolation relative coordinates, showing the
bottom of the window shows the current interpolation code and section
in the graphical display mode (point to take [Display Switch logo], can be
alternately in the graphics / display relative coordinates) of display adjustment
button to take a partial observation of the left-most button (or F1 key), you
can display the window upper-left corner to open a local observation window,
watching the window screen enlarging tenfold the interpolation trajectory.
During the simulation, press + or - key (motor as ON state), adjustable
simulation speed.
For suspension simulation process, according to [pause] button.
5 3 processing
piece set is completed by the program is ready (has been simulated correctly),
can enter the process.
Press [processing] button (or W key), the system automatically open high and
driving power, began to interpolation processing. It should be noted at this
gap voltage indicator on the screen gap voltage waveform (average voltage
waveform) and the processing of current. If the processing of current is too
small and unstable, can be used to track t
"National senior technician school NC professional teaching: CNC programming and
operation (EDM fascicle)" the main contents include: CNC EDM, CNC wire cutting
machine tool and basic operation, CNC wire cutting technology and manual
programming, CAXA XP CNC WEDM Automatic programming, YH system of NC WEDM
Automatic programming, CNC wire cutting, CNC EDM machine example basic
operation, CNC EDM machining technology and programming, CNC EDM machining
examples. "National senior technician school NC professional teaching: CNC
programming and operation (EDM fascicle)" edited by Liu Qiang, Gao Yong Nian
deputy editor, Zhou Zhongfeng, Wei Yanmin, Yin Jie, Shen Xuedong, Cui Zhaohua
editor, reviewer.

The first chapter CNC EDM based on the first day of NC Electrical Manufacture
overview section second CNC EDM machine tool NC programming based on section
third of chapter second CNC wire cutting machine operation section of WEDM
overview section second CNC WEDM wire electrode operating Third NC WEDM
workpiece clamping section fourth CNC wire cutting machine tool maintenance and
the third chapter is maintenance of CNC wire cutting process and the manual
programming the first stanza CNC WEDM Process section second NC WEDM 3B code
section third NC WEDM ISO code section fourth typical workpiece programming
examples of the fourth chapter of CAXA XP CNC WEDM Automatic Programming in CAxA
section of XP WEDM software overview section second CAXA xP wire cutting drawing
software operation third CAXA XP wire cutting program generation and simulation
processing section of the fourth typical workpiece automatic programming
examples Chapter fifth YH system numerical control WEDM Automatic programming
section YH system overview section second YH software drawing operation third YH
system software programming function and control function of fourth typical
workpiece automatic programming examples the sixth chapter CNC wire cutting

processing example intermediate instance of a Pentagram processing intermediate.

Two cases of gasket processing intermediate example three rectangular concave
mold processing intermediate four examples of composite mold parts processing
advanced examples of a reversible cycloid type oil pump stator parts of
automatic programming and machining of advanced examples two reversible cycloid
type oil pump rotor parts of automatic programming and machining of advanced
examples three beetle pattern processing seventh chapter CNC EDM basic operation
the first power saving spark forming machine tools overview second power saving
of EDM machine tool electrode section third tool electrode design and
manufacture base of fourth complex tool electrode design fifth electricity spark
forming machine tool electrode and the workpiece clamping positioning the eighth
chapter CNC EDM machining process and program of the first energy-saving EDM
process index and its influencing factors of second energy-saving EDM process
third energy-saving EDM machine programming fourth energy-saving EDM process
chapter ninth CNC EDM machining examples intermediate instance of a spark
multistep automatic processing of intermediate two examples of surface roughness
sample processing high example multi axis machining programming examples of two
mirror processing of advanced examples of EIC spark high speed machining