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April 2010

Updates on John McCoy in the

“Love one Adventures in Missions program
another with
Outdo one
another in
month gone,
and more
experiences in
Mexico. I feel
like I am
growing so
much each
and every day
that I am here
in León. I miss
home very
much, but I
am starting to
see here as
home more
and more.

San Luis Potosí and then went to our host team before a lot of changes
families’ houses. start to take place. We headed
Youth Rally Saturday was filled with east, to a place in the same
On the 1st of April, the more worship and speakers, as state as the youth rally, San Luis
guys from the team and a well as fun activities. We all split Potosí.
number of the youth from here in up with different youth from all The group that went
León all headed to the city of across Mexico and each had a included my whole team, the
San Luis Potosí, a few hours different Bible story. It was really Palafox family, Bill (the intern
away from here. There are great to spend time with more here), and four members of the
several Church of Christ young people from Mexico and church. It was an absolutely
congregations in San Luis to see that the church is alive gorgeous place that pictures
Potosí, and we have been here here. I think the youth here in cannot begin to capture. Our
before for a youth rally back in León that went were especially favorite place was called Puente
October. We got there on Friday encouraged. de Dios (Bridge of God), which
afternoon and heard speakers had a waterfall, a river, and
Camping Trip
and sang many hymnals that underwater caves. We did a ton
The first week of April
were originally written in English, of swimming and hanging out
was Semana Pascua a vacation
which helped me out a lot to be and just having fun. It was very
time here in Mexico celebrating
able to sing along. We ate with relaxed, and it was a great time
Easter. We took this opportunity
the brothers and sisters there to spend time with our
to have one last outing with the
coordinator and his family all

AIMING FOR CHRIST April, 2010 together. We were able to hear from many mission team here, are moving back to the
different points of view about ministry and states this summer, as well as two of my
AIM and our time here. teammates, Renato and Trasa. We also have
Visiting Friends the new AIM team of seven coming the 23rd
of May. The church here is doing good, but
This month, the AIMers from the
there is always more growth that can
class of 2009 finished up their time in
happen. If you can keep all of this in your
Lubbock, Texas and have about a month
prayers, it would be much appreciated. God
before they head off to the field. Evelyn
bless you all and I thank you again for all of
Galvan, who left here back in August to go to
the love and support.
AIM, was able to come back this month for a
few weeks and spend time with us and the
church before she leaves for the field. She is Contact Information
headed to East Kilbride, Scotland. She was
able to speak to the youth about her
experiences in AIM and encourage others to
go. It would be great to see more young
people from Mexico in missions.
Another visitor we received was Website:
Jenny Merritt, an AIMer headed to Brazil.
She is the sister of J’Lae Merritt, an AIMer
that spent her time here from the class of Phone:
2006. Their family has many connections 918.266.1766 (US number)
with the church, and Jenny has visited
several times. It was great getting to see her
Mailing Address:
and being able to give (and receive) advice
Iglesia de Cristo
and encouragement.
C/O John McCoy
Prayer Requests Apdo. Postal 453
Like I had mentioned earlier, there are León,Gto C. P. 37001
many changes that will be taking place soon Mexico
here in León. The Gary family, who are on the

Speaker at
the San
Luis Potosí
youth rally
Merritt, a
from the
2009 class
heading to