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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Pcurar Emanuela

School: Colegiul Naional Vasile Goldi
Classes: 8th grade
Date: 4th of April 2016
Textbook : Snapshot Intermediate
Lesson Topic: Star Quality
Title: No Stranger to Hollywood
Time: 50 min
Lesson aims:
to look for specific information;
to introduce new vocabulary: adjective formation with endings and phrasal
verbs with take
to practice writing skills
Materials: textbooks
Methods: conversation, explanation, example
Activity 1 : Warm-up
Aim : to familiarize the Ss with the topic of the lesson
Procedure: T asks Ss information about Gwyneth Paltrow: What do you know
about Gwyneth Paltrow? Which of her films have you seen?
Ss answer the questions giving examples
Interaction: T-Ss/Ss-T
Timing: 5
Activity 2: Writing
Aim: to scan the text for words or phrases which mean the same
Procedure : T asks Ss to scan the text and find words or phrases which mean the
same as the ones from ex 1/55.
T does the first expression upper class-aristocratic with the whole class
Ss identify the words/phrases
Interaction : pair work
Timing : 5
Activity 3 : Reading
Aim : to look for specific information to answer questions about Gwyneth Paltrow
Procedure : T chooses Ss to read the text aloud
Ss answer the questions from ex 1b/55 regarding Gwyneth`s life and family
T goes through the answers with the whole class

Interaction : T.-Ss./ individual work

Timing : 10
Activity 4 : Writing
Aim : to form adjective by adding the endings given
Procedure: Ss look at the examples in the student book: witty, famous, attractive,
beautiful, different, important, fantastic with endings such as: -y; -ive; -ful; -ent;
-ant; -(i)ous; -ic
T asks: Do you know any other adjectives with the same endings?
Ss give examples
Ss make adjectives from ex 2/55 by matching the first part of each
word with the correct ending.
Interaction : whole class
Timing : 10
Activity 5 : Speaking
Aim : to invite Ss to speaking activity about winning the Oscars
Procedure : T asks Ss: Is it always the best films and the best actors and actresses
who win Oscars? Which films or stars in the past have won Oscars which you
don`t agree with? Who won Oscars last year? What about this year? Did you
agree with the judges` decision?
Ss answer the questions. The answers may be: Tom Cruise, Leonardo
DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, Dustin Hoffman etc
Interaction : group work
Timing : 10
Activity 6: writing
Aim: to understand the meaning of some phrasal verbs with take
Procedure: Ss write the meaning of the seven phrasal verbs and complete the
sentences with the correct form of the phrasal verbs with take
Interaction: T-Ss/individual work
Timing: 5`
Activity 7 : Assigning the homework
Procedure : Ss do the exercises from the handout given applying the information
learnt at the lesson. They use the adjective formation with endings and the phrasal
verbs with take
Timing : 3

Feedback and evaluation: T goes through the usage and meaning of the phrasal
verbs learnt and the formation of adjectives one more time eliciting it from the Ss.
The T gives an evaluative feedback to the class, marking the Ss
who participated the most and those who have given good answers.
Interaction: T-Ss
Timing: 2`