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Comfortable control software

for DC sources by ETS

ET System electronic developed their own operating software for its three model series of DC sources
This software simplifies the operation and programming of the devices, extends functionality and
even lowers personnel costs at the same time.

With the primary switched DC sources of the

The software programmed with Lab View is able

series LAB/HP, LAB/SMP and LAB/SMS, ET System

to control devices in the LAB/HP, LAB/SMS and

electronic provides their clients with three

LAB/SMP series via all available interfaces. The

equipment lines featuring high performance

operating software is designed to make possible

with a small footprint designed for use in

the complete remote control of all devices. It

laboratories and test areas.

allows not only the configuration of all operating

modes and settings from the computer, but also

When testing components in power electronics,

the creation of complete checking and testing

verifying circuit breakers or solar inverters, in the

processes on the computer that can be transferred

development of converters or as a battery

to any device around the globe via Internet.

replacement: Everywhere large currents or

voltages are required in industry and electronics

This means users can set all values for currents,

production, users can rely on the high accuracy

voltages or services from any distance and select

and robust quality of DC sources by ET System

the different modes of operation as well.

Also, any processes can be generated via the
New software enables convenient remote control

sequence mode of the devices. However, the

The devices with their numerous settings so far

software here offers a much larger range of

were operated with two buttons and a rotary

functions, thus significantly extending the

encoder, but now ET System electronic have

application scope of the devices. For example, it

developed software that functions on a new

is now possible to create complex test sequences

device operating and programming basis.

using conditional queries - such as functions that

are programmed to terminate as soon as a
defined event occurs.

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Comfortable control software

for DC sources by ETS
Logically structured, comfortable to use
The software screen is divided into two basic areas: The upper display and the lower settings field.

Upper figure: A look at the software during a simulation

Fields for the setting values and a screen for the graphical history of the curves are depicted in the display
field. The current curve can be copied with a right click on the display field and transferred to the Clipboard
of your computer; the same applies to the current data, for example, for further analysis in Excel.

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Comfortable control software

for DC sources by ETS
Comprehensive settings options

Sequence tab

The settings field features three tabs for selecting

Use the "Sequence" tab to enter settings for the

the operating mode and various basic settings.

step-by-step processing of commands used by the

software to carry out a specific sequence. In

Users enter their settings values for voltage,

addition to the basic operating mode, here you

current and power into the "Manual" tab. If no

also can specify the desired voltage and current.

device is connected, the software simulates the

behaviour of a LAB unit after pressing the run

These values can be linked to certain conditions

button and then displays the voltage, current

that cause a jump to another location within the

and power history on the screen. A random

programme when the condition has been met.

change of the load resistors also can be adjusted

An unlimited number of conditional jumps can

to simulate the behaviour of the device under

be implemented this way, allowing for the

different loads.

programming of very complex test sequences.

All chosen settings can be saved as presets that

In addition, the set values can be defined both

can be loaded at any time with a simple click of

relatively and absolutely. For example, any output

the mouse. For example, many different electrical

voltage can be increased by an adjustable

test specimens can be tested with specific settings

amount for very easily generated ramps this is

without repeatedly having to re-enter the

also a function that can be realized only with the

corresponding settings values. This means a lot

new operating software.

less work for the user. Personnel costs can be

reduced significantly as well since this also means

"Script" tab

less qualified personnel can load the preset

The script mode is identical to the options

settings and thus carry out test runs.

implemented in the devices; however, the

programming can take place conveniently right

Up to 500 different settings can be stored and

at your desk. The existing script commands can

loaded at any time. In addition to the manual

be combined for longer scripts, which then can

settings, specifications made for simulation and

be sent directly to the device or stored on your

language can be stored as well.

computer for later use.

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Comfortable control software

for DC sources by ETS

Bild oben: The script control allows the programming of complex algorithms

Free demo version available

A functional demo version is available for all interested parties after a short registration in the download
area of ET System electronic.
A paid license key is needed to control an actual device and test the software in real-time usage scenarios.
This license is free for beta testers. Interested parties need to send only a short e-mail to ET System electronic
to receive your free license file. Beta testers are thus not only able to fully test our software, any comments
and suggestions for improvements also will impact the final release.

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